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Kessler - Pa/Md/Va/WVa

Kessler - Pa/Md/Va/WVa

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Surnames: Kessler,Waskey
I am looking for family of John Kessler who was born 1772-5 in Pa. and married in 1794 to Nancy/Mary Waskey in Frederick Co., Md.. He died in Botetourt Co., Va. in 1850. Had lived for a time in Rockbridge Co., Va. Children were: Samuel - Christopher - John - Mary - Margaret Agnes - Sophia and Nancy.

Please contact me at

Kessler - Pa/Md/Va/WVa

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My server did not accept Judi Spencer's e-mail address. Would like to contact anyone with Kessler ancestors from Botetourt Co. VA. e-mail at

Kessler - Pa/Md/Va/WVa

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i have some info on kesslers in Botetourt. What are you looking for.

Kessler - Pa/Md/Va/WVa

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I would like to hear from any descendent of Johannes Kesler (1728-1823) and Eva Dorothea Leman (Lehman, Layman, etc.) My books, Out from the Blue Ridge, are in many librariesm expecially in the Roanoke VA area.

Kessler - Pa/Md/Va/WVa - John Kessler

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Surnames: Kessler
Hello, this is what I have so far. I would love additonal data.

Descendants of John KESSLER-1467
Page 1
24 Sep 2000
1. John KESSLER-1467 (b.24 May 1772/1775-PA;d.Feb 1850-Botetourt County,VA)
sp: Nancy WASKEY-1468 (b.1779;m.8 Mar 1794;d.1852)
2. Samuel KESSLER-1480 (b.8 Sep 1795-Fredrick County,MD.;d.11 Dec 1856-Botetourt County,VA)
sp: Nancy BEANE-1481 (b.1806-Botetourt Co.,VA;m.22 Apr 1822;d.Aft 1887-Botetourt Co.,VA)
2. Polly KESSLER-1478 (b.Dec 1794)
sp: Barton RAY-1479 (m.24 Feb 1816)
2. Margaret Agnes KESSLER-1482 (b.1803;d.31 May 1861-Botetourt County,VA)
sp: John William, Jr. HAMILTON-1483 (b.16 Oct 1828-Botetourt County,VA)
2. Christopher Lee KESSLER-1443 (b.28 Aug 1802-MD;d.13 Feb 1869-Botetourt County,VA)
sp: Sarah Greenwood BUTT-1444 (b.28 Dec 1807-Botetourt County,VA;m.14 Oct 1824;d.25 Apr 1852)
3. Rebecca Jane KESSLER-1472 (b.16 Mar 1826-Botetourt County,VA;d.Dec 1860-WV)
sp: Joel MAYES-1473 (m.6 Oct 1842)
3. Archibald Washington KESSLER-1439 (b.9 Mar 1827-Botetourt County,VA;d.18 Jul 1899-Alderson,Greenbriar,WV)
sp: Mary Catherine PECK-1440 (b.9 Feb 1834-Fincastle,Botetourt County,VA;m.5 Sep 1853;d.19 Apr 1917-Alderson,Greenbriar,WV)
4. Sallie Ann KESSLER-1447 (b.18 Jun 1856-Fincastle,Botetourt County,VA;d.26 Mar 1941-Greenbrier Co,WV)
sp: James Eldridge MARTIN-1448 (m.22 Aug 1872)
4. Grace R. KESSLER-534 (b.4 Nov 1857-Botetourt County,VA;d.11 Feb 1935-Rupert,Greenbriar County,WV)
sp: John Bollar KEENEY-533 (b.1836-Greenbrier Co,WV;m.29 Apr 1892;d.1903)
5. Ennah Maude KEENEY-179 (b.26 Apr 1892-Fayette Co,WV;d.20 Sep 1950-Greenbrier Co,WV)
sp: William Herbert JONES-178 (b.29 Mar 1883-Kanawha Co,WV;m.5 Jun 1907;d.Sep 1948-WV)
6. Edith Mary JONES-478 (b.5 Aug 1908-Rainelle,Fayette County,WV;d.16 Oct 1985-Barberton,Ohio)
sp: Thomas Lee RIFFLE-476 (m.16 Aug 198-(8?))
7. Conrad RIFFLE-1525
6. Lena Mae JONES-169 (b.12 Jul 1910-Quinwood,WV;d.21 Apr 1994-Ill.)
sp: Lawrence Elmore WITHROW-168 (b.22 Jul 1910;m.25 Dec 1929;d.Nov 1980-Hammond,IN)
7. Robert WITHROW-170 (b.1931;d.1994)
sp: Norma Jean BURGESS-1519
8. Robert (Bobbie) WITHROW-1520
8. Bonnie WITHROW-1521 (b.1947)
8. Edward WITHROW-1522 (b.1952)
7. Homer Rae WITHROW-155 (b.21 Jun 1933-Quinwood,WV,at home)
sp: Helen Marie RICHARDSON-154 (b.26 Jun 1935-Kathryn,Fayette County,WV;m.29 Feb 1956(Div))
8. Victoria Lynn WITHROW-156 (b.22 Aug 1956-Raleigh General Hospital,Raleigh County,B,West Virginia)
sp: Marion Lewis SHAWVER-161 (m.Jun 1973(Div))
9. Tracey Lee SHAWVER-162 (b.17 Jun 1974)
9. Beth Ann SHAWVER-163 (b.17 Oct 1977-Beckley Appalachian Hospital,Beckley,RC,West Virginia)
9. Melissa Lynn SHAWVER-164 (b.7 Sep 1979-West Virginia)
sp: Matt STRICKLAND-9546 (m.1999)
10. STRICKLAND-9526 (b.Oct 2000)
sp: James Orval, Jr. ARTHUR-559 (b.21 Apr 1952;m.4 Dec 1981)
9. Tammy Joe ARTHUR-165 (b.21 Mar 1982-West Virginia)
8. Patricia Ann WITHROW-147 (b.19 Dec 1957-,,,Appalachian Regional Hospital, Dr. Hedrick, Sr., 4:21 A.)

Descendants of John KESSLER-1467
Page 2
24 Sep 2000
sp: Michael Kenneth HISER-148 (b.23 May 1952-,,,;m.09NOV1974- D09OCT1982-R27 Dec 1983(Div))
9. Donald Allen HISER-149 (b.22 Jan 1976-Raliegh General Hos. Beckley West Virginia)
sp: Angie Lynn HENWOOD-6646 (b.7 Jul 1978;m.4 Aug 2000)
10. Christian HISER-6647 (b.17Dec1998-Ciganela,Italy)
10. Jolie HISER-6648 (b.Jan 2001)
9. Michelle Anne HISER-150 (b.15 Oct 1978-Raliegh General Hos. Beckley West Virginia)
sp: Christopher John ROTTA-295 (b.14 Mar 1974-Lebanon,VT;m.21Aug1999)
10. Natalie Marie ROTTA-10181 (b.18Aug2000, 2:41 A.M-MCMHE,ME.; Monday)
9. Amanda Lei HISER-151 (b.17 May 1980-Charleston,SC.)
sp: Paul Albert BROWN-153 (b.04March1980-DCH,WC,M,Maine 9:30 A.M.;m.never married)
10. Shalom Lynn HISER-152 (b.11Jan1999-Bluehill Hospital,Bluehill,ME. 2:32 P.M. Saturday)
8. Paulette Elaine Helena WITHROW-157 (b.19 Dec 1957-AHBWVDH,Sr.,4:26 am)
sp: Virgil Edward ELLISON SR-166 (b.20 Jan 1955;m.27 Sep 1979(Div))
9. Virgil Edward ELLISON JR.-167 (b.11 Jul 1980-BNRMC,San Diego,C9JS,M.D. 02:40 A.M.)
sp: Brian Lee OAKESON-297 (m.25 Apr 1978(Div))
7. Elizabeth (Liz) WITHROW-171
7. Shelby Jean WITHROW-172
7. Betty WITHROW-173
7. Lawrence WITHROW-174
7. Jimmy Rae WITHROW-175 (b.9 Jun 1947-Stanaford,WV)
sp: Linda Jean GUZINSKI-1430 (b.16 Oct 1953-South Shore Hospital,Chicago,Illinois;m.14 Oct 1983)
8. Nichelle Rae WITHROW-1431 (b.28 Nov 1984-Community Hospital,Munster,Ind..)
8. Brenton James WITHROW-1432 (b.2 Dec 1985-Community Hospital,Munster,Ind.. 7:46 A.M.)
sp: Gaye Elizabeth MCSHANE-1433 (b.5 Dec 1947-Bluefield,WV;m.Bef 1983(Div))
8. Kenneth Ray WITHROW-1434 (b.22 Nov 1971-John Muir Memorial Hospital,Walnut Creek,C,9:21 P.M.)
8. Sandra Moreen WITHROW-1435 (b.10 Sep 1973-John Muir Memorial Hospital,WC,California,1:13 A.M.)
7. Larry Wayne WITHROW-176 (b.2 May 1949-Stanaford,Raleigh County,WV)
7. Dwayne William (Bill) WITHROW-177 (b.14 Mar 1955-Stanaford,Raleigh County,WV)
sp: Catherine Rose WOJCIECHOWSKI-1515 (b.12 Nov 1958-St. Margaret's Hospital,Hammond,Ind.)
8. David Allan WITHROW-1516 (b.28 Jan 1981-St. Margaret's Hospital,Hammond,Ind.)
7. Jonathan Gregory (Johhny) WITHROW-343 (d.1980)
6. Pearl Eveleyn JONES-403 (b.17 Apr 1912-Fayette Co,WV)
sp: Otto Forrest KEIFFER-406 (m.20 Apr 1931)
sp: Kenneth Lake WYATT-41 (m.1937)
sp: Howard EVANS-404 (m.1940(Div))
sp: Dayne Leon HAIL-557 (m.1958)
6. Herbert Daniel JONES-538 (b.31 Mar 1914-Clifftop,Fayette County,WV;d.5 Jul 1991-MD)
sp: Alice Marie BENDER-556 (m.23 Jan 1940)
6. Hobert William JONES-515 (b.9 Jun 1916-Clifftop,Fayette County,WV;d.Nov 1960-AZ)
sp: Veronica -537
6. James Hershall JONES-692 (b.26 Apr 1918-Princewick,Raleigh County,WV)
sp: Arthena CALL-634

Descendants of John KESSLER-1467
Page 3
24 Sep 2000
6. Robert Houston JONES-545 (b.5 May 1921-Princewick,Raleigh County,WV)
6. Virginia Dare JONES-564 (b.17 Jul 1922-Princewick,Raleigh County,WV;d.Feb 1988)
sp: William Arthur, SR. COHENOUR-567 (m.15 Nov 1940)
6. Kenton Hubert JONES-14 (b.18 Jun 1927-Quinwood,Greenbriar,WV)
sp: Anita Faye -277 (b.13 Sep 1934-Clintonville,WV;d.Feb 1935)
5. Kessie Archie KEENEY-1441 (b.29 Oct 1896-Ravens Eye,Fayette County,WV.;d.13 Feb 1979-Fayette Co,WV)
sp: William Kalvin HIZER-1442 (m.1914)
sp: William M. GRAY-1438 (m.27 Nov 1882)
sp: Charlie BOGGESS-1449 (m.Aft 1914)
4. Martin Christopher KESSLER-1450 (b.22 Sep 1860-Nettie,Nicholas County,WV;d.21 Apr 1927-Pineville,Wyoming County,WV)
sp: Lucy Richmond BOGGS-1451 (m.27 Oct 1894)
4. Benjamin Lee KESSLER-1452 (b.6 Dec 1861-Nettie,Nicholas County,WV;d.26 Jun 1923-WV)
sp: Mary Alice BURNS-1453
4. Daniel Peck KESSLER-1454 (b.25 Nov 1863-Nettie,Nicholas County,WV;d.26 Jun 1945-Weston,Lewis County,WV)
sp: Lenora Agnes HILL-1455 (m.27 Aug 1893)
4. Mary Katherine KESSLER-1456 (b.30 Aug 1865-Nettie,Nicholas County,WV;d.7 May 1933)
sp: Ervin Clowney MANSPILE-1457 (m.15 Aug 1894)
sp: Joseph MCCLUNG-1458
4. Archibald Kenton KESSLER-1459 (b.18 Nov 1866-Nicholas County,WV;d.12 Apr 1944)
sp: Heneretta PRICE-1460
4. Alexander KESSLER-1461 (b.8 Jul 1870-Greenbrier Co,WV;d.6 Aug 1871)
4. James Edward KESSLER-1462 (b.31 Mar 1872-Rupert,Greenbriar County,WV;d.17 Jun 1941-Richwood,WV,or Webster Springs)
sp: Helena Eugenia MANSFIELD-1463 (m.15 Aug 1894)
sp: Grace Mae CRITES-1464 (m.4 Sep 1921)
4. Joseph Crane KESSLER-1465 (b.11 Sep 1874-Rupert,Greenbriar County,WV;d.28 Oct 1941-Huntington,Cabell County,WV)
sp: Delora Belle KAGY-1466 (m.25 Dec 1902)
3. Richard Butt KESSLER-1474 (b.8 Nov 1830-08 Feb 1834)
3. John Wesly KESSLER-1475 (b.6 May 1833;d.25 Feb 1834)
sp: Elizabeth Ann HAMILTON-1469
2. John, Jr. KESSLER-1484 (b.1804-VA;d.1871-Botetourt County,VA)
sp: Susannah HAMILTON-1485 (m.8 Sep 1825)
2. Sophia KESSLER-1486 (b.1806)
sp: John, Jr. BIERLY-1487 (m.8 Sep 1827)
2. Nancy KESSLER-1488 (b.1810)
sp: Stephen DOOLEY-1489 (m.11 Oct 1832)
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The data you sent are not from my Kessler family. I have had contact and personally met some of your family. The person with the most information is Karen Cottrell. Conrad Riffle and Charlotte Haymaker have also done a lot of research on your family. There are 32 pages on what I knew of John and Nancy's fmily in 1985 in my first book, "Out from the Blue Ridge." The correct name of his wife had not been determined then. I have not followed this family since then. If you are interested in that book, contact me at

Re: Kessler - Pa/Md/Va/WVa

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Surnames: Johannes Kesler
I am Mckenzie Swafford.
I am a decsendant of johannes kesler.

Re: Kessler - Pa/Md/Va/WVa

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Kessler/Ray
I am looking for information on Mary Polly Kessler born 1794,she was the daughter of John Kessler and Nancy Waskey.
She married Barton Ray and had three sons Barton Jr,John and William . Moved from Virginia to Kentucky on to Indiana and to Iowa where her husband died in 1843 she moved on with two of her sons to Missouri. What I would like to find out is when and where she died. Thanks

Re: Kessler - Pa/Md/Va/WVa

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Surnames: Kessler/Ray
Mary "Polly" Kessler married Barton Ray Feb 24, 1816. Barton was botn 1791 died1843 Lee Co Iowa. Polly was born 1794 died 1888 Adair Co., MO buried Union Cemetery near Novinger. Their children 1.Barton about 1816 - aft 1880 died russell Co., Va 2. Reason 1817-1881 in Scott Co., Mo. 3. John 1819 - 1884 Died Scott Co., Mo burined Pleasant Hill Cem 4. William 1826 - 1899 Adair Co., Mo burined Union Cemetery. They also had a daughter and have never ofund out her name of particulars. If you have that date would love foryou to share with me. Please contact me at Hope this has helped

Re: Kessler - Pa/Md/Va/WVa

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Name: Barton RAY
Birth: 1791 VA
Death: ca 1843 Lee Co., IA

Misc. Notes
1794 Botetourt County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List NO RAY'S Found
War of 1812 Service Records- Ray, Barton, Company 4 Reg't (BOYD's) Virginia Militia, Private
Moved family west. Family didn't know their whereabouts in 1866.

Marriage: 26 Oct 1816 Botetourt Co., VA
Spouse: Polly KESSLER
Birth: ca Dec 1794 Frederick Co., MD
Death: 1888 Adair Co., MO
Burial: Union Cem., near Novinger, Adair Co., MO
Father: John KESSLER (1775-1850)
Mother: Nancy WASKEY (1779->1852)

Misc. Notes
Named Polly for her Aunt Polly Waskey Ripley.
Polly listed in the Scotland Co., MO 1860 Census as being 71 years old. This would make her born in 1789. That doesn’t sound right as her mother Nancy would have only been 10.

Polly Kessler Ray died at 101
Mrs. Polly Ray, whose death was published in last week’s Graphic, was beyond doubt the oldest person in Adair County. Grandmother Ray, as she was familiarly called, was born in Fredericksburg, Maryland, in the year 1787; removed from that state with her parents when about 18 years of age, to Virginia, where in 1808, she married Barton Ray, being at the time of her marriage 21 years of age, and with her husband emigrated to Kentucky. She with her husband removed from Kentucky to the state of Indiana, and from there to Iowa, where her husband died about the year 1843 or ‘44, since which time, Grandmother Ray has been living with her son William. She moved from Iowa, to Missouri in 1852. She was the mother of four children, three sons and a daughter, all of whom passed away several years ago except the son with whom she lived.

In a message dated 2/15/04 7:52:31 PM, susan knight writes:
When I looked at the census records, Polly is listed in the 1820 in the 26-45 age range. She would have been 26 if born in 1794. She is listed in the 40-50 age range in 1840. That would mean she was born between 1790 and 1800. The 1794 birth date looks good here. I assume the 1787 birth date is wrong. If Polly was 26 in 1820, that would make her 46 in 1840. Her husband is listed in the 50-60 range. That means he is anywhere from 4 to 14 years older than she is. From the census it looks as though she has 3 sons (I assume Reason, John & William). It's possible a daughter died as a child. Regarding Barton, Jr., if another marriage can't be found for Barton, Sr., could it be possible Polly had her first child (Barton, Jr.) either out of wedlock or very close to her marriage date?


1 M: Barton RAY Jr.
Birth: ca 1816 VA
Death: aft 1880 Russell Co., VA
Spouse: Rebecca FOGLEMAN
2 M: Reason RAY
Birth: 9 May 1817 KY
Death: 4 Jan 1881 Crawford, Scotland Co., MO
Spouse: Mary Ann GUNDY
3 M: John Kestler (Kessler) RAY
Birth: 15 Aug 1819 KY
Death: 26 Jul 1884 Scotland Co., MO
Spouse: Sarah Ann RODGERS
4 M: William RAY
Birth: 18 Mar 1826 KY
Death: 26 Aug 1899 Adair Co., MO
Spouse: Hannah PHILLIPS
5 F: Sis RAY--------------------------------------------------
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