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Lamarsh Amarsh Jinkerson - Chatham

Lamarsh Amarsh Jinkerson - Chatham

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Surnames: LaMarsh, Jinkerson
My parents came to Ontario canada after WWII 1945.

Lamarsh wed B Ranger from Kent wilmington England.

My grandmother is buried in (mapleleaf?)Chatham Ontario her name is Caroline LaMarsh. Maiden name Jinkerson. Her brother is John Jinkerson (my uncle Johnney) buried in Dresden Ontario. Does anyone have pictures of their graves or could someone in Dresden or Chatham take a few pictures for me??

I have cancer and can not get down southern ontario in person.


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Is this your family?

Descendants of John Jinkerson

1 John Jinkerson b: 10 October 1890 d: 3 July 1990
.. +Lila Isabele Lamarsh b: 5 June 1899 m: 3 May 1915 d: 3 June 1968
..... 2 Kathleen Lila Jinkerson b: 2 March 1918
......... +T. Lawrence Belanger b: 30 April 1916 m: 30 December 1940 d: 30 November 2000

Coleen - a Crow genealogy researcher.

Re: Lamarsh Amarsh Jinkerson - Chatham

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Surnames: lamarsh, brady, cullen
my mother's maiden name was nora lamarsh. i know she was from ontario. she married lawrence brady. she died in 1955 when i was almost 5 years old. i lived with her sister, my aunt, kathleen cullen. i remember visiting relatives in camlache, ontario. i had a cousin margaret belanger. i remember my aunt talking about a johnny jinkerson. i think he was her cousin. do you know a margaret belanger? i believe they lived on a farm & had lots of kids. i remember going to a family wedding & dancing polka with her. it was so fun. i think about her every so often & wish i still knew her.


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Yes John Jinkerson was my Great Uncle Johnny. His sister Caroline (jinkerson) LaMarsh was my Grandmother ! This is exciting. I am so alone now both my parents are gone. We lived too far away to see our LaMarsh/Jinkerson relatives often and my mother's background all british we were too poor all I remember was lots of letters, reel to reel tapes to engladn and an annual phone call to Granny Ranger in Kent County Wilmington England. My Dad was Caroline Jinkerson-LaMarsh son He worked so hard the LaMarsh kids were deprived of knowing either sides relatives.

Re: Lamarsh Amarsh Jinkerson - Chatham

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This sounds exciting. Its fun to research these relatives. I should have LOTS out there but we were a poor family and my british Mum didn't like Dad's relatives. We had little contact with Chatham LaMarsh Clan and letters only with my British mother's side.

I remeber my Great Uncle Johnny Jinkerson.
His sister Caroline Jinkerson wed into LaMarsh
my dad was Thomas LaMarsh. Caroline's LaMarsh husband died mysteriously killed, murdered no one knows. She raised her
LaMArsh kids alone. My dad went to work early to help then went to war against hitler.

Dad died of cancer in 1996. Mum gone now too.
I really have no relatives that I "know".
I feel so alone!

Researching lineage online is really neat though.

Nora rings a bell and so does Belanger.


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well then, John Jinkerson and his wife Lila Isabelle had a daughter named Kathleen Lila born in 1918. I did not know these people, but they are in my family. Kathleen married T. Lawrence Belanger, and he is a great-grandson of my aunt Elizabeth St. Pierre and great nephew of my great grandfather.

That is why I have tracked the R. Lawrence Belanger family as they are cousins.

You and I do not connect, but our cousins are cousins.

Nice to know you. These Belangers lived in Chatham and Wallaceburg just over the river from Michigan where I live. My grandfather grew up in Wallaceburg Ontario before coming to Detroit.

Re: Lamarsh Amarsh Jinkerson - Chatham

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I have a Thomas Henry Lamarsh
born 10 Nov 1922 Sombra, Ontario
died 17 Aug 1996
Have nothing on him
could this one be your father

Re: Lamarsh Amarsh Jinkerson - Chatham

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Surnames: lamarsh jinkerson
i'm glad to hear back from you. i'll bet we are related. you can email directly at i'm not real good at this computer stuff, so i wasn't even sure i did a response to you correctly. i live just across the blue water bridge in michigan. i hope to hear back from you. sharon


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Hi I was born in Chatham we lived on a farm in Bothwell (1962.
Johnny Jinkerson was in Dresden.
My dad was born in Sombra (mother Caroline Jinkerson).

I would love to meet some of my relatives and talk
on the phone and write and share pictures. We missed out
on knowing all Dad's side due to my british mother
didn't like them and my mum's side british we never went over there.

Dad moved over to Orangeville when Chatham Chrysler plant closed down and he had to take job at new factory in Streetsville (Toronto).

Is there a way to give you my phone number privately?

Sincerely Emilie LaMarsh

Re: Lamarsh Amarsh Jinkerson - Chatham

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Thats my Daddy yes! He died in Barrie, Ontario Aug 17/96 of cancer. His mother was Caroline Jinkerson his dad was John (Jack) LaMarsh. He spoke of his grandma Moses.

He is buried at Wasaga Sands cemetary in Wasage Beach Ontario near here. We laid mum to rest May 2005.
I really misss my dad we never got to know all the Lamarsh/Jinkerson relatives or my mum's british side Ranger/Tissimen from Kent County WIlmington.

Cheers Emilie LaMarsh
Youngest daughter of Thomas Henry LaMarsh
Nice to meet you !!
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