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William C. Enloe. Platteville Wis.

William C. Enloe. Platteville Wis.

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Looking for more personal inf. He had a nickname "Bill Booter" can't seem to find anything about that. More information on his descendants

William C. Enloe, Platteville, Wis.

Peg Fleege (View posts)
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Dennis, I have considerable material on William's siblings Francis M. Enloe, John F. Enloe and Oscar W. Enloe.
I also have material on his father, Enoch Enloe, his grandfather, Asahel Enloe (1772) and his great grandfather
Issac Enloe (1745). Is this what you are looking for?

William C Enloe

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Peg: You have already sent me that material. Thank you for that if you didn't get my E-Mail. What I would is more information on my Grandfathers siblings (Frank "Raymond"). My mother would like to know if any of her cousins are still alive. Also you mentioned Harold Enloe in one of the paper you sent me. My mother (Joyce) said he was working on a Enloe family history before he died, do you know of anyone that would have it. Would also like to find more information on William C., what does the "Bill Booter" stand for. He was a farmer. That about all I know about him. If you would like what I've compiled from you notes and other notes let me know. Thanks: Dennis

William C. Enloe

Peg (View posts)
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Dennis, How could I goof up so badly? Perhaps because I am running 7 other families and I am just now getting into this genealogy "stuff". Sorry about that.
However, I would like whatever you can send me. You won't have to send anything that I had sent you. I remember Hannah Enloe, a daughter of Oscar Enloe (brother of Wm. C.)
that was married to Arvery Whitney and they lived in Rewey. I remember as a child going to their home. I also remember one of their daughters. I will be visiting my
101 year old mother in Platteville on Aug. 3 and I will question her about these names. She is still very alert and recalls everything, so I am almost sure that I can get
some information from her. I will let you know if I come up with anything new--AND, I will remember---


william c.Enloe

martha enloe fletcher (View posts)
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I am a grandaughter of william C. Enloe. My
father was Robert M. Enloe,

raymond enloe

martha enloe fletcher (View posts)
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I had an uncle Raymond and Aunt Ruth who lived in Blue Mounds ,Wisconsin,also one of my cousins was named Joyce.
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Joyce Enloe Thompson is my Mother. she grew up south of BlueMounds. She would be ticked to here from one of here cousins. Do you have any info. on Raymonds father, Wm C. Enloe; Thanks Dennis Thompson

Raymond Enloe

Martha Fletcher (View posts)
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Joyce has three cousins left on robert's side of the family.Roberta, Judy and Martha. Joyce visited us in Illinois ,What happened to all the relatives in wisconson? Was Dean her brother or was he a son of uncle Elmer?
Here is the info I have----william columbus Enloe married Mary E. Thompson . His parents were Enoch Enloe(1808-1884)and elizabeth Louisa Kirkpatrick(1808-1887) Enoch's father awas Asahel Enloe and Sarah Stewart Enloe. Supposedly buried in the Kirkpatrick Cemetery ,Mifflin ,Iowa county ,wisconsin.are Enoch Enloe andElizabeth Louisa (Kirkpatrick) Enloe,.

William C. Enloe

Peg Fleege (View posts)
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Martha, my great grandfather was a brother to your grandfather, William C. Enloe. His name was Asahel L. Enloe and married Ellen Thomas. I have very little on Asahel. Can you enlighten me? Your grandfather is buried in the same cemetery that my father is and where my 101 year old mother will be at some time. Yes, both Louisa and Enoch Enloe are buried in the Kirkpatrick Cemetery near Rewey, Wi. I have the book, "A KIRKPATRICK GENEALOGY". The descendants of James Kirkpatrick 1715-1786. If you would like any information on that family, feel free to ask.

William Columbus Enloe-To Dennis Thompson and Peg Fleege

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Hello distant cousins-I have some information on William Columbus Enloe. William Columbus Enloe was abrother of my great grandfather, Francis Marion Enloe- his nickname "Bill Booter" came from the fact that he worked as a blacksmith and leather man, as well as farming in the earlier years around the Plattesville area, I think. Francis Marion Enloe was a farmer in Rewey, Wisconsin. The 1880 Soundex Census records under E-540, show a William Enloe, birthdate around 1851, with a wife, Mary, in the index. Lists him as born in Mifflin Township/Iowa County/Wisconsin. This is probably the same man as William Columbus Enloe, who also had a wife, Mary, but further research should be done to verify. This is the same township and county for William Columbus Enloe. The only descrepancy I see is that William Enloe on the Census of 1880 is listed as 29 years old. William Columbus according to my records, which come from family bible and other original documents, would have been 35.
William Enloe in th 1880 census lists his children:
Elmer/son/age 6/Birthplace:Wisconsin
Stephen/son/age 4/Birthplace:Wisconsin
There was also a servant listed:
Bassie(?Bessie)Carter, age 30.
I did not find a William Columbus Enloe on the census, although he most certainly was there at the time, which makes me feel all the more that these are the same man.I possess a newspaper article about William Columbus Enloe, from a North Carolina newspaper in the early 1900 era. He was a well known person by then. If you want a copy or more information, please contact me here or at I have many, many Enloe's in my records, especially William Columbus's family. Peg Fleege- you mentioned your 101 year old mom, and a visit you would pay to her to find out more about the Enloe family of Francis Marion and William Columbus's day. I would love to hear what she recalls, since it is also my great grandfather whom she probably remembers. I know he had a farmhouse in Rewey that was still standing up until perhaps the 1940's at least. Please contact me with more information, and we can compare notes. My records are verified by many original source documents, and family memoirs. I have 4,000 Enloe's in my records.
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