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Mary Moffitt or Moffatt

Mary Moffitt or Moffatt

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Scott, Moffatt, Moffitt
Looking for s descendant of a Mary Moffitt or Moffatt, who had a child William Scott in Enniskillen in c. 1836. Richard Scott was the father but I cannot find any records. They probably weren't married which doesn't really help, of course.

Re: Mary Moffitt or Moffatt

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Classification: Query
Enniskillen was a military town, Scott could of been a soldier posted there but there are Scott's living there.
Enniskillen was a town, a townland, a parish and a Poor Law Union. A PLU covered 12 mi.

Griffith Valuation is the next census substitute but isn't till 1862, when there are 37 Moffatt's, 3 from the Parish of Enniskillen, Andrew, Rebecca, Samuel. Also from the
If named William for her father, there are 3 Parish's for her father William Moffatt but only 1 Parish Kinawley with the Poor Law Union of Enniskillen:

Scott's there are 80 William Scott's 1860 and if your William Scott was in Ireland, any of these could be yours:

6 properties Parish Devenish, Poor Law Union Enniskillen
3 properties, Parish Trory, PLU Enniskillen
2 properties, Parish Rossory, PLU Enniskillen

While waiting for family responses, there is just 1 Moffatt in the UK phone book for Enniskillen and 15 Scott's, one of whom is a William. You could try writing letters, the Uk phone book comes with a complete address and postal code.

The Moffatt's address is within the old Union of Enniskillen and Parish.

Social Media such as Facebook is apparently very good for finding those long losts.

There are two birth and marriage resources for Fermanagh free to view but pay for records & pay for records, non profit Foundation.

Annette Code

Re: Mary Moffitt or Moffatt

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Scott, Moffatt, Moffitt
Thank you for your reply. William Scott came over to Kirkcudbrightshire and married a local girl (Grace Ross) in 1855. He had two sons by her and disappeared after the second one (John, my wife's ancestor) was born in 1857; he was not in the 1861 or subsequent Scottish censuses. He is a total mystery. Apart from the 1855 M/C and a note on each of his son's B/C, he was not in any other official docs, in Scotland at least. He said his father Richard Scott was a 'joiner', which may be true and his mother was Mary Moffatt. The problem is that another (the same?) Richard Scott was married in Clones at the late age of 43 (b 1810 Clones). There were at least 3 Mary Moffatts b in Clones from 1813 to 1820, any one of these could have been William's father; although one of these Moffatts bp in 1820 had a father called William (as you suggest might be the case), the Richard b 1810 who could have been the father also had a father and grandfather called William. We think it possible that this Richard (not a joiner but a solicitor as per 1862 Griffith Valuation) had a liaison with Mary Moffatt, who might have gone away to Enniskillen for the birth in c. 1836. This son then left for Scotland and was married in Scotland (1855) just before Richard was married in 1856. This all appears very suggestive.

Another point: our handed-down family tradition was that the Scottish Scotts were descendants of the Dukes of Buccleuch. Not much has been made of this, but interestingly the grandfather of Richard Scott (b 1810 Clones), Dr William Scott of Scottsboro' thought he too was a descendant of Buccleuch. It is not important whether one or the other actually was a descendant, it's the fact that such a belief was in both families. Needless to say, there is no actual evidence that there is a connection between our William and the Scotts of Scottsboro'; but we think there might possibly be one. The question is to prove it.

I had the pleasure of getting a reply from you before, Annette, and had wondered at the time whether you could take this further for us. I would like to ask you now whether you could help us. I seem to remember your saying that you liked a mystery. We would of course be willing to compensate you for time and trouble. But I get the impression that you are in Canada (where by the way at least one branch of the Scotts of Scottsboro' emigrated) and so you might not be in a position to help other than give internet advice. I live in England and a visit to Enniskillen might not be productive, unless done over time. PRONI has got nothing at all. I suppose we could write to each of the churches in Enniskillen. Would you think that productive?

I would be interested in your comments.


Iain Pavely

My email is if you wished not to come through Ancestry.

Re: Mary Moffitt or Moffatt

Posted: 1371010821000
Classification: Query
You are right I'm in Canada so won't be of much use to you other than as you say the records on the internet.
You could try writing the Churches but from reading of others experiences they are not answering letters and are finding
the amount of people searching is overwheming.

If the family were CofI or Methodist which I assume they were as Scots. I have been to the Church of Ireland's own Library in Dublin and they have actual parish records even from Northern Ireland. You can write them and inquire if they have certain parish records in their library but other than that don't do research. You or someone has to appear in person. You can hire local genealogist to do this for you. I used to correspond with two genealogist at Eneclann
the genealogy division at Trinity College, but the last time I met with them they were too busy to take on more work. to ask about the Enniskillen Parish records.

If RC I believe the originals are kept in the parish's but there is microfilm at the National Library in Dublin.

I'm going to Ireland in September but only for a week to attend The Gatherine for Wicklow. I will not be able to fit in a visit to the Library this visit.

I usually pop over there when visiting my rellies in England, I was born there in Hatfield, ne of London and
spend young years 3-8 in Anston just outside Sheffield.

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