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State Sanatorium

Re: State Sanatorium

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Jennifer, at the top of this forum is a search engine.
Enter "tb" for keyword, select "several eons" for the time
frame, and I believe you will find some useful messages
concerning the TB Sanatorium at Booneville.
Good luck, Donald


Charles R. fox (View posts)
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The place you are talking about was located in Booneville, Arkansas. Logan County. My grandfather was a patient there for quite a long time, with TB. He died in 1947. Had an uncle who was there for a short time also, after they changed it to some other facility. Don't remember what
it was called, but was a hospital of sorts. The building is still there. Don't know what it is being used for. Was by it last summer. I live in Colorado now, but was raised in North Logan County, Arkansas

State Sanatorium

Jennifer Bennett (View posts)
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Looking for information on John Wesley Gray and his first wife Mamie Bell Stephenson Gray. They lived in AR in the 1930s or 1940. Mamie was at the State Sanatorium in Oct 1940. I believe this is where she died. I have not been able to find any information about this place.

AR ST TB Sanatorium

Heather Ross (View posts)
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Fall 0f 1905 Judge Joseph M. Hill found he had TB and moved to Arizona. He realized the need in Arkansas for a TB center.

March 31, 1909 the AR legislature passed Act 378 appropriating $50,000 for the est. of a TB sanatorium and $30,000 for 2 yrs. maintenance of the building. But with no money for the proposed goals, the Board of Trustees had to wait till the next fiscal year and so began to search for a building site. The committee to select a site was Judge Joseph M. Hill, Dr. G. S. Brown, Mr. H.S. Taylor and others.

The city of Booneville offered to donate 973 acres of land valued at $10,000 for the site. The offer was accepted and building began.

The original plans called for an administration building, one ward building and two A cottages, two B cottages, five tent houses, four cabins and one superintendent's cottage.

Dr. John S. Shibley of Paris, the leading authority on the disease in the State of AR, was chosen to serve as the first administrator and physician.

Other administrators: Dr. John Steward 1913-1930, Dr. Jesse D. Riley 1930-1955, T. H. Lipscomb 1955-1962, and W. L. Fulmer 1962-1973. Under Dr. Jesse D. Riley, advances in the development of the facility and treatment of TB were made.

The first patient was received 2 Aug. 1910. The capacity was 64 patients.

The facility expanded with a building for occupational training donated by Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Kelley of Ft. Smith. This increased the bed capacity to an added 18 beds.
Belle Point Lodge, a Masonic Lodge in Ft. Smith, constructed a building for children in 1924. Medical care provided by the state and school began operating on 12 Sep 1927 with Olea Cole Word as the teacher for all eight grades.

As the Sanatorium continued to grow, a complete farming operation with over a 100 acres for beef cattle, dairy cattle, livestock feed, hay, and vegetable crops to support food supply to the facility. Also a fire dept., its own phone system, a post office and other amenities of a small town were added. It had its own school bus to transport children of its employees into Booneville school. Movies and entertainment were provided on the grounds for patients and employees. The Sanatorium became the major employer of Logan County.

1940, a 4 story building, the Leo E. Nyberg Building, was opened with a capacity for 501 patients.

By 1959, the capacity extended to treat 1,017 patients. Advancements in treatment and care was finally brought TB under control by the mid 1960's and local hospitals could care for TB patients as well. Slowly the patient population decreased, and the last patient was discharged on 26 Feb 1973. The AR ST TB Sanatorium officially closed 30 Jun 1973.

Grounds and buildings of the facility were transferred to the AR Department of Human Services for use of a Human Development Center, a facility for the care and training of mentally retarded young adults.

1000 acres of farm land was transferred back to the City for use as an industrial site by Today's Kids and Magnetics, divisions of Spang Industries.

Other farm land was developed by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture as a research facility for the study of methods of small farm operations.

Patient records were transferred to the AR Dept. of Health and were placed in a repository under the supervision of the Logan County Health Dept. in Booneville.

TB Sanitorium in Booneville, AR

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The article was an interesting one on the sanitorium, I didn't know most of the information it had. I tried early last year to find out about my great-grandfather, Hoyle Rhyne, who was in the Sanitorium, and started at the Logan Co. Library in Booneville. I was told they had a book that had listings of patients that were in the sanitorium so I asked to see it. The people at the library were very hush-hush about and wanted to know who told me about it. I was puzzled. They did let me look, but I couldn't make copies, nor could I check them out. All they really had were old magazines compiled in notebooks catalogued by months. Then they shuffled me off to the county Health Dept. to get copies of records. They wouldn't even say for sure they had them. I had to wait at the county health unit to see a nurse, like I was there for a checkup; and a lady, who was supposedly in charge of this, took my name, the name I was searching for and said she'd be back with me in a week or two. That was months ago and I haven't heard a thing. I will be checking back again, but I'm an elementary school teacher and the summer is when I really have time to "chase my ancestors around". Just thought I'd give my two cents worth about the run around I'm getting with the sanitorium records.

~ Susan Jackson

Re: TB Sanitorium in Booneville, AR

Pat Curry (View posts)
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The material referred to at the Booneville Library is a collection of copies of SANATORIUM OUTLOOK, published at the Ark. State Tuberculosis Sanatorium as a patient newsletter. These copies list patients admitted and patients discharged during a specified time period. Other than that publication, no patient lists are on deposit at the Booneville Library.
Patient records are the property of the Ark. St. Dept. of Health. It is my understanding that the only records extant are medical records that contain little or no genealogical info.
You might contact Booneville Human Development Center which now occupies the facility for info re: records and accessibility.

Re: AR ST TB Sanatorium

beja (View posts)
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where can i find the records for 1924. my grandmother Cora (Steward) Rodden died there but i can not find a death certificate or records of any kind. can you help me.

Re: TB Sanitorium in Booneville, AR

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Can you tell me who were the parents of Hoyle Rhyne. At the National Rhyne Reunion this year some of us started a search for any information on the children of Michael Rhyne and Barbara Withers of Lincoln County, NC. We know that they moved to Logan County, Arkansas

David Mitchell

Re: State Sanatorium

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I might can help - can you give me a year Mamie died?
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