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The following information has been graciously supplied to me by others and, although I have not completely verified the contents, I am fairly comfortable it is accurate or very close to it. I am posting it here in an attempt to help others in the manner in which I have been helped. Should anyone viewing the information find any errors or can add any additional information, I would appreciate hearing from you.

First Generation

1. John MALONE (MELONE) Sr. Born between 1724 and 1740 in Carroll County, Maryland. John died in Baltimore, Maryland in 1783, he was 59. Occupation: Blacksmith in Stepheny Parish, Maryland.

John first married Sarah Edith COLE.

They had the following children:
2 i. John (1752-1823)
ii. Michael. Born in 1746. Michael died between 1819 and 1830, he was 73.

iii. William. Born before 1759. William died between 1782 and 1786, he was 23.

iv. Comfort. Born in 1750. Comfort died in 1830, she was 80.

Comfort married John HICKS.

v. Mary.

Mary married Tennessee WEEMS.

3 vi. George (~1762-~1830)

John second married Rebecca BROWN.

Second Generation

2. John MALONE Jr. Born in 1752 in Maryland. John died in Greene County, Tennessee in 1823, he was 71.

On July 20, 1780 when John was 28, he first married Mary Ann POSEY, in Bedford County, Virginia. Born in 1760. Mary Ann died after 1830, she was 70.

They had the following children:
4 i. William (1781-1844)
5 ii. Humphery (1785-1822)
iii. Charity. Born in 1783. Charity died in 1808, she was 25.

On January 5, 1805 when Charity was 22, she married Zachariah LUSTER.

6 iv. Joseph (1788-1841)
v. Betsy. Born in 1790. Betsy died in 1852, she was 62.

On October 14, 1812 when Betsy was 22, she married David REYNOLDS.

vi. Polly Mary. Born in 1800. Polly Mary died after 1860, she was 60.

On July 2, 1816 when Polly Mary was 16, she married Jesse REYNOLDS.

vii. Anna. Born about 1790.

On August 23, 1814 when Anna was 24, she married Rueben REYNOLDS.

viii. Sally.

John second married Charity POSEY.

3. George MALONE (MELONE). Born between 1762 and 1774. George died in Sullivan County, Tennessee about 1830, he was 68.

George married Rachel. Born in 1760.

They had the following children:
i. Ruth.

ii. John. Born between 1780 and 1784. John died in 1846-1847, he was 66.

iii. William A.. Born in 1784. William A. died after 1860, he was 76.

iv. Jemima. Born in 1792-1800. Jemima died in 1860-1870, she was 68.

v. Amos. Born in 1795. Amos died about 1872, he was 77.

vi. George. Born in 1798. George died in 1850-1860, he was 52.

vii. Joseph H.. Born in 1809-1812. Joseph H. died after 1870, he was 61.

7 viii. Solomon

Third Generation

4. William MALONE. Born on November 11, 1781 in Tennessee. William died in Greene County, Tennessee on March 24, 1844, he was 62. Buried in Ottway.

On March 31, 1803 when William was 21, he married Mary WEST, in Greene County, Tennessee. Born on June 24, 1781 in Rockingham County, Virginia. Mary died in Greene County, Tennessee on January 20, 1862, she was 80.

They had the following children:
i. John. Born on June 21, 1804. John died on September 1, 1878, he was 74.

8 ii. William West (1807-1848)
iii. Humphrey. Born in 1809. Humphrey died in 1870-1880, he was 61.

iv. Nancy. Born on April 30, 1812. Nancy died on May 28, 1872, she was 60.

v. Levi. Born in 1818. Levi died after 1870, he was 52.

vi. Rebecca. Born in 1818. Rebecca died on January 8, 1860, she was 42.

vii. Mary Jane. Born on August 9, 1821. Mary Jane died on December 14, 1900, she was 79.

viii. Daniel. Born in 1825-1830. Daniel died after 1890, he was 65.

5. Humphery MALONE. Born in 1785. Humphery died in Tennessee in July 1822, he was 37.

On December 6, 1808 when Humphery was 23, he married Temperance CARTER. Born Between 1780 and 1790 in Greene County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
i. Priscilla. Born in 1810. Priscilla died between 1840 and 1850, she was 30.

9 ii. John (~1810-~1887)
iii. Nancy. Born in 1812.

iv. Ellender "Nellie". Born in 1814.

6. Joseph MALONE. Born in 1788 in Greene County, Tennessee. Joseph died in 1841, he was 53.

On April 2, 1812 when Joseph was 24, he married Jenny GRIMES, in Greene County, Tennessee. Born in 1790-1800 in Greene County, Tennessee. Jenny died in 1838-1840, she was 48.

They had the following children:
i. William. Born in 1813-1815. William died about 1845, he was 32.

ii. Mary. Born in 1818. Mary died in 1843-1847, she was 25.

iii. Samuel. Born in 1818. Samuel died in January 1880, he was 62.

iv. Nancy. Born in 1821.

10 v. John M (1823-1893)
vi. Jane Ann. Born on May 10, 1828. Jane Ann died on December 17, 1902, she was 74.

vii. Joseph. Born about 1830. Joseph died in 1860-1870, he was 30.

viii. Cynthia. Born in 1831.

ix. Elizabeth. Born on August 10, 1834. Elizabeth died on July 16, 1916, she was 81.

x. Smith Harvy. Born in 1838. Smith Harvy died before 1871, he was 33.

xi. Unknown.

7. Solomon MALONE (MELONE).

On August 5, 1813 Solomon married Betsy ORTON, in Greene County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
11 i. George (~1821->1880)
ii. John A.. Born in 1822. John A. died after 1880, he was 58.

iii. Joseph. Born about 1814. Joseph died after 1880, he was 66.

iv. Mary (Polly). Born on July 4, 1829. Mary (Polly) died on November 20, 1886, she was 57.

v. Jermina. Born on May 25, 1833. Jermina died on May 2, 1866, she was 32.

Fourth Generation

8. William West MALONE. Born in 1807 in Greene County, Tennessee. William West died in Greene County, Tennessee in 1848-1849, he was 41.

On January 15, 1824 when William West was 17, he married Margaret DUGGER, in Greene County, Tennessee. Born in 1804 in Greene County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
i. Sarah. Born on July 5, 1827. Sarah died on August 12, 1902, she was 75.

ii. Hiley. Born about 1830. Hiley died in 1884, he was 54.

iii. Rebecca. Born on April 5, 1834. Rebecca died on November 28, 1913, she was 79.

iv. John Holtsinger. Born on July 13, 1839 in Greene County, Tennessee. John Holtsinger died in Greene County, Tennessee on April 18, 1920, he was 80. Buried on April 19, 1920 in Fairview Cemetery, Green County, Tennessee. Occupation: Farmer, Greene County, Tennessee, Civil District 20.

On January 11, 1859 when John Holtsinger was 19, he first married Mary C. WEBB, in Greene County, Tennessee.

On December 19, 1909 when John Holtsinger was 70, he second married Mary J. (Bashor) WILLS. Born about 1857.

v. Margaret. Born in 1840. Margaret died on March 20, 1912, she was 72.

vi. Thomas B.. Born in 1841. Thomas B. died after 1900, he was 59.

9. John MALONE. Born about 1810 in Greene County, Tennessee. John died in Greene County, Tennessee about 1887, he was 77. Buried in Greene County, Tennessee.

On July 9, 1829 when John was 19, he married Patsy (Martha) EDMUNDS, in Greene County, Tennessee. Born between 1805 and 1809 in Virginia. Patsy (Martha) died in Greene County, Tennessee between 1870 and 1880, she was 65.

They had the following children:
i. Sarah J.. Born in 1830.

12 ii. Mariah (1832-)
iii. George A.. Born on July 9, 1838 in Greene County, Tennessee. George A. died in Greene County, Tennessee on June 17, 1917, he was 78. Buried in Greene County, Tennessee.

On April 18, 1865 when George A. was 26, he married Elizabeth BRITTON. Born on January 2, 1844 in Greene County, Tennessee. Elizabeth died in Greene County, Tennessee on July 19, 1916, she was 72.

iv. John D.. Born on January 4, 1842. John D. died on January 17, 1916, he was 74.

v. William. Born on September 28, 1842. William died on August 25, 1917, he was 74.

vi. Harvey Brown. Born on February 21, 1847. Harvey Brown died on August 17, 1914, he was 67.

10. John M MALONE. Born on December 8, 1823 in Greene County, Tennessee. John M died in Greene County, Tennessee on May 9, 1893, he was 69.

On December 27, 1841 when John M was 18, he married Polly Ann GASS. Born in March 1819 in Greene County, Tennessee. Polly Ann died in Greene County, Tennessee on August 19, 1872, she was 53.

They had the following children:
i. William H.. Born on October 5, 1850. William H. died on August 11, 1903, he was 52.

ii. Joseph A.. Born on July 10, 1855 in Greene County, Tennessee. Joseph A. died in Greene County, Tennessee on November 27, 1923, he was 68. Buried in Cross Anchor Cemetery, Greene County, Tennessee.

On January 8, 1876 when Joseph A. was 20, he married Mily Elizabeth MALONE, daughter of George MALONE (MELONE) (11) & Elizabeth Harriett JARMIN. Born on March 17, 1854 in Greene County, Tennessee. Mily Elizabeth died on May 18, 1900, she was 46.

iii. Sarah M.. Born in 1855.

iv. John G.. Born on August 10, 1850. John G. died on May 18, 1891, he was 40.

11. George MALONE (MELONE). Born about 1821 in Greene County, Tennessee. George died after 1880, he was 59.

George married Elizabeth Harriett JARMIN.

They had the following children:
i. Mily Elizabeth. Born on March 17, 1854 in Greene County, Tennessee. Mily Elizabeth died on May 18, 1900, she was 46.

On January 8, 1876 when Mily Elizabeth was 21, she married Joseph A. MALONE, son of John M MALONE (10) & Polly Ann GASS. Born on July 10, 1855 in Greene County, Tennessee. Joseph A. died in Greene County, Tennessee on November 27, 1923, he was 68.

ii. William. Born in 1844. William died after 1860, he was 16.

iii. Nancy. Born in 1846. Nancy died on June 29, 1891, she was 45.

iv. John F.. Born on March 7, 1849. John F. died on February 2, 1937, he was 87.

v. James Harvy. Born in 1850. James Harvy died after 1910, he was 60.

vi. George Anderson (Skinner). Born in 1860. George Anderson (Skinner) died in 1937, he was 77.

Fifth Generation

12. Mariah MALONE. Born in 1832 in Tennessee. Occupation: Keeping House.

On October 17, 1851 when Mariah was 19, she married George HARVEY, son of Kitchen Smith HARVEY & Nancy McLAIN, in Greene County, Tennessee. Born in 1829 in Tennessee.

They had the following children:
13 i. Albert (~1852-)
14 ii. Sarah E. (1854-)
iii. Mary A. M.. Born in 1858 in Kaufman County, Texas, at home.

15 iv. Nancy Jane (1858-1931)
v. James William. Born in 1864 in Texas.

On September 10, 1885 when James William was 21, he married M. A. SEABOURN, in Collin County, Texas.

vi. Joseph W.. Born about 1866 in Texas, at home.

vii. Ella B.. Born about 1872 in Texas, at home.

Sixth Generation

13. Albert HARVEY. Born about 1852 in Tennessee.

Albert married Mary, daughter of ? & ?. Born about 1854 in Arkansas.

They had the following children:
i. Mary E.. Born about 1876 in Texas.

ii. Sarah J.. Born about 1879 in Texas.

iii. unknown. Born about 1880 in Texas.

14. Sarah E. HARVEY. Born in 1854 in Tennessee.

On September 21, 1873 when Sarah E. was 19, she married Alex F. HACKLER, in Collin County, Texas. Born in 1854 in Missouri.

They had the following children:
i. George. Born in 1874.

ii. Ed M.. Born in January 1880.

15. Nancy Jane HARVEY. Born on June 15, 1858 in Kaufman County, Texas, at home. Nancy Jane died in Pike City, Carter County, Oklahoma on January 6, 1931, she was 72. Buried on January 7, 1931 in Hastings (Jefferson County) Oklahoma. Occupation: Housewife.

On March 12, 1881 when Nancy Jane was 22, she married Andrew Joseph "A.J." JACKSON, son of JACKSON & Nancy, in McKinney, Texas. Born on February 17, 1857 in Texas. Andrew Joseph "A.J." died in Jefferson County, Oklahoma on September 12, 1919, he was 62.

They had the following children:
i. Robert.

16 ii. George Andrew (1884-1934)
17 iii. John Wesley (1886-1960)
18 iv. Joseph Elmer (1891-1932)
19 v. Francis Marion (Mutt) (1892-1952)
20 vi. Mary May (1897-1937)
vii. Velma Agnes. Born on June 15, 1903 in Grady (Jefferson County) Oklahoma. Buried in Graham (Carter County) Oklahoma.

Velma Agnes married Dewey OVERTON.

Seventh Generation

16. George Andrew JACKSON. Born on April 5, 1884 in McKinney, (Collins County) Texas. George Andrew died on March 19, 1934, he was 49. Buried in Walters (Cotton County) Oklahoma.

George Andrew married Nannie Maybell SMITH.

They had the following children:
21 i. Bernice Elmer
ii. Beatrice.

Beatrice married RITCHEY.

iii. Leona.

Leona married SNODGRASS.

17. John Wesley JACKSON. Born on March 22, 1886 in McKinney (Collins County) Texas. John Wesley died on May 15, 1960, he was 74. Buried in Walters (Cotton County) Oklahoma.

John Wesley married Hattie Grace. Born about 1888 in Oklahoma.

They had the following children:
i. Ethel.

ii. Wesley. Born about 1908 in Oklahoma.

iii. Burly R.. Born about 1906 in Oklahoma.

18. Joseph Elmer JACKSON. Born on May 23, 1891 in Grady (Jefferson County) )Oklahoma. Joseph Elmer died on June 5, 1932, he was 41. Buried in Hastings (Jefferson County) Oklahoma. Occupation: Laborer of odd jobs (1910 Census).

On December 14, 1912 when Joseph Elmer was 21, he married Mary Pearl PHIPPS, in Ringling, Oklahoma.

They had the following children:
i. Chot.

22 ii. Clydene

19. Francis Marion (Mutt) JACKSON. Born on October 14, 1892 in Dallas, Texas USA. Francis Marion (Mutt) died in Ceres, California on May 4, 1952, he was 59. Buried in 1952 in Ceres, California. Religion: Protestant.

On January 7, 1917 when Francis Marion (Mutt) was 24, he married Mary "Edna" DANIEL, daughter of Martin Van Buren Daniel & Mary Minerva Mead, in Hastings, Jefferson County, Oklahoma. Born on March 15, 1900 in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, Roff, Oklahoma USA. Mary "Edna" died in Stanislaus County, California on December 19, 1988, she was 88.

20. Mary May JACKSON. Born in 1897 in Grady (Jefferson County) Oklahoma. Mary May died in Crowell (Foard County) Texas on March 18, 1937, she was 40.

Mary May first married Jim LEWIS.

They had one child:
i. Jodean.

Mary May second married BATTLIS.

They had the following children:



Eighth Generation

21. Bernice Elmer JACKSON.

Bernice Elmer married Minnie Elizabeth BOWEN.

They had the following children:
i. Helen Waunice.

Helen Waunice married ABSHER.

ii. Bernice Glyneer "Glyn".

iii. Katy Mae.

iv. Floyd Eldon.

v. Alvie Laverne "Vern".

25 vi. Betty "Jean"
vii. Delores Maxine.

viii. Gerald Dean "Buddy".

ix. Alice Arlene.

22. Clydene JACKSON.

Clydene first married Bob.

They had one child:
i. Joann.

Clydene second married ????.

Ninth Generation

25. Betty "Jean" JACKSON.

Betty "Jean" married FIELDING.

They had the following children:






Bob spouse of 22
Hattie Grace spouse of 17
Joann child of 22
Mary spouse of 13
Rachel spouse of 3
UNNAMED spouse of 22
UNNAMED spouse of 20
UNNAMED child of 20
UNNAMED child of 20
UNNAMED child of 20
Minnie Elizabeth spouse of 21
Rebecca spouse of 1
Temperance spouse of 5
Sarah Edith spouse of 1
Mary "Edna" spouse of 19
Margaret spouse of 8
Patsy (Martha) spouse of 9
UNNAMED spouse of 25
UNNAMED child of 25
UNNAMED child of 25
UNNAMED child of 25
UNNAMED child of 25
UNNAMED child of 25
Polly Ann spouse of 10
Jenny spouse of 6
Alex F. spouse of 14
Ed M. child of 14
George child of 14
Albert 13
Ella B. child of 12
George spouse of 12
James William child of 12
Joseph W. child of 12
Mary A. M. child of 12
Mary E. child of 13
Nancy Jane 15
Sarah E. 14
Sarah J. child of 13
unknown child of 13
Alice Arlene child of 21
Alvie Laverne "Vern" child of 21
Andrew Joseph "A.J." spouse of 15
Beatrice child of 16
Bernice Elmer 21
Bernice Glyneer "Glyn" child of 21
Betty "Jean" 25
Burly R. child of 17
Chot child of 18
Clydene 22
Delores Maxine child of 21
Ethel child of 17
Floyd Eldon child of 21
Francis Marion (Mutt) 19
George Andrew 16
Gerald Dean "Buddy" child of 21
Helen Waunice child of 21
John Wesley 17
Joseph Elmer 18
Katy Mae child of 21
Leona child of 16
Mary May 20
Robert child of 15
Velma Agnes child of 15
Wesley child of 17
Elizabeth Harriett spouse of 11
Jim spouse of 20
Jodean child of 20
Anna child of 2
Betsy child of 2
Charity child of 2
Cynthia child of 6
Daniel child of 4
Elizabeth child of 6
Ellender "Nellie" child of 5
George A. child of 9
Harvey Brown child of 9
Hiley child of 8
Humphery 5
Humphrey child of 4
Jane Ann child of 6
John 9
John Jr 2
John child of 4
John D. child of 9
John G. child of 10
John Holtsinger child of 8
John M 10
Joseph 6
Joseph child of 6
Joseph A. child of 10
Levi child of 4
Margaret child of 8
Mariah 12
Mary child of 6
Mary Jane child of 4
Mily Elizabeth child of 11
Nancy child of 5
Nancy child of 4
Nancy child of 6
Polly Mary child of 2
Priscilla child of 5
Rebecca child of 4
Rebecca child of 8
Sally child of 2
Samuel child of 6
Sarah child of 8
Sarah J. child of 9
Sarah M. child of 10
Smith Harvy child of 6
Thomas B. child of 8
Unknown child of 6
William child of 9
William 4
William child of 6
William H. child of 10
William West 8
Amos child of 3
Comfort child of 1
George 3
George child of 3
George 11
George Anderson (Skinner) child of 11
James Harvy child of 11
Jemima child of 3
Jermina child of 7
John Sr 1
John child of 3
John A. child of 7
John F. child of 11
Joseph child of 7
Joseph H. child of 3
Mary child of 1
Mary (Polly) child of 7
Michael child of 1
Nancy child of 11
Ruth child of 3
Solomon 7
William child of 1
William child of 11
William A. child of 3
Betsy spouse of 7
Mary Pearl spouse of 18
Charity spouse of 2
Mary Ann spouse of 2
Nannie Maybell spouse of 16
Mary spouse of 4

Re: Harvey/Malone

Dorothy Reynolds Brenner (View posts)
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A few additions to Keith Jackson's posting, using his number-
ing system:
1. John Malone Sr. was b. 1/1/1721-22 and I believe he died
in Greene Co. in 1794.
i. His son John Jr. (1752-1823) first married l) Charity Posey,
sister of his second wife Mary Anne, and they had 2 children:
Zachariah who m. Rachael Casteel 2/11/1798 in Greene Co.
TN. and John the 3rd who m. Margary Casteel 8/8/1800 in
Greene co. Charity must have died and then John married
her sister Mary Anne who was b. 1760 d. 1830.
ii. Michael b. 1746 d. 1819-1830 did marry but I have no infor.
iv. Comfort married in Sevier Co to John Hicks (1750-1830)
and had 10 children whose names I have.
v. Mary m. Tennessee Weems and had dtr Nancy Ann 1843
vi. George m. abt. 1780 Rachel b. 1765 and had 9 children
whose names I have.
2. John Jr. or 2nd b. 1752 MD d. 1823 Greene Co. TN and
Mary Ann Posey had:
i. William b. 11/11/1781 d. 3/24/1844 m. 3/31/1803 Mary
West (6/24/1781--1/20/1862) and had 8 children whose names
I have.
ii. Humphrey (1785-1822) and Temperance Carter m. 12/6/1808 and had 5 children whose names I have.
iii. Charity b. 1783. I have death date as 1822 instead of
iv. Joseph (1788-1841) and Jenny Grimes m. 1812 and had
12 children whose names I have.
v. Betsy b. 1790 d. 1852 m. David Reynolds (my great, great
uncle b. 1790 d. 12/1848 and they had at least 2 children:
David Jr. 1813 and Joseph--and I have their descendents.
vi. Polly Mary b. 1800 d. 1860 m. 7/2/1816 my great, great
grandfather, Jesse Reynolds and I ahve their descendents.
vii. Anna b. 1790 m. my great great uncle Reuben 8/23/1814
and had at least l son, J. M. b. 1816 d. 1886 who m. Nancy
Dunlap 1838. She d. 1875. They had son George W. 1846
who m. Idella Walker 3/8/1876 and had Wade H, Grace and
Walker Malone.
ix. Solomon b. 1793 m. Amy Casteel 3/21/1820 and had
John A. b. 1822 m. Anna Reynolds 9/17/1842 and had
Andrew Jackson Malone 8/18/1845 who m. Jane W. Justis
6/22/1865 and had 9 children whose names I have.

3. George Malone m. Rachel Unknown in 1765 instead of
i. Ruth b. abt. 1802
ii. John b. 1781
iv. Jemima b. 1786 d. 1854
viii. Solomon b. abt. 1790
ix. Pearl

4. William (1781-1844)
i. John 1804-78 m. Temperance weems 1/19/1830 and had
Thomas N. b. 4/17/1832 and Mary Ann (Polly) b. 1/6/1836
ii. William West (1807-48) m. 1/15/1824 Margaret Dugger b.
1803 and had 6 children whose names I have.
iii. Humphrey (1809-1850) m. Elizabeth Linebaugh 3/5/1829
and had 8 children whose names I have.
iv. Nancy Catherine (1812-1872) m. Wlliam Weems 12/26/1832 and had William b. 12/26/1832 who had Wm D.
v. Levi (1818-1870) m. Jerusha Wyllis 1841 and had 8 children
whose names I have.
vi. Rebecca (1818-1860) m. Cornelius Flaster.
vii. Mary Jane (1821-1900) m. thomas Norwood Weems(1824-
1882) on 2/19/1841.
viii. Daniel (1825-1890.) m. Nancy McAlpin.

5. Humphrey (1785-1822) married 12/6/1808 Temperance
Carter and their children are listed with some additions:
ii. John (1810-1887) m. Patsy (Martha) Edmunds 7/9/1829
and had 6 children whose names I have.

6. Joseph (1788-1841) m. Jenny Grimes 4/2/1812 and I have a
few changes to their children:
i. William was b. 1814 and m. Elizabeth McAmish 9/16/1838
ii. Mary b. 1818 m. John Justis
iii Samuel b. 1818 m. Mary Miller (1830-1911) and had 7
children whose name I have.
iv. Nancy Catherine b. 4/30/1812 d. 5/28/1872 m. 12/26/1832
William weems and had William D.
v. John M. (I have birth date as 6/21/1804)
vi. Jane Ann (1828-1902) m. John Linebaugh (1831-1911)
vii. Joseph 2nd (1830-1865) m. Hila Dugger
viii. Scynthia Caroline b. 1831 m. George Gass (1831-1870) on 1/1/1851 and had 6 children whose names I have.
ix. Elizabeth (1834-1916) m. Alexander Gass (1829-1884)
on 10/22/1851 and had at least 4 children whose names I have
x. Smith Harvy or Harvey (1838-1871) m. Elizabeth Jane
Holland (1834-1871) on 1/28/1861 and had Mary Ann (1861-65) who m. John R. Weems 12/23/1883.
xi. Unknown is Ann.
7. Solomon and Betsy Orton:
ii. John A. (1822-1880) m. Anna Reynolds 1/17/1842 and had
Andrew Jackson as previously given.
8. William West (s. of Wm and Mary West Malone) (1807-50)
i. Sarah Harriett (1827-1902) m. Manlove Duncan McCurry
(1823-1885) and had 9 children whose names I have.
ii. Hiley was a woman, not a man as listed, and m. Henry T.
McCurry 2/1/1884.
iv. John Holtsinger m. Mary C. Webb 4/12/1907 and had 9
children whose names I have.
v. Margaret Matilda b. 4/18/1841 d. 2/16/1912 m. Archibald
White(1839-1910) m. 2/9/1860
vi. Thomas B. (1841-aft. 1900) m. Nancy C. Jeffers 9/25/1860
and had Melvina Adaline Jeffers Malone (1861-1931) who
married James Crawford Reynolds,2nd (my cousin) 1856-1913) on 6/15/1871 and had Charlie and maybe more.

9. John Malone (1810-1887) m. Patsy (Martha) Edmunds)
ii. Mariah b. 1832 m. George Harvey 10/17/18151 and had 4
children whose name I have and you probably do also.
iii. George A. (1838-1917 and Elizabeth Britton(1844=1916): children: a.John Wilkerson m. Bulah Mae Malone
on 10/19/1869 and had 4 children whose names I have, and
b. william H. b. 7/10/1867

l0. John M. Malone (1823-1893) and (Polly) Mary Ann Gass
i. William H. (1850-1903) m. Mary Ann Malone (1853-1910)
and had 9 children whose names I have.
ii. Joseph A. (1855-1923) and Mily Elizabeth Malone, dtr
of George and Elizabeth Harriet Jarmin, had 9 children whose
names I have.

We hope these random acts of kindness encourage others
to do likewise.

Re: Harvey/Malone

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Thanks for the additional information.


Re: Harvey/Malone

candice malone cobb (View posts)
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Reference from your post
1. John MALONE (MELONE) Sr. Born between 1724 and 1740 in Carroll County, Maryland. John died in Baltimore, Maryland in 1783, he was 59. Occupation: Blacksmith in Stepheny Parish, Maryland.

John first married Sarah Edith COLE.

I've recently sent an inquiry to the DAR patriot lookup site regarding John Melone (Malone) Sr. The DAR info matches up with yours except for birth place (they have France) -- they have his birthday as 1728 and death as August 2, 1783. 1st spouse -- Edith Cole, second spouse -- Rebecca

can you direct me to document/source of your john malone? my ggggggrandfather was john malone

if you have any interest in purchasing the Malone and Allied Families book by Randolph A. Malone, spoke with him today and he will sell remaining copies for $50 plus $5.50 s/h -- his address is

randolph a malone
36 chiggerchaw ridge road
clarkesville, ga 30523

Re: Harvey/Malone

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I received the information from: Bill Dunn ( of Greeneville, TN. Bill is a descendant of John Holtsinger Malone. Bill also has a book of Malones containing about 138 pages on the family; Dorothy Reynolds Benner ( great ganddaugther of Polly Mary Malone and Jesse Reynolds; and Bob Shell ( of Blountville, TN, descendant of George Malone b. abt 1764.

Below are some additional comments on John Malone:

John Malone and his son, John Jr. both fought in the Lord Dunmore War in 1774-1776 along with George and William Malone and all were on the Muster Roll of Fincastle County, Virginia with Captain David Looney's Company and Lt. Daniel Boone as well. After the war, they received land grants in Tennessee and went to Greene County, Tennessee, where it is said they once owned most of the land. They were Irish and were in Tennessee about 100 years before 1871 and both John's signed the petition to create Washington County on November 6, 1777 along with George and William. They have many descedants in Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas. (Dorothy Reynolds Benner)

There is a Malone Castle in Ireland and some relatives still live there. (Dorothy Reynolds Benner)

Grant number 90 from the state of North Carolina dated 3 October 1782...50 shillings for every 100 acres givin to John Melone tract containing 200 acres lying and being in the county of Sullivan Co. on the waters of Beaver Creek. (Bob Shell)

Maryland land records...Carroll Co. Md., Vol. TI#3, page 343 records the warrant and deed of John Melone of Baltimore Co. Md. buys 50 acres called Timber Ridge from James Johnson on 6 April on the north side of a branch called Hollow Rock branch this land now in Carroll Co. Md. (Bob Shell)

Maryland land records ...Fredrick Co. Md. liber J. page 380...John Malone, blacksmith of Baltimore Co. sold 50 acres called Timber Ridge to John White 15 may 1764..Sarah Melone releases her dower right. (Bob Shell)

Liber F-G page 1269 John Melone purchases 100 acres from Joseph Chaplin 20 Nov. 1760 and recorded 18 Mar 1761 (Bob Shell)

Maryland state archives...Revolutionary records, Deck 1, Range 1, Section 4, Container 27 list the following: Captain Joseph Chaplin, Evan Shelby Sr, Evan Shelby Jr, page 197 listed John Melone, John Casteel, Zachariah Casteel, Peter Casteel. (Bob Shell)

Military Service prepared by Ronald A. Cofiel regarding the Melone families of Maryland speaks of John Melone listed in Capt. Thomas Norris' company in 1757 or 1758 were not paid until 1767. Vol IX 1914 provides a list of claims of those on whom soldiers were quartered and a list of claims for muster rolls...taken from a book of 109 pages compiled for the general assembly committee on entry refers to Capt. Delashmuts muster roll Aug 13, 1757 and a subsequent one is an account in this account John Melone is shown as being paid for 30 days attendance. This does give John's wife's first name as Sarah. It also puts the Malones and Casteels together before Sullivan County and Greene County, TN. (Bob Shell)

I would be interested in any corrections you might have on the family or any information you would be willing to share.

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candice malone cobb (View posts)
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wow! thanks for all the information. i can't say that i have any documented sources. my knowledge of my ancestors has come from family. i think your info is in fact about my ggggggrandfather. especially when you mentioned zachariah casteel -- there are 3 or 4 instances of malones marrying casteels -- and, my ggggrandparents, william malone and mary (polly) west are buried in Malone cemetery on Casteel farm in ottway, greene county, tennessee.

making a short weekend trek in mid july to east tennessee. hope to find the cemetery of william and mary. if you need any info on on the line containing john malone sr, john malone jr., william malone, levi malone, thomas daniel malone, george lee malone, herbert lee malone (my dad) i'd be happy to share what i know -- again, not really documented but pieced together information (although i do think that my parents' family bible has levi malone listed as my dad's ggrandfather.

thomas daniel malone, i believe, tried to single handedly populate north east tennessee (no tv back then) he and first wife, margaret woods had 8 children. he and second wife, caroline murdock, had 10 children -- i'm descended from the second tribe. majority of first batch of kids migrated toward texas -- 2nd batch stayed in east tennessee (most recently jefferson city, tennessee)

thank you so much, again, for the wealth of information! wish i could retire and just work on this stuff -- very interesting.

do you know where the first malone (of the john melone sr line) came from and when? i don't know anything before john sr.

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John Malone Sr and Sarah Edith Cole were my 6G grandparents. I descend down to John Malone Jr and Mary Ann Posey (5G) to Humphrey Malone and Temperance Carter (4G) to John Malone and Patsy (Martha) Edwards (3G) to Mariah Malone and George Harvey (2G), to Nancy Jane Harvey and Andrew Joseph Jackson (G).

It was Mariah Malone Harvey and her husband, George, who migrated to Texas and Oklahoma. From there, some of the Jackson family contiuned west to California where a few of us are still located.

I am afraid I do not have any information on the family before John Malone Sr. I have been following up on another side of my family of late and haven't done much with the Malone's.

Are you familiar with The Greene County Pioneer, a Journal of Greene County History and Genealogy? It is a publication of the Greene County Genealogical Society. I have a few back issues dealing with the Harvey side of the family and have found it very informative. I know past issues have also dealt with the Malone's. If you are going to be in Greene County, you can pick up back issues fairly cheaply or you can order then for a reasonable price over the Internet. You can connect with the Society through a link on this site.

Should you have any old photos of John Malone Sr, or Jr and can post them on the Internet, I would be very interested in those and I would always be interested on anything you might find out on the ancestors of John Malone Sr. If you can scan pages of the family Bible that deal with John Malone Sr and Jr., I am sure there are many of us out here that would love to have the information.

I will add you to my contact list and any information I find in the future I will forward on to you as well.

Keith Jackson
Fremont, California

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Surnames: Weems, Malone, Carter, Smith,
Not sure how to go about this, but William Malone who married Mary West and had daughter Nancy Catherine Malone who married William Weems had my grandfather in 1850. His name was William D. Weems. There is an extra William listed as her son born in 1832 and saying he had a Wm. D. Not so, but other siblings look familiar to me as being my grandfather's siblings. Sure am interested in the Reynolds connection to the Malones.

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Dorothy Reynolds Brenner (View posts)
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You say that William Malone who m. Mary West had dtr
Nancy Catherine Malone who m. William Weems, and had
your grandfather, William D. Weems, in 1850. And you say
there was an extra William D. that I said was their son born
in 1832 and that this is not so.

The information I have says that Nancy Catherine was the
daughter of William (1781-1844) and Mary West (1812-1872),
but someone corrected me and said that Nancy was actually
the daughter of Joseph (1788-1841) and Jenny Grimes (1795-
1840). I'm not sure which is correct.

However, it is unlikely that Nancy Catherine married 12/26/1832 and had William D. in 1832. Thanks for the
correction. I have Nancy's children as: Mary J. b. 1833,
Martha E. b. 1844, Nancy A., Catherine C., Margaret E.,
James A., William D. b. 1850.
Nancy Catherine's husband William Weems b. 1810 d.
1881 was the son of George Weems b. 1770 d. 1832 and
Nancy Carter who m. 1797.

Corrections are always welcome.

Now about the Reynolds/Malone marriages: there were
three Malone sisters (dtrs of John Malone and Mary Anne Posey) who married three Reynolds brothers:
The Reynolds brothers were all sons of John Reynolds and
Mary Alen/Allen about whom I know little except that John
died after he wrote his will in 1814 naming his wife and
children. I don't know where John and Mary came from but
it may be VA or MD and I believe they knew the Malones
prior to coming to Greene Co. TN. and that both groups came
because of land grants.
Reuben Reynolds b. 1788 d. 1892 Williamson Co. TN m.
Anna Malone b. 1783 MD. m. 8/23/1814 and I think their
children were: James M. b. 1816, Jacob b. 1818 and Reuben
b. 1824.

David Reynolds 1790 d. 12/1848 m. Betsey Malone b. 1790
d. 1852 m. 10-14-1812. I think they had only 2 children:
David II b. 1813 and Joseph.

Jesse Reynolds (my great grandfather) b. bef. 1796 Va d.
abt. 5/20/1886 at Ottway, Greene Co. TN. m. Polly Mary
Malone b. 1796 d. aft. 1860 m. 7/2/1816. I believe that
Jesse was married previously but have no proof yet. Polly
Mary was noted as being insane in 1850 and although I
do not find the names they had 3 daughters and 7 sons
between 1816 and 1837. Jesse may have divorced Polly after 1850 and married again? His sons were: Jacob b. 1818, Jesse b. aft. 1816, Jesse K. b. 1825, James Crawford b. 1830, Joshua b. 1/11/1832, Samuel b. 1836, and my grandfather, Alfred (Dick) b. 6/1/1837 b. 1836 who m.
Lucinda Jane Moyer/Myers--dtr of James Moyer/Myers and
Malinda Collett.

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so we're related at least by john sr. and john jr. -- as i said i don't actually have 'proof' of my connection other than family info and message boards. however, i'm contemplating doing a 'proof' search for membership in the DAR. i'll be happy to forward whatever i find.

for direct contact, my email is

thanks again.

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