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OGDEN family in Hampden, ME, near Bangor

OGDEN family in Hampden, ME, near Bangor

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Surnames: Ogden, Crossman, Fitzgerald

This week I am attempting to create a family-tree for a close family-friend. It is actually a set of FITZGERALD siblings, and their uncles and aunts, who need more information. All they knew is that the maiden name of their grandmother was Hazel OGDEN and that she had been born in Canada. I have placed many queries this week, and a very helpful researcher found a lot of information on Hazel's family.

I can't offer details at the moment, a quick summary is that: James A. OGDEN was probably born in Nova Scotia ~1870, and he seems to have moved over to New Brunswick. There he married Amelia CROSSMAN and had 6 of their children there. Hazel was born there in 1912, and in 1914 the family migrated over to Maine. They settled in Hampden which is one town south of Bangor. They had 2 more children there.

I just checked the 1920 census, and James and Amelia OGDEN are listed in Hampden, and 7 of their children are listed with them. James might have died in Hampden in 1920's, as Amelia and some of her children moved down to Cambridge, MA. 2 daughters remained there, and married and had children. The 1930 census for Cambridge has Hazel with her mother and she is 17. Her children believe she married at 17 to John Francis FITZGERALD. They seem to have had their first child in 1931 or 1932 in Cambridge, and went on to have many more.

(John FITZGERALD is much more difficult to learn about. He died in 1952 when all the children were still young. None of the children know anything about him. I probably will need to drive to Cambridge and ask the City Clerk for the information from his death record.) (The family-story is that he was somehow related to the well-known politician, John F. "Honey Fitz" FITZGERALD. I investigated that this week, and it is very possible. It seems he had 8 brothers, probably most marrying, and he had many cousins, possibly a half-dozen, male cousins (or father's cousins).)

I checked the archives of the Maine List and Board, and the OGDEN name has only been mentioned a few times, and not recently. The 1920 census has 21 OGDEN people mentioned, with most in Penobscot Co. and York Co.

In the archives of the OGDEN Boards, I see that many of the OGDEN couples in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick had been Loyalists. Possibly going there from NY or NJ. But, those couples haven't been mentioned on the Boards in many years (some 10 yrs. ago). (also)

Just offering this as an FYI in case someone needs information on the family. I don't know the married names of the 2 OGDEN sisters who remained in Hampden during 1920's.

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

P.S. I still can't post to most Lists (3 1/2 weeks now). But, the last suggestion from the Help Desk is that "Comcast" is not sending out the e-mails in Plain Text. I checked my Tools page, and I have my settings to Plain Text (which is required by RootsWeb). I will call Comcast today and ask for help.

Re: OGDEN family in Hampden, ME, near Bangor

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Surnames: Ogden Crossman Angus Wilson Fitzgerald
I just came across your post at, and I enjoyed reading it since this is my family. My grandmother was Gladys Nellie Ogden, same family (sister) as the Hazel Ogden you are researching. I am originally from Salem, MA, but now I live in Tucson AZ. Here is some additional information you may be interested in.

Bert Ogden married a women named Mary, and he died in Reading, MA.

Cora M. Ogden married Kyke Luce. They had children Carl, Cora, and Fred. Cora M. Ogden died in Carmel, ME.

Ella P. Ogden married Percy Hyson. They had children Ruth (married Peter Sgro in Cambridge, MA), Florence (maried Duane Lovely in Carmel ME), Lillian (married James Newman), and Edward. Ella P. Ogden died in Maine.

Jessie D Ogden married Beatrice. They had a child Beatrice in Somerville, MA.

Gladys Nellie Ogden married Thomas O'Toole in Cambridge MA. She died in San Diego living with one of her sons in 1983. She had remarried, so her last name there was Pickett.

As you know, Hazel Ogden married John Fitzgerald. I show them with 8 children. (Julia (married John Mabey), Joanne, John, Hazebelle, Doris, Rosemary, Victor, & Judy (married someone last name Nickerson).

Elsie Ogden married John Engler (from West Virginia). They had children James and Charles. She later remarried to a man named Bruce Barry from Scituate, MA.

Charles Ogden was the youngest, born in Hampden ME. He married a woman named Shirley. He was killed in Korea on Dec 1, 1950 in the Korean War.

Most of the above information was given to me by word of mouth from my Mom and my Aunt, who knew all of these people as their aunts & uncles and cousins. Since most of these people aren't in my direct line, I haven't verified their information with documentation.

I do know the parents were James Albert Ogden and Amelia Jane Crossman. James died on Jan 21, 1923 in Hampden, ME. Amelia died on Jun 4, 1931 in Cambridge, MA. I have both of their death certificates, which say they are both buried in Locust grove cemetary in Hampden ME. I have not been there.

The death certificates list their parents names as Jessie Ogden & Rebecca Angus, and James Crossman and Katherine Wilson. I have not been able to trace back any farther. My next avenue of research in this area will probably require looking at Canada census records, etc.

I hope this information is useful. If you know any more about James & Amelia or their parents on back, I would welcome hearing about it.

Good luck in your search.

Re: OGDEN family in Hampden, ME, near Bangor

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Surnames: Ogden, Fitzgerald
Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for writing. I might not have mentioned it on this Board, but I found one of your relatives last fall. He is Charlie Ogden, son of Larry Ogden, and they are from Bert Ogden's family (if I'm remembering correctly).

Charlie did a lot of research and has a lot of the OGDEN information. And, one of the FITZGERALD's also researched the OGDEN name, and I think they shared information. Charlie developed a web site, and he posted information and a picture of the - Charles Ogden who was killed in Korea.

I'll get the URL for you in a few minutes.

Actually, we have Victor Fitzgerald staying with us tonight. He is 48, and his father is Mike, and Mike was one of the oldest of the 10 children of Hazel (Ogden) Fitzgerald.

I just sent an e-mail to Charlie Ogden because Victor is curious whether there will be any Ogden family get-togethers this summer (or in the fall) - that maybe he could attend. Charlie is in NH, and we are in MA.

I mentioned to Charlie that I had just received your message.

That's all I'll say for the moment.

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

Re: OGDEN family in Hampden, ME, near Bangor

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Surnames: Ogden, Fitzgerald
Hi Robert,

I was busy yesterday and didn't take the time to study what you said. You have some good information. Mrs. Hazel FITZGERALD had 10 children, and most of them are still living. She lost her 2 oldest sons and one daughter. The rest of them I've met and/or visited with them recently. My husband and I hope to visit some of them again this summer. Charles Fitzgerald is about a half-hour from us, but doesn't use a computer. His 3 sisters are near him. Victor (older) is in FL but might be visiting next month.

I didn't spend much time on the OGDEN family-tree, as one of the FITZGERALD granddaughter's husband did. I correspond with them as they live in the VA area. And I found Charles Ogden (Bert, Larry) on-line, and he did a lot of research. I sent him an e-mail last night. And the younger Victor (Hazel, (late) Mike) sent him an e-mail last night, also.

I have one question. How were you able to find out that the Charles Ogden's wife was Shirley? None of the Fitzgerald's could come up with a name. And, I'll have to study (cousin) Charlie's web site to see if he mentioned her there. I "heard" that they married in LA but that State has no record of the marriage. By the way, there is a web site called something like: Korean War Remembrances, which has a page on Charles Ogden.

You may e-mail me directly, if you'd like to discuss this further.


b b f f r r p p @ y a h o o . c o m

Re: OGDEN family in Hampden, ME, near Bangor

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Hello my name is Victor Calvin Fitzgerald the son of Michael Fitzgerald who is the son of Hazel Ogden / Fitzgerald.. I grew up in Lynn Mass and raised my children in the Peabody. I am one of ten children. I am a Carpenter by day and a musician by night. I am a singer songwriter. I am the interested in our family and would have no problem meeting up at any family reunions or whatever’s.. my email address is god bless and say hi to the family for me.. victor

Re: OGDEN family in Hampden, ME, near Bangor

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Thank you for your quick replies.

I just visited a Korean War Project Remembrance website. I think it is the one you are referring to. Thanks for pointing me in this direction. Is this the website you mentioned in your first post, or is there another website about the Ogden family?

The website does have a page about Charles, and comments by 2 relatives. One of the comments is asking about his wife's name.

As I said, I got most of my information about the Ogden's from my Mom and Aunt about 10 or so years ago. We were all together one time when I was home visiting and I asked them to tell me everything they could remember about their aunts and uncles and cousins. They grew up in Cambridge, so they knew their family there pretty well. When they were little their mother (Gladys) would send them to Maine for the summer to stay on the farm with one of their Aunts until they had to go back to Cambridge for school each fall. So they knew their Maine part of the family as well.

They told me that Charles was in the Army reserves. I believe he fought in WWII, and then stayed on in the reserves. He got called up for the Korean War, and unfortunately was killed over there. My Mom and Aunt thought he married a woman named Shirley before he left. They did not know her maiden name. They would have been about 14 and 12 years of age when he died. I know they kept in touch with various people in the family over the years, but I don't think they were close with Shirley.

I have not tried to confirm Shirley's name, so I am only going by what I was told. As I said, I have not tried to research much on my Mom's aunts/uncles/cousins, as they're not in our direct line. I have confirmed information on my grandparents Gladys & Thomas, as well as their parents, with documentation.

Its nice to hear from family and talk about our relatives in common. I know my information isn't definitive, but I hope it helps point others in the right direction. I would be interested in visiting Charlie's website if that is allowed, as well as hearing from him or others in the family.

Thanks again,

Re: OGDEN family in Hampden, ME, near Bangor

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Its nice to hear from you. I don't know of any reunions or get togethers, as I currently live in Arizona. Unfortunately, I don't get home as often as I would like, but my wife and I may be trying to get back to Salem over Labor Day weekend.

Next time I call home I'll have to tell my Mom that I've been in contact with some of her (and my) long lost cousins. Both she and my aunt are still alive, so I'll see if there is anything else they can remember.

Take care,
Robert Dionne

Re: OGDEN family in Hampden, ME, near Bangor

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Additional Information

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Our discussions prompted me to look for Cora and Ella in the 1930 census, since they're not with their mom Amelia in the 1930 census. I thought they would be in Maine, but I believe I found both of them in Mass.

I know you found Amelia and her Ogden family in the 1930 census living in Cambridge, MA. In her household are living Thomas & Gladys O'toole, my grandparents, and Dorothy, my aunt.

The very next line down is Ella Ogden's family. It shows Percy Hyson as head of household, Ella as the spouse, and their three daughters Ruth, Lillian, and Florence. I never noticed this before.

I believe Cora Ogden's family is living in Reading, MA in the 1930 census. It shows Carlton Luce, 29 has head of household, Cora as spouse age 26, and their son Carlton B Luce age 6.

The birth locations for both Ella and Cora appear in these two families appear to match their migration from Canada. It looks like both families started off in Mass and must have moved to Maine sometime later.


Re: Additional Information

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I grew up in Reading MA. My brother and/or sister went to school with an Ogden, who married if memory service a Kathy Meehan also of Reading MA. This would be in the 1960's or so.

I think the son was John Ogden, m to Kathleen or Cathleen
Catherine etc Meehan. They were all Roman Catholic

The Meehans lived on Grove Stree not sure about the Ogdens

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