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McDonald of Knoydart, Scotland,

McDonald of Knoydart, Scotland,

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Surnames: McDonald/Macdonald
Relatives came over in 1815 on the Baltic Merchant. Angus MacDonald (Mac Ian Bhan) & Jean McDougall (his wife) with son Duncan. Angus was 34 and Jean was 24, Duncan 2, Anna, 6months. They came from Knoydart, Scotland, settled in Lochiel, Glengarry,Canada. His father John remained in Knoydart, INVERNESS, Inverness-Shire, Scotland. Is it possible to trace his family roots in Scotland. They are Catholic, which parish church would they have attended in Lochiel Glengarry area. I have the information from 1851,1881 Canadain Census on the family.

Re: McDonald of Knoydart, Scotland,

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My own MacDonald's came from Knoydart in 1802-1804 and settled in Lochiel. They were from a small croft called Salachry on the south side of Knoyart and on the north side of Loch Nevis. Your John who stayed in Knoydart may be buried in the ancient cemetery in Kilchoan. It will be very difficult to trace your John from any Scottish records as there were none kept for Catholics except by their priest when they came to Canada. Your best bet is to connect this family into an existing developed line from here.

There are a number of recordings for your people following:

In the book “A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada” there is the following:

McDougall, Jean From Knoydart, INV to Que, ex Greenock, summer 1815; settled prob Lanark Co. Ont. Wife of Angus McDonald, qv

McDonald, Angus, born ca 1781 From Knoydart INV to Que, ex Greenock, summer 1815 settled prob Lanark Co Ont. Farmer. Wife Jean McDougall , qv with him 2 children.

In St. Raphael’s Parish records there are the following births:

Macdonald, Catherine 07 October 1817 to Angus Macdonald and Jane MacDougald. Sponsors: John Macdonald and Allan MacDonald.

MacDonald, Donald baptized 20 July 1823 to Angus MacDonald and Jane MacDougald born on ??? Sponsors: Allen and Anna MacDonald

In the St. Finnan’s church records there is the following:

Marriage of son Archibald to his cousin Mary Cameron 1859. This entry shows Angus and Jane living on Lot 7 on the 1st of Lochiel.

Marriage of son Donald to Margaret Falkner in 1848

Marriage of son Duncan to Catherine MacDonald in 1842

Marriage of son John to Jane Dixon in 1846.

Marriage of daughter Ann to Lauchlin MacDonald in 1837

Marriage of daughter Catherine to Donald MacDonald in 1859

Death of Jane MacDougald burial 01 Dec 1888 Lochiel – 1st – Lot 7 widow of the late Angus MacDonald buried in the Catholic cemetery at Alexandria, died on 29th of November last at age 98 years, present Donald McDonald, Duncan McDonald, Alexander MacDonell priest.

Death of Angus Macdonald 23 March 1862 Lot 7, 1st Lochiel at age 82 years buried in Alexandria present William Chisholm, James J Chisholm. (May have been called Angus The Fiddler)

In Father John’s Brevity there is the following:

MacDonald, Angus 25 Apr 1840 Lochiel 1s - Lot 7 6 ½ Oats, 2 ½ Wheat, 1 peas, “mac Jen bhain au torrachroin” (son of Fair John)

In Father John’s 1839 census of Glengarry lots there is the following for Lot 7 Lochiel 1st;

Angus MacDonald, Duncan, John, Mary, Cathren, Donald, Donald, Archibald 14, Allan 12.

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Thank you for the information:

In trying to connect this family to others in the area, since
I would presume that thye would not have been the only family member that moved to this area. Would they have been sponsored
by other family member that had moved to the area. Is there any way to trace this, find the record.

Re: McDonald of Knoydart, Scotland,

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Darby MacDonald ("see Clan Donald Second Edition" pg. 394) has Angus as the son of John Ban (of Toirachrain) MacDonald.

Father John's Diary (Fraser pg. 192) has Angus the son of John "a Toirrachroin" of John of John. Lot number states Lot 14 (not 7), 1st Lochiel.

Father John's partial 1839 Census (Fraser) for Lot 7 1st Lochiel shows Angus as head of household with the following names listed Duncan, John, Mary, Cathren, Donald, Donald, Archibald (age 14) and Allan (age 12).

If your Angus of lot 7, 1st Lochiel is the son of John Ban (of Toirachrain) MacDonald his line would be Angus of John Ban of John of John of Duncan Ban of Duncan of John Mor of Roari(Roderick) of Ian Raurdh(Red John) of Neil of Anghas Buidhe(Blonde Angus) of Eoghan (Ewan) of Charles of Hector Og(Young Hector) of Hector Ard(High Hector) of Alistair Mor McDonald, Laird of Loup(e).

A number of Angus' children married other Lancaster Twp. "Loupe" McDonalds.

Which child of Angus are you descended from?

Re: McDonald of Knoydart, Scotland,

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Angus MacDonald & Jean McDougall (his wife) Ist son
Duncan(Mac Ian Bhan) was my grandmother grandfather

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Hello there,

I'm a descendant of; Angus MacDonald & Jean McDougall through their son> John (Turner)MacDonald & Jane Dixon.

Please email me i would be happy too share family history.


Re: McDonald of Knoydart, Scotland,

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I have sent you an email, if the account is not active
let me know. If your account is not active,I will send you my email address.
I read some of your previous threads that you posted. I searched FHS site for the Canadian 1881 Canadian Census. I have seen Duncan and Donald B. My family has indicated that Duncan had a younger sibiling named Ann. I have not seen records but did find in the 1901 Census of an Ann which indicated a cousin living with family members. I will have to go through my files. My relatives still reside in the area, that is Greater Ottawa and Cornwall area.

Re: McDonald of Knoydart, Scotland,

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Edinburgh Settlers 1815

Transport Baltic Merchant, Captain Jeffreys, sailed from Greenock July 14th 1815, and arrived at Quebec September 4th 1815 with 194 passengers

On line 128 list Angus Jane Duncan and Anna who is 6mths old.

Re: McDonald of Knoydart, Scotland,

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I live in Knoydart Scotland. I have a list of some of the Mcdonalds buried in the old graveyard.

Christina wife of Donald McDonald died nov 1821 age 63

Angus McDonald died 21/1/1900 76 yrs
his son Samuel died 17/7/1886 age 15
and his wife Mary Finlayson died 21/3/1924

Ann McDonald died 26/4/1998 parents were James and Jessie and brothers were Coll, Sandy (Alexander) and Archibald
Don't know if this is of any use to you.

Re: McDonald of Knoydart, Scotland,

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Hello Jacqui,

Is the old grave yard you refer to at Kilchoan? We visited Knoydart 2 or 3 years ago and Drew took us to find our "roots" at Salachry on the shores of Nevis. He showed us a great time.

Tal MacDonald

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