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Hohlt and Winkelmann Families from Wehdem, Westphalia

Hohlt and Winkelmann Families from Wehdem, Westphalia

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Surnames: Hohlt, Winklemann

I am doing some family research on the Hohlt and Winkleman Families from Wehdem, Westphalia.

My GG Grandfather was Herman Friedrich Hohlt(1808) and His wife was Charlotte Winkelmann(1808). They immigrated to St. Louis Missouri in 1860. The immigrated along with their Son Johann Friedrich Wilhelm " Little Bill" Hohlt (1834) (my Great Grandfather) and Daughter Louise (1851). Also immigrated along with them were a neice and a nephew Sophie and Hermann Hohlt ages 17 and 15 in 1860. Also immigrating with them was another Wilhelm Hohlt age 4 in 1860. My Great Grandfather " Little Bill Hohlt" evidently located to Plum Hill (Washington Co) Illinois to Farm.

Any information you can provide on the Hohlt and Winklemann families would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Hohlt and Winkelmann Families from Wehdem, Westphalia

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Hello Janis,
I was quite surprised this morning when I saw your query at the Stemwede page.
I have compiled an Emigrant Database with all of those who have left this area of Westphalia mainly for America.
The Community of Stemwede has 13 towns who represents today the Community. All the known persons of these towns are to find in my Database.
This is some I can offer for your use:
Hohlt, Hermann Friedrich
tenant farmer
born: 7 July 1808 in Wehdem next to # 5
He was married 14 May 1834 at the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Wehdem with:
Hohlt, née Winkelmann, Charlotte Wilhelmine
born: 16 July 1808 in Oppendorf, parish Wehdem
Hohlt, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm
born: 9 November 1834, place not given
Hohlt, Charlotte Wilhelmine Louise
born: 14 September 1850, place not given
They emigrated with official release documents from Westrup next to # 93 to America, the date of that document:
11 July 1860.
In the same book I've found the following person:
Hohlt, Hermann Friedrich Carl
born: 13 March 1845 in Westrup, parish Wehdem
The date of his relaease document: 18 August 1860.
The other Hohlt persons you're speaking about are not in my Database, they are not to find in any of the emigrant sources for this area.
Please use my e-mail address for your answer, then we can communicate directly:
I've myself distant relatives in Wash. CO., IL, found them after a long break of about 100 years in the 1990ties and visited with them in 1998.
Hope all of this is welcome?
With regards,

Re: Hohlt and Winkelmann Families from Wehdem, Westphalia

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Surnames: Hohlt
Janis --

I've just posted the ancestry of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Hohlt, born November 9, 1834, on Rootsweb:

This link will be functional only until I next update my database. After that, access will be through the main index:

Robert Jackson

Re: Hohlt and Winkelmann Families from Wehdem, Westphalia

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Thank you very much!!

Is all that information in the Wehdem, Westphalia church records?

I am fairly new at this. Are the numbers after the towns the house numbers? And why would the last names not carry on from generation to generation?

You may contact me at

Again, thank you so much for the links.

Janis (Landwehr) Mayer

Re: Hohlt and Winkelmann Families from Wehdem, Westphalia

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Surnames: Hohlt
Janis --

All records in the database are documented with source notes. As you observe, the churchbooks are by far the most important source -- not just of Wehdem Parish, but also of the other two parishes of Stemwede, Dielingen and Levern. But there are other sources as well, such as censuses, tax lists, and marriage contracts.

All of the farms of Stemwede were given numbers in the late 1600s as part of increased rationalization of government through census-taking and tax collection. In general, the lowest numbers were given to the oldest and largest farms. As farms were gradually added over the succeeding years, new numbers were assigned. If the number is preceded by the word "by," it means that the family was not the farm holder but rather were landless laborers (Heuerlinge) who were living in a cottage (often not much more than a shed) located on the farm.

The naming customs of this region were intimately connected to land tenure and inheritance. In each generation, one and only one offspring was chosen to inherit the family farm. If the heir was male, then the naming practices were like ours, in that his wife and children bore his surname. But if the heir was female, then her husband and children adopted her surname (that is, the name associated with the family farm). Further, if the male heir died and his widow remarried, the new spouse would also adopt the surname associated with the farm. And if a farm fell vacant because there was no suitable heir in a particular generation, then the family chosen to take over the farm would adopt the surname associated with the farm. In each record in the database where one of these events occurred, I have made a note to that effect.

Your own family tree has two interesting variations of the naming customs. Anne Marie Elisabeth Klanke, born in about 1778 in Brockum, Hannover, was undoubtedly baptized with the natal surname of her father, Strangmeyer. But shortly after her birth, her family relocated to Wehdem Parish, where they took over the Klanke farm at 97 Wehdem. Following custom, the family thenceforth adopted the Klanke surname, even the children who had been born earlier and baptized as Strangmeyer. (It would be good to confirm this by reference to the Brockum churchbook, but it is not available on microfilm and can be consulted only in Germany.)

The second variation is even more interesting regarding the naming customs. Johann Heinrich Lehde, born in 1722, and Anne Margarethe Charlotte Schliekriede, born in about 1727, took over the Hilmer farm at 37 Oppendorf in about 1748 and adopted the Hilmer surname. Their chosen heir was to be their youngest son, Johann Friedrich, born in 1770. But he was too young at the time of their retirement to succeed them, so to manage the farm until he came of age, his oldest sibling, your ancestor, Anne Marie Ilsabein Hilmer, born in 1750, was chosen, with her husband, Hermann Heinrich Lehnker, as "interim" farm holder. During this time, they and all their children bore the Hilmer surname, but when Johann Friedrich came of age and took over the farm in 1797, Anne Marie Ilsabein's entire family resettled to a nearby laborer's cottage and reverted to the Lehnker surname. This is why, if you look for the birth record of your ancestor, Marie Henriette Lehnker, born in 1777, you will see that she was baptized with the surname Hilmer but then married, in 1808, with the surname Lehnker.

It should be noted that these naming practices were virtually universal in much of northwestern Germany until the year 1820, when they rather swiftly converted to the modern practice of use of the husband's surname in all circumstances.

PleI welcome any further questions or comments you may have.

Robert Jackson

Heinrich Wilhelm Hohlt - Westrup or Wehdem?

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Surnames: Hohlt
Hello Wilhelm,

Janis Mayer suggested I contact you to see how I might gain access to your Emigrant Database? As I mentioned to Janis, my head spins with all the recycled names my ancestors chose. She and I both have a Johann Friedrich HOHLT but mine was born just a few years off hers on Nov 24, 1745 in Westrup, Coesfeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Prussia (According to the information I recently acquired) I am unfamiliar with the communities in present day Germany and even less so in the Prussia of the early 19th century. Could my family be found in your database? Is this location close to Wehdem? Your expertise is sought and any advice or direction will be most appreciated.


Lance Holt
Los Angeles, CA

Re: Hohlt and Winkelmann Families from Wehdem, Westphalia

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Surnames: Hohlt
Do you have a current link to your database?

I am finding different fathers and mothers for one of my relatives and am hoping your database can help sort it out.

PS: I am using my cousin's account and am not sure I would see or know how to get to a reply. My email is


Shannon Hohlt Latzke
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