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Robert smith

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looking for information on a Robert smith. my great aunt sent a letter wanted to let us know about my GGG-Granpa and what she remember about him which was very little he was a civil war veteran and was wounded in that war and that he later died sometimes after 1910 she mentioned names of his children. Marge who Lived in halt Fla, Liza Monroe Alabama, Bob lived in pinson Alabama, Tom lived in Alice Texas , My gg-grandpa Cape lived in Monroe Alabama marry Mary Grissett from Barnett Crossroads the mother of these Children she did't know and what i'm wondering if any body knows where i can get a listing on the civil war or if anyone recognize any of these names would be so grateful to anyone that can help

Re: Robert smith

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Cape Smith and Mary Jane Grisset were my gg-grandparents.

In the 1900 Federal Census for Escambia Co., Alabama, Cape is shown living with his two children Ardelia (Dealia or Deelie, my g-grandmother) and Charles, as well as his sister, Eliza. Mary Jane is shown next door--they may have been divorced by then.

I had supposed that Cape Smith the elder was our Cape's father. Do you have documentation that it was Robert?

Cape Smith the Elder is shown in a 1907 Confederate reunion in Escambia County Alabama and there are civil war records available for him. He may have been born in Monroe Co.

I would like to share info with you.

John Casperson
Pensacola, FL

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hi thanks for writing i would be grateful to exchanged information with you and i will do the same.
Cape Smith and Mary Jane Grissett are my great great grandparents, Charlie is my great grandpa and leon is my grandpa. my grandpa leon sister avie lou sent a letter and told us some things about her family i was quiet amazed
and confused at the same time need to said i can't figure out this family i hope i don't confused you but here it goes.

Avie Lou wrote this letter.

most of the history is from memories, births, deaths are from family records, my great grandfather Robert Smith was a civil war veteran wounded in that war he later died sometime after 1910,as i vaguely remember him at my grandfather [cape] home he had a long white rememberance of his wife they had five children [1] marge [2] liza [3] bob [4] tom [5]cape [my grandfather] tom lived in alice texas and bob in pinson alabama aunt marge lived in halt fla and aunt liza lived with grandpa and family in monroe county alabama cape smith was married to mary grissett two children were borned to them my father Charlie and delia [smith] johnson, they were divorce when my father was very small, then my grandfather married Hattie woods at[blacksher later called uriah alabama monroe county]from that marriage came 4 children [1] tom smith [2] avie lee [3] suie dee smith [4] freeman smith all of goodway alabama except for tom who died in the 1960. grandpa [cape] died in 1935 and mary grisett must have been married in escambia county alabama as the grisett semed to have settled there in the middle 1800's.

John, the freeman smith is cape, this would be cape and hattie son i'm assuming, i have looked on and it show this

cape freaman smith
born: march 26, 1869 florida
Died February 03, 1935 goodway, monroe Alabama
Burial Jedo Missionary Church Cemetery Monroe Alabama

Hattie Woods
borned: october 16, 1881 in uriah monroe alabama
died: march 08, 1959 goodway Alabama
burial: freewill baptist church cemetery in semirah springs monroe alabama

hattie parents
marion woods and mary boatwright.

okay this is what i think i think that Cape freaman smith and hattie woods were married and the reason i said this is because of the birth so i not sure if cape smith robert son was married to hattie i think she might of got it confused in some way so if you find out the mestery of Robert smith and cape, let me know, hit a brick wall. does that make any sense to you

now this is what was sent to me from a man name rayford smith
cape smith married mary jane grisett on november 09, 1883 information.

Avie Lee Smith [this is cape freaman smith sister]
borned: november 10, 1910 goodway Monroe alabama
died: april 16, 1976

ihope i didn't confused you maybe you canfigure this out i'm still trying to find out abt Robert Smith


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Surnames: smith, grissett, mackey
Thanks, Connie.

My sources show Cape as being born in January, 1864. Escambia County marriage records list him as C F Smith.

The 1900 US Census, Escambia County Alabama appears to list him as Cape "S" Smith. It also lists the birthyear of Mary J. (Grissett?) Smith as being 1870 and Cape's sister "Eliza" as being born in May, 1878.

There was more than one "Cape Smith" in SW Alabama in the late 1800s, leading to confusion. I have seen Cape, Capen, Capon, F Cape, Cape S, Cape F S, CFS, etc. I will search for Robert and the members of his household and work that angle for a while. Thanks for the lead.

According to my sources, Mary Jane was born March 17, 1862. She died October 28, 1957. She is buried in the Cannaan Church Cemetery about 2 miles west of Barnett's Crossroads. She has a nice marker pretty much in the middle of the cemetery. I was by there about 6 weeks ago.

A portrait of one of Mary Jane's sisters, Louvenia, (my mother is named Luvonia) is found here:

Mary Janes's parents were Benjamin M Grissett (born about 1808) and Nancy Mackey (born about 1830). Benjamin M. Grissett’s parents were William Jesse Grissett and Mary Jane Mills. William Jesse’s father was Jesse Grissett born in 1757. Jesse’s father was William Grissett born in 1725.

Source: “The Grissett Book of Descendants” by Evan Strohl. A copy is available at the Pensacola State College (PSC) genealogy center, and another (older veersion) in the geneaology room at the Jeff Davis College in Brewton.

Alabama deaths 1908-1974 lists "Cape Smith", died 05 June 1916 in Monroe County, age 89 yr, and "Cape Smith" died 07 Jan 1935 at Goodway (est birth date 1859) buried at "Popeller Springs" and survived by Hattie Smith.

From your post, he is buried at Jeddo, where, from the aerials, there is a huge cemetery. From this link,

Jeddo and Poplar Springs seem to be the same, but he is not listed. Do you know if his grave is marked?


John Casperson

Re: Robert smith

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hey John
i don't know if he had a mark grave,I've started on a smith book but still there are some things i half to make sure of and i made never know or find out but i'm not giving up,does it sound kinda strange abt cape smith the elder, check this and see if this is correct with what you have

Robert smith [father]
died after 1910
civil war veteran [wounded in that war]
children borned.

cape smith- on him this is where i get confused he married mary jane grissett i'm sure of this, the problem i'm having is the birth year if cape [elder] this is what i found on familysearch .org that he died on june 05, 1916 at the age of 89 putting him being borned in 1827 does that sound correct to you and him being bury at Mcneil not sure where that is, i know my great aunt evie lou kept up with alot of records.there is so many cape smith.and when cape and mary jane divorce he remarried [confused again]he marry hattie woods borned october 16, 1881 [and cape is borned in 1827 that can't be right] uriah died march 08, 1959 goodway burial freeweill baptist church in semirah springs is that the same place that mary jane grissett bury at i'v been to where mary jane is bury never found a hattie woods smith there. also cape and hattie married on december 25, 1905 i thinking that this is cape [elder son] because something does fit hopefully you can help me

cape smith and mary jane grisett had two children
charlie, and delia, don't have alot on delia children just on charlie side if you like to have what i have i will email them to you.

Re: Robert smith

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hi John
going over some of the smith's gen. and came across your email now that i'm on vacations i plan on going to barnett crossroad tomorrow [wednesday] to tried to find jeddo cemetery hopefully there will be a mark grave.this is my conclusion maybe my great aunt Avie lou got it mixed up maybe Robert smith could be Cape Smith and cape smith and his son is cape smith who married mary grissett and there children were delia and charlie my [great grandpa] and hattie woods don't know who the elder cape smith married but the children would be marge, eliza, bob tom, cape. [gg-grandpa]does that seem correct to you and i'm limted to my sources i don't have so i could't find civil war papers on cape smith i was hoping you have them and if so could you please email them or where i could find them i would like to talk with you if possible if there is anything you need i will glad to send them to you thanks so much for all your help and have a blessed day

Re: Robert smith

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hello i haven't spoke to you in while sitting at my desk a looking over papers on the smith and reading over avie lou [which is my grandpa leon smith sister] letter she wrote to my sister and looking over what you wrote about cape smith the son and his father cape the elder, which i thought was Robert do you have documentation that this is cape the elder
went to uraih a could not find him at all not even cape the son, will try again though i will let you know what i find
out maybe i look over something. here is something i would like for you to look at and see if you agree with. maybe great- aunt delia which is my great grandpa sister might have said to your parents.

Cape Smith [elder}
b. february 18, 1827 abbeville henry co al
d. june 05, 1916 monroe co al at the age 89
bury at Mcneill which i could not find
spouse. don't know
1. marge
2. liza
3. bob
4. tom
5. cape (gg-grandpa]

do you know anything about these siblings

cape f. smith [son]
born. 1859
died. june 07, 1935
bury. june 08, 1935 goodway al popeller springs
spouse mary grissett

second wife
hattie woods don't have any information on her except children.

2.avie lee
3.suie dee

can't seem to find any of the children from both families
hope you can help.

Re: Robert smith

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Hi Connie--

Where is McNeill Cemetery?

Here is what I have recently found on Cape.

Cape (Capon) F. Smith, born 1861, (hereinafter Cape Smith Jr) is found in the 1880 US Census of Geneva County, AL in the household of Capon F. Smith, born 1828 (hereinafter Cape Smith Sr.). Cape Smith Sr was a civil war veteran and quite a bit can be found on him in that capacity. Both parents of Cape Smith Sr are indicated to have been born in NC.

You can word search the following document for “Capon” to find the listing.

Also shown among Cape Smith Jr’s several brothers and sisters are Robert, Charles and Margy, known by a family word of mouth account to be his brothers and sisters.

I believe from other sources that Cape Smith Jr is buried at the cemetery in Jeddo, Monroe Co.

The wife of Capon F. Smith Sr. is shown as Nancy, age 42 (born about 1838).

Capon F. Smith Sr. shows up in the 1860 US Census of Walton County, FL in the household of Reason Smith, age 58 (born about 1802). Reason’s wife is not shown.

You can word search the following document for “Reason” to find the listing.

Nancy is listed as Nancy C., and there are several Crutchfields in the household, raising the possibility of her maiden name being “Crutchfield”. There is also a Cape listed as 2/12, who doesn’t show up in later censuses. Reason’s place of birth is listed as SC.

This document from the 1850 US Census of Henry County shows a Ceape Smith, age 23 born SC living with an Alice, age 18, born AL.

This document, also from the 1850 US Census of Henry County shows a Capore Smith, age 21 born AL living in the Whithead household, which included an Alice age 15 born AL (parents shown as born SC).

Reason Smith is apparently listed in the 1830 Henry County AL census.,%20Reason

John Casperson

Re: Robert smith

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if i'm understanding this correctly Reason Smith is the father of cape f smith if so where does cape smith sr. fit in or is this cape smith elder Reason smith father.

Re: Robert smith

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Hi Connie--

Reason moved to Alabama in about 1825.
Cape F Smith Sr. was Reason's son, born in about 1828.
Cape F Smith Jr. was Sr.'s son, born in about 1863.
I think an earlier child born about 1860 and also named Cape F. did not survive.

It was Jr. who married Mary Jane Grissett.

It was Sr. who died in about 1916 and is buried in McNeill--have you found where this is, yet?

John Casperson
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