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World War II
War was declared against Japan the day following the Pearl Harbor Attack on December 7, 1941. President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Congress for a declaration of war against Japan. War with Germany followed. Soon the numbers were in the millions as they fought on the sea, on land and in the air.
Unlike World War I, this war was a mechanized war. Guns, tanks, planes, trucks, submarines, fighting vessels, supply and troop vessels and many other types of equipment were used.
In Tennessee efforts were even much greater than in World War I. Bonds were bought by the hundreds of millions. Production was increased. Numerous war plants and camps were established. The largest camps were at Tullahoma, Smyrna, Clarksville, Paris and Millington. A shell-loading plant was established at Milan and a T.N.T. plant near Chattanooga. Perhaps the most important plant of all was Oak Ridge where much of the work was done on the atomic bombs. A Decatur County textile plant, Salant, Inc. had a number of government contracts and made clothing for the soldiers.
Tennesseans were in the thick of battle as usual. They rejoiced when Germany and Japan surrendered.
Decatur County Registrants
The above information was compiled from the following sources. The Study of Tennessee by Joseph H. Parks, Ph. D. Stanley J. Folmshee, Ph.D.
Aaron, James E.
Adams, Claud W.
Adams, Edward M.
Adams, Elmer M.
Adams, James O.
Adams, James V.
Adams, Mac Ray
Adams, Max Ray
Adams, Neil
Adams, Urel
Adkins, Aaron
Adkins, Clearence
Adkins, Ray
Adkinson, Albert F.
Adkisson, Clifford L.
Adkisson, Willie A.
Adkisson, Woodrow C.
Akin, Edgar C.
Alexander, Fred
Alexander, James E.
Alexander, James William
Alexander, Jerry P.
Alexander, Joe H.
Alexander, Max L.
Alexander, William T. Jr.
Allen, Covie P.
Allen, James W.
Allen, Vernon C.
Anderson, Barney
Anderson, Earl C.
Anderson, James Lewis
Arnold, James E.
Arrington, Youel J.
Austin, Edgar L.
Austin, Ernest C.
Austin, Ernest E.
Austin, James C.
Autry, Oily B.
Autry, James A.
Averett, William B.
Baker, Austin C.
Baker, Basil B.
Baker, Bennie W.
Baker, Carl Reed
Baker, Charlie E.
Baker, Clevie Denver
Baker, Elco D.
Baker, Esque N.
Baker, Hual P.
Baker, Hugh L.
Baker, Jay J.
Baker, Joe D.
Baker, Jordan
Ballinger, D. B.
Ballard, George W.
Barber, W.G.
Barnes, James A.
Barnickel, Alva Allen
Barnickle, Lafayette
Bartholomew, C.W.
Bateman, Billy
Bateman, Hallie
Bateman, Jamie
Bateman, Thomas
Baugus, Wallace R.
Bawcum, Charlie C.
Bawcum, Gray L.
Bawcum, Herschel
Bawcum, Jack
Bawcum, John David
Bell, Grady Wilfred AF
Bell, Jack
Benthal, Marshal T.
Bibbs, Cecil C.
Bivins, Erles T.
Bivins, Ernest M.
Bivins, Paul E.
Blackstock, Grady M.
Blankenship, Currie Tipt
Blankenship, Felix W.
Blount, Harlan B.
Blount, Robert L.
Blount, Joe L.
Blount, Millard A.
Boroughs, Charlie E.
Bowman, Albert L.
Bowman, Carl L.
Bowman, Herbert E.
Bowman, Jack
Bowman, Onis A.
Bowman, Onis
Bowman, Paul G.
Bowman, Rudolph H.
Bowman, Thomas H.
Box, Gilbert
Box, James Curtis
Box, Virgie R.
Box, William L.G.
Boyd, Clarence A.
Boyd, Edward M.
Boyd, Jimmie D. Jr.
Boyd, Lawrence Lee AF
Brasher, Welton F.
Brasher, Ben F.
Brasher, Coy
Brasher, Ennis R.
Brasher, J. W.
Brasher, James M.
Brasher, Jerry E.
Brasher, Jimmy H.
Brasher, Joe L.
Brasher, Jesse G.
Brasher, Manes V.
Brasher, Paul
Brasher, Ralph C.
Brasher, Ray E.
Brasher, Vernon
Brasher, Walter K.
Brasher, William Adylott
Brasher, Willie
Brewer, Osco
Brewer, William A.
Brigance, Hubert E.
Brigance, William F.
Bright, C. H.
Bright, Harry W.
Britt, Clayburn
Britt, John T.
Britt, Leon Edgar
Britten, Glen M.
Brock, John
Brooks, Robert 2.
Brown, Alton W.
Brown, James Ray
Brown, Johnnie
Brown, Laurel E.
Bryant, J. W.
Buchanan, Hugh D.
Burns, John Lewis
Burton, Cuthbert A. Jr.
Butler, William C. Jr.
Butler, Max R.
Byrd, C. Ray
Cagle, Denver, J. D.
Cagle, William J.
Cagle, William L.
Cagle, William P.
Campbell, J. D.
Campbell, Joe
Campbell, John R.
Campbell, Malcolm
Campbell, Richard R
Campbell, William C.
Campbell, Willie
Camper, Clovis
Carrington, Asley H.
Carrington, Casey
Carrington, Fay
Carrington, Joe
Carrington, Ira Lee
Carrington, Royal C.
Carrington, William T.
Carver, Clifford Lee
Carver, T. J.
Carver, Winford D.
Chalk, Glen W.
Cherry, Cecil
Cherry, Russell F.
Chumney, Raymond Gordon
Chumney, Rex Albon
Churchwell, Delmos
Churchwell, Elbert P.
Clark, Neal
Clark, T. J. Jr.
Clenney, Edgar L.
Clenney, Elco W.
Clenney, Grady B.
Clenney, James C.
Clenney, Otis S.
Clenney, Olen D.
Clenney, Thomas J.
Clenney, William Franklin
Clenney, Willie E.
Clifft, John L.
Coates, James Hurlet
Coble, Curtiss C.
Coble, Frank J.
Cole, Harold Francis
Cole, Merritt E.
Coleman, Charlie G.
Coleman, Henry T.
Collett, Perry L.
Colwick, Glennie L.
Colwick, Marshall W.
Coiner, Charlie W.
Conder, John R
Conder, Ray M.J.
Conder, Van Buron
Conrad, Connie G. W.
Conrad, Dewey Clifford
Conrad, Fay D.
Conrad, Hudie
Conrad, Parker
Cordle, C. L.
Cordle, Ernest W.
Cordle, J. W.
Cordle, Leales
Cordle, Liggie L.
Cordle, Robert C.
Cordle, Thomas L.
Cotham, Edward C.
Cotham, Joe
Cotham, Fred Jr.
Cotham, Thomas W.
Cottrell, Herman E.
Cottrell, O. T.
Craft, William C.
Crawley, William C.
Creasy, J.T.
Crews, Earl O.
Crews, Leonard Ezra
Crosby, James Earl
Crosby, Johnie W.
Crosby, Lester Frank
Crosby, William M.
Cruse, John R.
Cruse, Ruby R.
CuIp, James H.
Curry, Eugene
Curry, Paul J.
Curtis, Hubert M.
Curtis, Hershell B.
Davis, Dee C. Jr.
Daily, Fred B.
Davis, Glen R.
Davis, James E.
Davis, James H.
Davis, Johnny J.
Davis, Lester Ray
Davis, Marvin C.
Davis, Paul W.
Deere, Wilbert
Dees, Johnnie E.
Delaney, Cecil H.
Denison, Mack
Dennison, James B.
Dixon, Melvis
Dixon, Willie F.
Dodd, Biffle D.
Dodd, Ernest Ruble
Dodd, Fred H.
Dodson, Leonard Ray
Doherty, Charlie J.
Doherty, Connie E.
Doyel, Clarence O.
Doyal, J. C.
Doyle, William
Duck, Billy C.
Duck, David H.
Duck, F?ed "J"
Duck, J"’ B’
Duck, Roy Benton
Duke, Casey E.
Duke, Hallie Louis
Duke, Lucion B.
Duke, Ray
Duke, Rex
Duke, Troy
Duke, Woodrow
Duncan, Howell Craig
Duncan, Oscar L. Jr.
Dunavant, Buren L.
Dunavant, Edd W.
Dyer, Robert L.
Eason, Bob R.
Eason, Charles J.
Eason, Charlie E.
Eason, Edgar L.
Eason, Walter G.
Eaton, Rubert S.
Edmonds, Milford H.
Elliott, Eddie
England, James L.
England, Jim
Etheridge, J" C"
Evans, James E.
Evans, Thomas J.
Faulkner, Jasper P.
Fiddler, Jesse C.
Fisher, Byrd B.
Fisher, Coy V.
Fisher, James
Fisher, James W.
Fisher, James M.
Fisher, Marshall
Fisher, Marvin Curtis
Fisher, Perry R.
Fisher, Sidney L.
Fisher Willie ‘T"
Fisher, Willard I.
Fisher, William Elston
Fitzgerald, Baxter Denis
Flatt, Erskine L.
Franks, Ruben I.
Free, Louis E.
Freeman, William R. AF
Frith, Ellsworth
Frizzell, Ernest L.
Fuller, Kermit B. AF
Funderburk, Earl F.
Funderburk, William E.
Garrard, Leo
Garrett, Roy E.
Garrett, Wilson C.
Gathings, Parker L.
Gibson, Arthur L.
Gibson, Berry
Gibson, Henry B.
Gibson, James Harding AF
Gibson, James Harding
Gibson, Robert H.
Gilbert, Orbie R.
Gilbert, Sammie L.
Gilbert, William E.
Gist, James W.
Goff, James R.
Goff, Selma W.
Gooch, O. C.
Gooch, O. T.
Goodman, James L.
Goodman, James T.
Goodman, Jessie T.
Goodman, John T.
Goodman, Kenneth F.
Goodman, Warren G.
Gordon, Luther G.
Graves, James Kenneth
Graves, Jessie P.
Gray, Joe H.
Greenway, Casey Jones
Greenway, George L.
Greenway, Henry C.
Greer, Erbie N.
Grice, Neulon H.
Griffin, Hugh I.
Grimsley, C. L.
Groom, L. T.
Gurley, Cove H.
Gurley, Hanley Voist
Gurley, Harold "B’
Gurley, John F.
Gurley, Robert Clarence
Guthrie, Wayne H.
Gurley, Wilson W.
Haggard, Bradie C.
Haggard, Chessie T.
Haggard, Silas A.
Haggard, Stanley G.
Halbrook, Guy
Hardin, Amos F.
Hardin, Grover
Hardin, William George
Hardin, William
Hardison, L. M.
Harrell, Bill
Harrington, Almond F.
Harrington, Bobbie T.
Harrison, Robert Lawrence
Hartley, Richard C.
Hayes, Earl A.
Hayes, Harry L.
Hayes, Raymond G.
Hays, Ben W. H.
Hays, Luther
Hayes, William Thomas
Haynes, William R.
Haynes, Uriel W.
Hays, Bennie R.
Hays, Cecil
Hays, Joe W.
Hays, Lavon A.
Hays, Milford L.
Hays, Orvel
Hays, Ralph E.
Hays, Thomas Newton
Hearington, Rex
Hedgepath, William E.
Henderson, Otto I.
Hendrix, Lazonal Yot AF
Hendrix, Obie P.
Hickerson, James C.
Hicks, Oval L.
Higgins, Ollie J.
Hill, Gordon B.
Hill, James L.
Hodge, Chester L.
Holley, Reeder
Holt, Albert Franklin
Hooten, Franklin R.
Hooten, Keelin
Hopper, Harold Ivey
Hopper, William Marles
Hoskins, Tom F.
Houston, Dewey Edward
Houston, Foley C.
Houston, James C.
Houston, James L.
Houston, James Ray
Houston, Melvin O.
Houston, Odell W.
Houston, Raymond O.
Houston, Robert L.
Houston, T. W.
Houston, Thomas J.
Houston, William Glen
Houston, Wilton R.
Hurst, Cleo V.
Hustead, Dorothy Dees
Hutson, James L.
Hutson, Joe W.
Hutson, Philip Edward
Inman, Floyd
Inman, Garvis G.
Inman, Harding W.
Inman, Loyd A.
Ivey, Arthur M. Jr.
Ivey, Charlie E.
Ivey, Cledous R
Ivey, Elbert F.
Ivey, Forrest
Ivey, Gilbert U.
Ivey, J. C.
Ivey, Joe Wayne
Ivey, Woodrow W.
Ivy, James E.
Ivy, Newman L.
Ivy, Van R.
Jackson, Emmitt G.
Jackson, Joe O.
Jennings, Evan J.
Jennings, Henry H.
Jennings, Jack R.
Jennings, Jay R.
Jennings, Torbet, E.
Johnson, Clyde H.
Johnson, Coy V.
Johnson, George M.
Johnson, Dr. Glen
Johnson, Grady Earl
Johnson, Haskell L.
Johnson, J. W.
Johnson, James H.
Johnson, Joseph Leon
Johnson, Kenneth J.
Johnson, Mather
Johnson, Odie
Johnson, William D.
Jones, James C.
Jones, James O.
Jones, Neal G.
Jones, Paul T.
Jordan, Earl
Jordan, Elihu
Jordan, George H.
Jordan, Leonard R.
Jordan, Oris C. Jr.
Keen, Charley C.
Keen, Reba Fleetwood
Keen, Wylie S.
Keeton, Charles R.
Keeton, Hollis L.
Keeton, Lewis R.
Keeton, Ovid A.
Keeton, Sanders L.
Kelley, Henry
Kelley, Jessie R.
Kelley, Johnie C.
Kelley, Logan F.
Kelley, T. W.
Kennedy, Guy Elmer
Kennedy, Guy T.
Kennedy, Hoover W.
Kennedy, Joe T.
Kennedy, Walbert H.
Kennedy, William O.
Keymon, Claude A.
Kindle, Arlie M.
Kindle, Charlie Arvil
Kindle, Jerry Lynn
Kindle, John W. Sr.
Kindle, Newton
Kindle, Riley
Kindle, Riley
Kindle, Robert H.
Kindle, William C.
King, Bonnie
King, Luther
Knight, Gordon, L.
Knight, Robert C. Jr.
Knight, Willie E. Jr.
Lancaster, Babe M.
Lancaster, Gordon
Lancaster, James Luther
Lancaster, Jesse R.
Lancaster, Kenneth
Lansford, Edwin G.
Laster, Arvel
Laster, James E.
Lee, Ray
Lee, Robert E.
Leeper, Paul Boyd
Lines, Leroy F., Sr.
Lindsey, Noble C.
Lindsey, Troy
Lindsey, William Loyd
Linton, Fred L.
Linton, Thomas M.
Lipshie, Joseph
Livingston, Curtley D.
Livingston, Gearl
Livingston, O. T.
Livingston, Gordon B.
Lomax, Charles
Lomax, Connie E.
Lomax, Johnnie H.
Lomax, Otis P.
Lomax, William C.
Long, Gordon C.
Long, Herbert P.
Long, Johnnie M. L.
Long, Richard Thomas
McBride, Bernard
McBride, Jim F.
McClure, James M.
McClure, William L.
McComic, Robert E.
McCorkle, Jahue T.
McCorkle, Wallace F.
McCormick, James
McCormick, Verdell L.
McCutcheon, Fred W.
McDonald, Leroy
McElrath, James B.
McElrath, Richard M.
Mclllwain, Harold Alexander
Mclllwain, John T. AF
McKinney, William A.
McMurray, James A.
McMurry, Martin J.
McPeak, Walter
McPeake, Martha Lois
Malcolm, Tom Ellis
Mallard, Homer T.
Maners, Rubert A.
Maness, Eugene M.
Maness, George O.
Maness, Gordon B.
Maness, James U.
Maness, Joseph C.
Marchbanks, Robert
Marshall, Herbert
Marshall, K.Z.
Marshall, Thomas
Martin, James B. Jr.
Martin, James K.
Martin, James William
Maxwell, Max Ray
Maxwell, Odell
Mays, Albert H.
Mays, Billy
Mays, Charles G.
Mays, Edward L.
Mays, Houston B.
Mays, James
Mays, James E.
Mays, James P.
Mays, R.B.
Mays, Stanley R.
Mays, Vernon R.
Medlin, Cleo
Medlin, Raymond L.
Meggs, James A.
Milam, Ruel
Milam, Van M.
Milam, William C.
Miller, Clarence D.
Miller, Carl I.
Miller, Clyde O.
Miller, Donald B.
Miller, Gordon Browning
Miller, J.B.
Miller, Leo D.
Miller, Marshall G.
Miller, Mossie R.
Miller, Olan Thomas
Miller, Ray V.
Miller, Robert T.
Miller, Trio
Miller, Wesley W.
Mills, Ottis R.
Mitchell, Gilford
Mitchell, Johnnie
Mitchell, Kenneth D.
Mitchell, Paul A.
Mitchell, Richard E.
Mitchell, Richard E.
Moffatt, James W. Jr.
Monday, Warren
Montgomery, Alvis H.
Montgomery, Carmon
Montgomery, Earl Dee
Montgomery, Edward H.
Montgomery, Ernest L.
Montgomery, George A.
Montgomery, James A.
Montgomery, Johnson C.
Montgomery, Nealous L.
Montgomery, Otto L.
Montgomery, R.T.
Montgomery, Thomas J.
Montgomery, W. R.
Moody, Alton R.
Moody, Birks
Moody, Roy A.
Moore, Clyde Lee
Moore, Harbert Buron
Moore, James H.
Moore, James Mack
Moore, Joe B.
Moore, Joe
Moore, Joseph Lee
Moore, Joseph Lewis
Moore, John T.
Moore, Lee M.
Moore, Ottis ‘Bill"
Moore, Paul D.
Moore, Rogers L.
Moore, Roy
Moore, Walter Thomas
Moore, Willie B.
Moore, William Rex
Morgan, James V.
Morgan, Thomas E.
Morris, Albert Leon
Mullican, Amond Burnice
Murphy, James C.
Murphy, Johnny R.
Myracle, Edwin
Myracle, Heari L.
Myracle, Joseph Perry
Myracle, William R.
Nelson, Robert Philip
Niece, Curtis
Nix, Joe L.
Norman, Jess
Nunnery, Noel
Odle, Bernard
Odle, Charles W.
Odle, Dorsey A.
Odle, James E.
Odle, Mike J. Jr.
Odle, Ross D.
Odle, Thomas R.
OGwin, Harry Earnest
Oliver, George T.
ONeal, Truaz L.
Oxford, Glennie L.
Parish, Harvel
Parish, William
Parsons, James R.
Partin, George E.
Partin, James A.
Pate, McCall
Patterson, Bob Wiley
Patterson, Boyd R.
Patterson, Clyde O.
Patterson, Zade
Patterson, Loyd M.
Patterson, William Logar
Pearcy, Jessie E.
Pearcy, Willie L.
Pearson, Albert David AF
Pearson, Charles F.
Pearson, Herbert D.
Perkins, Paul J.
Perry, William C.
Peterson, Elbert E.
Petitt, Henry Clifford
Pettigrew, Earnest J.
Pettigrew, George L.
Pettigrew, Russell
Pettigrew, George W.
Pettigrew, Herbert L.,
Pettigrew, James E.
Pettigrew, John H.
Pettigrew, Mike
Pettigrew, Vernal W.
Pettigrew, William Ray
Phillips, Arthur
Phillips, Barmer R.
Phillips, James
Phillips, Walter A.
Pitts, J. C.
Pitts, Woodrow
Pomeroy, Almon C.
Pomeroy, William T.
Poore, Carl A.
Pope, Clarence
Pratt, Austin H.
Pratt, Charlie M.
Pratt, Eddie C.
Pratt, J. W.
Pratt, James C.
Pratt, John E.
Pratt, Weldon
Pratt, WIllie E.
Primm, Alma W.
Primm, Earnest C.
Primm, Harry L.
Puller, Kermit B.
Ouinn, Garvis H.
Ouinn, Chester G.
Quinn, Gray C.
Quinn, John E.
Quinn, Joe L.
Quinn, Uless G.
Ragsdale, Jack S.
Rainbolt, William E.
Rains, Billy Boyd
Rains, Ernest W.
Rains, James A.
Rains, Leroy
Raney, Johnnie L.
Raney, William
Ray, Jonath L.
Ray, Joseph G.
Redden, Kenneth R.
Redden, William A.
Reed, Rujim
Renfroe, Carrie
Renfroe, Gird W.
Renfroe, Ganiin O.
Renfroe, Jack
Renfroe, Pete
Renfroe, Silas C.
Reynolds, Royce Cleo
Rhodes, John S.
Rhodes, Newt
Rhodes, Olie R.
Rhodes, Pete
Richardson, Clyde
Rickman, Willie R.
Riggs, James W.
Riggs, Sybern W.
Riley, Chess
Riley, J. D.
Rimmer, Joe W.
Rivins, Ernest M.
Roach, James R.
Robertson, Fred R.
Robertson, Johnny
Rogers, Rev. Floyd
Rogers, Gerald B.
Rogers, Paul
Rosson, Ollie
Rosson, William E.
Rushing, Claude A.
Rushing, Earl H.
Rushing, Elbert G.
Rushing, Hasting S.
Rushing, Herschel Lee
Rushing, Voyd
Sales, Buster
Sanders, Leslie Glen
Sanders, Lexie G.
Scott, Dover T.
Scott, Fred Vernon
Scott, ‘J" I"
Scott, "J" ‘W"
Scott, James M.
Scott, Jonathan E.
Scott, Kenneth McKeller
Scott, Leland
Scott, Mack
Scott, Malcolm W.
Scott, Milton J.
Scott, Paul L.
Scott, R. C.
Scott, R. T.
Sewell, Robert A. Jr.
Shannon, Albert C.
Shannon, Falcon E.
Shannon, Luther Jr.
Shannon, Neal
Shelby, Edward W.
Shelby, William L.
Sherden, Wallace Thomas
Shipman, William R.
Shute, Maggie Sue Warden
Sims, Grady Colon
Sims, James F.
Singleton, Lelon L.
Smart, Leon
Smith, Alanson Brown
Smith, Billy Sunday
Smith, Charles Billy
Smith, Charles Frederick
Smith, Ernest T.
Smith, Frank R.
Smith, George
Smith, Glinnie G.
Smith, James M.
Smith, James N.
Smith, Jessie H.
Smith, Joseph Fred
Smith, Myron T.
Smith, Ralph L.
Smith, Richard H.
Smith, Robert C.
Smith, Robert U.
Smith, Tommie M.
Smith, Vernon
Smith, Wallace W.
Smith, Will C.
Smith, Willie B.
Snider, Charles R.
Spain, Clyde R.
Spain, Luther M.
Sparks, Gilman E.
Sparks, Ruil
Spence, Edward C.
Spence, Felix B.
Spence, John Theodore
Spence, Wilford P.
Staggs, Audrey Jenny
Stanfill, Clyde R.
Starnes, Marvin
Stegall, Homer T.
Stegall, Roscoe C.
Stephens, Shelby
Stephens, Vaughan R.
Stewart, Odis C.
Stigall, Edward F.
Stokes, Guy L.
Stokes, Leon
Stone, Barney L.
Stone, James E.
Stone, Robert L.
Stone, Terry L.
Stout, James W.
Stout, John Smith
Stout, John William
Stout, Thomas D. Jr.
Stuart, Thomas L.
Sullivan, Cony R.
Sullivan, Coy A.
Sullivan, Glenn W.
Surett, Loye
Swafford, James P.
Swift, Barney L.
Swift, Jerry J.
Swift, Robert Thomas
Sykes, Curtis D.
Tate, Billy M.
Tate, edward E.
Taylor, Earnest R.
Taylor, Floyd E.
Taylor, James C.
Taylor, Joe
Taylor, Joseph J.
Taylor, Lonzo D.
Taylor, Neis McCoy
Taylor, Osco O.
Teague, George A.
Teague, Ollie R.
Thomas, Guy P.
Thomas, Odell
Thomas, Oliver A. Jr.
Thompson, Charlie C.
Thompson, William M.
Tillman, J. L. Jr.
Tillman, J. T. Jr.
Tillman, Willie H.
Tinsley, Johnnie D.
Tinsley, William F.
Todd, Fred ‘M"
Todd, Leroy Wendell
Tole, Kelley
Toles, Earnest H.
Tolley, Cecil D.
Tolley, Connie Way
Tolley, Ernest E.
Tolley, Eugene
Tolley, James M.
Tolley, John P.
Tolley, Leslie T.
Tolley, Loy A
Tolley, Provincher
Tolley, Paul D.
Tolley, Roby J.
Tolley, Ronnie
Tolley, Troy L.
Townsend, Cecil B.
Townsend, Kenneth
Townsend, Earl W.
Treenway, George W.
Tubbs, Edward S.
Tucker, Abe H.
Tucker, David E.
Tucker, Dwayne V.
Tucker, Blame
Tucker, Habert W. V.
Tucker, Liamon P.
Tucker, Mather N.
Tucker, Reaford L.
Tucker, William B.
Tucker, William H.
Tucker, Willard J.
Turpin, Harry E.
Turpin, William E.
Turnbo, Grady H.
Turnbo, William R.
Turner, Bill B.
Turner, Bruce E.
Tuten, A. C. Bud’
Tuten, Ernest P.
Tuten, Mack F.
Tuten, Robert C.
Tuten, Robert
Tuten, W. R.
Tuten, W. H.
Tuten, Wiley W.
Tyler, Denver
Usry, Ceacle R.
Vancleave, Celton D.
Vaughn, Forrest T.
Vaughn, Joe B.
Veal, Alton A.
Veal, R. M.
Vise, Earnest R.
Vise, Elmer E. Jr.
Vise, Elmer Floyd
Vise, John Dee
Vise, William G.
Vise, William G.
Volner, Ellis A.
Volner, James H.
Volner, Louis J.
Volner, William Henry
Wade, James R.
Walker, Granville
Walker, James E.
Walker, James R.
Walker, Leeroy
Walker, R. T.
Wallace, Audrian
Wallace, Charles A.
Wallace, Henry B.
Wallace, James M.
Wallace, Jess M.
Wallace, Millard
Wallace, Ralph D.
Wallace, Robie
Wallace, Stanley Howell
Wallace, William D.
Wallace, William E.
Wallace, Willis T.
Warren, Roy
Warrington, James W.
Watson, Harrell F.
Watson, Hugh F.
Watson, Fred Willard
Weatherford, James W.
Weatherford, Johnnie T.
Weatherford, Steven B.
Webster, Charles
Welch, John T.
Wells, James
West, James B. Jr.
West, John W.
West, Louis L.
West, Mitchell
Western, Logan T.
Wheat, Harry Clay
Wheat, Hugh Earl A
Wheat, Hugh E.
Wheat, Robert Lewis
Wheat, Sam Ed
Wheat, Tommie E.
White, Bon, Clayton Jr.
White, Charlie F.
White, Elmo Floyd
White, George W.
White, Gordon B.
White, Jake
White, John T.
White, Lloyd J.
White, Odell C.
White, Oscar William
White, Palmer E.
White, Paul Chester
White, William O.
Wilkens, Elbert O.
Wilkins, Dorsey E.
Wilkins, Fred J.
Wilkins, Glen Toss
Wilkins, James Gordie
Wilkins, Vernal J.
Williams, Robert P. AF
Williford, Theodore R.
Willis, R. C.
Wilson, Malcolm J.
Wood, James Elbert
Woods, Joe D.
Woods, Nealie
Woods, Ottis T.
Wortham, George L.
Wortham, Herbert P.
Wright, Jesse P.
Wright, Phelia G.
Wright, Walker E.
Wright, Willie B.
Wyatt, Clifford C.
Wyatt, James R.
Wyatt, Parker R.
Wylie, James E.
Yates, Wayne
Yarbro, Clyde Jr.
Yarbro, Jacob F.
Yarbro, James L.
Yarbro, James W.
Yarbro, Forrest
Yarbro, Georgia D.
Yarbro, Leo
Yarbro, Tom R.
Yarbro, Walter G.
Young, Cecil O. Jr.
Younger, Joseph H.
Mrs. Donna Rogers of Decaturville was a four star mother, having four sons serving in World War II. Mrs. Rogers sons were Sam, Jess, Will and Weaver.
Mrs. Bessie Odle of Sugar Tree was a five star Mother, having five sons serve in the Worfd War II. Her sons were James Earl, Charles William, Bernard, Thomas Richard and Ross Odle.
Mrs. Maude Tuten had six children in her family and five of them served in the Armed Forces. They are W.H., A.C., W.R., Porter and Martha Lois Tuten McPeake. The first four served a 20 year stretch each.
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Surnames: Bivins, Flatt, Conaway, Scott, Dickson, Plunk, Mayo, Renfroe, Gilbert
Paul Bivins did not serve in WWII. He is my cousin and I
have questioned him about this. His reply was that he served in the Korean War, however he wasn't in WWII! He still lives in Bath Springs and can be reached there if you want to confirm this information.
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NOTE: Paul E. Bivins was born 31 JULY 1928.
He was 17 years old when WWII ended. Too
young, at that time, to have served in the war.
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