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John Waddell or Waddle of Pendleton, Pickens

John Waddell or Waddle of Pendleton, Pickens

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Surnames: Waddell, Waddle, Gordon, Harrison, Stuart, Middleton, Henderson, Hubbard, Nicholson, Goodlett, Gaillard, McGregor
John Waddell (also known as Isaac) was born in Virginia about 1780 to Rev. James Waddell and Mary Gordon, daughter of Col. James Gordon and Mary Harrison. He was of Scottish, English, and Welsh descent. He married an unknown woman whose name might have been either Elizabeth Stuart or Nancy Middleton. She was probably born in South Carolina.

John Waddell may have appeared in the 1810 Census in Greenville District.

He was probably the father of the following children:

1. Rebecca Waddell (1806-1902) m. James Franklin Henderson.
a. Allen Henderson
b. William Calvin Henderson
c. Harrison Arial Henderson

2. Martha Mahala Waddell (1810-1889) m. William Hubbard.
a. Warren Theodore Hubbard
b. Robert Hayne Hubbard
c. Georgia Anna Hubbard
d. Mary Frances Hubbard
e. Henrietta Elizabeth Hubbard
f. Arthur Paul Hubbard
g. Lillie Augusta Hubbard
h. Isabel Hubbard
i. Rosa Anjelique Hubbard

4. Alexander H. Waddell (b. 1810) m. (1) Sarah Ann Henderson
a. Mary Tallulah Waddell
b. Joseph H. Waddell
m. (2) Sarah A. Camp
c. Margaret N. Waddell
d. Jesse W. Waddell
e. Eveline T. Waddell

5. Mary Bender Waddell (1812-1897) m. Lemuel Madison Nicholson
a. Martha America Nicholson
b. Harriet Cornelia Nicholson
c. Edmund Pierson Nicholson
d. William Preston Nicholson
e. Oliver Clayton/Clayborn Perry Nicholson
f. Bradford Harrison Nicholson
g. Isaac Newton Nicholson
h. Lemuel C. W. Scott Nicholson
i. Mary Victoria Nicholson
j. Percival Walker Calhoun Nicholson
k. Josephine Carolina Nicholson

6. A daughter, born about 1820, married _____ Goodlett.

I believe this family is related to the Gaillards and McGregors who lived near them in Pendleton District, but I am not certain.

Many of them were members of the Presbyterian Church.

Re: John Waddell or Waddle of Pendleton, Pickens

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Surnames: Waddell, Nicholson, Sibert, Beason, Beeson, Hubbard, Goodlett, Queen, Gordon, Harrison, Scruggs
I have found further evidence that has made further contribution to the tangle collection in my brain.

John Waddell, the father-in-law of Lemuel Nicholson, died in or before 1841 as evidenced by a letter written by Lemuel. The name "Clayborn Waddell" or some alternate spelling thereof was written on the envelope.

The 1840 Census shows that one of Lemuel Nicholson's neighbors in DeKalb County, Alabama, was a certain David Sibert whose daughter would eventually marry William Lemuel Clayborn Waddell (1815-1871). W. L. C. Waddell researchers believe his father was John David Waddell and his mother Miss Beason or Beeson, daughter of John Beason/Beeson. Yet W. L. C.'s son John Sybert Waddell named one of this sons Middleton, like the maiden name the Mahala Waddell-Hubbard family attributes to Mrs. Waddell.

W. L. C. Waddell might have been a brother to Rebecca, Alexander, Martha, Mary, and Mrs. Goodlett. But there is another child attributed in some sources to John David Waddell and Miss Beason. Her name was Elizabeth H. Waddell, wife of Hugh Queen. Adding her to the list would introduce a number of complications.

For one thing, John Waddell would not be a son of Rev. James Waddell and Mary Gordon, but of whoever was the father of Edmund Waddell of Greenville (d. 1850, m. Mary ______). Elizabeth is mentioned in a Georgia deed as the "full-blooded niece" of this Edmund. Most researchers say Edmund was a son of Charles Waddell, because the names of most of the brothers mentioned in Edmund's will match up with the sons mentioned in Charles's will.

This would contradict other evidence handed down to us. Martha Hubbard's family believed Mr. Waddell was a son of Rev. James and a descendant of the famous Harrison family of Virginia. Mary Bender Waddell and Rebecca Waddell seemed to agree with this, both naming their sons Harrison.

Another problem is birth dates. We would have to assume that either some of the birth dates in our records are incorrect, or that John David Waddell had more than one partner simultaneously. Alexander H. Waddell was born on August 1, 1810. Elizabeth H. Waddell was born a little over a month later, on September 6. Martha Mahala is traditionally said to have been born in 1810 as well. The problem here should be obvious to anyone familiar with how human reproduction works.

And yet it makes so very much sense for these Waddells to share a father with Elizabeth H. Elizabeth's father appears in 1840 in Rabun County, GA, the same year our John Waddell is absent from the Census record of Pickens District. Prior to 1840, there is no John Waddell in South Carolina who jumps out as a promising candidate for Elizabeth's father other than the Pickens/Pendleton John. Rabun County, GA is a logical place for the Pickens Waddell family to end up, since Rabun was adjacent to Pickens before Oconee was carved out.

Elizabeth's mother was probably named Martha and born about 1787, according to the 1850 Census when Martha was living alone with a Martha Queen, who was the same age as Elizabeth's daughter Martha J. Queen. The neighbors of this Mrs. Martha Waddell match with the neighbors of John Waddell of Rabun County in 1840, so one can reasonably assume it is the same household and Martha was John's widow.

But...if John David Waddell, father of Elizabeth, was a brother of Edmund Waddell, son of Charles Waddell and Elizabeth, then how does the Spartanburg John Waddell (1770-after 1860) fit into the family? I always believed Spartanburg John (distinct from Rabun John) was the son of Charles and Elizabeth and the brother of Edmund.

Spartanburg John was still living in Spartanburg in 1840 while Rabun John was living in Rabun. Spartanburg John was alive in 1850 while Mrs. Martha of Rabun was living alone with a granddaughter. She may have been the relict of a divorce, but that wouldn't explain John appearing in two locations in 1840 with two different family profiles, unless he literally had two different families, one of them being legal and the other illegitimate (this is definitely possible...I have another Pendleton ancestor who lived in a situation like this...he had a wife and two official mistresses each with their own sets of children).

A Martha Waddell, not the same person as Martha Mahala Waddell, married John W. Scruggs in Rabun County in the 1840s. This Martha is said to have been the daughter of Nicholas Waddell (a known brother of Edmund), not John. Could Elizabeth have been Nicholas's daughter as well? If so, why was Elizabeth's daughter living with the woman who was evidently John's wife?

Could it have been a case of a bunch of friendly Greenville Waddells sticking together and behaving as a family whether they were actually related or not?
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You've posted a lot of info.

The following info came from the Old Pendleton District GEDCOM Database. Maybe something might be of help. (By the way, I have no connection to any of your clan.)

WADDELL, Alexander,,,(S)-Sarah Ann /HENDERSON/,0
WADDELL, Amanda Elizabeth,,,(S)-James Dallis /BURNETTE/,2
WADDELL, Angeline Mary,16 Jan 1826,13 Jan 1916,(S)-Lodwick Jefferson /JOHNSON/,6
WADDELL, Anne Burdine,1800,1868,Seth Q /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Ben,,,(S)-Hattie Mae /HESTER/,0
WADDELL, Bertha Estelle,7 Apr 1890,26 Oct 1970,(S)-Frederick Elliott /HUDSON/,2
WADDELL, Carol,,,(S)-Don Gary /CHASTAIN/,0
WADDELL, Cora,3 Sep 1890,29 Jun 1975,(S)-Warren Thomas /HUGHEY/,5
WADDELL, Edward C.,6 Aug 1857,26 Nov 1924,(S)-Corrie /SMITH/,0
WADDELL, Ellison,,,(S)-Caroline /ROGERS/,0
WADDELL, Ervin,,,(S)-Clara Buna /MILLER/,0
WADDELL, Frank,,,Tolbert Edward /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Harvey,,,(S)-Maggie /GEORGE/,0
WADDELL, Jill,,,Tolbert Edward /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Joel,,,Tolbert Edward /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, John Sevier,1805,1879,Seth Q /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Joye,,,Tolbert Edward /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Larry,,,William Henry /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Lou W,,,Tolbert Edward /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Louis Tolbert,,,(S)-Sadie Inez /LOOPER/,3
WADDELL, Margaret,,,(S)-Paul /WOOD/,0
WADDELL, Martha,,,(S)-William J. /HUBBARD/,0
WADDELL, Mary,,,Seth Q /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Mary A.,,,(S)-Lemuel Washington /JOHNSON/,1
WADDELL, Mary Bender,25 Oct 1812,Jan 1897,(S)-Lemuel Madison /NICHOLSON/,11
WADDELL, Mary Etta,21 Feb 1872,28 Apr 1947,(S)-Michael N. /SMITH/,0
WADDELL, Mary Haynes,24 Oct 1873,3 Jan 1934,(S)-George Blocker /NEVILLE/,6
WADDELL, Moses,1770,1840,(S)-Catherine /CALHOUN/,1
WADDELL, Nancy,13 Mar 1800,3 Aug 1868,(S)-William Wesley /WELBORN/,10
WADDELL, Olga Betty,,,Thomas Uribe /WADDELL/,3
WADDELL, Pat Dicey,,,(S)-Aaron Henry /MORGAN/,1
WADDELL, Phillip,,,(S)-Martha Ann /ROGERS/,0
WADDELL, Rachel Quee,1807,1857,Seth Q /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Randy,,,William Henry /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Ronnie,,,Unknown /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Ruth Mildred,8 May 1919,29 Mar 1988,Louis Tolbert /WADDELL/,4
WADDELL, Sandra Lavonne,,,(S)-John Lewis /TATUM/,3
WADDELL, Sarah J.,,,(S)-James N. /CHAPMAN/,0
WADDELL, Seth Q,18 Mar 1776,1852,(S)-Mary /BURDINE/,4
WADDELL, Tawana,,,Unknown /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Terry,,,Unknown /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Thomas Uribe,,,(S)-Romona E. /ESPINOZA/,1
WADDELL, Tolbert E,,,Tolbert Edward /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Tolbert Edward,1918,7 Jun 2002,Louis Tolbert /WADDELL/,6
WADDELL, Unknown,,,(S)-Henrietta /GOSS/,2
WADDELL, Unknown,,,(S)-Sandra /BYARS/,1
WADDELL, Unknown,,,(S)-Elizabeth /BROCK/,0
WADDELL, Unnamed Child,,,Moses /WADDELL/,0
WADDELL, Virginia,,,(S)-James Henry /MORGAN/,0
WADDELL, William Henry,21 Sep 1921,9 Mar 1981,Louis Tolbert /WADDELL/,2
WADDELL, William R.,23 Aug 1839,8 Aug 1903,,0
WADDEY, Walter,,,(S)-Cecilia /TARVER/,0
WADDILL, Jacob,,,(S)-Drucilla /LEAGUE/,0
WADDILL, Martha,,,(S)-Thomas Jefferson /LIPSCOMB/,9
WADDILL, Mary Tallulah,5 Feb 1848,11 Sep 1866,(S)-William Murphy /PICKLE/,0
WADDILL, Nancy,,3 Sep 1868,(S)-William Augustus /WELBORN/,0
WADDILL, Rebecca,10 Aug 1808,,(S)-James Franklin /HENDERSON/,3

Visit for further details.

Paul Kankula

Re: Waddell

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Thank you for providing this.

Re: John Waddell or Waddle of Pendleton, Pickens

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Surnames: Waddell, Waddill, Henderson, Waddle, Hubbard, Scruggs, Cook, McQueen, Brown, Barr, Earle
Here is an update as I continue to get these Waddells straight.

I have just returned from Anderson, SC, where I visited the library and was able to browse through Pendleton deeds, administrations, etc.

I have found that Rebecca Waddill Henderson was one of the daughters of William Waddle (d. 1830) and Hannah _____. She is listed among their children in William's estate papers, but Alexander H. Waddill is not, which leads me to question the tradition that he was Rebecca's brother. Martha Hubbard is not among these children, either.

Mary Bender Waddell is clearly the daughter of John Waddell (d. 1841 in Rabun Co., GA) and Martha _____. Her known siblings are William Lemuel Clayborn Waddell, Martha Scruggs, Mrs. Cook (I don't know her given name, but her husband appears to have been named Daniel), and Elizabeth H. McQueen. There might have been one other sister, but I don't know anything about her, and I doubt she was Martha Hubbard (two Marthas would be rather unusual). John Waddle of Pendleton and John Waddle of Rabun Co. are clearly the same person, and either John or his wife Martha was a full-blooded sibling of Edmund Waddell of Greenville, SC (d. 1850).

According to a reminiscence in the Anderson Intelligencer, it appears Martha Waddell Hubbard was christened Martha Jane. Mahala might have been a nickname. She was raised in the Presbyterian faith, was literate, and had talent in baking and lace work. She and several of her children were described in contemporary accounts as small in stature. Her husband William Hubbard died by 18 August 1854 when their son Robert Hayne Hubbard applied for letters of administration for his estate. They had ten children. Martha Jane Waddell Hubbard died in January of 1889 and, according to her obituary, was survived by one son (Arthur Paul Hubbard) and four daughters (Georgia Anna Brown, Mary Frances Brown, Lillie Augusta Barr, and one other whom I know nothing about). She was predeceased by her sons Warren Theodore Hubbard and Robert Hayne Hubbard, and her daughters Harriett Elizabeth Earle and Rosa Anjelique Hubbard. There was another son named Tommy who apparently died young, and the 1850 Census shows an infant named Isabel who might have been the fourth surviving daughter, but I can't find her in any of the later Censuses.

I found out there is a will for the Rev. James Waddell in 1805 in Louisa County, VA. I think this is the next place to look, as a strong tradition gives Martha's father as one of James's sons.
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