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Surnames: Braham, Abrahams, Babula, Hinchcliffe

Good day. I am seeking information about my paternal side of the family. My grandmother was Helen Babula born and died in Jersey City, New Jersey. Her father was Albert Babula born in Gawluszowice, Galicia Poland, according to paperwork. His parents resided in this area until their death. I don't know much about them except that they were very religious people and they owned a farm which my great grandfather had to go back to help sell, this is where I get the area from. Albert was born in 1884 or about that and his parents were Joseph Babula and Anna Zatucka. Albert's wife was Anna Gundek. Does anyone have any information about this family? I believe Albert came to US in 1904 from Bremen and stated that he was going to a cousin's house in Minersville, PA. I have information of the family after he was married with children and the names of his parents came from letters that were sent to his sister, Weronica. When these letters were translated this is what I was given regarding the family structure: The family structure from this set of letters looks as follows:
Jozef Babula - the father, born ~1852
Anna Babula - mother, born ~1857
Weronika (Weroncia) Babula - immigrated to US, got married there
Wojciech (Wojtus) Babula - son living in the US
Maria or perhaps Marianna (Marysia) Babula - daughter with serious health problems living with parents
Mieczyslaw (Mieciu, Mietek) Babula - son living with the parents
Wiktoria (Wichta) Ciejka nee Babula - lives with her drunkard husband in Gawluszowice
unknown Ciejka - husband of Wiktoria, left for the US on March 4, 1910
Wojciech Ciejka - prosperous relative (perhaps brother) of Wiktoria's husband
unknown Malek - a neighbor with son in US through whom Wojciech sent money to his parents
unknown Piatek - aunt in Gawluszowice
unknown Uncle and Aunt in Gawluszowice with children: Stefania i Anna

Thank you,
Jennifer Smith

Re: Gawluszowice

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arriving NY Ellis Island :
Babula, Jacob Gawluszowice 26 1881 1907
Babula, Jakob Gawloczorza 26 1879 1905
Cicjka, Josef Gawluszowice, Austria 40 1870 1910
Ciejka, Zofia Gawluszowice, Galicia 28 1883 1911
Malek, Marya Gawluszowice, Galizia 17 1896 1913
Malek, Michal Gawluszowice 24 1879 1903
Zalucka, Anna Gawluszowice, Galicia 17 1894 1911

525 osób
woj. podkarpackie
pow. mielecki
gmina Gawłuszowice

osob inhabitants
woj. wojewodztwo
pow. powiat
map of Poland's wojewodztwos:!x=21.408379&y=50.413030&z=12&am...

distribution of BABULA surname holders in Poland:
to hear pronunciation

Re: Gawluszowice

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Thank you very much for this information.

Is there a way to find out what Babulas are still in that area now?

Thank you again. I really appreciate it.

Jenn Smith

Re: Gawluszowice

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You're welcome, Jenn.
Several years back Poland's phone book was on the internet.
Went to look for the old site and found this:
The Polish white pages Polska Książka Telefoniczna are no longer available for free online, the company that run them closed them in August 2010.

Try Poland Genforum board asking for help.
Even though there are phone books in Poland if you go there, they apparently don't like to have this information online. One website that specializes in world phone books says: "The Polish privacy laws make it illegal to publish private information. So the white pages are subject to many restrictions. After forty years of abuses under the communist system, the Polish people are very protective of their privacy. They do not want any private information revealed to anyone, even in Polish white pages telephone books, without their written permission. Gathering of any data that can be used to identify an individual is subject to some very restrictive laws. And the people of Poland enthusiastically support the laws. They are very quick to complain if their private information is given out."
That said, there is only one version of Polish white pages I have found and it has become more restrictive than it used to be a few years ago. You have to know already the person's name, city and street they live on in order to use it. This is it:[EXT]

Re: Gawluszowice

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In the Gimnazjum = high school section, is information that Magdalena Babula
sets the timetable dances to the music;
"Harmonogram dyskotek - Magdalena Babula, Piotr Bukowski"

This is proof that Babulas are still in that area.
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