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Does the Beaver surname come from a tribe?

Does the Beaver surname come from a tribe?

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I'm researching my gggggrandmother, a Nancy Beaver born in Kentucky, and I'm trying to find what tribe she came from. Did the Beaver name come from any one or several tribes? I'm wondering especially about the Shawnee, the Miami, the Delaware or the Cherokee, all tribes that have some roots in Kentucky. Thanks for any help.

does Beaver come from a tribe?

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Yes. The Delaware tribe. My ggggrandmother was 1/4 indian. She was the g grandau of chief silverheels. I am searching for any info on him. I read a jefferson written account saying that a well liked chief silverheels was from the shawanese tribe. Perhaps a sub tribe of the delaware. Or perhaps another was to say shawnee?

Beaver surname and the Delaware or Shawnee tribes

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Thanks, CKelly for the information. I remember reading your message about silverheels a few weeks ago. My ancestor was born in Kentucky about 1798, died in Indiana, and was Indian, but I'm trying to find out which tribe. I have narrowed the possibilities to the Miami, the Shawnee, and the Delaware. But I've noticed that the Beaver surname has also occured in the Cherokee tribe. Can you tell me anything else about the Beaver name and its link to Chief Silverheels? Thanks again. Cynthia
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Iunderstand that my ggg grandmother was Sarah Beaver. She was born in Wilkes-barre, Pa. She md a german man named Martin Neumann. They moved to Clinton, Wi. From there to Winfield, Kansas. It was here that a toronado blew their house away and killed her daughter by putting a splinter through her head. Their daughter constance eli adeline was picked up by the toronado and carried 3 miles . She was 18 months old. Placed by a well. She remained unconscious for three days. The neighbors recognized the tatting that her mother made for her collar and returned her to her father. Sarah Beaver and her father raised connie. The father had been shopping in town a long way away when he saw the cloud. He tried to get home and broke his back getting there.

Beaver, cherokee

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My great grandmother was susanne beaver. She was full blooded cherokee. Came to missouri from obion county tennesse, prior to 1905. Her father was refered to as Grandpa ARK(?) spelling unknown, by my grandmother, Linda mae blevins sanders. Don't know if they came from NC by way of the trail of tears or not. Any information about them or where t look would be appreciated.

Re: Does the Beaver surname come from a tribe?

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Surnames: Native american Beavers
I have just started researching my Beaver family. We are native americans of Odawa(Ottawa)/Chippewa descent from the Upper Penisula of Michigan. Am looking for parents of Joseph Beaver(b. 1896/1898 perhaps d. 1966).

Re: Does the Beaver surname come from a tribe?

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Surnames: Beaver
My mother-in-law knew a John Beaver from the west end of the upper peninsula, He was native american, dont have much stats on him now, but I will ask mo-in-law about him. She believes they are related. Her maiden name is Moses. Her younger years were spent in Nahma, she is now 80.
John has since passed on and his wife Agnes. They lived in Beulah MI for many years

Beaver..Native American???

Joyce McPherson (View posts)
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Surnames: Beaver
I don't know for sure...Most of my research so far has Beaver as English...HOWEVER......the Beavers on my particular branch of the tree certainly have a resemblence to Native Americans....and, I'm talking Northern Plains...sharper features, much like Blackfoot, which came from Algonquin descent...however, I don't know...interesting question...I'm sure there will be plenty more others with opinions. My would not surprise me if the Beavers (or part of them) were part of our original founding fathers...(I sure hope so)

Proud to be a Blackfoot

Re: Does the Beaver surname come from a tribe?

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Surnames: McGrath, Beaver , Rutherford ,
Coinsidence? We have been searching and searching for the family of Harness Jackson (aka harry) Beaver born abt 1827 Virgina? Married to Nancy Jane McGrath. b march 9 1828 OH. died aug 14 1901Illinois. Only hint we have on the Beaver family is that our GGrandmother stated she was a very important woman in her tribe.... ??/ Harness Jackson Beaver lived next door to John H Beaver in Cook county so we assume they are brothers, both listed as marrying Lloyd sisters. Harness Married Nancy J McGrath in Sangamon co Illinois. My Grandfather and mother both have very strong Native American Indian features. they were asked all their lives if they were native american indians, Harness and Nancy J (McGrath) Beaver had Margaret, Mary Susan, and Harness's first marriage To Martha Lloyd had 2 children James L and Sarah N Beaver in Christian County IL . Margaret A (Addie) Beaver married George W Rutherford in Sangamon Co Illinois. One of their daughters went to Canada.

Re: Beaver..Native American???

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Surnames: Beaver, Long
I did a search on the name "Beaver" many moons ago. The results showed up as Algoniquin. I am searching various records to confirm the validity of bieng a descendant of Dine'(accd to my mom)Apache(accd to my grandmother)I keep coming up with "white" even though it is obvious that my Great Grandmother Annie(?)Beaver and Great Grandfather Ruel Beaver have strong Native features.
We called my GGmother "Mama Ann" and GGfather "Daddy Ruel".
Other names in my "Beaver" Family include my cousins LeiLani,Dale,Bret, My aunt Ruby, My Gmother Helen and mom Mildred(millie/mili) My side of the Beaver family lives or lived in FT Worth or Dallas Texas(can not exactly remember which place)My maiden name is Shannon Teresa Long
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