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Convert from Family Tree Maker to PAF or GEDCOM

Convert from Family Tree Maker to PAF or GEDCOM

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Someone has sent me his 20Mbyte family tree as a Family Tree Maker (FTW) file. I haven't got FTW, only PAF. Does anyone know how to import an FTW file into PAF, or to convert it to a PAF file or a GEDCOM without buying FTW?

Thanks for your help - Rowan

Re: Convert from Family Tree Maker to PAF or GEDCOM

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I would suggest that you download the Family Archive Viewer, which doubles as the demo for FTW, import the Family File and create a GEDCOM. See:

Re: Convert from Family Tree Maker to PAF or GEDCOM

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There isn't a way for convert FTW to GEDCOM.

If the person who sent you the FTW file is still alive and you are still on good terms, the easiest way to transfer the data is to ask him/her to send you a GEDCOM, making sure to specify "PAF format".

If not, your next best bet is to find someone else who has the same version of FTM, or later, as did the person who created the FTW file. Ask them to load it to their machine, then export a GEDCOM.

20 MB is a lot. If you e-mail it to someone who has FTM, make sure they know it is coming and their e-mail won't reject it for being too big. If you have it on a ZIP drive, you might be able to find someone in your area who 1) has the proper version of FTM, 2) Also has a ZIP drive, 3) Would be willing to do you a favor. You might try a note on the bulletin board of your county library's genealogical collections room, or your LDS FHC, or in your county genealogy society's news letter. You could also try a post on GenForum's FTM board,
asking if there was someone in "x" county with FTM version "y" and a Zip drive.

Ignore my advice, follow Chuck's

Posted: 1013718190000
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Ignore everythig I wrote, do what Chuck Wolfram suggests, and send him a nice thank-you note. That meaty "thwap" sound is my palm hitting my forehead.

Re: Convert from Family Tree Maker to PAF or GEDCOM

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Thank you (and everyone else who answered) for this excellent sounding suggestion. I downloaded and installed FAV - the version on the web site you gave me was version 6.0. When I try to open my FTW file, it says this file was created with a more recent version of FAV/FTM and this version of FAV can't open it.

I am trying to find out what version of FTM was used to create the file.

Can you answer any of these questions:
1. Is there a more recent version of FAV than v6.0? It sems odd that there should not be a matching version of FAV for each version of FTM (given that they are basically the same program).
2. Which version of FTM does v6.0 of FAV correspond to?
3. What is the latest version of FTM, and when was it introduced?
4. Can the latest version of FTM save older version files?
5. Any other ideas for enabling me to read this FTW file?

Many thanks - Rowan

Re: Convert from Family Tree Maker to PAF or GEDCOM

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The ansers, as far as I know them:
1) No, that is the only version of VAF. It does seem odd they don't have a more recent version.
2) v.6. The same version.
3) v.9 is current. I don't know when it was introduced, but it was relatively recent.
4) Yes.
5) Have somebody with a more recent version open it for you. They can save it for you in a lower version, or create a GEDCOM file.

Re: Convert from Family Tree Maker to PAF or GEDCOM

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Classification: Query describes moving Family Tree Maker (FTM) and the following family software files to PAF or GEDCOM (GED)

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