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Descendants of John Houston Marley and Sara E Marley

Descendants of John Houston Marley and Sara E Marley

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Surnames: Marley Houston
Just to let you know--this "John Houston Marley" and his sister Sarah appear in the 1850 Census for Monroe Co TN in the household of Arch and Sarah Marley. Oddly enough, I stumbled across them searching this census in for Houston relatives--because THIS CENSUS INDEX IDENTIFIES BOTH JOHN AND SARAH WITH THE SURNAME HOUSTON, NOT MARLEY. They appear as Houstons also in the index searchable through the Monroe County website.

I really don't know what to do with this bombshell, other than to provide it to John's and Sarah's descendants and let you sort it out for whatever it's worth to you. I realize that census takers were often barely literate and made frequent errors, but an error of this sort seems unlikely. Arch lived in District #9 of Monroe Co. There are no Houston households in Dist #9 and only 3 other Houston households in all of Monroe County in 1850.

I'm searching for the parents of William L Houston, my ggggrandfather. He appears in that census (age 21) with his bride Sarah Jane (age 17) and brother, Robert Houston (age 13) in Monroe Co Dist #15. William and Sarah Jane were married Dec 26 1849. I assume William's and Robert's parents are dead--not many newlyweds want a teenage boy living with them unless out of necessity, right?

Sarah Jane (Peeler) Houston's parents are in the same census, same county and district. They are the
famous preacher, Joseph Peeler, and Sarah Jane Allgood. Two farms from them is another family of young Houstons, James H (age 28), his wife Caroline (25) and two children (4 and 1). James H and Caroline married in 1845. Caroline's parents (Solomon and Fannie Atkins/Akin/Eakin) live next door. I think James H is another brother of William and Robert. The only other Houston household in Monroe Co in 1850 is that of Joseph E, son of another "James." Joseph is 10 years older than James H. I don't think Joseph E is another sibling, but may be a cousin. William and James H were born in NC. Joseph and his father James were from NC, too. Robert (age 13), John Houston "Marley" (age 14) and Sarah E Houston "Marley" (age 11) were all born in TN.

So, you can see why I think your John and Sarah are Houston orphans living, perhaps, with relatives on their mother's side. I'm aware that the Marleys also came from NC and in 1850 they live next door to Cunninghams from NC who were known to intermarry with Houstons. I've heard that Arch Marley and his family moved to Missouri before the 1860 Census. William L (with wife and 3 children) moved to Salem, Dent County, Missouri in 1857. James H remained and died (1894) in Monroe County. I haven't found Robert after 1850.

For several reasons, we have always suspected that William had Native American blood. Dark, straight hair and grey eyes still occur in my mother's generation--along with Blood Type O. My ggrandmother (daughter of Margaret Jane below) thought those features came from William.

There are rumors of several Houston men of the period marrying, I think, Cherokees. Gen Sam's brother is supposedly one of that number. And, of course, Gen Sam lived with Cherokees for six years in Oklahoma.

William died of disease Nov 11 1862, four months after enlisting in the Union Army. His rapid decline and death may have been due to Native Am ancestry. We believe he enlisted only to avoid being murdered by Confederate soldiers who were murdering unenlisted Southerners in the area in the months just before he signed up. In fact, they murdered the 20-yr-old brother of Margaret Jane's future husband who was William's neighbor. As William was dying, he wrote a heart-wrenching note inside the fly of his Bible to his wife that begins, "Sarah, when you receive this, I will be gone...." Needless to say, he's a romantic hero in our family--at least among the girls.

For comparison, William and James named their children in this order:

Williams' sons: Joseph P and James Armstrong
James' sons: John, Thomas, Robert F and F.C.

Williams' daughters:
Margaret Jane, Martha A Elizabeth and Nancy E
James' daughters:
Mary, Martha, Margaret, Nancy, S.S. and A.C.

Joseph P (named for his grfather Joseph Peeler) had sons John W, Joseph and Christopher and daughter, Sarah (likely after his mother). Joseph P (born 1851) died soon after his youngest child was born in 1880. It seems significant that both James and Joseph P named their first born sons "John." I suspect that their father was named John and their grandfather named James. Others searching for their father think he may be James the uncle of Gen Sam Houston.

I suspect also that the Marley's were somehow related. It wouldn't surprise me if my William/Sarah made the move to Missouri with the Marleys--if the Marleys did, in fact, go there. Maybe I should be searching Iowa for my missing Robert Houston.

So, here's enough info for you perhaps to begin to sort out what you think of your new identity. I'd love to here from any of you. Happy gene trails!

Re: Descendants of John Houston Marley and Sara E Marley

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Surnames: Houston, Rumfelt
I'm totally confussed! :)
So who are you saying is the father of my Elizabeth Jane Houston (married to Wm. P. Rumfelt.) And her siblings?
I'd love to know the names of Elizabeth Jane's parents and so forth. You think Sam Houston was a distant relative to her?
My email address is:
I'd love to correspond with you on this family.

Elizabeth Jane Houston, John Houston Rumfelt, John Houston Marley

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Surnames: Houston Rumfelt Marley Rice
Sorry for the confusion--laugh out loud. I wrote that detail for the Houston-Marley descendants and before I discovered the Rumfelt connection.

I think Elizabeth Jane's parents appear in the 1840 Monroe County census--John Houston with wife and a brood of children large enough to account for all the Houston "orphans" we find in the 1850 Monroe census. (Keep in mind that the only other household of Houstons in Monroe Co in either 1840 or 1850 was that of Joseph E Houston, son of Robert out of NC. They may be cousins.)

Based on naming patterns only, I'm guessing that the mother of our Houston "orphans" is named Margaret.

Unfortunately for you and me, there are several groups of Houstons in NC. That tangle is not really sorted out as far as I can tell into distinct branches. It appears to me to be a huge undertaking which I can't take on right now. I'm still looking forward to find Houston male descendants of my William and his son Joseph in hopes that we can use DNA to short cut that effort. Also, I have now viewed the original census page for Arch Marley's household in 1850 Monroe which shows that John and Sarah are definitely surnamed Houston--not Marley. Maybe there are male "John Houston Marley" descendants who will come forward to DNA test our branch into NC.

As far as Sam Houston, I have no idea. Some believe that Sam's branch is connected with one of the other large branches before they all started migrating to America from Scotland. I don't know if DNA testing has resolved that question. I first started on that track because Sam's brother had a Cherokee wife (I think) and because my gr-gr-gma thought we had Cherokee blood that came from our Houston line. I've not found enough info yet to pursue.

Outside of DNA, we're stuck with using primarily naming patterns and geography to look for clues. In that regard, we can hope that the Rumfelts and Marleys lived near our Houstons in NC, which might help pinpoint the area/branch of our Houstons there.

I found a few more "coincidences" between the Rumfelts and my Houstons in Missouri which solidify my view that your Elizabeth Jane Houston is another sister to my "orphans." I'm not clear yet on whether you know the identity of William Rumfelt's parents in TN/NC. Outside of this website, if you'll search for "John Houston Rumfelt" you'll find a hugh tree posted with detail by Al Rumfelt which identifies our William P Rumfelt's line back through TN, NC to Germany. If you have trouble finding it, let me know. He also has much on William Rumfelt and Elizabeth Jane Houston's descendants. Note that they named a son "John Houston Rumfelt." I think we can assume, then, that the father of our Houston orphans is indeed John Houston and is likely the same John appearing in the 1840 Monroe census.

Also, William Pinkney Rumfelt's brother is identified in that tree as Henry--the same Henry Rumfelt living 4 households from my William Houston in the 1860 Dent Co census. This Henry took in William and Jane Rumfelt's children after they died in Oct/Nov 1862. I suspect Henry also took in my William Houston's son Joseph during his teen years when he's missing from his mother/stepfather's household. Further, the big tree I mentioned above has connections into Crawford Co. One of Joseph's daughters marries a Crawford Co lad, the newspaper announcement for which identifies Joseph as being "from Crawford Co"--where he never lived. These are two little mysteries that have bugged me for years. Joseph's stepfather is James Stanton Rice, living next door to William and Sarah Houston in 1860 Dent Co. Because Jimmy Rice was a preacher who moved around a bit, perhaps Joseph stayed with Henry to work his father's land. (There are findagrave sites for William Houston, Sarah (Peeler) Houston Rice and James S Rice, which tell more of their story.)

Another tidbit I found is that William P Rumfelt purchased 40 acres in Dent Co in 1859. If you don't already have that, let me know.

Lastly, there are many Houstons flooding into Missouri from all directions when our families are moving there. Some of them may be related. I'll try to focus on that soon.

Because my Houston tree is now becoming too large to remain mingled with my other lines, I'm starting a new tree/website to isolate the Houston/Rumfelt/Marley family. As soon as that's done, I'll email to you a link into that website/tree so you can view, copy or suggest edits to your heart's content. In the meantime, give a shout if there are other confusing tangles and holes that I need to clarify.


Re: Elizabeth Jane Houston, John Houston Rumfelt, John Houston Marley

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Thanks for all that wonderful information! I don't have the "smarts" to figure out stuff like that! LOL
Please keep me informed on what you find. I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks again,
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