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DALLMANN in Nicollet County, Minnesota

DALLMANN in Nicollet County, Minnesota

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Johann Gottlieb DALLMANN (22 Sep 1837 - 6 May 1916) served in the Union Army (in a Minnesota regiment) during the civil war and then settled in Nicollet County. I found where his parents were Carl DALLMANN and Maria PROCKNO (listed on death record).

Carl DALLMANN shows up pretty often (below is a summary of what I have found).

Has anyone worked out the DALLMANN families in Nicollet Township before the mid-1870s?

Thanks in advance,
Mark Winter

m. Anna Marie ???

Ferdinand DALLMANN(23 jan 1843 - 16 feb 1931)
m. Wilhelmina BLANK (20 apr 1843 - 23 aug 1926)

Freidr DALLMANN (abt 1846)


Albert Ludwig DALLMANN (4 jan 1840 - 3 jun 1917)
m. Augusta A. KIESOW (4 Dec 1844 - 31 Jul 1926)

Frederick DALLMANN (19 Apr 1846 - 12 feb 1926)
m. Wilhelmina ??? (17 Dec 1847 - 10 apr 1905)

m. ???

August Herman DALLMANN (7 Dec 1832 - 30 oct 1903)
m. Carolina Johanna GRUNKE (21 Jun 1833 - 13 sep 1916)

Fritz DALLMANN (abt 1846 - ???)
m. Wilhelmina ??? (abt 1848 - ???) in Dec. 1969

m. Maria PROCKNO

Johann Gottlieb DALLMANN (22 Sep 1837 - 6 May 1916)

Wilhelm DALLMANN (abt 1819 - aft 1880)
m. Johanna ??? (abt 1830 - aft 1880)

Re: DALLMANN in Nicollet County, Minnesota

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I do have some infor on this side of the family.
Carl married Anna Marie Proechnv (sp?) and they had
5 known sons. August b. 1/1833 m. Caroline grunke b.6/1833.
Albert F. b. abt 1840 m. Augusta Kiezow.
John b. abt 1837 m. Johanna Kugelin.
Ferdinand b. abt 1843 m. Wilhelmina Blank.
Frederick b. 4/13/1846 m. Wilhelmina Pape.
August had 4 son & 2 daughters.
Albert had 6 sons & 3 daughters.
John had 2 sons & 3 daughters.
Ferdinand had 2 sons & 4 daughters.
Frederick had 2 sons & 3 daughters.
I do have quite a bit of info on the Dallmann family.
Carl was the first to come to U.S. The relation is
quite lengthy as they are tied to the Bode's and Lange
families which are also large families.

As info.

Re: DALLMANN in Nicollet County, Minnesota

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Thanks Fritz.

I had found Albert, Frederick and Ferdinand (with Wilhelmina) coming to the US on 4 Jun 1866 on the Charlotte.

I am descended from Ferdinand. His daughter Emilie m. Carl ZAMZOW (still trying to find him in 1885 census). Carl and Emilie's daughter Lydia is my grandmother.

Thanks for the info.

Re: DALLMANN in Nicollet County, Minnesota

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Hi Mark,
I'm not sure either where Carl was in 1885. It looks
like the three brothers all came over in different years
and then ended up farming right next to each other. Since
Carl came over in 1883 I supose he could be about anywhere
during the first 3 years. Do you know, did their father
ever come to America? Who did Lydia marry?
Carl Dallmann is my wife's great-great-grandfather.
Her side of the family is from Carl's son Frederick.


Re: DALLMANN in Nicollet County, Minnesota

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Hi Fritz,
I don't know about about Carl DALLMANN's father.

Lydia ZAMZOW married William August ENGEL. The ZAMZOWs were in Redwood County.


Re: DALLMANN in Nicollet County, Minnesota

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Hi Mark,

I'm sorry about that, I meant Carl Zamzow's father.
I was wondering if he ever came to America. I did find
all the Zamzow family in Three Lakes MN. I actually grew
up in that area in Echo MN. Are you living in MN?
I went to school with an Engel that lived in Danube, MN
but not sure if that is the same family. At any rate it
is always fun to find distant relatives.. eh?

Have a great day,

Re: DALLMANN in Nicollet County, Minnesota

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Surnames: ZAMZOW
So many people with the same first names, it is hard to keep them all straight.

Yes, the ZAMZOW parents and a sister came over.

I found this during the past week.
Check out this URL for more info on ZAMZOWs.

Lots of new leads, but there is a bunch that matches with what I have already.

I'm in Tennessee, and get back to MN a couple of times a year. That, of course, was before the price of gas went way up.


Re: DALLMANN in Nicollet County, Minnesota

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Hi Mark,

I still haven't found Karl Zamzow in 1885 and have gone
through much of Nicollet County as well as some of Redwood
county. Oh well, not all that important I guess.
That web site you gave me was very helpful..thanks much.
What I found to be real strange though is that I knew Karl
Zamzow was married to Amelia Dallmann (This is my wife's
father's side of the family) but he was also married a
second time to Anna Thom... this is my wife's mothers side
of the family. Anna Thom is a sister of Herman Thom the great grandfather of my wife. I'm sure more info that you didn't need but I thought it was interesting to me to find that out through the web that you gave me. Thanks again.

Have a good un,

Re: DALLMANN in Nicollet County, Minnesota

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I picked up Carl ZAMZOW's marriage to Anna STRENGE from his obit. I guess it was her 2nd too.

How much have you looked into Ferdinand DALLMANN? I have his wife Wilhelmina as daughter of Johann BLANK and Heriette KUTZ (these were named as her parents in the Nicollet County death record, L.A. Fritsche was listed as the attending physician).

Do you know if she had any brothers or sisters? Her obit did not mention any, just children.

Sometime this week I need to post a couple of items about the ZAMZOWs' immigration.

Have a good week, Fritz,


Re: DALLMANN in Nicollet County, Minnesota

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Hi Mark,

To be honest I have little on Wilhelmina Blank. I guess I thought her father was Ferdinand Blank. I'm probably wrong on that though. The reason I thought that was from the 1865 Nicollet, Nicollet county, MN census. It shows a Ferdinand Blank family with Wilhelmine shown and then in the 1870 census Ferdinand Blank family is shown without Wilhelmine and by that time she is shown married to Ferdinand Dallmann. The Ferdinand Blank family in 1865 does show a number of children as well as the 1870 census in Nicollet. I'll have to check further on this.

Take care,
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