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Joyner (Pitt County, NC)

Joyner (Pitt County, NC)

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Im looking for any information concerning these ancestors of mine.

John Joyner, wife Anne Albertson (came to Pitt County around 1732).
Their son, Abraham Joyner(soldier of American Revolution), wife Keziah Hemby.
Their son, Amos Joyner, wife Elizabeth Tyson.
Their son, Calvin Joyner, wife Mary Ann Ballard.

Im very new to this and would apprciate any info. Thank you in advance.

JOYNER (Pitt Co., NC)

Debbie Joyner Helton (View posts)
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You're looking in my line.
Calvin had a son:
Amos married Mary Frances Anderson
Had a son:
Henry Calvin married Nellie Matilda Hooten
Had a son:
Bobby Laverne (my father)

Tell me what line you're looking for specifically. All my roots are Pitt County down from Isle of Wight Co., VA

JOYNER(Pitt Co, NC)again

Debbie Joyner Helton (View posts)
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What proof do you have that Abraham was a revolutionary soldier?
In the Anderson Family Bible, Abraham went to Georgia, (some think Washington County) where he died in 1820. The bible says he was a soldier as well.

Let me know,

JOYNER (Pitt Co., NC)

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Thank you Debbie for replying to my message.

The information I have on Abraham is in the file that my mom made from her research before she passed. I have no idea where she got her information. I’m trying to pick up where she left off but I’m very new to it.

You mentioned Amos and Calvin whom I knew about but the names you gave of their wife's are different then the one's I have. I have Amos' wife as Elizabeth Tyson and Calvin's wife as Mary Ann Ballard of Martin Cty. Then their son, Issac Ulyssess married to Verna Pope Anderson. Their son Issac Anderson married to Pearl Tripp. Their son Robert Anderson Joyner is my father.

I would appreciate any help or information you could give me. I’m very interested in learning more about my family. You can e-mail me personally at



Debbie Joyner Helton (View posts)
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Calvin's father, Amos, was married to Elizabeth Tyson. Calvin's SON, Amos, was married to Mary Francis Anderson. There are two Amos's. Your info is good. Calvin is buried at Ballard's Crossroads in Pitt County. I have been to the NC State Archives and looked through his very extensive estate file. He died without a will and in debt. His assets had to be sold off to pay his debt and his widow had to sue her children (dower's suit--common in those days) to get her house, two hundred acres, and a mule or cow. I have seen Verna's and Isaac's grave and I think I have a picture of Isaac's house.
I live in Texas but my cousin is in Raleigh. We're working on this together and we've been cemetary tromping a couple of times in the last 2 years. I would be very interested to know what is in your Abraham file that your mother kept and would be glad to send you copies of the estate papers on Calvin that I have. I have a time-line that goes back to Thomas Joyner II, from Bere Regis, England. He came over at 16 years old on the 'Dorset' as an apprentice to a merchant named Edward Robbins. They arrived in Bermuda, where he made is way to Virginia and took advantage of England's issue of land grants amassing quite a lot of land. The family moved to NC and within ten years after the Civil War, lost it all.
I'll try to get some stuff together.
My personal e-mail is make a note of yours.

Re: JOYNER(Pitt Co, NC)

janet joiner kesler (View posts)
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Was there a Joel in any of that family .

Re: JOYNER(Pitt Co, NC)

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My husband's ggrandfather was Calvin Joyner m. Mary Ann Ballard. Their daughter Mary Frances(Fannie) m. Howell Calvin Cobb. Their home was in the Ballards Xroads area.

Re: JOYNER(Pitt Co, NC)again

Teresa Helton (View posts)
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There is a write up in the History of Union County (Georgia) that gives details about Abraham being in the Rev war. Email me at for additional info.

Re: JOYNER(Pitt Co, NC)again

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Surnames: Joyner
In "Records of Washington County, Georgia", by Marie De Lamar & Elizabeth Rithstein, Abraham Joyner is listed as a Revolutionary War soldier who drew land in the 1827 land lottery while residing in Washington County. The land was in Carrol County, GA. but reverted to the state - evidently because of Abraham's death that same year as evidenced by the 1828 tax digest for Washington County.

I am basing my conclusion that the Abraham Joyner who died in Washington County, Georgia in 1827 is the son of John Joyner and Annie Albertson of Pitt County, NC on:
(1) Grigg Tyson Letter to Georgia Joyners outlining Abraham's family and younger children, including son Abraham, who came to Georgia with Abraham, Sr.
(2) Presence of Malchi "Joiner", oldest son of Abraham, in same community in Washington County.
(3) Ages of 2 Abraham Joyners appearing in 1820 Washington County, GA census and place of birth for both listed as North Carolina.

I also conclude that Abraham Sr., after remarrying late in life as per the Grigg Tyson Letter, had a second family consisting of Huel, Moses and Cherry Ann Joyner who are found in Washington County in the 1830s, whose ages match 1820 census records for the Abraham Joyner Sr, household, and whose Guardians were close relatives of Abraham Joyner Sr.

Any additional information available about Abraham's second marriage - to a Tull - and the second family, especially family bible information, would be appreciated.

Re: JOYNER (Pitt Co, NC)

Anne C. (View posts)
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Don, I have a 1977 typescript of the Grigg Tyson letter you mention, with the notes added to it - and have retyped it It was difficult to follow, so I made sure to type it verbatim. It is as follows:
Typescript of 1897 letter by GRIGG THOMPSON TYSON of Pitt Co.
From JOINER Family File - Genealogical & Historical Room,
Washington Memorial Library, Macon, GA.
Found and retyped by Anne H. Connell - 24 August 1998

Greenville, Pitt Co., N. C.
March 28th, 1897

Friend and Cousin:

Yours to hand – was glad to hear of Joyner relations in Georgia. I guess that I can interest you by giving you a history of the JOYNER family from Colonial Days.

John JOYNER, the one first known of in Pitt County, came from East Virginia on the Mehering River as near as I can ascertain about 1730 or 1740 – bought land and settled on Contentnea Creek one mile from the village of what is now Farmville. (It was founded in 1867). His wife's maiden name was Annie ALBERSON. His children were Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary and Annie. He died in 1782 and was buried on the Bank of Contentnea Creek, the spot can yet be pointed out. Abraham, his son, first married Xegira HOMBY, and settled about two miles from his father on Branch where Blaney JOYNER'S widow now resides. When well advanced in years his first wife died, leaving Children Andy, Aaron, Amos, Isaac, Dicy, Howell, Salley and Abraham. His last wife was a TULL and lived in Lenoir County near Kinston. About 1820 he moved to Georgia taking with him Salley and Abraham, first wife's children. Abraham returned to North Carolina. Soon after the close of the Revolution, Moses TYSON agreed to give land for a Church and Abraham JOYNER was to be its Pastor. A Primitive Baptist church still stands on or near the spot know as TYSON Church. But little has been known of the Georgia wing of the JOYNERS since going to that State.

Now to show up my JOYNER Blood (Which I always feel proud of) Annie a daughter of John JOYNER above mentioned was my father (John JOYNER TYSON) Mother. Amos JOYNER son of above mentioned was my mothers father. Elizabeth above mentioned married Moses TYSON (Who gave land for TYSON Church). Her daughter Elizabeth married Amos JOYNER. Mother's Father married her first Cousin so you see I carry three strains of the good blood. I call it good blood because they merit it. The JOYNERS here are and have been for these 125 years a sober, moral and industrious law abiding people. Some are poor while others are fairly wealthy and some have set in the Council of State.

Another point I mention is that the lands of the first John JOYNER still remain in the blood and the larger part by the name. My Grandfather Amos JOYNER, was born in the year 1782 before his Father Abraham had returned from the War of the Revolution. He died in September 1868, having never had a law suit or been indicted in Court, yet he owned quite a number of slaves and a large farm. My Mother Laney daughter of aforesaid Amos JOYNER was married to my father, John JOYNER TYSON (her second cousin) in 1834 and settled on a part of the JOYNER lands in the old house built and resided in by the first John JOYNER, it having been torn down and moved out on the main road, and in that house I first saw the light of Day May 2nd, 1854. Father died in 1868 – Mother survived him until 1879. I have three brothers living, Joab, Aaron, and Henry also two sisters, Emily and Delpha, all of which are married. I have a wife and five children, the oldest is named John JOYNER TYSON. I wish to know if the family Bible of Abraham JOYNER is still preserved. Can you give me any official information about his being a soldier of the Revolution. Did he get a pension in his later days. I live on Contentnea Creek six miles below the old JOYNER settlement. My family of TYSON, their settlement in this County dates back to 1735. Please give me the Post Office of some TYSONS in your State and see if I cant throw some light on these Ancestors. There is but few of what we call the old JOYNERS living. Jacob JOYNER about 70 or 75 years lives near Farmville. Mrs. Martha BELCHER, whose maiden name was JOYNER, Age 65, Mary ANDERSON, age 70, Rob JOYNER age 60 and 5 or 6 others. What we call the old JOYNERS is Grandchildren of Abraham JOYNER, the preacher.

Twenty years ago a goodly number of them lived. I tell you the seed of Abraham is spread abroad in the Land almost as they were of Abraham of old from which the Jews sprang. I am called a talking man here and you will call me a writing man (not a penman). However, I'll write freer when we get better acquainted. Mrs. TYSON says dinner is ready. I'll close – write again to your N.C. Friend.

P.S. My ink is about out – this is the last of a pint bought about five years ago I wrote on book in lap to be by fire.

Copies from old letter in possession of lady in Washington Co. I have established no connection yet.


This letter retyped by Mr. H. Q. Toler, 713 South 9th Street, Leesburg, Florida, 32748 on August 27, 1977.
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