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Nathaniel Bailey, Gwinnett, GA

Nathaniel Bailey, Gwinnett, GA

Cheri Reeves (View posts)
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Surnames: Bailey, Evans, Miller, Thacker, Wells, Williams
Have recently received a clue that Nathaniel Bailey (b. 1762 , Ireland) son of Nathaniel (1717-1779/80) and Jean Bailey (1723-1792), of Abbeville, SC, may have been in Gwinnett County, GA, in his later years (ca. 1830). I am trying to discover if this is true. He served in the SC militia during the Revolution, as did most of his brothers and brothers-in-law. Much of the Bailey family left Abbeville to move to Alabama and it was previously thought he did as well, but there has been no proof of a marriage, and no death date can be found. The Bailey family was closely tied to the Thomas Wells family who moved to MS in 1804, and Joel Thacker's family who moved to Autauga and Bibb Counties in AL as well as into Tennessee and Kentucky. Does anyone have any records that name a Nathaniel Bailey in Gwinnett Co. GA between 1795 and 1840?

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For anyone interested in this family, my email address has changed.

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This is what I have:

Nathaniel Bailey Jr. - b. abt 1762 in Ballybay, County Monaghan, Ireland, d. bet 1763 and 1852 in SC or Gwinnett Co., GA

Ferdinand Bailey - b. abt 1797 in Abbeville (Co.), SC
James Bailey - b. abt 1801 in Abbebville (Co.), SC
Joseph Bailey - b. abt 1803 in Abbeville (Co.), SC
Jane Bailey - b. Abbeville (Co.), SC

Nathaniel's Grandkids (through Joseph) are all from Gwinnett Co., GA

Maybe you can help me - I'm looking for Bailey's in Lawerence Co., TN - Frank Boyd Bailey and Benton "Bent" Bailey (his parents were born in GA, and he was born in AL).

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Noticed that you have a Ferdinand Bailey born in SC. Just discovered that the father of my James N. Bailey is a Ferdinand Bailey from S.C. Could they be related? Here si what I have: Ferdinand Bailey b: circa 1797 SC
wife: Ann b: SC
children: James N. b: 1831 Elizabeth Sarah A. Thomas J. (all children were born in GA...this list is from the 1850 census of Murray County GA)
Please email me at many Bailey's could be named "Ferdinand?"

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CHERI REEVES (View posts)
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Hi, Kristin. Sorry this is so long in coming. I am not certain I can be of much help to you with regard to your Baileys. I have no one by those names in my database, nor do I have any Baileys who moved to TN.

I have all the same info you do here. However, I should tell you that I suspect that Nathaniel Bailey Jr. may not have been born in Ballybay. We believe his father was born in England (there is a christening record for him in England) and may have moved to the Belfast area, but even this is conjecture as the only record so far found was that he and his family sailed from Belfast to SC in 1767. The children were listed as having been born in "Ireland". In fact they could have been born anywhere in Northern Ireland. Ballybay was considered as a possible place of origination for the family because they moved about the same time and joined the same church (Upper Long Cane Presbyterian Church) that was started by a Reverend Thomas Clark who was instrumental in bringing many Scots-Irish from Ballybay to the SC upcountry and settled many of them in the Abbeville area, but no records have been found to place the Baileys as members of his church in Ballybay.

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Am looking for information on Nathaniel in S.C. My line goes into Gwinnett Ga. But it is from Nathaniel Jr. son James. Can use all the help I can get new to this. Thank you

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Surnames: Bailey, Thacker, Wells,
Nathaniel Bailey, Junr, was born abt 1762 in Ulster Province, Ireland and died in Gwinnet County, GA. He was the youngest child (of 8) of Nathaniel Bailey, Senr.(b abt 1717, died date unknown but suspected as abt 1779/1780 as he was on jury rolls in 1779 but is not found in Abbeville county records after this)and his wife Jean/Jane/Janet (maiden name unknown) Bailey (born Abt 1723 died 1792 in Abbeville District, SC). Jean was a widow at the time of her death and at the time her will was written and recorded in 1780. She signed her will with an X, but whoever actually penned the document for her spelled her name "Jean" and so, failing any other primary source that lists her othewise, I always refer to her as Jean.

Nathaniel and Jean Bailey were married by 1743, had 8 children that we know of: Janet (1745), Joseph (1748), Elizabeth (1749), Isabel (1750), Ann[e] (1751), William (1753), James (1750) and Nathaniel [Jr] (1762). The ages of the children were given in the Council Minutes in Charles Town, SC, at the time the family appeared in court to claim bounty lands as Presbyterian refugees from Ireland according to that Colony's Bounty Act. The Baileys sailed from the port of Belfast, Ireland, on Sept 8, 1767, on the Brig Lord Dunagannon, and arrived at Charleston, SC, Feb 13, 1768. Nathaniel Bailey (age 50) was accompanied by his wife Jean (listed as Jane) (age 45) and eight children. The children were Janet (23), Joseph (20), Elizabeth (18), Isabell (17), Anne (16), William (15), James (8), and Nathaniel (6). This ship was between 180 and 200 tons and on this ship were 139 Irish protestants. Council Journal, SC, from the book "Protestant Immigrants to SC, 1763-1773 by Jane Revill."

Council Journal 34, pages 53-61.
"Meeting of 13th. February 1768.

"Ordered that the Secretary do prepare Warrants of Survey accordingly.
"The following persons presented petitions to his Excellency the Governor setting forth that they were protestants and arrived in this provence in the Brig Lord Dunagannon, Robert Montgomery Master, on the encouragement and Bounty given by the Act of the General Assembly of this Provence passed the 25th July 1761 and therefore prayed to be allowed the same.
"That the prayers of their petitions were granted and the public Treasurer was ordered to pay the Bountys of four pounds and two pounds sterling according to their respective ages in consideration of their passages to this Province to Messrs Torrans and Ponag in behalf of the owners of the said Brig and the remaining twenty shillings sterling to themselves agreeable to the directions of the said Act. "

Nathaniel Bailey received a warrant of survey on July 29, 1768, for 250 acres in Granville County on Holidays Creek, a branch of Long Cane. Various family members received additional grants of 100 acres each, including Jannet Bailey, William Bailey, Joseph Bailey, Elizabeth Bailey, Isabell Bailey, and Ann Bailey. The youngest two boys, James and Nathaniel, were apparently not yet old enough to own land and it appears that as head of household, Nathaniel Bailey (Sr.) may have received 50 acres each for each of the two boys as well as 50 acres for his wife, in addition to the hundred he received for himself.

Family members identified in the Lord Dunnaganon passenger records and in the Council Journal were:

Nathaniel Bailey age 50
Jane Bailey age 45
Jannet Bailey age 23
Joseph Bailey age 20
Elizabeth Bailey age 18
Isabell Bailey age 17
Ann Bailey age 16
William Bailey age 15
James Bailey age 8
Nathaniel Bailey age 6

The land was supposedly located on a branch of the Upper Long Cane Creek near the town of Abbeville in the 96 District. Although the name "Holidays Creek" has not survived on any map and so far I have found no record of the land survey for their land, Jean Bailey's Will, dated 1780 and proved 1792, indicates that her plantation was located adjacent to John Bowie's. A map of Abbeville County, dated 1820, shows a Meeting House named "Bowie M.H." to the north of Rocky River, about a mile from the Pendleton County Border and a few miles east of the Savannah River. Although there is no plantation listed in this area under the name of Bowie, it is possible that this was the area of the Bowie plantation and that the Bailey plantation may have been in this area as well. Current maps of the area have a creek that flows into the Long Cane called "Bailey's Creek" that appears to have it's head waters near the town of Due West, SC, which is currently in Anderson County, and which has been part of Abbeville District/County and Pendleton County prior to the area being finally situated in Anderson County. My undrstanding is that there are still Bailey descendants living on what is most likely the original land.

Janet Bailey married Joel Thacker, (who interestingly enough had a brother named Isaac Thacker). I do not have their marriage date, but they had 8 children.

Joseph Bailey married Caroline West. I have no other info on them. However, Joseph BAILEY enlisted on 21 March 1776 on the Sixth Regiment and was in the First Regiment during 1780 and 1781. Later, he served in Marion's Brigade. (Bobbie Moss' "Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution.") N.A.246 (Rolls of the South Carolina Continental Regiments, 1775 - 1783. Wash. DC: National Archives, M246, Roll 89) ; N.A. 853 ("Lists of North Carolina And South Carolina Troops and of Officers and Men of Continental Organizations Raised from more than one state, 1775 - 1783." Wash. DC: National Archives, M853, Roll 16); C.S.("Columbia State", Jan. 4, 1904 - Feb., 1905); Y1098. There was another listing of a "Joseph Bayley" in this same source which states, "He served in the Sixth and First Regiments from 1 April 1777 to 20 July 1781." N.A.859 (The Manuscript File in the War Department Collection of the Revolutionary War Records, 1775 - 1790's. Wash DC National Archives, M859).

I have three different possibilities on husbands for Elizabeth: Evidence found in Jean Bailey's and Thomas Wells Wills and other sources imply that either Joel or Isaac Thacker was married to Elizabeth Bailey. However, this info has not been corroborated. Virginia Smith's book on the Baileys indicates that Elizabeth was married to John Peter Knox. In May, 1998, while walking through the Upper Long Cane Church's Cemetery, I came across a worn headstone for Elizabeth Knox. It was in the oldest section of the cememtery and placed next to a headstone for John Knox. However, I have no proof at this point that this Elizabeth Knox is my Elizabeth Bailey. Another source claims she married a man named Andrew McIlwain. Again, no proof on this marriage and I can find no records on this particular man.

Isabel: Virginia Smith's History of the Bailey Family suggests that Isabell was never married because she was a dwarf. However, other sources indicate she may have married William C. Mullins.

Anne Bailey (my ancestor) married Thomas Wells abt 1779 and they had 5 known children: George, Nathaniel, John, Nancy and Sarah. Thomas Wells was born in Ireland in 1747 or 1757, according to various sources. He was a ferrier and a blacksmith and during the revolution worked as an express rider and scout. He died in late 1791, but Anne was unable to get his body moved to Abbeville, where she buried him in the cemetery at Upper Long Cane Presbyterian Church, until late January 1792, due to heavy snows and frozen ground. You will note that Jean Bailey died during this same time. It was supposedly a very hard winter that year. Anne later married William Morrah and in 1804 moved with her sons George John and Nathaniel Wells to Pike County, Mississippi, whee she died between 1810 and 1820. Nothing further is known about the girls, except that they supposedly married and remained in the Abbeville area. No idea on who their husbands may have been.

William Bailey Married Elizabeth Irwin and they had four children that I know of: Allen (b. 1770, Abbeville, SC - d. 1806, MCCormick Co., SC), Nathaniel (b 1775, d in Autauga County, AL, and Married Margaret Thacker - Note: previously mentioned Isaac Thacker had a daughter named Peggy. I have no further info on her or on Isaac's other children, except names mentioned in Virginia Smith's book, but this may be a connection mentioned by someone else on these posts), John C. (b. 1780, Abbeville, SC, d in Autauga Co., AL), and James (b.1782 Abbeville Co, SC).

According to Bobby Gilmer Moss' "Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution," William Bailey "served as a sergeant under Capt. Saxton, Col. Hayes and General Pickens after the Fall of Charleston and was in the Battle at Ninety-Six. (Moved to ALA.) A.A.232; S3367."

James Bailey was born 1760 in Ireland, died 1819, Pendleton District, SC. He married Mary Carter (b. 1765) of Laurens County, SC. Children were son Wyatt (1794), and daughters Elizabeth, Frances and Martha (1797).
James BAILEY bought a tract of land in the Pendleton District in 1811 and recorded his will there on Oct 4, 1819. James BAILEY was a school master.

The following information concerning James' son Wyatt is courtesy of Jacque Otts in Alabama.

Information from Virginia Smith, GA (unconfirmed). Children Mary E. (b. 1817) James (13 Mar 1818 - 15 Apr 1900), Green B. ? (1819 - 27 Nov 1871, Coffee Co., AL); Barnabus Turner, Levi Garrison (1823-2 Sept 1900, Bibb Co., AL), Margaret L. (11Jan 1832-12 Sept 1895, Bibb Co., AL)

1820 SC census shows Wiatt Bailey in Pendleton District, p. 163. Household consisted of 2 males under 10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-26 and 1 female over 45.

In 1834 several BAILEY families, including Wyatt removed to Bibb County, AL.

Bibb Co., AL, 1840 census, p. 117, lists Wyatt Bailey with 2 m 15-20, 1 m 20-30, 1 m 40-5-, 1 f 5-10, 1 f 10-15, 1 f 40-50.

1850 Bibb Co Census - Household #129 - Wyatt Bailey, 56, SC; Margaret, 53, SC; Mary, 33, SC; James, 32, SC; Martha, 23, SC; Margaret, 18, SC. Household #130 - Turner B. Bailey, 29, SC; Mary, 19, AL. Household #131 - Jno. W. Mitchell. Household #132 - Levi G. Bailey.

1900 census has Levi Garrison Bailey in the household of his son, James Bailey (Bibb Co, AL census, p. 50).

Article in Centreville Press, June 1983, by Elia Daws, included info from Auvie A. Bailey, Midland, TX. Article states that Wyatt Bailey is buried at Friendship Church Cemetery, Centreville, AL. Grave has not been located.

The following land patents were issued to Wyatt Bailey (from the General Land Office Automated Records - Alabama)
E2SW sec 2, T. 19 S., R. 5 E., Huntsville Meridian, 80 acres, Lebanon Land Office, 2 Sept 1850
Pt SESE sec 2, T. 19 S., R. 5 E., Huntsville Meridian, 40 acres, Lebanon Land Office, 1 Dec 1851
Pt SENE sec 2, T. 19 S., R. 5 E., Huntsville Meridian, 40 acres, Lebanon Land Office, 1 Dec 1851

The following family group sheet was compiled by Auvie A. Bailey, 1984. Children of Wyatt and Margaret: Mary b. 1817 Anderson Co., SC, d. 1869 Bibb Co., married ? Hollman?; James b. Anderson Co, SC, d. 15 April 1900, Bibb Co.; Green Berry W. Bailey b. 1819 Hart Co., GA, d. 27 Nov 1871, Coffee Co., AL, m. ca 1840 Clarissa Kyser; Barnabus T. b. 18 May 1820 Anderson Co., SC, d. 2 Sept 1911 Perry Co, AL, m. Mary M. Mitchell; Levi Garrison Bailey b. 1823 Anderson Co., SC, d. Bibb Co.; Margaret Lucinda Bailey b. 11 Jan 1825 or 1832 Anderson Co., SC, d. 12 Sept 1895, Bibb Co., AL.
The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, SCMAR, Volume XII, Number 2, Spring, 1984. Requests for Information
SCMAR, Vol. XII, Spring 1984, No. 2, p.120
BAILEY: "Mrs. Virginia B. Smith (6764 Vesta Brook Dr., Morrow, GA 30260) desires information on James Bailey, died 1819 Pendleton District, S. C., wife Mary; children: Wyatt (Wiatt) married Margaret (Peggy), Frances married John Fleming, Martha married Levi Garrison."

Nathaniel Bailey [Jr] was born 1762 in Ireland and died abt 1838 in Gwinnett County, GA. His wife's name is unknown but at least four children were known from this union: Jane, Ferdinand (b1797), James(b1801) and Joseph (b1803).
According to Bobby Gilmer Moss' "Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution," Nathaniel Bailey "served in the Militia under Captain Johyn Wilson and was both a footman and a horseman. He assisted Robert Ellis in guarding Reed's Mill in Abbeville District. (Ellis, Robert, S26084); A.A.230 (Audited Accounts of the SC Archives); R631." I have assumed, lacking an actual visual copy of the military records than name him, that the Nathaniel Bailey mentioned here is the younger. The elder Nathaniel would have been between 57 and 64 during the period of Revolutionary War. The younger would have been between 13 and 19 during this period.

A Pre-1790 SC Census (1787) lists a "Nathaniel Bayleigh" in Abbeville County as an adult male head of household. It is assumed that this individual is Nat'l Jr, as Senr supposedly died by 1780.

It may be that Nathaniel Jr. my have moved to Gwinnett County, Georgia as part of the Cherokee Land Lottery, but I have found no evidence of this. By distance, Gwinnett COunty is not all that far from Abbeville, SC, and he could have moved there simply because the area was booming at the time.

Well, this is basically what I have on the family so far. Let me know if you have any questions.


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Would you be willing to share info like the christening record and Ireland church Info? I have some research that my uncle has done. My father is Chalmers Richard Bailey and is related to Nathiel through fathers descending:
Columbus Richard Bailey
Joel Jarson Bailey
William Valentine Bailey
James Bailey
Nathaniel Bailey, JR born 1762

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Surnames: Bailey, Fuller, Kennedy, Black, Carter, Sizemore, Peek
My email address is:

The information that I have been told is that Nathaniel Bailey, Sr came to Charleston, SC on the Lord Dunadragon (sp?) in the 1700's when he was in his 50's and with 8 children. I have also been told that he was from Ireland possibly Belfast or Ballybay, Monaghan Co., Ireland. I dont have any concrete information. Anything that you can share is much appreciated. Thank you, Sherry Bailey

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Does this Nathaniel Bailey have a son named James Bailey (1801-1856)that married the indian Talitha Sizemore.
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