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Phillips-Meehan, Cully, Sligo

Phillips-Meehan, Cully, Sligo

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Surnames: Phillips-Meehan-Fleming
Here's what I have so far
Tom Phillips, father of Edward Phillips who married Bridget Fleming, children are Ellen b.1887, Maria b.?, Kate b.?, James b.1888, and Thomas Phillips b.1873 married Anna Meehan b.1875 in the parish of Curry on 17 Dec 1892. They had 8 children. Patrick b. 1893, John b. 1896 (my great grandfather), Mary Ann b.1899, Michael b. 1901, Kathleen or Catherina b. 1903, Bridget b. 1906, Charles b. ? and Edward b.? I would like to get more info on Thomas and Anna. If anyone is working on the parish of Curry and they have any info I would appreciate it. I also have more information on Ellen and James. Good Luck with your search and thanks for your attention.

Phillips & (Mc)Carty from Cully, Achonry, Sligo 1820s-1870s

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I think we may have a more distant connection. I was looking for the husband of a cousin who was born in Curley, Sligo. His parents were James McCarty and Bridget Phillips. From some advice on the list, I think I may have found his origins. I am now beginning to think maybe the townland he was from was Cully. [I imagine that Cully might sound like Curley with an accent.]

I found at a recommended web site, , a list labeled "ACHONRY TITHE APPLOTMENT. Jan 14, 1827" and in the town of Cully are the surnames of James' parents - a James Carty and a Thomas Philips.

So we are talking about several generations here, and lots of assumptions until other records can hopefully be located. But I would like to guess the following (there is no proof to any of this, so please don't adopt it into your tree without further research):

1. James Carty [listed in Cully in 1827] m. Unknown
1. 1. James Carty m. Bridget Phillips
1. 1. 1. James McCarty b. July 1860 in Cully, Sligo m. Kate Lundy
1. 1. 2. Mary McCarty b. Apr 1862 in Ireland m. James Convey
1. 1. 3. Martin McCarty
1. 1. 4. Annie McCarthy b. Jun 1873 in Ireland m. Anthony Convey

2. Thomas Philips [listed in Cully in 1827] m. Unknown
2. 1. Bridget Phillips b. abt 1839 m. James Carty
2. 2. Edward Phillips m. Bridget Fleming
2. 2. 1. Thomas Phillips b. 1873 m. Anna Meehan

Have you tried to locate church parish records from those time periods yet? That would be the next step. I also will see if I can locate Bridget (Phillips) McCarthy's death record here in the US. I think she died in Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA after 1900.

Please let me know if you think we might have a connection.

Re: Phillips & (Mc)Carty from Cully, Achonry, Sligo 1820s-1870s

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I believe we have a match. I have everyone else except Bridget in my tree. I have a cousin that returned to Ireland in the 1940's and did a lot of research then and passed it on to me. Austin Fleming listed in the Tithe is Bridget Fleming's Father. I have not yet researched any of the church records. It is very possible that Bridget Phillips McCarthy did live in the Boston/Brookline area because there are other Phillips in the area as well. Email me and I will send you what I have. I look forward to hearing from you.
Take Care,

Re: Phillips & (Mc)Carty from Cully, Achonry, Sligo 1820s-1870s

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Your email address no longer works. Please email me when you see this. My grandmother was Catherine Phillips (Kate), daughter of Edward Phillips and Bridget Fleming and a sister to Thomas. Ellen Ferber was an aunt to my mother and I knew her daughter, Marie. We are cousins and related.
Kathy Leonard email:

Re: Phillips & (Mc)Carty from Cully, Achonry, Sligo 1820s-1870s

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Have you had any luck with this connection?
Hope to hear from you

Re: Phillips & (Mc)Carty from Cully, Achonry, Sligo 1820s-1870s

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Surnames: Phillips Feely Kane Kain Keane
My GM was Bridget Phillips born 1874 in Cully. Parents were James Phillips and Bridget Feely Phillips. My GM's parents did not come to the USA but my GM did and she lived in Brookline and married a Thomas Kane (Kain,Keane)

Delia Phillips & Thomas Keane - Brookline MA 1906

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Surnames: Keane, Mulligan, Kelley, Convey
Hello John, I looked up your GM's wedding record in Brookline in 1906, because I also have a Thomas Keane (b. 1876) whose mother's family also married the Conveys, and I thought isn't that a coincidence. But your Thomas Keane's parents were William Keane and Sarah Kelley, my Thomas' parents were Martin Keane and Catherine Mulligan. Catherine and Martin married in Killasser Parish in County Mayo on 21 Jan 1876. Do you know where your Thomas is from?

Have you looked at the church records for Cully? I wonder if you can tie your James Phillips in to the other Phillips I listed in my post above.

Thanks for writing!

Re: Delia Phillips & Thomas Keane - Brookline MA 1906

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Surnames: Kane Kain Keane Cahill Phillips
Hi Susan,
I will continue my search on the Phillips side of my family. I have been trying to find the church records for Cullly but so far no luck. I just need to do more work and probably visit Ireland. I was hoping that you might have found James Phillips as being listed in your records.

My Kain family came from County Galway, Barna and Salthill.

When I looked up my GP's marriage record in Brookline, I was surprised to see that there were at least 2 and possibly 3 different spellings of the name in the record ledger.

On the copy of record of marriage that I have it shows my GF as being Thomas Keeane and his father as William Keane. The original name in Ireland was Kain, when my GF arrived he became a Kane. His brother Patrick became a Keane and also lived and raised his family in Brookline.

The marriage record also lists my GM as being Delia Phillips. Her real name was Bridget named after her mother. I asked my mother if my GM ever used any other name and she replied that she used Delia because she thought it didn't sound Irish. I guess that explains why the name is different.

My GM Bridget Phillips also had a sister Mary that came to Brookline and married a Cahill. They also raised their family in Brookline.

I will let you know if I get anymore information on my Phillips side.

Thanks for replying,

Re: Phillips-Meehan, Cully, Sligo

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Phillips
Hi Kevin,
I think we have a direct connection however I think your info there is a little off. Hopefully you can still see this. John Phillips born 1806 married Aileen Gallagher, they had at least two children one was my line Edward b 1836 married Bridget, they had a son John b 1872 who married Bridget fleming. That was my great grandfather.

Your line was the brother of Edward called Michael b 1843 who married Mary Brehonyl, his son was Thomas Phillips b 1872 who married Anne Meehan who had a son John born 1896 who is your great grandfather. Hopefully you see this

Re: Phillips-Meehan, Cully, Sligo

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My grandfather was edward francis phillips born 22/10/1909 died 2001 london england the son of thomas phillips and anne meehan.
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