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Bis from Nisko or Pysznica

Bis from Nisko or Pysznica

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Surnames: Bis, Sroka, Malys.
I am researching Josephine (Josefa) Bis, born 1984, who came to the US around 1914 or 1915. The passenger list has her coming from Pysznica. Her 1976 obituary says she was born in Nisko, which is nearby. Her obit says she came in 1914, but the passenger list is from December 1915. Her obit says her father was John Bis, the passenger list has Jan Bis (same name). According to the family memories, upon arrival, she was going to stay with her sister or sisters in Passaic, New Jersey. The passenger list has her heading for the home of her sister, Klara Sroka of Prospect Ave, Passaic.

I need to establish whether "my" Josephine Bis and Klara (Clara) Sroka (transcribed as Svoka on several documents) in Passaic were sisters, and also looking for her ancestors (Jan Bis) in Pysznica or Nisko.

Josephine married Walenty Malys and moved to Campbell, Ohio in 1919. She died in 1976.

Re: Bis from Nisko or Pysznica

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3311 osób - inhabitants
woj. podkarpackie - wojewodztwo
pow. stalowowolski - powiat
gmina Pysznica
kod: 37-403 - zip code
map of Poland's wojewodztwos:

I would go with the arrival manifest information. What is her place of birth on SS-5Form, naturalization intent and petition and her church marriage record? I see a set of numbers and a date so she was naturalized US citizen.

Bis, Anicla Pysznica, Austria 18 1892 1910 [Aniela]
Bis, Rozalia Pysznica, Austria 17 1893 1910
Bis, Josefa Pyszuica, Austria 21 1894 1915
Bis, Piotr Paysirnia 17 1889 1906

distribution of BIS surname holders in Poland:

Re: Bis from Nisko or Pysznica

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Bis, Sroka
Thanks, a lot of this is very helpful. May I ask a few follow-up questions about the links and advice you provided?

1. - how do I use this link? It shows that someone somewhere is in possession of the vital records from Pysznica of interest to me. How do I access them? Do I email What does access conditions: całkowicie mean?

Also, it lists Pysznica as being in province: tarnobrzeskie. Is that the same Pysznica I need, which should be in Stalowa Wola in Subcarpathia?

2. "I would go with the arrival manifest information." - do you mean as far deciding on the correct arrival year and place of birth? I agree, but my challenge is "marrying" the correct arrival record of "a" Josefa Bis to the known information on Josephine Bis. The place of birth (Nisko) and arrival year (1914) may be inaccurate on the obit, but at least they belong to the right person. The place of birth and date on the ship manifest are almost certainly correct, but they me from the wrong Josefa. I am frustrated by not being able to find Josefa roots in Pysznica, or by proving that Klara Sroka, Josefa's sister, was born Klara Bis.

3. "What is her place of birth on SS-5 Form" - I am not familiar with that form, could you elaborate?

4. "naturalization intent and petition and her church marriage record" - I cannot find those, and neither can I find Klara's marriage record to Franzicek Sroka, or her immigration records under either name.

5. "I see a set of numbers and a date so she was naturalized US citizen." - where do you these numbers? I have no information that Josephine was ever naturalized and I have not found any records on

Thanks again for your tips and for the research you have done!

Re: Bis from Nisko or Pysznica

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You're welcome.

1. Baza archiwa - is what the Poland's archive is holding in way of church records. You can e-mail in English but the answer might come back in Polish. Hopefully the archive will be able to tell you where are the other years for this location. Just a guess on access conditions: cal~kowicie - completely.

One and only Pysznica, Podkarpackie wojewodztwo aka old Galicia.
Pysznica populated place 50°34' N 22°08' E E M U G Poland 125.7 miles SSE of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E
Stalowa Wola populated place 50°33' N 22°03' E E M U G Poland 125.7 miles SSE of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E

2. You do need to locate some of her US documents to confirm this Jozefa BIS as your ancestor. Her church marriage record would be one of them. Even the church baptismal record of the first child would do. The 1940 census is to come out next spring.

3. SS-5Form is social security form. was a site I used but unfortunately some sort of "impropriety" and now no longer one is able to look.

4. It is possible that Klara could have come thru Baltimore, Boston or Philadelphia.

5. set of numbers and a date on the first page of the manifest by her name 7-125111-10/31/39-505

Hope I answered your questions.

Re: SROKA Franciszek, Klara

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Sroka, Franciszek Qaczyce, Austria 24 1886 1910
Sroka, Klara Qaczyce, Austria 25 1885 1910
Sroka, Stefania Qaczyce, Austria 0 1910 1910
Take a look at these 3 SROKAs arriving NY Ellis Island.
On the second page the place of birth is written as Kasyce but on the first page as Zaczyce.

Kaszyce populated place 49°55' N 22°45' E E M U G Poland 178.1 miles SSE of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E
Pysznica populated place 50°34' N 22°08' E E M U G Poland 125.7 miles SSE of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E

929 osób
woj. podkarpackie
pow. przemyski
gmina Orły
kod: 37-716

Re: SROKA Franciszek, Klara

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Bis, Sroka
I had seen this manifest and did not know whether to be excited or discouraged. Everything looks promising, even the infant daughter Stefania, who does not figure in later censuses, can be explained away: she may have died. And they are headed for Passaic, NJ, where Josefa will catch up with them 5 years later. But it sort of falls apart with the place of birth/last residence.

Why should one sister be born in Kaszyce and another, 9 years in later, in Pysznica? Families were not so mobile back then. There are about 50 mi (80 km) between the two villages. Besides, it would have had to work like this:

1. Klara is born in Kaszyce in 1884. She stays there until she leaves for America 25 years later. Her husband is born in Warzyce and moves to Kaszyce to meet Klara and have a baby with her there.

2. Klara's family moves to Pysznica when Klara is less than 9 years old, to have her sister Josefa in 1894, and stays there until 1915 when Josefa leaves to America.

This is enough to suspect that the Josefa who was traveling to Passaic, N.J. in 1915 to reunite with her married sister Klara is NOT our Josephine. This despite the fact that the all the other names, places and dates (Klara, Passaic, 1915) match the family memories.

And then there is the (mis)spelling of Klara's place of birth and last residence. We have "Zaczyce" on page 1 and "Kazyce" on page 2. Neither is a real name of a place in Poland, so we have to guess: Kaczyce or Kaszyce? You assumed Kaszyce, it seems. It works better than Kaczyce, because it's not quite as far from Pysznica.

Re: Bis from Nisko or Pysznica

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Thank you for all the advice and research.

Is there a reason why I am only finding death and immigration records on, but never marriage or birth records? Am I looking in the wrong place, or am I looking wrong? Are New Jersey records not as widely available as, say, Ohio records? Aside from the census and possible arrival records for Klara and Josefa, I have not seen anything on them.

Josefa was married in 1919 in New Jersey and promptly moved to Ohio. From 1920 on, her life is well documented on, in the local newspaper (available on Google News Archives) and family memories.

As to the link you provided explaining manifest markings, it's invaluable! I have always wondered about those and did not know where to turn for explanations. I even had a family (three people) crossed out from one of the manifests (a different family), and I still entered them into my data as having traveled that day, because I assumed (incorrectly) that the manifests were compiled upon arrival or while in transit (sort of how we fill out customs declarations on the plane before landing), and the presence of the names on the manifest could not be explained other then by the fact that they sailed on it. I guessed (wrong again) that the crossed out lines meant something like "done processing these" upon arrival.

And you are right, these marking do help figure out whether and when the person was naturalized. I had no idea what to make of them.



Re: Bis from Nisko or Pysznica

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You're welcome.

I don't deal much with state documents. You might want to try posting on New Jersey's board.
Do try Poland's and Galicia's board.
The manifests were written at the port of departure. Basically just like now when one boards a plane, one gets a boarding pass.

Re: SROKA Franciszek, Klara

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Bummer :(
Depending on the occupation of the father, it is possible for the children to be born different location.
So than this Klara and Franciszek SROKAs are only coincidently named same as your ancestor.
Klara's arrival manifest could be under badly transcribed surname or she could have come under someone elses name if that person could not make it on that date. So many possibilities why you are not finding her arrival manifest. Could she have come thru Canada?

Re: SROKA Franciszek, Klara

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My grandmother was a Sroka before marriage. I believe
she came from Lisaw, Russia which was the name of the City
before Poland was separated from Russia. Names of the
cities changed after Poland was liberated. Her name
was Stefania and she came to the US in 1913. I do not
know if any relatives still are living in Poland. Do
you know if she could have been a relation?
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