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Gorski / Gorska - Poland>CT>PA

Gorski / Gorska - Poland>CT>PA

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My greatgrandmother's maiden name was Katherine Gorska. She was born in Jaroslaw, Poland and came to the US or Canada around 1908 with her mother Maryanna or Mary Gorska and her sister Anna Gorska. I don't know if their father came with them or not. His name I believe was Jakub. They settled in CT and then PA. Anything sound familiar to anyone?

Anna Gorski

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My great grandma on my Grandma's side ( Stephanie Wasielewski) was Anna Gorski. She was married to Joseph Gorski. He died and she remarried to Louis Dudek. Place: MI Any connection?

Re: Gorski / Gorska - Poland>CT>PA

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Hi Patricia,
Saw your message, am looking too, names possibly match.
My greatgrandmother's name was Maryanna Gorska married to Jakob Gorska from Stoks-Galacias Swalska, Poland. The sister I know of was Anna Gorska Zukowska. Anna came to America with her children Stefania Zukowska, Piotr Zukowski and my grandmother Waleria Ostrowska (Maryanna's daughter) in 1912. Anna 27,Stefania 5 and Piotr 3 were from Stopow, Russia. Piotr had a rash and was sent back by immigration to Poland, lives there and was alive 1999 in Poland. My grandmother is a mystery. Info from Ellis Island say; Waleria Ostrowski 17, 1911, Stoki ,Russia, Waleria Ostrowska 17, 1911, Stoki, Russia, Valentina Ostrowski 17, 1912, Czechonow, Russia. (Stefania always said Waleria came with them.) Some family member say her American name was Viola and some say Valerie? For Maryanna I found;Maryanna 44, 1902, Stohi?(Stoki), Russia, Marya 32, 1912, Libiaz, Galatia, Marya 36, 1912, Lisczawa, Galatia and Marya 34,Rymanow, Austria. They all settled in the St. Louis, Mo. area. Anna Zukowski married Joe Kornliewski. Stefania married an Aultowski, 2nd marriage-Frank Stojeba. Waleria married Josef Tarnowki. Katherine Gorska was never mentioned nor could I find any records. Was she born in US?
She could have been Waleria's sister.

Anything familiar to you? or anyone else?

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Surnames: Stojeba, Bajak
I have info on the Frank Stojeba family. Frank married Stefania and had three girls, Viola, Camilla and Wanda. I am still working out how he is related to my other Stojebas, either as a nephew or uncle), Helen, Mary, Anthony, Joseph and another girl who marries a Bajak and is my gggrandmother.

Re: Gorski / Gorska - Poland>CT>PA

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Surnames: Zukowski / Maxymof / Domansky / Zazuliak

I have ties to Zukowska/Zukowski from Chlebowice/Stoki area of Ukraine. Also, Zazuliak and Maxymof from Stoki, and Domansky and Rura from Chlebowice. Also, Komar from Ostalovychi.

I don't have a lot of details on Zukowski, but it was supposed to have been my great-grandmother's maiden name.


Re: Gorski / Gorska - Poland>CT>PA

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I don't know if this will be helpful or not. I got this information from my 91 year old grandmother (Stehpanie Stojeba) and it is all based on her recollection of the events:

FELIX ZUKOWSKI married ANNA OSTROWSKI; they had four children: Stefania, Peter, Nellie, & Joseph.
Anna's husband (Felix) died in Oklahoma coal mining accident.
Joseph Kornliewski came and got Anna (and the children) and brought them to West Frankfort, IL. Eventually Anna and married Kornliewski; they had one child (HELEN).

STEFANIA ZUKOWSKI married JOSEPH ANIOLTOWSKI when she was 16 or 17. (It was an arranged marriage to 40 year Joseph; my understanding of the arrangement was that Joesph would get Peter (Piotr) to America but as you know that never happened.)
Stafania and Joseph were married about 8 years and then Joseph died. They had one child (WALTER JOSEPH ANIOLTOWSKI); he is my father. Stefania eventually remarried to Frank Stojeba; they had one son (RAYMOND STOJEBA).

When my father (Walter) went into the miltary during WWII, the Marine Corps mistyped his name and it was changed to AULTOWSKI. Instead of correcting it, he just left it that way.

Re: Anna Gorski

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Have you ever run across the last name ROGUCKA? My friend's grandmother's name was Mary Gorski and came over from Poland and arrived 1912 with her son, Francis Joseph Rogucka. I haven't been able to find anything on either one. We know her dad, Francis, was raised in Milwaukee, WI. Thanks

Re: Gorski / Gorska - Poland>CT>PA

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Surnames: Zukowski, Ostrowski, Stojeba
I am interested in finding out if any one has any vital information on Felix Zukowski or Anna Ostrowski. Where were they born, when did they marry, when did they come to the U.S., when did they die?

I am married to Daniel Stojeba, son of Raymond Stojeba, son of Stephanie Zukowski-Stojeba, (And apparently at one time, Anioltowski).

Re: Gorski / Gorska - Poland>CT>PA

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Surnames: Zukowski, Marshalek
Lol, my name is Felix Zukowski. Dad was Felix. His dad was Stanley or Felix. I believe the Stanley came from Poland, but it could of been a Felix. Grandmother was a Marshalek. Her brother went by Marshal. 2 Marshalek's left from about 7.
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