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AncestryDNA: another thread about the ethnicity percentages.

AncestryDNA: another thread about the ethnicity percentages.

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Hello, all.

I just recently got my results from AncestryDNA, and have found it to be very different than I'd have expected. It is as follows:

Central European: 74%
Eastern European: 12%
Middle Eastern: 10%
Uncertain: 4%

I should say that I am familiar with how this works, and that such results do differ from what people expect. I was initially much more confused, but quickly realized that AncestryDNA doesn't have a "Western European" population, but puts it into "Central European".

This made more sense, however, there is no reflection of any of my British ancestry, in neither "British Isles" nor "Scandinavian" (the latter I'd have also expected on its own merit via my Norwegian ancestors who begin at just five generations back). And while I've not ever seen any hint of an Eastern European ancestor, I have seen "Eastern European" show up for me in other tests, albeit a smaller percentage.

Now, what I'm really curious about is how AncestryDNA factors their Southern European population at the moment. My father is absolutely, positively Abruzzese, or central (north) Italian. I've traced it back many generations and it's all there within a tiny handful of towns (about five) for the last couple centuries I've seen records for.

Can anyone else who is of Italian descent comment with how their results were returned, and how you interpret that? I'm thinking either this part must still have a ways to go in terms of population samples, and that is why maybe most of that part of my ancestry is appearing as this "Central European" group, or that there's something to that notion in general, and maybe there's a North Italian-Rest of West Europe connection I'm not familiar with.

I've been assuming that, in other tests, my father's side was showing up as a roughly even division of Southern European and Western Asian, slightly favoring the former, and that the other groups (West and East European and maybe some of the South European) were my mother's side (she's your run-of-the-mill American blend).

Just for the sake of it, here's some other percentages from other sources:


European: 100% (helpful, I know, haha)

Dodecad (default, though others were also used with similar results):

West European: 37.36%
Mediterranean: 31.26%
West Asian: 14.6%
East European: 9.54%
Southwest Asian: 6.23%
The others were less than one percent or zero.

Y-DNA Haplogroup: G2a

Anyhow, mostly curious about the Italians. Bonus if there are others of Abruzzese origins who can share their results. Hope we can learn a bit more!

Re: AncestryDNA: another thread about the ethnicity percentages.

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Hello A.E. I have known of my Italian ancestry prior to my Ancestry DNA test. What I didn't realize was how much Southern European DNA I actually had. I'm nearly split between Scandinavian and Southern European, with a small percentage of other... My paper trail says my Italian roots are from Ticino Switzerland (Italian) portion and Milan Italy. I seem to recall my grandmother mentioning Sicily years back and I was recently matched to a possible 5 th cousin with Sicilian and Naples roots.

My MtDNA is V, Western Mediterranean. It seems to me that so far Souther European is not nearly as common as British Isles, Scandinavian, or Central European. I hope my bit of information helps.

Re: AncestryDNA: another thread about the ethnicity percentages.

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I have similar confusing results regarding my Italian ancestry. My results show NO southern european / Italian.
I am 90% Central European and 7% Turkish (?Maybe this is where my Italian is showing up - I have no paper on this?)(3% Uncertain)

My grandfather was Italian and g-grandparents were from Ascoli Piceno, which is on the southernmost part of the Marche region, right next to Abruzzo.

Re: AncestryDNA: another thread about the ethnicity percentages.

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True for me too. My mother's paternal grandparents came from the Marche region (married in Civitannova), and Ancestry shows me 62% British (ok, my dad's family on both sides is from Ireland),
22% Central European,
14% Eastern European,
2% Uncertain.

I've also tested at Nat'l Geographic (Geno 2), and they say I'm 42% Mediterranean, 39% British Isles, 17% SW Asian. The present-day populations who have tested in their DB that are closest to me are the UK, and Tuscany.

I suspect the discrepancy is due to the sample size. NatGeo has over 520,000 people tested. I doubt Ancestry has that many.

Re: AncestryDNA: another thread about the ethnicity percentages.

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The number of people tested by the Geographic Project is mostly Y-DNA and mtDNA tests from version 1.0, which didn't include any autosomal DNA tests. Ancestry probably does have more people in their autosomal database.

However, neither one uses the customers who've tested to calculate BGA statistics. If they did, it would be completely worthless, as their ancestry is self-reported, hence very unreliable. We still don't know what reference populations Ancestry is using, but National Geographic does probably have access to more. Spencer Wells has been collecting samples from indigenous peoples all over the world, plus they could use the same academic databases 23andMe, FTDNA, and probably Ancestry already use.

Re: AncestryDNA: another thread about the ethnicity percentages.

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My grandfather's parents were from the Campania region in Southern Italy. I have traced both of their ancestry back to the 1600s... all of my documented Italian ancestors lived in the Campania region, save for one who moved to Italy from Spain in the early 1600s.

I expected to find Southern Europe in my DNA but instead, I got Middle Eastern, which I suppose makes sense.

Scandinavian 76%
Middle Eastern 18%
Uncertain 6%

I just ordered a test from ConnectMyDNA. It'll be interesting to compare results to the above.


Re: AncestryDNA: another thread about the ethnicity percentages.

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Yes, same here. I anticipated about 12 percent Southern European i.e Italian genes. I got 31 percent. It appears my Swiss Italian roots are actually Italians living in Switzerland. That would account for 25 percent. Not sure where my other 6 percent fits in yet.

Re: AncestryDNA: another thread about the ethnicity percentages.

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My mother is from Campania (Naples) and showed 33% S. Europe, 47% Middle Eastern and 15% Scandanvian. There was an earlier message thread specifically about Naples and that area, and many people got odd results. I ended up with no S. Eurpope, just like you.

Does the rest of your family have different backgrounds (my father goes way back southern US)? If so, they apparently have a more difficult time with the ethnic groups. I suggest you focus on the cousin matching which is more useful anyway.

David Mc

Re: AncestryDNA: another thread about the ethnicity percentages.

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I am glad I found this thread. This use of DNA new to me and I am confused. I am half Sicilian and the rest Irish and Polish Russian, My DNA results show no Ireland or British Isles. I do have the Persian , but being Sicilian that is not a surprise at all. I am thinking of using other DnA testing sources. If you have insight as to why there is no British Isles or Ireland I would appreciate it
Thanks Rosalie

Re: AncestryDNA: another thread about the ethnicity percentages.

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Italy aside, my ancestors also came from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. Pretty much all over the map.

I wonder why people with roots in the Naples area got odd results. That's interesting.

I think I'll have my Italian grandfather do the DNA test, just to confirm that the Middle Eastern percentage came from his side.


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