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Isenberg Bible

Isenberg Bible

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Surnames: Kirkmann, Ashauer, Theiss, Heck
Carl Christian Isenberg 9/20/1824 -3/9/1900 Waldeck Prussia married Heneretta L. Kirkmann 9/3/1822 Prussia d. 8/4/1895. Married 1849.
1. Carl Christian "Charles" Isenberg Jr. b. 11/3/1851 in Weldeck Prussia. m. Maria Louise Mary Ashauerr b. 1856 m 8/1/1875.
2. Johann Frederich Isenberg Oct. 1855- 1935
Germany m May 12,1881 Ida Elizabeth Theiss b 1861 d 1930.
3. Friedericka Christina Sophia Isenberg Nov. 1857 - 9/8/1858
4. Johann Heinrich Friedrich "Henry" Isenberg 10/23/1859 b in Ill.d. 9/12/1906. m. Christine Maria Kuethe 12/16/1861 in Prairietown Madison County Illinois d. 1935.
5. Herman Wilhelm Augustav "August" Isenberg 3/20/1862 in Illinois
6, Maria Caroline Sophie Isenberg b. 10/30/1863 Illinois d. March 26, 1870 of Scarlet Fever.
1. a. Carl Christian "Charles" Isenberg married in Hamel Madison county Illinois to Mary Ashauer by Rev W. Heinemann.
Children: Ludwig Louis Fredrich Wilhelm Isenberg b. 10/18/1876 d 1924. M Bertha Heck 1877 - 1945.
"Emil" Johann Carl Isenberg b March 4, 1880 in Hamel Illinois d July 23, 1956 Troy Illinois, M Emielie Heck 6/4/1903.
Henriette "Louise" Maria Isenberg Nov. 20, 1881. Bapt Dec 11, 1881.
Frederich Gustav "Zacharias" Isenberg Nov., 20, 1883 m Mary Ann Evans Children Irvin and Georgianco. {sp}
Theodor Isenberg b Aug 9, 1886.
Wilhelm Heinrich "August" Isenberg Nov., 23, 1888
"Albert" Heinrich Fredrich Isenberg Feb 16, 1891
"Edward" Ernst Isenberg 9/17/1892 m Alvina Lieber b 1898.
2. b. Emil Isenberg m Emilea Wilhelmina Heck
Emil Frederick 9/13/1904 - d March 1970 m. Thelma Desper 10-26-1927 Edwardsville Courthouse.
Bernard Martin 11/2/1906-Dec. 1977
Edna Mary 7-14-1907 d, Jan. 1993. M. Evan Evans.
August Frederick 8/23/1910 d 3/15/1996 m Bernise.
Victor August Lewis Isenberg 7/8/1913 - 10-13-95 Troy Illinois m Marced N Fletcher (1912-2/28/84}
Elmer Carl 1-19-1918 - 10-08-95 m to Jeannette and Edie. { d Reno Nevada}
Richard B 1-10-1909 - 7-21-1910.
Beaulah no dates - lived 7 months.
Nestor Martin 6=15=1912 - 10-15-1912.
Margaret Dolly 7-3-1915 - 11-7-1931.

Re: Isenberg Bible

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This line looks very interesting. May be related to my Waldeck ancestor who arrived Nov 1854 into New Orleans...Herman ISENBERG born 1829 in Augustdorf to Johann ISENBERG and Anna Margareta Elizabeth POLLMAN. A translated family history notes Waldeck specifically. No siblings mentioned in the history notes, only that Herman was the youngest of the family.

To link to what is posted here, World Vital Records shows a Carl ISENBERG age 32 arrived into New Orleans Nov of 1857 with wife Henriette age 36 and what must be children named "Heinr" 25y, Friederich 18y, Carl 8y and another Friederich 2y. This is so similar to my family line, I would like to ask about Carl and others who may have come over. The family history suggested others had come over previously however it contained no names or cities. I hope you are able to receive this reply, its been over 10 years since it was posted. Meg Greenwood near Tulsa, OK

Re: Isenberg Bible

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Surnames: Isenberg -
You have relied to me on line, and since my email does not look like my name I know you did not realize. Carl married to Henretta Kirkland. Children were -

Johann Frederick Christian Isenberg
1846 – 1935

Charles Carl Isenberg
1851 – 1899

Fredericka C Sophia Isenberg
1857 – 1857

Johann Heinrich Frederick Henry Esenberg
1859 – 1906

Herman Wilhelm Augustav Eisenberg
1862 – 1875

Maria C Shophia Isenberg
1863 – 1870

Some of the family took a different spelling of the name in the first generation. Others later on. They arrived on Dec., 4, 1856 on the ship Johann Smidt into New Orleans La.

Re: Isenberg Bible

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I just posted to the ISENBERG Mailing List too. Was really surprised to get your reply, figured your email address had probably changed since '99. If we've corresponded before, I may have decided this was not the right family and abandoned the search. I may have simply forgotten it but don't want to think that happened ! Would like to see if we can link Carl born about 1825 and Herman born 1829, both Waldeck. There are 3 Waldecks in Germany according to map searches.

Do you know who Carl's parents were ? Lots of those family names were used for the children of Herman and Louisa in Tea, Missouri. In the Augustdorf Old Parish Records, there were both EISENBERGs and ISENBERGs.

John Henry ISENBERG 1856-1928
Married Elizabeth MANYHOUSE

Frederick Herman ISENBERG 1858-1933
Married Emma KOHL

Herman Henry ISENBERG 1861-1938
Married Anna BAUR [sister of Charles BAUR]

Anna Maria Henrietta ISENBERG 1863-1920
Married Charles BAUR [brother of Anna BAUR]

Edward Gustav ISENBERG 1866-1949
Married Emma WILFERTH

Henry Gottleib ISENBERG 1869-?
Married Cora LOCKHART

Wilhelmia Sophia ISENBERG 1871-1959
Married Samuel CANTLEY

You can contact me directly here...
Meg Greenwood / near Tulsa, OK

Re: Isenberg Bible

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We do not know who Carl's parent's were. I would make a guess that all the Isenberg's from Waldeck were related. Maybe brothers.. I guess if the church record's from Waldeck were available we would know for certain. The children's names are so alike.

Re: Isenberg Bible

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Will take your original post with me to the FHC as it has all those nice dates on it and look in the Augustdorf OPRs for his entry. There are 2 films permanently held there, they were ordered maybe 10y ago. All the records are handwritten in the order they were reported to the church, so finding a date isn't too hard. That's how Herman's parents were found, the birthdate in those translated documents for him was exactly the same as in the Augustdorf records. No further births were found to those parents which indicated he WAS the youngest in the family. You'll be the first to know.... MegG near Tulsa
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