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Classification: Query
Searching for anyone who has ties to this village
and if there are any church records Greek catholic
(Krosno area.)

Re: Krasna

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Classification: Query
I had Lemko ancestors from Krasna, although I don't find much info from that area myself. I know that the village still exists. I have seen which shows excellent pics, but I too am interested in finding church records.
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Classification: Query
Hi! I was just doing a quick search for the village Krasna and now see that the
Gmina Korczyna will most likely have information as to whether they themselves
have any church records greek Catholic for the village Krasna.
I sent them a note to ask but they do not write back.
Also I found that there are records that may be in the State Archives in Przemysl as well.
Births and marriages and deaths for many years.
It is worth sending a request for information to both these places to see if they can find some information about your family. I am enclosing for you to see what is available on the Przemysl State Archive site.
For Przemysl it is OK to send a simple request by e-mail
I do not know for Korczyna Gmina but try both ways.
Keep it simple.records found: 3
type of record

Krasna greckokatolickie małżeństwa 1784-1871 more

Krasna greckokatolickie urodzenia 1784-1871 more

Krasna greckokatolickie zgony 1784-1871 more

The PRADZIAD database
town: Krasna
non Polish name: -
old name: -
province: krośnieńskie
province (since 1999): podkarpackie
denomination: greckokatolickie
church name/supplement: -
type of record: małżeństwa
dates: 1784-1871
microfilms: -

commune: Korczyna
parish/community: -

archive: Archiwum Państwowe w Przemyślu
37-700 Przemyśl, ul. Lelewela 4
tel: (16) 670-35-38 (16) 670-35-38 FREE
fax: 670-76-34

Re: Krasna

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Classification: Query
Thank you for such wonderful information. I will most definately give it a try. I'll even try calling Monday morning before leaving for work. I have tried calling the church listed on but who ever answers the phone doesn't speak english :(

Thanks again,
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Classification: Query
Everyone that is there you have to speak Polish.
The churches are used by the Polish Roman Catholic and
no one will have any of our records there.
The best bet is to write to the Township office with specific questions and you can write to the State Archive in Przemysl on-line to see if they have anything Greek Catholic Church records there.It is not easy and sometimes they do not write back for a long time. the best thing is to in person,unfortunately.
I just got a message from my friend that also has ties in
Kransna. Surname Chudoba.

Re: Krasna

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Classification: Query
i would love to go, I'm planning on it in a couple of years. The website has a lot of interesting things on it, so I almost feel like I'm there. Luckily the administrator updates every few months. I've seen my great grandparents graves, but don't have the info about them. I'm also looking for info on 2 aunts that I believe died in 1960. The administrator is looking for info from before 1947. He was born and raised there. I am just beginning my search, but so far that name hasn't come up, but I'm sure our ancestors knew each other. I will keep that name in mind.
Thanks for the encouraging info.
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Classification: Query
You mentioned the administrator helping you with your search. Can you give me this contact information.
Have you knowledge that there are any records kept in the
Township office in Korczyna?? Gmina Korczyna
This way if they do then there is no reason to write to the Stare Archive office in Przemysl.
Just to confirm that this is the correct Krasna that you are searching for as well. Greek Catholic records.
Krasna [ˈkrasna] (Ukrainian: Красна, Krasna) is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Korczyna, within Krosno County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in south-eastern Poland. It lies approximately 8 kilometres (5 mi) north of Korczyna, 14 km (9 mi) north-east of Krosno, and 30 km (19 mi) south of the regional capital Rzeszów.[1]

Re: Krasna

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Classification: Query
To clarify. The administrator is NOT helping me. I e mailed him complimenting the cleaning & caring of the "old cemetery" where my great grandparents are buried. If you look at "" under authors, he is the first one listed and his e mail & a gg # is listed. When I told him I had relatives from Krasna, he asked if I had any information for his research, that's all.
Contacting Korczyna Township was an idea I had, hoping it would work, not any suggestion from krasna.
Have you any experience with sending money to the Polish Archives? The research isn't terribly expensive but my US bank charges $35-50 to do a wire transfer. That seems steep to me, so I haven't done it yet.
I've not found any results for the Polish town of Krasna from the late 1890's (ie: ancestry posts,familysearch records, etc.) Other posts are from other polish villages in the area of Krasna, but not from Krasna. I was so thrilled to see your post. I will watch this often to see if others are from there.
Good luck with your search, keep us all updated as you find out anything.
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Classification: Query
Have you ever seen any records at all from Krasna before
1870? At least you know that some records exist.
I would send a request to the State Archives in Przemysl and ask if they hold the Greek Catholic Church records
for Krasna. If they write back and say that they do then you can send a request and ask about who you need to find
and your relationship to them. I do not ever send anything
to them in way of payment untill I see what they found.
They have a habit of sending you back the information you sent them in the first place! But I have had some good luck to. You may have to wait a long time to get a reply.
The archive offices,some of them close for a time in the summer.
Then they will send you a special account number that you have
to send directly there. The only place that can do this is a Polish place that sends to Poland. I go to the Polish
travel agency nearby. There you will have no cost (or very little .
If you get a reply that the records are in Gmina Korczyna,which is probable then write a request to them.
For Przemysl you can sent request by e-mail. For Korczyna
I would send my mail a request. Sometimes it is good to send request to both places. It is always best to go in person but you have to notify them first when you will be there.
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Classification: Query
just to confirm that your ancestors were Greek Catholic or Roman Catholic?
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