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Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones

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Does anywone have the facts about Joshua's parents. Joshua married Ellender Medley around 1773.

Joshua Jones

Brian Jones (View posts)
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Do you have any idea what part of the country Joshua was born, lived, or died? I may have something.

Joshua Jones

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Joshua Jones my g-g-g-g grandfather born around 1740-1750 (?) in Virginia. Settled in N.C.around 1778 in Wilkes County,then Burke, then Buncombe where he lived and died around
1838. I am a descendant of Russell Jones, his son, who moved to Del Rio,TN around 1819.
In Ruth O'Dell's history of the family and also one that was published in "JOnes Journey, the family is traced back to Cadwallader Jones and Robert Jones originally of Virginia. I went to Halifax, N.C. to check out the idea of Robert. I could not find a connection, but I would like to do more searching on that and on Cadwallader.

Is this your Joshua Jones?

Joshua/Josiah Jones

Brian Jones (View posts)
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My family has for years referred to my gggrandfather as Joshua, which left me without any leads. Our records show that he was living in Buchingham County most of his life, and then in Appomattox Co. (maybe the same place ,since the lines were redrawn about that time). After searching census records, I discovered a Josiah Jones in the correct location with the correct family. After reviewing the documents that were penned in 1931, I became clear that the name was in fact Josiah, and not Joshua as previously thought by my Aunts and Uncles. From here I was able to actually locate his headstone at Bethel Church in Bedford, Va.

So, as you can see, I thought we might have something to share, but now I doubt it. I believe my Jones line followed the Appomattox river for generations, and the roots of my family go to Amelia County, Va. I also believe that many of the Jones clans across the United States came from this same Jones Clan that populated Amelia for generations and held most of the wealth in that county by marrying cousins. I believe many of the Joneses in Georgia and Texas came from this family.

My problem is, that because of courthouse fires and lost records, I cannot connect Josiah Jones to his parents, and thus to the Amelia clan. Between the Revolutionary war and the Civil war, people didn't spend much time writing about their neighbors, so there are not many books about Joneses in this time span.

It is not helpful, but I have roots in Halifax myself. Thomas Mayo 1818-1891 came to this country from England during the Civil War, and started my Mothers line.

Good luck on your search.

Brian Jones
Jones @

josiah jones

paul l jones (View posts)
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Trying to run many of the same things that you seek on your Josiah. Probably not the same one, but give me a reply and let's check.

PaulL. Jones

Josiah S. Jones

Brian Jones (View posts)
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I have sent an E-mail to you with several pages of information. This is a duplication for the benefit of forum readers.

My main target was to find the name of the parents
of Josuah S. Jones which would take the Jones line into
the 1700's. The biggest success was when I drove past
Bethel Church Road on my way back from a courthouse. I
remembered that a great aunt had written that Josuah
was buried at Bethel Church. So my mom and I got in
the car and followed the road, and low and behold,
found Bethel Baptist Church. Behind it was about 2
dozen headstones, and one of them was Josiah S. Jones
(note the difference in the spelling) buried next to
his son Thomas Jones, and Thomas's wife Sallie. When I
went back to the original hand-written family history,
it was then obvious that the name was Josiah, not
Josuah (her i looked like a u)! From his head stone I
got his death date, and age, but not a birthdate. I
was then able to trace him through census records back
to the early 1800's.

I decided that since the courthouse records have
been destroyed by fires, that it would be impossible to
find his parents. Then, I discovered that courthouse
death records have the name of the parents! Since he
died after the courthouse fire, then this record should
have his mother and father's names! Unfortunately, I
have not been able to find his death record. Although
he was buried in Bedford Co, he may have died
elsewhere. Bethel Church is only 4 tenths of a mile
from Campbell county, and that is where the census
records say Thomas (his son) lived. I'll bet that he
was living there when he died. But Campbell Co. sent
all of their records to Richmond, Va. That was too far
to drive on this trip, so I am contacting them by mail.

While I was in Buckingham County (where Josiah was
born) I found some interesting things. His brother
Spotswood was very wealthy, owning more land than all
but 3 other people in the county. His house still
stands in the middle of the town.

I found strong evidence that Josiah was the son on
Josias Jones, by the following loose connections from
the Buckingham Census records from 1810 to 1850.
In 1830, Josias has 12 slaves and a 15 year old son in
his house. Josiah was not listed.
In 1840, Josiah has 12 slaves and a male the age of
Josias in his house. Josias was not mentioned.
It looks like Josias's wife died in this period, and
Josias turned his farm and slaves over to Josiah.
I found a deed with that indicated that some of
Josias's estate had been sold from 1841 to 1848,
indicating that Josias had died.

Josias was a county commissioner in the late 1700's
and by 1810 owned 28 slaves. I figure that he gave
these slaves to his children as they became able to
manage farms, Spotswood getting the largest share,
since he was the oldest. I found a series of court
records from 1775 to 1800 with his signature on it, due
to his position.

The historian at the historical museum said that it
was an old English custom to give the eldest son the
wealth of the father at his death. This would explain
why the other 5 brothers had to make it on their own,
while Spotswood flourished with riches.

(not included here)

Re: Joshua Jones

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Surnames: Jones
I am also a descendant of this Joshua Jones, but I'm trying to sort out the following two generations. My ggg grandfather was James Jones, who was married to Anne Nichols. My question is, is this James the son of Russell Jones and Sarah Hayes, or is it Russell's grandson James, the son of Americus Jones and Eliza Nichols? My gg grandfather was William Crittendon Jones who married Alice Bailey. Alice's parents were Matilda Jones and Frank Bailey. (Matilda is the daughter of Americus and Eliza) - such a tangled web!! Any help appreciated.

Re: Joshua Jones

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Surnames: Jones
Joshua Jones that the initial person was writing about is a gentleman who came from Albemarle Co, VA in the late 1700's and was born ca. 1740. He moved into two counties with Russell Jones, believed to be his brother. They both purchased properties beside each other in Burke and Wilkes Counties of North Carolina. They both are found in the first US Census in Wilkes Co, 1790. Joshua later moved with his Family to Buncombe Co, NC at the mouth of Hominy Creek on the French Broad River. Joshua later had many children the first was Stephen Jones, and yes he also had a son named Russell Jones who moved with his sister to Del Rio, Cocke Co, TN. Many of Russell Jones the son of Joshua immigrated farther West as far as California and Oregon. Russell Jones his brother and his descendants immigrated into Georgia, Texas, Louisiana. There are several books out there on the Jones Family. To my knowledge there are none who have been able to determine the Father of Joshua and Russell Jones. There are two other Jones lines that I am aware of who have descended from a David Jones who settled on the Rivanna River in what was Albemarle Co, VA but later annexed to become Fluvanna Co, VA and a John Jones who moved from Mecklenberg Co, VA. John's family moved into Granville and Halifax Co, NC and some settled in Rutherford Co, NC spreading farther out into Cleveland Co, NC and others as far West as Cherokee Co. Joshua, Russell, David and John Jones were all born in VA and all within a 10 year period between 1740 to 1750. These four individuals descendants are genetically related but to date no one knows the paternity of these four individuals. Resources you can find on Joshua is a book called "Joshua Jones of the Misty Blue Mountains" by Dr Kenneth D. Israel. There is another book by Russell B. Sorrels on the descendants of Russell Jones that immigrated farther South into GA, TX and Louisiana. There also is a book on the descendants of Russell Jones, the Son of Joshua Jones who outlines the family who immigrated to Del Rio, Cocke Co, TN and westward, it is out of print but you may find it in a library resource room, which is where I found it. I would love to hear from you if you are still doing research.

Re: Joshua Jones

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Although I have not proven much of the info I have gathered but I am a descendant of:

1. William Jones b 1714 m Mary Ellis
2. Joshua Jones b 1739 m Nancy Anglin
3. Davidson Jones b 1766 m Sarah Rachel Boren
4. Abraham Jones or Abram Jones b 1793 m Sarah Taylor
5. Robert Beaty Jones b 1825 m Jane F Ashenhurst
6. Joseph Dalton Jones b 1858 m Mary Margaret Ferrell
7. Ellis Winburn Jones b 1889 m Ivy Clementine Howell
8. Lloyd Layton Jones b 1917 (my father)

My database contains 5 Joshua Jones'.

Let me know if you want more information at


Re: Joshua Jones

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My ancestor was Russel Jones sr. Born 1753 married to Sarah. no last name.Wake county N.C.
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