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Grandparents info

Grandparents info

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Surnames: Oles,Pastula,Biernat,Zmuda
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Re: Grandparents info

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1382 osoby - inhabitants
woj. podkarpackie - wojewodztwo
pow. kolbuszowski - powiat
gmina Kolbuszowa

9190 osób
woj. podkarpackie
pow. kolbuszowski
gmina Kolbuszowa

distribution of ZMUDA surname holders :
map of Poland's wojewodztwos:

arriving NY EI:
Hedwig PASTULA from Kupnd; Henryk PASTULA from Kupno, Galicia; Jan PASTULA from Hupno, Jan from Kupno, Ludwik from Kupno;

Is it possible for you to attach a scan of the marriage church record? Was this a Polish church they were married in?


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arriving NY EI
POSTULA Johann and Wladyslav from Kupno

one step/gold form for locating an EI arrival manifest is not working properly at this posting.

Re: Grandparents info OLES, BIERNAT

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arr. NY EI from Galicia or being Galician:
Oles, Agala Galicy, Rozhoka 21 1885 1906
Oles, Anna Godowa 35 1870 1905
Oles, Ignacz Lutcza 16 1887 1903
Oles, Jakob Kroscienko 32 1873 1905
Oles, Josef Borusowa, Galicy 23 1886 1909
Oles, Jozef Szaflary 28 1874 1902
Oles, Marya Godowa 4 1901 1905
Oles, Maryanna Ropczyce 20 1885 1905
Oles, Mathias 23 1873 1896
Oles, Mikolaj Weglowka, Galicy 26 1883 1909
Oles, Regina 19 1877 1896
Oles, Wojciach Gnojnica, Galicy 23 1886 1909
Oles, Wojciech 10 1895 1905
Oles, K...k 25 1878 1903
Oles, Zofia Godowa 1 1904 1905
Olesz, Ameela Bugyzeina 14 1884 1898
Olesz, Andrzej Debozyn 36 1864 1900
Olesz, Franz Dobrowka 30 1872 1902
Olesz, Jakob Grajuica 32 1868 1900
Olesz, Jan Niscalwa 34 1865 1899
Olesz, Maciej 27 1869 1896

It certainly would help to see the actual chuch marriage record. We just might be able to decipher it and gets you going in the right direction with the research.

Re: Grandparents info OLES, BIERNAT

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Surnames: Oles,Pastula,Biernat,Zmuda
Thx for your timely reply. I have addditional info that may help with the research. Joseph was married prior to his marriage to my grandmother Anna Pastula. His 1st wife was Anna Boshrna? I have found passenger list with her info. She arrived US from Bremen via Ny NY 09/09/1903, accompanied by their daughter Kataryna, age 11 mos. on the ship Grosser Kurfurst. Her last residence, according to manifest, was Goswica. She died in abt 1907, after having two more children, John and Stephonia, in Cleveland OH. With the info I have deciphered from the marriage records, I have been searching maps and have found towns, villages with similar names in Lesser Poland, province of Mafopolskie, (Gostwica, Limanowa, Pryszawo). According to the marriage records, the parents of both my grandparents have different I missing something here?? Any help you can give is greatly appreciated, and thx again for your interest. Jim L.

Re: Grandparents info OLES, BIERNAT

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You're welcome.
We have no problem with Kupno but the other location. The piece of paper is in Latin and the priest's handwriting so little to decipher the location for the other ancestor. It would seem that after the Z.... par Pryznica is Limanowa.

Town of Limanowa is in Malopolskie wojewodztwo:
14789 osób
woj. małopolskie
pow. limanowski
gmina Limanowa

Oles, Anna Gosnica 27 1876 1903
Oles, Katarzyna Gosnica 1 1902 1903

1202 osoby
woj. małopolskie
pow. nowosądecki
gmina Podegrodzie

Boshrna? is not a proper or correctly surname that will be found in Poland. What about
Bodziony, Jakob Gostwica, Galicy 17 1893 1910 going to brother BODZIONY Jozef 3143 Justno Str. Cleveland, Oh
distribution of BODZIONY surname holders [Limanowa is up there in numbers]
Bodziana, Kuncznuda Gostrica, Austria 18 1894 1912
Bodziang, Josef Gosioich, Galicy 18 1889 1907
Bodziany, Josef Gastwica, Austria 26 1886 1912
Bodzimej, Jozef Gostwica, Galicia 24 1883 1907 I did not look on the individual manifest to see if they were going to Cleveland.
Nothing in Poland's archive in way of Gostwica's church recods.

Re: Grandparents info OLES, BIERNAT

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Thanks for your previous help. Your suggestion on the name Bodziony was correct and I have been successful somewhat in following that line. Through Family Search I have located my grandfather's baptismal record, (LDS files). Using the record of marriage that I previously sent you, I was able to locate and verify my grandfathers baptismal record and thus birthplace (Przyszowa). These records also confirmed that his parents were Andreas Oles and Constantia Biernat. I then used the same records and was able to find Joseph and Anna's baptismal records as well as his sibblings which I before did not have. Joseph's and Anna's parents were named on the records but no dates. Using the house # and dates I believe I made a positive match. I believe I have also located sibblings for Andreas but not positive match yet, no dates i.e. I now am trying to research my grandmother's family, Pastula/Zmuda from the Kupno area. I have found nothing on the LDS files as of yet for the names Pastula or Zmuda. I have found through another source that the Pastula family was one of 12 founding families of Kupno so there should be records somewhere for that surname.

Re: Grandparents info PASTUL~A, ZMUDA

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You're welcome.

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