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Problems with US City Directories on Ancestry (3) -1933 City Directory Listed as 1903

Problems with US City Directories on Ancestry (3) -1933 City Directory Listed as 1903

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I wondered why my maternal grandmother would be living with my grandfather at age 11 some 7 years before they were married.. So I checked the front of the book.. Lo and Behold its stamped Apr 26 1933 on page 4. See Below:

Re: 1933 City Directory Listed as 1903

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This post was deleted by the author on 14 Oct 2012 5:35AM GMT

Re: 1933 City Directory Listed as 1903

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eGENEee posted
"A stamp doesn't prove when it was published. You need to publication date (printed) to be absolutely sure."
deleted upon my following rebuttal.

I won't dispute that statement But I know Grand parents weren't in Oregon in 1903 all empirical family evidence of several uncles proves to Me it is the 1933 book But for those that blindly follow believe if you must.......

3 1st cousins listed were born 1909, 1911, and 1913
2 are listed as students and one as bookkeeper.....

It is not a 1903 city directory....

Re: 1933 City Directory Listed as 1903

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Whilst it is good of you to point out the errors in these directory pages, I doubt if the powers-that-be read them.

Have you tried reporting the errors to Ancestry? And if so, what was their response?

Fiona (board admin)

Re: 1933 City Directory Listed as 1903

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The "good" IMHO is to inform those who use these sources that blind reliance on "published date" of this document bears further investigation as stated in OP.. "Grandmother living with Grandfather at age 11, 7 years before they were married".

Yet this empirical evidence is questioned by another poster. Had they done further investigation, as I had by flipping back one page further evidence of date exists with librarian notation. As these notations are made upon receipt by library, I realize this isn't definitive proof of publication year.

My follow up post Definitively Proves that this document is mis-titled..

Chiloquin Ore. where this directory was published was little more than a trading post alongside a Wagon Track on the Klamath Indian Reservation during those years. It does not surprise me a printed date is absent..
My heirs were prominent in the development of schooling, postal system, and medical care in this area during these years and speak from direct knowledge..

Yes I have used both Report Issue and utilized Acom Help on this issue, as well as several others, Volunteering my Time using my copy of OmniPage Pro OCR software which is trainable to scan and publish documents such as this..

No I have not received any reply from Acom..

Thank You for your Question

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