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KLEICH or KLECHA from Danzig > Chicago in 1879

KLEICH or KLECHA from Danzig > Chicago in 1879

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Here are following Kleich Names from Danzig, Germany that are in my Ancestry.

Michael b. 1865
Ottilia b. 1868
Albert b. 1866
John b. 1867
Josef b. 1870

Their Parents Names were Peter and Maryanna.
Maryanna was born in 1827. Her Maiden Name was Swoch/Zwoch.
Peter died in Germany. Maryanna and Family Members came to Chicago in 1879, and 1881.

Thanks, Rich


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Surnames: KLECHA
Rich Natter:

I was excited to see this posting on a couple of counts. My Grandfather (Jan Klecha) was born in Tarnogrod, Russia (now S.E. Poland) in 1893. His mother died in child birth and I'm working with a Russian scholar at Indiana U. to translate available LDS records to try and find out her identity. My grandfather's father (Josef Klecha) died when he was a young boy and family legend has it that he went to live with his Grandfather in the Danzig area. Ellis Island records indicate that a Jan Klecha (not my Grandfather) and a Michael Klecha both emigrated from Tarnogrod in 1907. Given that Tarnogrod is a very small town, I think there is a strong possibility that these two were my Grandfather's uncles. So with the possibility of three brothers named Josef, Jan and Michael, I was very excited to read your post. Later in trying to match birthdates, I realized that your posted individuals couldn't be my Grandfather's family, but it was interesting nonetheless to realize that the family might be rooted in the German name KLEICH rather than Klecha. Another point of interest is another Klecha family I'm acquainted with here in Michigan who list their patriarch as a Josef Klecha, born in 1870. That appears to be the same birthdate as the Josef Kleich listed in your post. Do you know what became of the individuals listed? Is it possible some of them may have moved to Michigan? I did a census search for Illinois (1920) and came up with very few Klechas. Well, any further information you could provide on the eventual settlement locations in the U.S. of the ancestors you listed in your post would be very much appreciated.


John Klecha


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Surnames: kleich, klech, ptach, glecha, newman
Hi John,

The original Name of Kleich from my Family was Klech. The earliest record I found so far was of Peter Klech. He was Father to the following:
Franz (Frank), Joseph, Johann (John), Michael, Albert, Ottilie, August, Augusta, Anna, Theresa, and Martha.
Peter Klech was born in Gloddau (now Glodowa) in 1823 Glodowa is southwest of Gdansk. The following children were born in Strepsch (now Strzepcz) which is just west of Gdansk.
(Frank, Joseph, John, Anna, August, Augusta, and Michael).
I found this Information on an LDS Film. Of these children, Michael is my great grandfather.(born 1864)

The following children: Albert, Ottilie, Theresa, and Martha were born elsewhere in Germany/Poland.
In 1879 and 1881, Albert, Anna, Michael, Joseph, John emigrated to Chicago along with their Mother.
In 1877 Frank, Theresa, and Martha emigrated to Chicago.
Anna was already married to John Ptach when she arrived in America.
I have the death certificate of Ottilie. It states on the certificate that she was born in Poland-Russia, which I find interesting because the other children were born in Strzepcz near Gdansk which is nowhere near Poland-Russia.
I am assuming that wherever Ottilie was born that is where the remainder of the children were born. I am still in search of the birthtown of the remainder of the children.
The Klechs/kleichs that emigrated to Chicago between 1877 and 1881 all were married between 1879 and 1890 in Chicago with the exception of Anna who was already married.

I found a 1906 Chicago marriage record of John Glecha (I still am searching if he was a relative somehow). It states on the marriage record that he was born in Grodno, which I found that Grodno is on the eastern border of Poland with Russia.
There is an LDS Film available for Gloddau where Peter Klech was born. It only covers the years 1874 thru 1883, but I want to see if there were any other Klech Family from there.

I did find on the internet a while back the following:
Martin Kleich married to Catherine Newman in 1875 in Ionia, Michigan.
There are also some Kleich Families living in Nebraska.

It'd be interesting to find out if your Klech Family was related to my Klech Family.

Rich Natter
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I am just starting to research. My grandfather Michael Klecha was born 11-29-1899. I do not know right now where he was born - I am trying to find out these things from my Dad Walter Klecha who is now 88 years young. I cannot find any immigration records. They said he came from Poland with three friends.

Re: KLEICH or KLECHA from Danzig > Chicago in 1879

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Surnames: kleich, kowalski
Hi, I don't know if you are still active but I just found your post in 2007.

I have an Otilia Kleich in my Ancestry. She was married to Anton Kowalski 14 NOV 1887 in Cook, Illinois. I have to presume that she is the same Otilia that is in your Ancestry. I have found no other info on her or her husband so finding your post was very encouraging to me.


Re: KLEICH or KLECHA from Danzig > Chicago in 1879

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Surnames: kleich, klech, kowalski, zwoch, swoch, pstrangowska, plotke
Hi Julie,
This is fantastic!
Are you related to the Kleich or Kowalski Family?

Otilia Kleich was my great grandfather's sister.
His name was Michael Kleich.

She was born/baptized on 17 October, 1869 in Gossentin, West Prussia. Today it is known as Goscicino, Poland.
This town is located northwest of Gdansk in northwestern Poland.
Her parents were Peter Klech/Kleich and Maryanna Zwoch/Swoch.
Peter Klech and Maryanna Zwoch were married in Gloddau, West Prussia in 1847. Gloddau is now Glodowa, Poland near Gdansk.

Peter Kleich was born in Zemblewo, West Prussia in 1823.
His parents were Christian Klech and Barbara Pstrangowska.
Maryanna Zwoch was born in 1828 in Gloddau, West Prussia.
Her parents were Ludwig Zwoch and Eva Plotke.

As you know, Otilia Kleich married Anton Kowalski on 14 November, 1887 at St. Josaphat's Church in Chicago.
I also have the baptismal records of their children.

Anton Kowalski emigrated to the US in 1884, and Otilia Kleich in 1881.

Otilia passed away in Chicago on 8 April, 1902.

Do you know if Anton Kowalski had a sister named Johanna?
My great grandfather,(Michael)and Ottilia had a brother named John who married Johanna Kowalski at St Stanislaus Church in Chicago on 22 November, 1880.

Let me know if you want copies of these records.
I can mail them to you.


Re: KLEICH or KLECHA from Danzig > Chicago in 1879

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Surnames: Kleich, Kowalski
Hi Rich, I am embarresed to be replying so late! I just now found your reply to my post over a year ago!

In answer to your questions, I am related to both the Kleich and Kowalski Families as Otilia Kleich and Anton Kowalski's child John Franklin Kowalski was my great grandfather. He was born on May 2, 1892 in Chicago. If you have his baptismal, I would love a copy!

I don't have any info on any siblings for either Otilia or Anton so unfortunately I cannot help there. But I have relatively contemporary information if that is of interest to you.

I promise I will check here again to see if you reply!


Re: record

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Hi Julie,

I will try to get his baptismal record for you.

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Surnames: Kowalski
Hi Rich, thank you! Is your tree public? If so I can just copy the document from your tree.

I have a few photos of Anton Kowalski's daughter-in-law and some of his grandchildren through her. They are on my public tree which is "Miller Family Tree".

Thanks again,
Julie Miller

Re: tree

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Hi Julie,

Sorry it took o long to get you the baptism record of John Boniface Kowalski.
I took a little time off from doing Family Genealogy.
Attached is the baptismal record of John Boniface Kowalski at St Josaphat's Church in 1892.
I have a public member tree for Kleich which includes a photo of Michael Kleich and Augusta Selewski who were married in Chicago in 1890 at St Teresa's Church on Armitage Avenue.
Michael was Ottilia's Brother.

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