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Bartons from Ederny Fermanagh 1780-1860

Bartons from Ederny Fermanagh 1780-1860

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Surnames: Barton, Deazly
I am looking for information on James Barton b. 1785, His wife Margaret Deazly m. 1825 and their children. Most of them migrated to Ontario Canada around 1856.
His children are; Robert John b. 1827, William b. 1828, Thomas b. 1831, James b. 1832, Gustavos b. 1837, and Catherine b. 1840.

I believe they belonged to the Tubrid Anglican Church where James and Margaret were married..

Re: Bartons from Ederny Fermanagh 1780-1860

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Marriages usually took place in the bride's parish if different from her husbands, first children could also have been baptised there if an RC family. Barton sounds Anglo-Irish.

I'm not sure you can go back into the last 1700's in Fermanagh. There are no records for the Tithe Applotment in Fermanagh 1823-1837.

Griffith Valuation 1860 is the next closest census substitute quite a big gap.

Ederny, Fermanagh, was a Town and a Townland in the Parish of Magheraculmoney, in the Poor Law Union of Irvinestown
There are 48 Barton's listed and 1 Deazly in the Parish of Magheraculmoney.

If James is the oldest son his father was probably James but he did name his oldest Robert John which is probably his dad's name
There are 3 James Barton's in the Griffith Valuation in the Parish of Drumkeeran but unlikely to be the father because of the age. If James was born 1785 then he father would of been born at least 20-25 years before that.I don't see any Church of Ireland records earlier than 1801 and Magheraculmoney or Drumkeeran are not even listed

There were 33 Barton's living in the Parish of Drumkeeran
some owning their own land, any family stories?

I did look up Tubrid CofI and it is Drumkeeran rather than the above. There is a picture on flicker of the church. You can google Tubrid Anglican Church-Ireland

There are 3 Barton's in the current British phone book for Barton's in Fermanagh and 0 Deazly.

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Re: Bartons from Ederny Fermanagh 1780-1860

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Surnames: Barton, Deazley, Sims, Archer

My Barton's are Church of England/Protestant. My direct ancestor is Thomas Barton b. 1831 in Northern Ireland, wife. Mary Jane Archer b. 1835 in Ontario Canada, married bef. 1856.

Thomas and Mary Jane are first found in Darlington Township, Durham County, Ontario and moved from there to St. Joseph Island Algoma, Ontario in the mid 1870's. Thomas and Mary Jane are both are buried in Holy Trinity Cemetary in St Joe.

I have one family story my father James told to all of his children. Note: I am his firstborn James, my father is 2nd born James, his older brother is Thomas 1st born of Thomas Alfred so they appeared to follow a naming convention and We have lots of Thomas's and James's in the family.
"Two brothers Thomas and James Barton were Irish Hero's in the Crimean War. Due to their honorable service to the Crown they were granted land from the Queen in Canada. When they came to Canada one became a member of the police and the other was a Whiskey Peddler and a bit of a drunkard.
The drunkard got in a few bar-fights and in one instance when he lost the fight he then beat up to winners horse with a barrel stave.

The only other bit of information I have is a memory when my father and I visited a couple Barton's (one named Leonard) in St Joe Island 40 years ago. My father told me that we were related to all of the Bartons on St. Joe.

Census data for St. Joseph shows two Barton Families living almost next door to each other. One is my ancestor Thomas and his family and the other family is William Barton's both families having moved there from Darlington.
It appears that the families must be closely related as childrens names seem shared but I have never found any proof that Thomas and William were brothers or cousins.

I have tracked Williams family back to Ederney Fermanagh, but have never proven any relation to Thomas. I so far have never identified the "James and Thomas brother" in the family story unless James is Williams middle name? My Thomas b 1831 is the perfect age to have been the Thomas of the crimean war story.

William Barton b. fermanagh 1828 son of James Barton b abt 1785 married Margaret Deazley in Tubrid Church fermanagh. James and Margaret also came to Canada and are in Darlington Durham Census's. I found James and Margaret with two of their children sailed on the ship Argentinus arriving in 1856 in Quebec. William was baptised in Tubrid Church and married his wife Elizabeth Viirtue in Tubrid Church. James and family is listed as being from Ederney Fermanagh on the ship manifest.

The lack of records in Ireland makes it difficult I think James's church might have been Magheraculomey or Drumkeeran.The three families are as follows.

James Barton b.1785 M. Margaret Deazley son
William Barton b 1828 m. Elizabeth Virtue
Mary Jane
Rebecca Ann

Thomas Barton 1831. wife mary Jane b. 1835
William V
Robert John
Mary Elizabeth

my branch of Thomas's family if through Joseph who left St. Joe and moved to Pickford Michigan with his wife Elizabeth Tressa Sims and family.

Margret b. 1849
James b. 1851

Re: Bartons from Ederny Fermanagh 1780-1860

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I can't give you the website that has British Army records but they are on line now with a pay website. The National Archives at Kew London will provide a link to the company
they are partners with for the records.

I do know the 1812 soldiers got land in Upper Canada so why not the Crimean War too, I think it was in place of paying
an income.

An Irish message board called MILGENIRE, just google might be
a good place to ask questions Military Genealogy Ireland.


Re: Bartons from Ederny Fermanagh 1780-1860

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There are 3 James Bartins from Drumkeeran Parish (Turbid is also in Drumkeeroan Parish) on this tithe record,

Re: Bartons from Ederny Fermanagh 1780-1860

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Thanks that looks like my Barton's judging by the given names that run in the families, when they were in Ontario in the 1850's-1860's. I am still looking for two brothers James and Thomas that were in the crimean war and were subsequently granted land in Ontario. Thomas born about 1830.

Re: Bartons from Ederny Fermanagh 1780-1860

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You may find them at, there are lots of Bartons in Ardess records.Have you looked in military records for their enlistment, this may have the townland which you may need to pinpoint your lot amongst them all

Re: Bartons from Ederny Fermanagh 1780-1860

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My brother and I tried military records but they were not indexed across Northern Ireland and we needed to know which regiment they served under. May be it is easier now than 3 years ago. The brothers story went on in Ontario as one brother became a RCMP and the other a whiskey peddler. I have not been able to verify that either. The whiskey peddler lost most bar fights but the RCMP brother had to help clean up his mess.

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