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John Chew, Larkin Chew of Virginia

John Chew, Larkin Chew of Virginia

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I found the following original letter in the "Chew Family" file at the College of William and Mary. This letter is all they had. I added punctuation to make it less confusing.
I'm not connected to the Chews, but hope this letter will help someone.

To Jos. Chew

Dear Joseph
Having left Virginia when very young, I can give but an imperfect account of our Family. The first of them, John Chew was settled in Virginia in 1743 at which time Sir William Berkl(e)y was Governor of that Colony and had a particular regards for him as I find by some Papers I have seen. The Family afterward removed to Maryland from whom the Chews in that Province and those now in Philadelphia descended. My Grand Father Larkin Chew removed from Maryland to Virginia where he married into the respectable family of Roy. He left three sons Thomas, John and Larkin and one daughter who married a Mr. Johnston and had several Children but I cannot ell where they are now settled or give any satisfactory accounts of the Family, of my Uncle John or Larkin. My Father married a daughter of Colonel James Taylor and once was possessed of a very large Property which he unfortunately lost by becoming security for two persons for a large amount who failed. He had six sons and five daughters. I was the oldest son, Larkin the 2nd died last year unmarried, Thomas died young, Samuel married in New Haven as you know. Colby was killed in the service of his Country, was a Lieutenant in the Army 1758, James married in Virginia. He has been dead some years. I can(n)ot tell what family he left. Of the Daughters, Frances the Eldest married a Mr. Henry Dowers and settled in North Carolina, Hannah the 2nd was alive when I last heard from Virginia, unmarried very infirm. Alice the 3rd married her cousin Zachary Taylor who is settled in Kentuck. She died last year, has left Children whose names I cannot recollect. They are in good circumstances. Milly 4th married a Mr. Col(e)man died without issue. Betsey 5th was living when I heard last very infirm. My Mother had four brothers and four sisters. James, Zachary, George and Erasmus. I can give very little account of my Uncle James Family. Zachary=s son married my sister Alice as above mentioned, My Uncle George left a Large Family. I don=t recollect their names. They are settled in Virginia in good Circumstances as I heard. Erasmus ? My Mother’s sister Frances married a Mr. Madison and had a son and two daughters. I cannot give a very particular account of the Family the daughters left. James= 1st son is living in Orange County, Virginia in affluent circumstances. His son James has been a member of several of the Congresses and is esteemed (?) very unfriendly to Great Britains. He is a person of capacity and a great Politician. Cannot give a proper acct of his Brothers and sisters. His Father is my old intimate and sincere friend. My mother(‘s) sister Tabatha married a Mr. Wilds. I don=t know what family she (a)live. Hannah married a Mr. Battailes, left one son Hay ? Battailes who is in goods, good circumstances. Molly married a Mr. Pendleton. I don(‘)t know what family she has. She was living lately. ? Brother and other sisters are all dead as are my Father and Mother. I cannot give you an account of the Chews or their Families in Maryland. Benjamin Chew Esq. was a Person of the first consequence in Pennsylvania before the revolution. Chief Justice of the Province greatly esteemed as a Gentleman and for his knowledge of the Law, He has a son Benjamin equally ???, his Father has several Daughters, some married, one to Mr. Nichlin, a Capital Mercht in Phila. Two are unmarried, the Eldest Benjamin Chew has two brothers Samuel and John who are living.
When I am able I will give you a better account of the Family and am
Yours Affectionately,
Joseph Chew
Montreal 26 Septr 1797

Re: John Chew, Larkin Chew of Virginia

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Hello Ann! I am new to researching the Chew family and came across your post. It was indeed helpful Thank you for posting! Wish they had more!

Re: John Chew, Larkin Chew of Virginia

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Thanks for posting this. I've seen the letter referred to but never seen it in it's entirety. I love how the future president was referred to as unfriendly to the Great Britains! This letter was written by my gggggg grandfather's brother who had been exiled to Canada (I believe due to his siding with the British in the Revolution) His brother James was my ancestor.

Re: John Chew, Larkin Chew of Virginia

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Thank you so very much for posting this letter. It answers a lot of questions I had about my Chew ancestors. I printed it out so I could reference it later because "the daughter that married a Johnston" is actually the link between the Chews and the Johnsons. It was William Johnson she married, not a JohnsTon. By the way, her name was Nancy, but she was called Nan. Thanks again for this wonderful letter. Victoria

Re: John Chew, Larkin Chew of Virginia

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Surnames: Chew, Johnston, Larkin
Nan, listed usually as Ann, Chew, daughter of Larkin Chew Sr and Hannah Roy, married William Johnston b 1697 Annandale Scotland. One of their sons was named Larkin Chew Johnston b 1727. I know the Johnston spelling is correct, as I am descended from that line. Some parts of the family later did use Johnson, however.

Re: John Chew, Larkin Chew of Virginia

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Surnames: Chew, Larkin, Johnston
For a well-documented reconstruction of the Chew family in Virginia see "Adventurers of Purse and Person: Virginia 1607-1624/5," Fourth Edition, Vol. 1 by John Frederick Dorman, C. G., F.A.S.G. This is an authoritative account of the family's early history in this country and includes the Larkin and Johnston families also. The Chew section is found on pp. 517-567.

Re: John Chew, Larkin Chew of Virginia

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Surnames: Johnston ; Larkin ; Chew ; Roy
Just found your 2011 message about the Chew and Johnston connection, and would very much like to know if you know where--in VA--your Johnstons were living, and, if they descend--or are related to--Gideon Johnston.

I am a descendant of Larkin Chew and Hannah Roy, and also of Gideon Johnston, of New Kent or Hanover County, Virginia and his wife Ann 'Nancy Ursula Allin. My Johnston line was supposedly originally from Annandale, Scotland, and arrived in the Colonies after first moving to northeast Scotland for some generations.

Do you know where in VA your Johnstons were living? And do you see any connection between our Johnstons?

I have some Johnston research material on this line, that was shared with me, and that I can share.


Re: John Chew, Larkin Chew of Virginia

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Thanks for the note.

I believe my Johnston line goes like this:
Hammond (my maiden name)< Viola Dean Johnston < George Lindsay Johnston < Gabriel Jones Johnston (1802 Jefferson Cty MO )< Benjamin Johnston (1763 Spotsylvania VA) < Benjamin Johnston (1734)< William Johnston m. Ann (Nan) Chew. This line is based on family written records through a Benjamin Johnston and listing the Chew family. I also see the Ann Chew m William Johnston and descendants to the second of the Benjamin's in my line in "Adventurers of Purse and Person" -- a genealogy book of Jamestown families 1607-24. The Chew family has a chapter. John Chew came on the Charitie, leaving England 1622.He was a merchant in Jamestown trading in commodities shipped from England; property owner, assembly representative Hog Island.Son Joseph m Ruth Larkin and lived in Anne Arundel Co MD, Delaware and possibly Arblemarle area, North Carolina; grandson Larkin Chew left Maryland for Virginia was married to Hannah Roy. Clearly from the records these men were business men, with many purchases and sales of land. The Chew family -- if the many links at Ancestry can be believed :-) -- indicates an Anglo-Norman family, tracing through the Dukes of Normandy to Charlemagne. Chew is an evolution of various French versions -- I have lost a big section of my Ancestry tree following the Chew line, but it was amazing to see the possible connections through the centuries.

Hope this is of interest. I would love any information you have.

Jennifer Landau

I wish I had has much info on the earlier Johnstons.
I find inconsistent and yet unverified info on William Johnston. Family oral history says noble family, Annandale Scotland, which may be true but not as directly as some here on Ancestry seem to list. I am tending to think that he was born in the colonies, yet of a shoot of the Annandale Johnston clan. The existence of a William Johnston, heir to the Annandale title, has confused matters. This William was born at approx the same time as the Spotsylvania William BUT records are clear that he died young of a (dueling?)injury. Some stories I have read indicate that some of the Annandale Johnstons were early Jacobites, and hence may have left England for first Ireland then America. What info have you on all this?

My "Adventurers" reference says of William Johnston:
Captain, born 1 Dec 1697, left will, now lost, presented at court 13 July 1769. :ived in Gloucester, Spotsylvania, Caroline Counties; merchant at Pt. Royal, justice Spotsylvania, sheriff, 1731, captain of militia 1729, member House of Burgesses from Spotsylvania 1736-40. Married Ann Chew Oct 1723.

Son Benjamin goes to Jefferson Co Kentucky, with the next generation on to St Louis Missouri-- part of the great move of Southerners on the opening of Missouri Territory. In a historical context, they were of the first wave of settlers buying/getting title to land which they then planted, likely tobacco, and sold to the next wave of settlers. Family stories call them "gentlemen farmers and horse breeders." I find it interesting that the Johnstons go from Jefferson Cty KY to what would become Jefferson Cty MO

Gideon Johnston is not a name I have yet come across!
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