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James HILL 1765 Amelia, VA

James HILL 1765 Amelia, VA

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Looking for information parents and family of James HILL who died ca 28 Mar 1765 in Amelia Co., VA. Wife Ann (?), ch; Ann who md James VAUGHAN, John who md Elizabeth (?), James, Obedience, Sarah and Rebeckah. Any help appreciated. Loanne

Re: James HILL 1765 Amelia, VA

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James HILL (my 6th GGF) is the son of John HILL & Elizabeth. Here is a citation of his will and estate matters:
!WILL: Amelia Co., VA wills; Abstract of Will Book 2, 1761-1771; FHL (L.D.S. Family History Library, Salt Lake City) # 975.5634 P2mg, v2;
p15 (p91 in original); will of James HILL; DOW: 25 Feb 1765; DOPr: 28 Mar 1765; heirs: wife: Ann; son: James HILL; mother, son: John HILL; son-in-law: Richard CRADDOCK; dau: Ann VAUGHAN; dau: Obedience HILL; dau: Sarah HILL; dau: Rebeckah HILL; wit: John BOOKER, William ROBERTS, Susannah BOOKER; Exec: friend, Edmund BOOKER; sec: John BOOKER; Property: 325 A., purchased < Thomas SPENCER > wife then > James; mother to have plantation where she lives; son John HILL, land lying U/S beaver pond branch adj Edmund BOOKER, Thompson SWANN, William PRIDE, & William FOSTER, but not to interrupt my mothers possession for her life; son: James HILL, tract L/S beaver pond branch bounded by said branch, ROBERTS & COCKES lines, & land whereon I now live, and 655 A in Lunenburg Co., VA where Drury YEOMAY is overseer; wife, hh goods for life; son-in-law: Richard CRADDOCK, 4 negroes in his possession: Moll, Tom, and boy Ceasar; remainder estate divided equally between wife and five children after they come of age or marry: John HILL, James HILL, Obedience HILL, Sarah HILL, Rebeckah HILL;
p15 (p176 in original); Est. I&A DOI: 28 Mar ???; DORet/Rec: 26 Feb 1767; Appr: George FARLAY, Richard CLOUGH, Peter FARRAR; inventory: one taim dear (one tame deer), slaves; negro men: Harry, Sam, Seaver; negro boys: Dick, Ceasar, Billy, York, Ben, Roger, Ned; negro women: Moll, Phillis, Hannah, Pegg, Lucy, Amey; negro girls: Phebe, Patt, Effey, Aggy, Beck, Judah, Liddy; value: not given;
p15 (p178 in original); estate in Charlotte Co., VA; Est. I&A ordered: 22 Aug 1765; DORet/Rec: 26 Feb 1767; value: 120lbs/12s/6d; slaves; negro: Frank; girl: Prue;
p16 (p208 in original); Division of estate; DODiv: 23 Oct 1766 by Peter FARRER & Henry ANDERSON; assigned to Elizabeth HILL, widow of John HILL, dec'd, and mother of James HILL; for dower in lands, slaves & personal estate; slaves: Lott, Charles, Edward, Harry, Beck, Oliver, Tanney.

Re: James HILL 1765 Amelia, VA

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Thanks Brett for the information.....any clue what James' mother's maiden name was? Have found some land records but nothing on her so far.....Loanne

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Surnames: Baker,Hill
Hi BMurphy,
Do you know if the Elizabeth that is married to your John Hill is Elizabeth Baker born 1713? The reason I'm asking is that in 1759 Robert Baker Jr. of Prince Edward County gave in his Will: I give to my beloved cozen John Hill, twenty pounds of current money of Virginia." Cousins in that period of time usually meant niece or nephew. Robert Baker Jr was b about 1708 and he had a sister Elizabeth who was born about 1713.

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There is a Robert Baker of Raleigh Parish, Amelia County, VA, who purchased 400 acres from Stephen Collins on March 20, 1746, bounded in part by Cunningham's Corner.

Also on March 20, 1746, Nicholas Guillintine sold 1 acre to William Echols and Joseph Collins, bounded by Guillintine's land with a corner on George Hamm's land.

My John Hill lived next to Nicholas Guillintine in Amelia County until John died abt. 1780.

I don't know of any connection between the Hill and Baker families, but I had seen the will of Robert Baker Jr. and had wondered in the "cozen" he mentioned was my John Hill.

I have a website for more info on John Hill of Amelia County:

Take care,
Mike Hill
Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Hi Mike,
Thank you for your info on your John Hill. Interestingly, the John Hudson listed on some of your deeds, was a neighbor of my 5th great-grandfather, Caleb Baker Sr., his land ajoining his on the Buffalo Creek in what was then the Buffalo District of Amelia County in the 1740's. My Bakers moved to Amelia County about 1740 from Pa. Here is my line:

1. ROBERT BAKER SR was born about 1660 in Pennsylvania, and died 19 September 1728 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married SUSAN PACKER? Abt.1685 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She was born Abt. 1664 in Massachusetts, and died Bef. 1728 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Children of ROBERT BAKER SR. and SUSAN PACKER are:

i.. DOUGLAS BAKER, b. Abt. 1688, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. 16 December 1755, Prince Edward
County, Virginia.m- JANE THOMPSON
ii.. CALEB BAKER SR (my next direct ancestor) b. Abt. 1690, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. 20 April 1754, Prince Edward County,Virginia.m-MARTHA BROOKS
iii. SAMUEL BAKER, b. Abt. 1694; d. Abt. 1758, Rowan County or Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
iv. MAY BAKER, b. Bet. 1703; d. Ashe County, N.E. in 1800 m. ROBERT ELLIOT; b. Abt. 1692.
v. MARY BAKER, b. Bet. 1699 - 1700; d. 1778; m. THOMAS CALLAWAY, CAPT. b. Bet. 12 October 1700 -
1712, Essex County, Virginia; d. February 1800, Ashe, North Carolina.
vi. ROBERT BAKER JR. b. 1708, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. 10 April 1759, Buffalo Settlement, Prince Edward
County, Virginia.M- MARY
vii. ELIZABETH BAKER, b. 1713. M John Hill?

Researchers have been perplexed about this John Hill in Robert Baker Jr's Will of 1759 for a long time. According to the transcriber of Robert's will, he said "cozen" meant niece or nephew during that period of time, thus my wondering if Robert's sister, Elizabeth Baker didn't marry John Hill but I have no actual proof of it.
Just to muddle up the mess, I recently came upon this interesting Chancery Suit about a John Hill in 1857 in Prince Edward County(which was Amelia in the 1740's):
In it a John Hill said he was the grandfather of two of the children of Joseph Baker. He must be connected to the John Hill that Robert Baker Jr. of Amelia County back in 1759 gave to in his will. "I give to my beloved cozen John Hill, twenty pounds of current money of Virginia."
It is an interesting Chancery case in Prince Edward County, Va regarding the descendants of Douglas Baker.
It is Douglas B. Baker vs. John B. Baker in 1857.
Evidently, Kiziah Brown Baker, the widow of Elliot Baker(Douglas Baker Jr's son) had recently died and the heirs decided it would be best to sell about 300 acres in Prince Edward County, Va as one piece. Richard Woodson bought the land. In the payout the following heirs were mentioned:

Douglas Baker
Richard W. Baker
Allen E. Baker
John Foster and Susan his wife(Susan C. Baker)
John B. Baker
Joseph Baker dec. whose infants (meaning under-age) children are
Josephine Baker and Mary E. Baker. Their Guardian is Mr. Worsham

In a deposition of "John Hill" taken on the 19 Aug 1857, John Hill states that he is the grandfather of the infants (meaning under-age).

Re: James HILL 1765 Amelia, VA

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Sorry Mike. I see that my Caleb Baker's land wasn't next to the land of Charles Hudson but rather the land of William and John Hudson, as evidenced by this info:

The story is regarding the marriage of Caleb Baker Jr and Martha Brooks daughter Lucy Baker to John Hudson (the marriage took place in June of 1790) It is taken from the Internet Hudson Family of Prince Edward County by James H. Martin, Hampden-Sydney, 1896.

“William Hudson had a son named John who married a daughter of Caleb Baker Jr., his near neighbor. Mr. Baker owned a farm of nearly about two thousand acres of land, located on Buffalo and Spring Creeks. A part of said farm was purchased from Caleb Baker Jr’s estate in 1822 (1824?) His farm was divided between several other purchasers, among which the farms were a part of the farms of the late Moses Tredway and Branch Worsham is constituted.
Regarding the mystery of John Hill, I have read that there were perhaps more than one John Hill family in Amelia County during the early years. So perhaps we are talking about two separate families here.

Re: James HILL 1765 Amelia, VA

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What does anyone know about Jane Thompson who married Douglas Baker?
Gay Nix

Re: James HILL 1765 Amelia, VA

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Some researchers in the past have speculated that three of the Baker brothers, Samuel, Douglas, and Robert Baker Jr. married Thompson (Thomson) sisters. But there is more evidence that suggests it was only the wife of Douglas Baker, whose wife was Jane Thompson
Her father, Rev. John Thompson, (Thomson) was a well-known Presbyterian minister. Rev. John Thompson was in Virginia as early as 1739, preaching the gospel, including in Amelia County, Va. It was shortly after this that all the Baker brothers, Samuel, Douglas, Robert, and Caleb Baker Jr. moved to Amelia County Va sometime in the early 1740's.

Rev. Thompson’s Published writings included:

The Government of the Church of Christ, -John Thomson, minister of the Gospel, 1741
Adoption of the Standards of the Church of Scotland (a tract)
An Examination of the New Brunswick Apology
The Poor Orphan's Legacy (a volume of sermons) published in 1792 by Andrew Baker, a member of his church, Buffalo, in VA; later published by the Board of Publication, Philadelphia, PA.
An Explication of the Shorter Catechism, by John Thomson, A.M. and V.D.M. in the county of Amelia, Williamsburg, VA; printed by William Parks, 1749.
Reverend John Thompson died September, 1753 in N.C. and was buried near the cabin in which he lived. Samuel Baker, the son of Robert Baker Jr. who lived nearby, was buried beside his father-in-law and gives name to the burying ground. Among others who are buried here are Mrs. Isabella Davidson mother of Major John Davidson and James Price and his wife Mary Davidson Price. “ End (Source: Some Descendants of the Rev. John Thompson by John Goodwin Herndon-1944 and from the Archives of the Presbyterian Church)

Re: James HILL 1765 Amelia, VA

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Rev. John Thompson is speculated to be the brother of my William Thompson who gave the land for the Tinkling Springs Church in Augusta Co, Va.
William's son married Mary Patton.
Mary's father was James Patton who married Mary Osborn.
Do you know of a direct descendant, who is active in their genealogy research on this Rev. John Thompson?
And where can I find this book Some descendants of Rev. John Thompson.
Thank you for your reply.
Gay Nix
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