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Armstrong Bible

Armstrong Bible

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Classification: Bible
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Surnames: Armstrong, Taylor, Clawson, Parks, Williamson, Hunter, Cooper, Pettus, Kimbrell, Harris, Richardson
Armstrong Bible--York County, SC


Inscriptions in a Bible now in the possession of Mr. Blon Dean Brown, 3100 Erskine Dr., Gastonia, N.C., 28054, a descendant of Leroy Armstrong and Eliza Jane Clawson of York County, S.C.:

- Alice Taylor was born October the 12 1852

[nearly illegible; possibly "died May 12 1862 ?]
- William Clawson and Sarah Parks the daughter of William Parks was married the 25? of December 184-
- Alice J. the daughter of J. R. and N. A. Williamson was born Oct 30th 1850.
- Charles L. C. Hunter son of Henry and Massey Hunter was born Feb 19, 1845
- Mary A. Williamson and Henry Hunter wre married Dec 2nd 1850
- Nancy Jordan Williamson and D. W. [Russell? May begin with "B"and be something like Benfrill] were married 185 (3 or 8)
- Mary S. Hunter and (blank)

- The (age?) (illegible ..) William Cooper (?) was born the -- of September 185- (0?)
- George (?) was born January 18, 18-3 (1843?)
- Mary Sophia Hunter the daughter of Mary (?) ---- & Henry Hunter was born in the County of Mecklenburg, North Carolina Sept 24, 1852
- Allie Taylor the daughter of Selena Carolina & John W. Taylor was born in Mecklenburg, North Carolina Feb 12, 1854
- Dr. Wm. H. Clawson and Nancy Pettus was maried Oct 27, 1808
- John Kimbrell & Nancy Clawson was married Sept 9th 1836
- Henry Hunter (and) Massey H. Clawson was married February in the year 1839
- William H. Clawson and Mary Kimbel [Kimbrell] was married Oct 18 the year 1845
- William Clawson
- Mary T Hunter and (Jeff----) (three or four words illegible)
was born 13 June 1822
- William Clawson was born 13 June -----
- William Clawson
- Mary (Massy?) t Hunter and (Jeff?) Taylor ---- ----
- Leroy Armstrong & E. J. Clawson daughter of Doct. Wm. H. and Ann Clawson was married April 16, 1835
- Henry Hunter and Mary Williamson was married December 2, 1850
- (Jeff or is it J. W.? or perhaps J. H? or L. W.? or L. H.?
Taylor Masy hunter was married the 30 desember
-Henry Hunter and Masa H. Clawson was Daughter of William H. Clawson was married Feb. 1839
- James H. Richardson (and) C. H. Hunter was married Sept the 23, 1851
- John Jefferson Clawson was born 9 day of Feb. 1809
- George Washington Clawson was born 17th December 1812
- Eliza Jane Clawson was born 19th Feb 1814
- Stephen P. Clawson was born 2nd Sept 1816
- Massey H. Clawson was born 23rd March 1818
- William J. R. Clawson was born 13th June 1820
- Jacob R. Clawson was born 13 Sept 1822
- George L. D. Clawson was born 19 April 1826
- George Pettus (Jun) was born 7th 1832 (or is it George Pettus was born 7th June 1832?)
- Nath'l Harris was born January 23rd 18--. (1801? or 1800? or a later date?)
Age of negroes

-Moses was born December 23, 1836
- William was born May 6th 1839
- (Seven words struck over and illegible.)
- Alice Taylor was born October the 12, 1852
- Hrody was was born Septer 18th 1841
- P. P. Clawson was born January 16, 1844
- John Randolph born February 5, 1846
- Jane born March 28, 1848
- ______ Columbus ? born 10 of Sept 185-

- Wm. Henry Armstrong son of Leroy and E. Jane Armstrong was born the 26 of January 1836
- Massey Ann Armstrong was --th January 1838

- W---y Jane (?) Armstrong daughter Leroy Armstrong and Jane Armstrong was born November 24th 1839
- Nancy Jane Hunter was born January 6th 1842
- Jacob Leroy Armstrong was born March 17, 1842
- Joseph (a?) Hunter Daughter of Henry Hunter was born November 1843


- Doct William H. Clawson Departed this life Feb 28th 1832
- John Kimbel (Kimbrell) Departed this life May 11 1838
- Nancy Kimbel Departed this Life April 26th 1839
- P. P. Clawson Departed this life January 21, 1844
- William J. R. Clawson
- Thomas N. C. was (blank)
- Mary A. Taylor wife of J. W. Taylor departed this life January 14th 1867 in the 47th year of her age.
- Mary (?) ---------- departed this life Aug 14th 1870 in the 17th year of ----
- __pen ? Peter (? or possibly Pettus?) Clawson Departed this life July 23, 1835
- Jacob I(?) Clawson Departed this life January 27,1844
- Sarah Clawson Departed this life the 31 of December 1844 and was Buried on the 1 of January 1845
- Massy Ann Armstrong Departed this life the 14 of August 1844
-Anly (?) Taylor departed this life Feby the 27, 1859
- S. J. Richardson
- Lidia Hunter departed the 6th
- Nancy Jane Hunter the daughter of ------- Hunter (and) Henry Hunter Departed this life October 26, 1842
- Joseph Hunter son of Henry Hunter (and) Massey H. Hunter departed this life December 12, 1843
- Nancy Clawson Departed this life the 24 of Sept 1845
- Massey H. Hunter Departed this life March 4, 1849
- Henry Hunter Departed this life Feb the 19th 1854
- Mary Sophia Hunter the daughter of Mary Ann & Henry Hunter was born September 24, 1852.

ancestos of Robert Lonnie Harris and ror living relatives

Shirley Harris Gibbs (View posts)
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Classification: Bible
Surnames: Harris
Robert Lonnie Harris was born in Abbieville S.C. Iwould like to know if anyone could help me find any living relatives.He moved to N.C. AND had a family there.

Parks Line

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Classification: Bible
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Surnames: Park, Parks, Thompson, Crockett
I am interested in your Parks line that is listed on the York Co. SC board. My husband's line is John Park of Abbeville Co. SC m. Ann ? Their son, Samuel Park b. 1767 m. Jane Thompson. Their son, William Parks b. 1799 in Maury Co. TN m. Milissa ? Is any of this familiar?

Parks line

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Classification: Bible
Edited: 999186403000
Surnames: Parks
PJoseph Parks celebrated his birthday, born Feb. 25, 1824 a few miles north of Fort Mill. CSA, Co B, 6th SC Regt. Served with son Ledbetter Parks who died in Illinois in 1891. 12 of 24 children still living. His father, William Parks, died in 1852. He was named for his uncle Joseph Parks who was a Revolutionary War soldier. (Fort Mill Times, 2 Mar. 1911)

Joseph Parks, 91, oldest Fort Mill citizen, has never worn glasses except for reading and his hearing is unimpaired. He walks daily and walks a mile to church. Married 4 times and 24 children. The oldest child, W. H. Parks is now 65. Joseph Parks served in CSA, Co. B, 6th SC Vol. (Fort Mill Times 12 Nov. 1914).

Joseph Parks, 91, died at home of daughter, Mrs. John W. Patterson, 5 mi. east of Fort Mill he was born Feb. 25, 1824. (Fort Mill Times, 25 March 1915)

Joseph Parks (jr.?) visited Fort Mill relatives. Resident of Beaumont, Texas. Had been on a business trip to Central America. (Nov 15, 1917, Fort Mill Times).

Miss Mary Parks, daughter of Joseph Parks, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. J. B. Patterson. She was aged 58. (Fort Mill Times, 22 April, 1915)

Florence Thornwell Chapter, U. D. C., Fort Mill?Submitted by Mrs. Bennie Faulkner Parks:
"Beatrice Parks Faris and Edith Parks Nims came into the Daughters of the Confederacy under Joseph Parks, their great grandfather, a Confederate soldier, who was born February 25th, 1824, his parents coming originally from Virginia. He enlisted at Fort Mill, S. C. under Col. John M. White, at the beginning of the war and served throughout the conflict with Co. B., 6th S. C. Reg?t and was with General Lee at Appomatox. He returned to Fort Mill after the war and spent most of the remainder of his long life in this township. He died at his daughter?s near the North Carolina line in Lancaster County, on March 30th, 1915, at the age of 91 years. Mrs. C. R. Sykes, Mrs. J. W. Nims, Miss Louise Patterson and Mrs. Lula Parks Bolick also came into the U. D. C. under Joseph Parks."

1870 US Census. Fort Mill township.
#187. Joe Parks, b. SC, 45, $1400 real estate; 620 personal estate; Malvina, 25, b. NC; Ledvilla, 25, female; William, 21; Mary, 14; A. B. S., 12, female; John, 10; Joseph, 7; Nancy, 4; Sarah, 3; James 2; Samuel, 4/12
#188. Andrew Parks, 18, was in household of Lerow Houston.

William Parks Will probated Nov. 3, 1852, Will Book 3, p. 253. (Will signed 26 Dec 1831)

File No. 1602
To son-in-law John Alderson, 1/2 land on west side of Steel Creek (wife, Mary)
son-in-law Joseph Parks, 1/2 land
son-in-law Henry Parks.
Grandson, William Clawson, under 21.
Witnesses: R. Stewart, A. J. Giles, S. H. Giles, Joseph F. White.

Sarah Parks, 1847, J. F. White, admin. Estate Records in Case #7, File 284. Appraisers: A. B. Springs, Samuel Johnston, Hugh M. White, John Cathey, James McKee, 4 March 1847. Notes due from David Parks, George Pettus, A. Graham, Joseph Parks, J. A. Parks, J. Knox, T. N. Pettus, William Kimbrell, A. C. Sutton and A. Graham.
Buyers at sale: William Bailes, E. Kimbrell, James Kimbrell, J. M. Smith, H. L. Parks, Elias Faires, R. C. Clayton, J. T. Faires, Robert Collier.
Estate owed
Isaac Spencer for making coffin, $6,00.
G. W. Kimbrell for wife, $74.39
James A. Parks $74.39

Miranda Parks, minor, $74.39 [will later marry Thomas Newton Pettus as second wife and become the mother of two children, George M. Pettus and Martha Jane Pettus.
Case 8, File 346. Joseph F. White makes guardian bond for Miranda Parks; John Bennett was admin of Joseph Parks? estate. .
Jan 15, 1851 report by Joseph White names Maranda Pettus "my ward," and allots her $450.
April 26, 1851, Joseph White paid Thos. N. Pettus "husband of my ward," $510.94.
Sept 28, 1864, Joseph F. White, guardian of Maranda Parks, made oath that all of the foregoing were true returns and commented "Thomas Pettus is now dead."

Joshua Parks was security for marriage license of William Black and Elizabeth Meacham, 7/22/1801.

William H. Parks died, 68, leaving four sons, Arthur, Oscar, Eb., Roy, and 4 daughters: Mrs. H. J. Patterson, Mrs. H. D. Harkey, Mrs. D. G. Culp, all of Fort Mill and Mrs. J. R. McKittrick of Swansea, SC. (Fort Mill Times, Nov. 1916)

R. E. Parks of Fort Mill married Elizabeth Pace Hall, dau. of Charlie W. Hall, Culpepper, VA (Aug 31, 1911, Fort Mill Times)

Mary Mangum Parks died. Wife of E. Springs Parks, 33, Methodist. Daughter of late Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Mangum of R. H. Two daughters, Beulah and Ruth.

E. S. Parks married Leanna Torrence, dau. of R. S. Torrence of Steele Creek. Groom?s sister if Mrs. Frances M. Phillips, R.H. (Fort Mill Times, 20 Apr, 1916.

John Parks, Dec?d, William Parks, Admin. Jan 2, 1810. Appraisers: John Springs, Matthew Goodrich, Benjamin Persons. (York Co. Estate Book B, pp 686-87)

1 tract of land sold whereon deceased lived $4 per acre
1 tract adj. to Joseph Jackson was bought my Nat Owen at $4 per acre
1 tract whereon John Bennett now lives was presented to us by Wm. Parks to value...$2 an acre.
gave off property to legatees before his death: 1 black coat to Joseph Parks; 1 bed and coverlet to John Bennett; 1 black filly to Joseph Jackson

William Parks married Nancy Kimbrell, daughter of Spell Kimbrell. (York County, Estate Records Book O, p. 8)

Re: ancestos of Robert Lonnie Harris and ror living relatives

Vickie (View posts)
Posted: 1017102318000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Harris
We may have a connection here... Please contact me. My mother in law has been looking for her long lost Uncle Robert Lonnie Harris. He left the family after his parents died. Please contact me!!!

Park / Parks line

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Surnames: Park, Adair
Louise, I read with interest your statement that James Adair was appointed Indian Agent 1735 by King George III.

Would you be so kind as to advise me if it was an appointment / commission based in London (i.e. there was a William Adair, Secretary of Virginia, but he was based in London) or whether it was an appointment / commission made in America and ratified in London by King George III, please. I have been attempting to find the Record Group to look up the actual appointment for the Adair family history, and your help would be most appreciated. Thankyou.

There was a James Park Adair in York County in the 1790 census.

Re: Park / Parks line

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The James Adair I refer to was born in England ca 1709, son of Sir Robert Adair.
As a younger son he could not benefit from primogeniture so apparently set off
on his own for adventure in the colonies. He landed in Charleston SC in 1735.
Now as to who he got his commission from in Charleston. SC was a royal colony
with a "Royal Governor"--that is appointed by the Crown. While I could not find
exact information I believe that this James Adair, who declared himself originally
as a trader, was most like appointed by Governor Thomas Broughton but I am
not absolutely sure of that. It would take a bit of research if you ever wish to
establish the nature of the appointment.

Re: ancestos of Robert Lonnie Harris and ror living relatives

Nancy Harris Howell (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Looking for Robet Lonnie Harris born in Chester, S.C. in 1898.
His Mother was Mammie Wooten Harris and his father was named James Clyde Harris. They had 7 boys and 1 girl. Lonnie was their son that left home after they died. Anyone with any infro on this family would be appreciated. Contact me at email : Thanks Nancy
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