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Dawson: Cootehill, Co. Cavan

Dawson: Cootehill, Co. Cavan

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Surnames: Dawson, Donaldson
I'm looking for information on possible history of Henry and Betsy Dawson in the Cootehill area with their son James. James moved to Scotland and married Maria Morgan (also from the area), although I'm not sure if the parents moved as well.

Any information on Henry, Betsy (maiden name Donaldson) or James would be fantastic.

Re: Dawson: Cootehill, Co. Cavan

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Classification: Query
Have you got some DATE references. I've looked through a bmd data bases and found no listing of children for Henry Dawson and Betsy Donaldson in Cavan. Did a wider search of Ireland in general with the same result. These would be
1900 and prior?

One baptism for Henry Dawson in Cavan in 1811?

Dawson doesn't appear to be a common name in Ireland in General although in the 1911 Census there are 32 Henry Dawson of various ages. None in Cavan. 1901/1911 Census

A lot of the farmers in Cavan were Scots in origin, I did a search for a friend whose grandfather born in Cootehill came to Canada, his parents went back to Scotland. bmd for 1864+ for Ireland, this is an international website. The IGI records for Scotland are extremely good but this was a search for a birth record for James Dawson in Cavan:

James born 06 Oct. 1816, father: Samuel Dawson & Susanna
Drung, Cavan

James Alexander Dawson Jan-Mar 1940 Cavan

James born 1889 Lurgan, Armagh
James born 1907 Lurgan, Armagh

Henry Dawson born 20 Jan 1880 Billis, Cavan father: John
Dawson and mother Mary Anne Candler

there are 4 other Lurgan births, 1 a Henry 1903.

Annette Code

Re: Dawson: Cootehill, Co. Cavan

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Classification: Query
Hi Annette,

Thanks for your response.

I only have a vague date for Henry Dawson which is a birth date of circa 1811.

I do have a reference to Monaghan circa 1810 for the birth of Betsy Donaldson, however, Donaldson sounds just a little too Scottish, but, as you say, Scottish farmers...

James Dawson was born in 1834. My only semi-reasoning for Cavan is that Maria Morgan (wife-to-be at the time) and her family are from there and James is listed as living with them once they get to Scotland. On the marriage certificate of James and Maria in 1860, both of James' parents are deceased.

My other reason for thinking Ireland generally is that there are no marriage or death certificates for either of James' parents in the Scotland's People records. Ireland was my next logical step. If there is nothing there, then that's fine. Just gives me another area to strike off the list.



Re: Dawson: Cootehill, Co. Cavan

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Dawson
I was brought up in the Cootehill area (Mum & Brother still there) and there are still a couple of Dawson families in the area who all belong to Cootehill Presbyterian Church.

Also, but less likely, Dartry estate just outside Cootehill but across the river in Co Monaghan was a Dawson family - house was called Dawsongrove and The Dawson monument still stands on the Monaghan road from Cootehill. Their affiliation was to Dartey (Ematris) Church of Ireland which is in the Diocese of Clogher

Re: Dawson: Cootehill, Co. Cavan

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Classification: Query
Yeah, I think we were too lowly to have owned an estate!

Do you know anything else about the families? Any info would be fantastic.

Re: Dawson: Cootehill, Co. Cavan

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Classification: Query
Hi: what luck for you to have someone on the scene so to speak. You can also write to the 7 Dawson's in the Cootehill area in the Cavan telephone book, addresses are sufficient for mail delivery and no postal codes required.

Good luck.Annette

Re: Dawson: Cootehill, Co. Cavan

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Classification: Query
Would I be able to get that online?

Also, would it be a bit random just writing to them? Especially from my current Oz location!

Re: Dawson: Cootehill, Co. Cavan

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I've been away 20 years now but I remember Donald Dawson at Rathkenny, Bruce Dawson also at Rathkenny about 200 yards away - both were farmers and Bruce also had a small country shop. Alan Dawson farmed at Cornagarrow about 2 miles away and I think they were three brothers.

All three are since deceased but all have sons still living on the respective farms.

Thats all I know really but I will be back in Cootehill in three days so IF I see any of the Dawsons I will speak to them and try to get contact e-mails or phone numbers to send to you privately

Happy hunting

Re: Dawson: Cootehill, Co. Cavan

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Classification: Query
Thank you very much. It would be great if there was a connection there to potentially find out about Henry and Betsy and their other kids.

Re: Dawson: Cootehill, Co. Cavan

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Morgan
The other side of that part of my family was Morgan, so if there are any of that name still kicking about, then I would also be much obliged.

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