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1930 Jamestown City Directory

1930 Jamestown City Directory

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Surnames: Ericson, Erickson, Bloomgren

Interested to know if and where your Chautauqua County ancestor lived in Jamestown in 1930?

I own a 1930 Jamestown City Directory and would be happy to look it up for you. For a faster response, please e-mail me.

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Surnames: Mathews, Thompson
Any information would be helpful.


mark hoag (View posts)
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Surnames: hoag

Looking for Hoag.Thank you.mark

re: Hoag

Glenn G. Reynolds (View posts)
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Surnames: Hoag, Hogg
Is this the same as Hogg. thisfamily were immigrants from Scotland, from MidLothian. He was a clergyman, who brought over nearly one hundred of his fellow Scots, and settled primarily in North Carolina. He was the founding presence of the University of North Carolina.

A large number also emigrated to New Zealand, and filtered back into Australia.

I beleive the former history is cited in The Social History of North America, by ? Bailyn?

For the latter write to Neville Hogg

HOAG in 1930 Jamestown Directory

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1930 Jamestown City Directory, Chautauqua County

page 141
Hoag Ernest J (Jennie I) sprayer D M D Co h34 Thayer
Hoag Florence Mrs hlpr Hill & Aylsworth r37 11th
Hoag Lucy I r27 Price
Hoaglund Edwin C (Spring Street Grocery) h642 Spring
Hoaglund Arth A printer A M C Co r102 N Work (Falconer)
Hoaglund Maybelle clk Duffy's News Room r103 W 11th

None listed in: Celeron, Falconer, Lakewood sections.

Mathews, Thompson in 1930 Jamestown City Directory

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(Celeste: I already mailed this to you. I wanted to post it here in case anyone else was interested.)

Chautauqua County; Jamestown 1930 City Directory

Jamestown, page 407
Mathews Benj M (Mattie A) formn h245 Curtis
Mathews John M lab r245 Curtis
Mathews Wm A (Ethel S) carrier PO h36 Martin rd

Jamestown, p407
Matthews Alice M student r1015 Jefferson
Matthews Claude B ship clk Straight Dry Plate Co r37 Spruce
Matthews Corset Shop (Eliz J Matthews) 307 N Main
Matthews Eliz J (Matthews Corset Shop) h12 Basset
Matthews Jas J R student r1015 Jefferson
Matthews Louise M (wid Luido) h1015 Jefferson
Matthews Louise M drsmkr 1015 Jefferson r do
Matthews Robt (esther) prsmn h707 Washington

Jamestown, p558
Thompson Albert N student r 21 Cook av
Thompson Alice A r452 Buffalo
Thompson Byron (Olive) mach opr Diamond Furn Co r77 Allen
Thompson Cecil M bkpr Weakley Olson & Morton Inc r204 Allen
Thompson Cassius lab Lake View Cemetery Assn r Frewsburg NY
Thompson Columbus C (Myrtle) r514 Forest av
Thompson Danl casemkr Lundell-Eckberg Mfg Co r152 1/2 Foote av
Thompson Danl hlpr r77 Allen
Thompson David L (Grace E) h42 10th
Thompson Edw A (Helen R) formn h309 Jefferson apt 1
Thompson Edw B (Josephine A) pres Pittsburgh & Freeport Coal Co h 33 Chestnut
Thompson Edwin G carver Jamestown Lounge Co h216 Crossman
Thompson Geo M (Hattie J) real est 43 9th h do
Thompson Geo W (Sadie T) pntr h1105 Washington
Thompson Glenn (Ida A) ironwkr John Kitzinger h25 W 14th
Thompson Grace Mrs cook r42 10th
Thompson Harold L (Grace W) collections 503 Wellman bldg h1078 N Main
Thompson Herman M (Eliz M) formn h50 Lakin av
Thompson Hugh E (Mame E) h37 10th
Thompson Ida E Mrs mgr Electromatic Service Corp r25 14th
Thompson Jay F (Jennie P) driver h11 Bush
Thompson Jones R (Esther M) millwright Marvel Furn Co h13 Towner av
Thompson Lawrence P student r127 Buffalo
Thompson Louise Mrs sten r231 Stowe
Thompson Margt nurse 15 Chestnut r do
Thompson Margt E (wid Levant H) h204 Allen
Thompson Marvink (Louise) slsmn Sears Roebuck & Co h231 Stowe
Thompson Mary J mgr M L Fenton est r15 Chestnut
Thompson Melvin N lab h11 Bush
Thompson Mildred I flrwn r42 10th
Thompson Minert N (Grace) supt h21 Cook av
Thompson Neil F clk Pittsburgh & Freeport Co Inc r33 Chestnut
Thompson Olof mtlwkr D M D Co r109 1/2 Cowing
Thompson Rex O clk r410 Washington
Thompson Robert E (Marian K), Clerk Wm F Endress, h227 Hazzard, Tel 3120-R
Thompson Robt E driver Geer-Dunn Co Inc r216 Crossman
Thompson Robt L (Delzena) janitor Saml G Love Sch h320 W 10th
Thompson Royal S (Elvin M) lab h1401 Washington
Thompson Sarah W Mrs r38 Liberty
Thompson Theo A (Pearl B) mtlwkr J M P Co h25 Maple
Thompson Walter K slsmn Geer-Dunn Co Inc r216 Crossman
Thompson Warren C, Sales Mgr Pickett Motor Sales Inc, r Fluvanna, N Y
Thompson Wm W r29 23rd
Thompson Zenith O beauty opr Lucile Beauty Shoppe r42 W 10th

Jamestown, p561
Tompson Jean C emp Hotel Jamestown Inc r10 E 2d

Celoron, none listed for either Mathews or Thompson

p800, Falconer
Mathews Geo V (Nellie M) lab Dept of Highways h430 N Work
Mathews Lulu tchr Falconer High Sch r12 E Pearl
Mathews Nellie M Mrs bkpr The First Natl Bank r430 N Work

p811, Falconer
Thompson Belle B Mrs r63 E Everett
Thompson Ernest lab r4 W Alberta
Thompson Fred driver wkr Ellison Bronze Co r Frewsburg N Y

p830, Lakewood
Thompson Lucy V (wid Joshua W) r1 E 1st

Lakewood, nothing listed for Mathews


mark hoag (View posts)
Posted: 922190400000
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Surnames: hoag

the only spelling I know is hoag,
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Mark - do you have any given names or dates?
There are 15 persons of the surname Hoag listed in the Centennial History of Chautauqua County and some in Andrew
Young's History of Chautauqua County. Given names and dates would help.


mark hoag (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: hoag

Warren hoag born 18 july 1877,Ira day hoag born 5 nov 1849
jay josiah hoag born 13 july 1874 ,hannah m. hoag born 15 may 1842,detta hoag born 1852 died bef. 1891,seth hoag died 01 sept 1868 pioneer cemetry,ellington,chaut.,ny


Bobbe Ernzer (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Johnston, Bushee, Naeser
All of these people are my ancestors. All lived in Chautauqua Cnty and or city. Albert was my grandfather, and he did live there in 1930 with his family cause my mom went to high school there in 1930. Any help on the other two names would be appreciated. Any reference to the last two names would almost have to be related to me, but the names kind of fizzle out and disappear.

Many thanks!!!
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