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Stephens/Stevens, Long burials in Dade Co., GA cemeteries

Stephens/Stevens, Long burials in Dade Co., GA cemeteries

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buried in DADE COUNTY, GA:

Albert, Allen, Asa, B. W., Bertie L., Carl, David Stephen Jr., David Stephens [Long], Frank Wood, Fred A., Gladys E., Harry W., Henry C., Henry L., Henry L. Jr., James Clifford, James H., John, John Dunn, John M., Joseph Asa Sr., Julia Doyle, Loenard Grady, Lorain P., Mary J. Moore [Long], Matilda Bryant [Long], Monford Forest, Paul B., Robert Gene, Ruby Lamar, Sallie E. Bird [Long], Sarah M., Vernon B., Virgie B., Will, William Charles, William O., Zainie Sitton, Malisa Bryant [Long]

Annie Long, Annie Mae, Arthur Glenn, Avie, Bertha L. Page, Betty Jean, Bobby N., Brad, Brenda Joyce, Bruce Baxter, C. C., Charles Grover, Charles L., Charlie C., Dock Jr., Dock Sr., Dollie L., Donald A., Doris K., Ethel Mae, Etta T., George W., Glenn, Harley (Billy), Horace H., Ida Sanford, Inf.-s/o Homer & Beatrice, Inf. s/o Roy, Iva Lee, James, James C., James Clinton, James Thomas, John W., Johnny E., Karen Kay, Kenneth, L. Beatrice, Laura Elese, Lettie D., Mae A., Mamie, Marcus M., Margaret Ellen, Martha, Martha Lee, Mary, Mary Belle Cuzzort, Mary Etta, Mattie E., Mattie Katherine, Midlred Beatrice, Opal Faye, Patricia G., R. Homer Dick, Rachel, Raymond, Rebecca, Richard “Buss”, Robert C., Robert Lee, Ronney Lee, Roy Hill, Ruby E., Sarah M., Venelia, Vennie A., W. F., Will Tom, William, William P., William Roy, Winnie Otis, Zenia

Ada M., Annie, Archie Edgar, Bell, Benjamin F., Debbie K., Della S., Fay W., Gregory, Henry C., Inf. s/o Mr. & Mrs. W. W., J. J. “Jay”, James Kirby, James R., James W., Jerome, John T., Jonathan, Kenneth W., Linda R., Lucille, Mash, May, Ollie E., Tonya Diane, Vernon L., W. W.

source: Index, CEMETERY SURVEY OF DADE COUNTY, GEORGIA, surveyed 1992-1993, complied by Pamela Clark Whitson Leavitt, Fort Peachtree Chapter, N.S.D.A.R., Atlanta, Georgia, copyright, “may be reproduced to further genealogical research” only-anything else requires permission of author

Cemeteries surveyed:
Baptist, Bates, Bethleham Church, Brock, Brown Gap, Byrd’s Chapel, Daniel, Deakins, Forester, General Church, Griffin Holiness Church, Hanna, Haswell, Hawkins, Hooker, Jackson, Lake Hills Memorial Gardens, Long, MacKaig, Miller, Name unknown-GASS, TINKER, HOWARD, & other names, New Salem, Old Company, Payne, Poplar Springs, Reeves, Sarah Chapel, Stephens, Summit, White, Wildwood.
*I do not know if this is all cemeteries in Dade Co., GA

Pam has published a spiral bound book which you can order from her, about $20, contact for further information.

Re: Tom & Mary Stephens

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Surnames: Stephens
Lana, is this the Tom and Mary Stephens who lived in DeKalb County AL buried in Dade County GA? This is the line I am working on. Sylvia

Re: Tom & Mary Stephens

Lana (View posts)
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Surnames: STEPHENS
I don't know. I am a direct descendant of John "Doc" Stephens line who came through Dade (and possibly Jackson Co., AL) to DeKalb Co., AL about 1870.

I think there is another Stephens line that came out of Marshall Co., AL (Jerry Stephens' line) and another one that came from TN or GA to Lookout Mountain. I don't know Tom Stephens; do you have more detail?

Re: Tom & Mary Stephens

Sylvia (View posts)
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Surnames: Stephens
Yes, I have more info in DeKalb County AL only. I have just got to the point to start looking in GA for Stephens and will email you what I have so far.

Re: Matilda & Malisa Bryant Long

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Surnames: BRYANT, LONG
I am doing research on Matilda bryant lon and malisa bryant long. both married LONGA.
I think ASA LONG

Re: James W. & Della S. Stevens burials

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Surnames: Stevens
Hi Do you have Pam's current email? I sent her an email because I want to get her book but the email address was not valid anymore.

I am so pleased to see the Stevens on this list because I finally traced my great grandfather James W. Stevens and Della S. Stevens my great grandmother to this graveyard. If anyone has any further information on the Stevens from lookout or Sand Mountain, please email me.

Re: Stevens DNA test

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Sorry, I don't have a current email address for Pamela Leavitt. I donated my copy to DeKalb Co. Public Library in Fort Payne if you are close enough to look at it there. Otherwise, perhaps somebody would do a lookup for you and copy the name you are seeking.

I don't know if I could help you or not. I have been researching the Stephens/Stevens in Dade and DeKalb for many years. You might want to google for Jerry Stephens website; his family came out of Marshall Co., AL. I've had good luck on the websites for AL, TN, and GA; also at and The website is adding lots of data that is being converted from microfilm, etc. to digital search data bases. Just keep in mind that we all make errors so not everything will be correct, but at least, it helps you locate areas and sources. There is currently a Stephens/Stevens/Stephenson/Stevenson DNA project going on. My father, from DeKalb Co., AL, is matching up with some of those who came out of NC and TN. We believe that the Stephens lines in Jackson Co., AL (at least some of them) may also be related. What are the chances of getting a male in your Stevens line to get DNA testing in this project.

I think my line goes something like this:
Lana(myself)>Harley Green Stephens>Walter Washington Stephens, Sr.>George Washington Stephens>John Doc Stephens> (still under research but speculate it goes thusly)Meshack, Sr., d. in TN>Joseph, Sr. and 2nd wife Mary Todd>William, Jr. & Sarah Cooke>William, Sr. & Mary Elizabeth Phelps (widow)(Seaborne)>John Stephens II & Ann Wade>John Stephens I & Ann Powell>Richard, Jr. & Margaret St. Leo>Richard, Sr. & Margaret Audley*>Edward & Jane/Joan Fowler>Henry & Alexandria Lugg>John & ??>Thomas & ?? Spelly>John & Alice>John (Baron) & Margaret Didbrok>Richard (Baron) & ??? Castel>John (Esquire) & Miss Spelly>then pick up the Fitz Stephens line; think I found it on and it went back into the 800-900 time period and originated in Normandy, France. *The Audley line was picked up (at the same site) and carried into Old Testament Times. Is it correct? I don't know but it sure is interesting reading.

William, son of William, Sr., was b. 1645 in Virginia and William Sr. and wife Mary Elizabeth Phelps(Seaborne) of York Co., VA; John later moved to Cowan Co., NC?) appear to have been the second generation of the USA line in my family records. The Stephens came from Buckingham and Bristol, England. Looks like his father (John) and mother (Ann Wade) moved from England to Maryland or (Ann appeared to be b. in VA) Virginia when William Sr. was a child....although it's a bit fuzzy in through here, possibly they traveled back and forth between America and England. Possibly they md abt 1643 in York or Northampton, VA but we also need to check Buckinghamshire, England records.

Re: Stevens DNA test

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Surnames: Stevens
Thanks for responding... your question, " What are the chances of getting a male in your Stevens line to get DNA testing in this project?"

Would my son suffice for the DNA testing or would I need to get my brother or my father to submit to the test.

Re: Stevens DNA test

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Since the paternal DNA is passed through fathers to sons, I think your father or brother would be best to test. Your son would/could be tested for his father's lineage.

Some day I hope to be tested for my maternal lineage, but think that is a much more complicated test and costs a good bit more.

Bill Bailey ( is the person to contact about the testing. (His wife is the Stephens/Stevens descendant.) The test is very simple and consists of 3 applicators that you rub around inside the cheek from different places and mail back in a small vial. It does not hurt though might leave the places a little red for awhile.

Re: Tom & Mary Stephens

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Noticed your old post and I now have Will Tom and Mary Stephens in my data base.

William Thomas (aka Will Tom) Stephens (1872-1929) md Mary Etta Daniels(1876-1947) about 1892 (maybe in DeKalb, maybe in Dade, GA. His parents were in DeKalb a short time and moved back to Dade...William John and Martha Lively Stephens. Wm & Martha had 11 known children. Will Tom & Mary had Lillie, Mamie, Claude, Birdie, Ernest, Novella, and Eugene J. E. Think all of this is posted on

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