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Dicaire Line for Diane

Dicaire Line for Diane

Michelle (View posts)
Posted: 982076187000
Here is the family tree according to other research done. Jean-Baptiste Snr and Jnr and Wilfrid Dicaire have given a different account to the family- so this may or may not be correct.

Louis Dicaire-
m- Jan 08 1720 Rivieres-des-praires PQ to Marie-Suzanne Lorrain ( I have most of her lines done)
Pierre Dicaire
m- Feb. 07 1743 in Oka to Cecile Julien, Iroquois (Viss-Rix or Rix (have also seen St Julien and Hery)
Joseph Dicaire
m- March 12 1772 to Catherine Kawinentha (var spelling)in oka ?
Michel Dicaire
m- marie Louise Caille (dit Jasmin)
Sept 03 1811 Laval, St Martin PQ
Michel Dicaire
m- Adelle Labelle
Aug. 10 1835 St Eustache PQ
Michel Dicaire
m- Adeline Lapolice (Henguard var and Lapalice) Nov. 15 1858 Point Gatineau
Jean- Baptiste Dicaire
m- Josephine Boyer
July 4 1887, Notre Dame, Hull PQ


Joseph Dicaire

Diane (View posts)
Posted: 982076683000
That link I did not have. Lillian - my son-in-law's mother - daughter of Arthur, had very little. I found her grandfather's name in a book written by Spagnolo, at the Coq Public Library which lists all the marriages performed at Lourdes up to 1950. Then I had a cousin, a professor at the Uni of Montreal, who is quite a genealogist, dig up the line from J.B. up but he only gave me up to Michel and Marie Caille, it was that link that I could not make.


Joseph Dicaire

Michelle (View posts)
Posted: 982077855000
I was told instead of Michel and Marie-Louise Caille it was Francois who we are descended from- He was a son of Joseph as well-

Josephs batismal is Joseph Marie born-baptized 14-02-1750- mothers name Cecile Risse
Joseph Dicaire's children-

Felix- Kaiwatha
m- 1802 Marie-Ann (Indian)

m 1806 to a Nipissing woman


Diane (View posts)
Posted: 982078273000
I have to say that my cousin has never yet made a mistake when he has given me a line. He definitely gives me, Michel III and Lapolice, Michel II and Labelle and Michel I and Caille. I don't know what to do as I have been digging up Michel and Caille for a long time and can not find them anywhere. What do we do?

Joseph Michel are the same

Diane (View posts)
Posted: 982239457000
You are right! I went into the PRDH and got the following information. Joseph son of Piere & Cecile Visse born on Feb 14, 1750 in Oka, named Joseph Michel Diguière at marriage to Catherine Gahonouinetta. They had the following children in Oka, Marie-Anne Dicaire born on April 23 1786. Monique Dicaire born on March 4 1774, and Joseph Dicaire born on July 9 1789. The latter had the comment, father of François.... I could not find anything for a son named Michel, nor Felix. I also found a date for a Joseph Dit Desrosiers Dicaire Aug 7 1789... does that mean anything to you?

I also searched very old maps of Nfld yesterday but was not able to find Hauzerburg or Hauzenburg and made queries at many sites through government archives. Hopefully I will get an answer. I also went into the METIS site hoping to find something on Dicaire, but there was nothing. I read the whole history of Nfld and of the IRoquois nation but there again could not find any link to Hauzenburg. But... I will keep looking!


Joseph Michel... continued

Diane (View posts)
Posted: 982240158000
I just reread myself.... I should have said Joseph-Marie at the time of his marriage to Cat Gahonouinetta not Joseph-Michel. What I was trying to say about Michel & Joseph being the same, is that I can not find the birth of a Michel linked to Joseph & Catherine... so... you`re probably right, its Joseph... but which one. I also linked François born on July 9 1789 to Joseph And Catherine. Have I confused you more? Diane

Michel Dicaire

Michelle (View posts)
Posted: 982252502000
Same luck as I have had with Hauzerburg! That's why I think it is elsewhere- other records from the same time period are very confusing- I'm not sure if I posted about the Bermuda thing- I saw a record for the same time that a captive in Jette and it said he was originally English, born and taken from Bermuda by Indians and brought to Montreal to be baptised lol

I'm wondering if it is possible that Michel is actually Francois (different names on different records?) or Felix-Kaiwatha is Michel? It is possible that they married 2or 3 times- try also Louis Michel- I have not been able to find that yet.

I have the marriage records here from Oka and Kanawake(sp) - it does seem many marriages happened and no records exist

For Joseph I have
Joseph-Karenatase Dicaire _L'Annonciation Kaonwinehta-Kaona, Marie (Sonohrea- mothers name not listed)

(second marriage?)

Felix-Kaiewatha (Joseph Marie Kaonwienta)
Marie-Anne Sakanieha Nicolas-Moses (Joseph, Cecile Kawennotie)

**** Note his parents marry after he does :)

Iroquois names that are very prevalent with Dicaires are
Otiokwanoron (var)
Karontatsi ( which many Dicaires seem to be aware of as I have seen that around)
and Karenatase

Michel Dicaire

Michelle (View posts)
Posted: 982253114000
Maybe I should just let you go through a huge pile of papers I have lol- I cannot find Michel either :)
Try Michel as a middle name

If it was a remarriage it may be Francois like Jean Baptiste Senior said

pile of papers

Diane (View posts)
Posted: 982258050000
I would love to see what you have... I live at 1779 Foster and I am home during the day. I teach weeknights at Centennial. I will search the names you gave me and see if we can clear up some of the puzzles! Today I also ran across this François Wetiokwanoron Dicaire married to Angelique Okwesie Nakijikokwe had two children: Monique Dicarie born in Oct 1822 and a son Jacques Menjake Dicaire who married Marie-Josèphe Kanonwaw Lefebvre Satagarat. Jacques died on April 1, 1869 in Oka. Him and Marie-Josephe had a son François Kaniakawton Dicaire born on Aug 12 1852 in Oka who married Martine Karakwentha Dicaire???? - now was that her husband`s last name or was she a Dicaire??????? François and Martine had a daughter Marie-Anne Blanche Dicaire on Sept 27 1897 in Oka. However I can not tell you who were the parents of François married to Angélique. Could he be that François son of Joseph born on July 9 1789....

I will be searching in the morning again!

Have a nice evening! my phone is 9362567.

Francois Dicaire

Michelle (View posts)
Posted: 982271256000
Francoiss parents are Joseph and Catherine Kwenneta (many variations with spelling)
I'm still wondering if she is Marie-

The same Joseph and catherine are supposed to be the parents of the Michel you are looking for. Francois wife is Nipissing and Francois is also known as Chief Misaki d'Oka.
His son used Misaki or a variation too.

The only other son showing for Joseph is Felix- the mother being Marie Kaonwienta.
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