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Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea

Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea

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This couple was married in 1889 in Cairo, Alexander, Illinois and were living in Kansas City, Missouri when the 1900 census was taken. He died in 1906 in Kansas City. The 1900 census gives his birthdate as March 1855 in Illinois.

I've tried everything I can think of and can't find him on any census prior to 1900. The census gives KY as his father's birthplace and his mother's as Vermont. That dosen't help a bit, though it should (if correct).

Sandord and Minnie had the following children: Sanford John Allred (b. 1890), Mary, George Montgomery Allred, Sarah and a son, Willie, who died at the age of 3 months in 1898.

Teri Cochran Allred, AG

Re: Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea

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Surnames: Allred
A theory below:
I found the following family with a Sanford Allred (not yours):
1870 Skookumchuck, Lewis, WA Territory;Aug 5
Allred, Jesse L 71 KY
Margaret 64 KY
Isaac 16 IL
Sanford L 23 IL

Allred, Cyrus 27 MO

Allred, Solomon R 37 IL
Mary W 33 MO
Sarah J 12 TX
Jesse D 10 TX
Margaret F 8 MO
James F 6 OR
Clemmo 5 OR (dau)

If you notice, Jesse & Margaret were in IL as early as 1833. They appear to be there until 1854 when Isaac was born. Then all or some of the family moved to Texas by 1858 and were there in 1860 and then moved to Kansas by 1860 (census below) and then to Missouri by 1862 and then to Oregon by 1864 and 1865 before moving to Lewis County, Washington.

In 1850 census the family of Jesse & Margaret Allred were in Mason County, Illinois;Oct 26
Jesse Allred 51 KY
Margaret 44 KY
Solomon 17 IL
John 16 IL
Jesse J 13 IL
Martha J 12 IL
Cyrus 8 IL
William H 5 IL
Sanford 3 IL

1860 McGhee County, KS; July 30
Jesse Allred 61 KY
Margaret 52 KY
Cyrus I 19 MO
William H 15 MO
Sanford L 13 MO
Isaac M 8 MO

Solomon Allred 25 IL
Mary W 23 MO
Sarah J 1 TX
Jesse D 6/12 TX

My theory is that John, who would have been 20 by 1854 and may have married in IL by then and had a son, Sanford John Allred (who in turn named his son, John Sanford Allred per WWI draft card).

Where is John in 1860? 1870? 1880? Could have died after Sanford was born and his mother remarried and Sanford took the new father's last name until he married. There was a Sanford Bellows in Cairo, Alexander, IL in 1880 census but do not believe this is your guy.

Re: Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea

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Thank you for your reply. I found what you posted (most of it) and can't help but think the Sanford I'm looking for belongs to the Jesse Allred line.

Descendants of Sanford Allred have property near where I live in Mid-Missouri, so I am trying to help connect the line to all of the other Allreds I know about. I think I'll check the IL Marriage Index for clues.

Sometimes the census taker was a bit lazy and didn't differentiate between step-children and biological.


Re: Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea

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Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea were my great grandparents. Their daughter, Mary Cecilia Allred was my grandmother. Mary Cecilia Allred married Ernest Ganzer in Kansas City. The story told to me by my mother, daughter of Mary Cecilia Allred Ganzer, was that Sanford Allred was from Texas. Looking at the other posting, where the Allred family was in Texas, our family story may be correct. My mother told me that she was always very fond of her Uncle Sanford (Mary Ceceilia's brother) and his wife Geneva. My mother also said that Sanford Allred originally went to the home of John O'Shea in Cairo, Ill. to ask for the hand in marriage of Minnie's sister but saw Minnie and asked for her hand instead. Of all of the children that John O'Shea had, I believe there were nine, only Minnie moved away and was living in Kansas City at the time of her father's death in Cairo. The story was that the couple had to move due to the circumstances of the marriage request. I have photographs of both Minnie and Sanford supposedly from their wedding day. My mother also told me that Sanford had quite a beautiful moustache and he used to tie rags around it at night so it would curl properly during the day. I think I also have a photograph of George Allred and his wife Ruthie.
Suzanne Hathorn

Re: Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea

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Thank you so much. The census record shows that he was born in Illinois and I was having a very difficult time finding him in any family there, so could not find his parents.

I will use your clues to see if I can find them.

Teri Cochran Allred

I'd love to have copies of any photos you may have...

Re: Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea

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I enjoyed talking with you Thursday evening. Thank you for searching for information on Sanford Allred. The following information is what my grandparents, John Sanford Allred and Geneva Ann Bechtel Allred shared with me.

Sanford Allred was born in Decatur, Illinois, Macon County on February 6, 1855. His mother was Rosamond or something like that. They had 3 children, Sanford, Louie or Lewis and Luann or Lewey ann. They were raised by Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Dick, don’t know the last name.

We think Sanford came to KC in the 1880’s and that he painted carriages. Sanford married Minnie O’Shea in Cairo, Illinois on May 1, 1889. They lived in KC and had 5 children, John Sanford born March 3, 1890, Mary C. born January 2, 1892, George born July 2, 1896, Willie died April 21, 1898 three months old of bronchial pneumonia and Sarah born June 22, 1900. My grandfather was named after Minnie’s father John and his father Sanford.

Minnie was born Sept 17, 1864 and was one of nine children. Her father’s name was John T O’Shea
born in Ireland and her mother’s name was Sarah (Rouche) O’Shea born in Canada. John died June 9, 1892 age 62 from heart failure.

Sanford Allred died Jan 2, 1906 from pneumonia. Minnie O’Shea Allred died April 15, 1912 from softening of the brain, stroke or hemorrhage of the brain. She was sick for 2 years.

Sanford, Willie and Minnie were buried in Mount St. Mary’s cemetery in KCMO. George was married, no children and lived in California.

Mary C Allred married Ernest A Ganzler on April, 3, 1920 in KCMO and Sarah married Ernest Korthaus November 9, 1922 in KCMO.

Sanford said he was Scotch Irish. I found a Lewey Ann Alred who married Thomas E Fuller November 4, 1864 in Coles County Illinois. (Illinois marriage records1763-1900) She could be Sanford’s sister. There is a Sanford L Allred who purchased 40 acres of land on April 18, 1848 (Illinois State Archives) Could be Sanford’s father.

After seeing suzanne’s e-mail regarding George with a middle name of Mogomery I found in my research a Thomas Allred born in Tennessee who married Rosahah Montgomery in 1838 in Shelby County, Illinois, Addison Township. She could be Sanford’s mother. There was a Lewis Allred born in 1847 in Addison County Shelby County, Indiana.

I would love to talk with Suzanne since we had the same great grandparents. I didn’t think Mary or Sarah had any children. I couldn’t find any Ganzler or Korthaus in Missouri records.
I know my grandfather, John Sanford, said he returned to Decatur and the courthouse had burned down and there were no birth records. We found a baptismal record from the Salt Lake temple December 3, 1932 for Sanford, I think it is where they baptized the dead, Ray S Hambleton, proxy; inst. James Allred, dead and the last word off the line is rel. (I think it means Relative). There were 8 other Allred’s in the batch, all from Randolph, North Carolina.

I really appreciate your efforts and I’m looking forward to meeting you and your husband at the lake sometime this summer. I would also love to talk with Suzanne since we had the same grandparents.

John N. Allred
Leawood, KS

Re: Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea

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I received your message and sent an e-mail to you. Hopefully you will get that but I did get this message. It is extremely hot at the lake today.

I noticed on the 1900 census that Sanford said he was born in March 1855 (close enough to the date you gave). It also says his mother was born in Vermont. I wonder if that is right. I have found a Sanford Allred/Alred in Macon County, IL on one of the census records but this gives his year of birth (going by age) about 1847 or 1848 and born in Indiana. In the meantime, I found some other "mystery Allreds" such as Shadrack Alred who was b. in TN abt 1833. No idea where he fits but he was in the same area of IL and a couple of his children were married in Macon County.

Re: Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea

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Haven't heard from you by e-mail (sent 2 messages) so thought I'd try this.
I am sure I found your Sanford Allred on the 1860 census, although the surname was spelled Alfred. He was living with the Thomas Edds (probably Eads) and his family. Sanford was 11. They were in Christian County, Illinois (adjacent to Macon County, IL). The post office is Mount Auburn. Thomas Eads (with variations) is also found in Shelby County, Indiana. I need to look for marriage records for him there.

The reason we can't find Sanford Allred, born 1855 in IL is because he was born in 1849 in Indiana, son of Thomas Allred and Rosannah or Susannah Montgomery. I am pretty sure about this, but will try to further verify.

Lewey Ann was living in Iowa when the 1856 census was taken there (state census) as well as Lewis, her twin brother. I think she may have died shortly after her marriage, but have to keep checking on that. I find Thomas E. Fuller getting married in 1868 and 1878. Can't be sure if it is the same man or not, but that can be further researched.

I have a lot more, but one thing I don't have: who is this Thomas Allred??? He was born about 1809. There was an Isaac Allred in Indiana prior to 1850, too, both common names in my husband's family. One of his sons, Anderson Allred, I've researched before. He lived in NW Missouri, near the Kansas border. I even went there about 15 years ago trying to track him down and had some success. He would have been Sanford's older brother (9 years older). They show up in the same household in Iowa on one census. I'll have to document that as I wasn't seriously on the trail of this family when I found that information.

So all is well on this research. Teri Cochran Allred

Re: Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea

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Hey, John...I'm in Salt Lake City and am not having much success. I can't find where Thomas Allred sold his land in Shelby Co., IN or guardianship records, either.

I think I'll work on Minnie O'Shea a bit before I head home to Missouri.


Re: Sanford Allred and Minnie O'Shea

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I saw a copy of the marriage record for Sanford and Minnie today. He was age 30 and a resident of Kansas City, Johnson County, Kansas at the time of the marriage in 1889. She was a resident of Cairo, IL and aged 21. I had hoped their parents were listed but they were not. I think this verifies somewhat that he was born in 1849 and is the son of Thomas and Rosannah (Montgomery) Allred.

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