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Gardner Gardiner Gardener

Gardner Gardiner Gardener

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Surnames: Gardner Gardiner Gardener
Thanks to some very kind people out there who have been so very helpful

I have now solved the Robert Elizabeth puzzle. They are both from Deddington!
So now I have traced the family further back To a William and Alice Gardner born about 1710 Deddington records give them as of Clifton

I have 2 disks now for Oxfordshire but it does'nt cover Clifton has any one out there got a disk including Clifton?who could look up for me?

I would just like to know if there is a William Gardner born about 1710 ish maybe a bit earlier marrying an Alice, They moved to Deddington, abt 1731 first appearing with the registration for a baptism of Valentine Gardner, born 1731 Deddington, stating his parents William, and Alice, are of Clifton. They may have married about 1730 or earlier? as
they may have had other earlier children in Clifton?

If William does indeed come from there I would like to know if his family go a little further back I would like to be sure I have the correct info before buying another disk

Kind regards Jools

Re: Gardner Gardiner Gardener

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Hi Jools,

I recommend getting the marriage index for Oxfordshire as this will help with marriages pre-1837 in the county.

A William GARDNER married an Alice WARD in Hanwell 4 October 1730. He is noted as coming from Deddington.

Clifton is a apparently a hamlet of Deddington so if you have that CD you have Clifton.

William GARDNER in 1714/15 son to Richard and Mary could very well be the one marrying Alice. If he survived. They did marry young in those days, so I'd keep him in mind.

Hanwell is on the Banbury CD no.3 unfortunately there are only two WARD entries and one is an Alis who was baptised in 1704 to John/Elinor.

There are GARDINERS in this parish too but I couldn't see a William around Alice's birth. If this is our Alice I do have my doubts about the 1715 William



Re: Gardner Gardiner Gardener

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Hi Lyn,
Thankyou very much for looking this up for me I do Have the disk for Deddington, but thought i may well need to buy another.
Thanks for the tip about marriage register i'll look in to that. I think the Marriage entry for William and Alice appears interesting, as you say an Alis Ward, was registered as being baptised 1704 this would be too early for William b 1714/5

There are no deaths, i can see recorded for a Wiliam Gardner, until 1777 It could be this is the son of Richard and Mary?

There are no real records of Gardner's, in Deddington until 1709 with the birth of Richard s Richard and Mary I cant find a marriage entry for them? I would think they would have married abt 1708, no mention where they are from? no parish given?
The Gardner name is very sporadic before this so i cant link anyone else together? There are entries for Garner could this be a early spelling variation of this surname?

I am thinking this is about as far as I can go back now.

But i have enjoyed the journey. Most of this line has stayed around the Banbury and London areas only my part of the tree are Northeners!

Another big Thankyou! Lyn, and to everyone else out there who have been such a great help.
Best wishes Julia

Re: Gardner Gardiner Gardener

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Not so...

There's a William GARDNER baptised in Banbury which borders Hanwell (Alice's parish) and is about 2-3 parishes over from Deddington.

He was the son of Valentine GARDNER baptised 6 September 1702.

Not saying it's him but a candidate. There may also be others about in the inbetween parishes too.

Eleanor HIRONS who married John WARD came from Hornton which is a couple of parishes over from where they married.


Re: Gardner Gardiner Gardener

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Hi LYn, Thanks again for helping.You have been brilliant!!! I am Very interested in Valentine! There is a Valentine Gardner, first born Son of William Gardner, and Alice of Clifton b 1731 registered Deddington records whom we thought could be Alice ward of Hanwell?
I think this could be connected? as this could be the why William named his first son Valentine? which is an unusual name.and would make sense If sennior Valentine, is wiliams father? (it had struck me as an odd name choice for our family as they are all Richard's John's Robert's william's Thomas'es etc) The marriage age is much more accurate as well. I have disks BAnbury district vol 3 and Woodstock Vol 2 can you tell me if there are others from this line on the records? and what disk i'll need to order please as there are quite a few. Many thanks again lyn best wishes Julia

Re: Gardner Gardiner Gardener

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The baptism entry lies in Banbury Registration Area CD Rom 1.

Valentine is apparently from Grimsbury which is like Clifton in a way, except this suburb is close to Banbury itself.

I have to point out that I found a William being baptised to a Thomas (a tailor) in 1707 which I found after I posted but since you have a Valentine in the tree already I'd lean more towards the first William but I'm always cautious to keep the second one in mind.

Looking on the Marriage Index there is one entry of a Valentine GARDNER marrying an Elizabeth in Wroxton 1702 and seems to fit our William of 1702 despite the early birth. But this is where it gets confusing....and it seems there may be 2 Valentine GARDNERs....

There doesn't seem to be anymore baptisms for Valentine GARDNER after or before 1702 in Banbury. Which had me think it was this Valentine and Elizabeth because in Wroxton they don't have any children until Thomas in early 1704. Unfortunately in 1705 Valentine and Elizabeth have a child baptised William which throws doubt on this as I cannot find a burial previously for a William in either parish.

Wroxton is on Banbury CD Rom 2

A Robert GARDNER also names his child Valentine in Banbury so it seems not as uncommon as we think in the area.

I just looked in Cropredy a parish further north and it is full of GARDENERs (Banbury CD Rom 2) and yes, there is a William being baptised in 1702/3 to a William/Elizabeth.

I tend to think it may be wise to get Banbury CD Rom 1 and 2 just to see if you can sort out the various GARDNERs there. But this is just an suggestion.



Re: Gardner Gardiner Gardener

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Hi Lyn, Thankyou for looking this up for me. I will investigate this further and see what transpires.I will probably end up buying the whole of the Banbury Disks by the end of this research as The Gardner's seem to get about a bit!

It has been very good of you to help me as much as you have all the very best Jools

Re: Gardner Gardiner Gardener

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Did you find any more info on william gardner?
from james gardner son of
graham william gardner who is the son of my grandfather james gardner son of william gardner all of us from clifton nr deddington.
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