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Chihuahua Mexico Indians

Chihuahua Mexico Indians

Darrell Gilman (View posts)
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Surnames: Leyba, Leyva
Need help in locating Indian Tribes of Chihuahua Mexico probably near the dates of 1800 and 1860,.also is their a census..
Luz Leyba was born about 1838,and his wife Geronimi Leyba born about 1842 in Chihuahua,they were probably married in or near Camargo or Acencion around 1858-1860 and then moved to Mesilla before 1870.They lived a great life in NM .Luz and Geronimi was my Daughter in Laws GG/Grand parents.
I really need your help in locating the Indian Tribes name,Proof of Luz and Geronimi Birth and their Marriage..
Thank you again for your help.
Darrell Gilman of Tucson,Arizona

Chihuahua Mexico Indians

Robert Henrique Melendez (View posts)
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The Tarahmara natives are an ancient people who still live in dispersed settlements in southwestern Chihuahua. Spanish Jesuits converted many of the Tarahumares when establishing the mission system during the 15th century. Since many of the Tarahmares are Catholic you may find batismal records of your ancestor in Chihuahua or perhaps Ciudad Parral. Anthony Quinn the American movie actor wrote a biography a couple of years ago. He tells of his Tarahumara grandmother. Anthony Quin was born in Ciudad Parral. Why am I interested - because my grandfather was half Tamahumara and was born also in Ciudad Parral. Good luck.

Chihuahua Native Tribes

Jamie (View posts)
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Surnames: Ramos, Salcido
In researching Chihuahua Native History, I have found the following. I hope this is helpful, and PLEASE, feel free to correct, as I am most anxious to find answers as well:
Chihuahua, as we know, is an extremely large geographic region. Finding a "tribal" connection can be difficult in light of this, and also when taking the political history involved.

Ancient history shows the whole Chihuahua region of Mexico, south west Texas, and south east Arizona was occupied by the ancient Mogollon people. They vanished around 1400. It is theorized they were absorbed by the Anasazi, who later became the Hopi. Hopi were known mostly to inhabit mid-northern Arizona. Those living in the south may have merged with other peoples. There were several sectors of Apache, Comanche, and Navajo in the area. Yaqui is often mentioned as being in Chihuahua, but early maps of the Sonora areas show Yaqui presence in the western Sonora, but not east of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, which separates the Sonora from Chihuahua. My family migrated to Morenci, Arizona (near the New Mexico boarder).
If family in Chihuahua lived directly near the Arizona, boarder it is posible they might have been Yaqui. It has also been suggested that Tohono O'odham (formerly Papago), Salt River Pima-Maricopa, and Mescalero or Lipan Apache might apply. Lipan occupied the area along the Texas/Mexico boarder, and one early map indicated Mescalero Apache in the Chihuahua area.

Chihuahua Indigenous

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What part of Chihuahua were you referring to? I ordered a copy of deaths, Libro de Difuntos, recorded by Fray Garcia de San Francisco 1663-1685, from the library at UTEP. I know the time period is much earlier than your request, but it mentioned the names of indigenous nations near El Paso del Norte such as Piro, Manso, Suma, Tigua of Guarra, Apache, Zuni and from pueblos such as Senecu, Aguatupi, Abo, Cuarac, Alamillo, Santo Domingo. The indigenous surnames are so beautiful like Tzima, Xararriu, Taquiqua, Chaquatitza, Quatziytai, Poiquei...I get this comical picture of the friars trying to spell these names phonetically. If you are interested in obtaining a copy for yourself, let me know and I'll give you the details.


Darrell Gilman (View posts)
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Dear Gloria Falcon, Thank you for the response I received today. The area of Chihuahua would be South and East of El Paso, Probably the North East Area of Chihuahua.
Yes I would like to obtain the information you mentioned, and if you would be so kind to send address and details. Thank You

Darrell Gilman Of Tucson, Arizona..

Chihuahua Mexico Indians

Orpha Baca Solis (View posts)
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Surnames: Leyba or Layva
I am interested in your message because my Ggrandfather was
was a Tarahmara indian of La Acencion Chihuahua he was born
in the same era that your daughter in-laws family was born.
My GGrandfather was Jesus Leyba or Leyva, he married my GGrandmother Manuela ? they moved to the area of Las Cruses, and or Mesilla Park. How interesting that his people were from maybe the same area at approx. the same era, both my ggrandparents died in new mexico.

La Acention was and still is a very small area and most all the people were related, there is a strong conection with the name Estrada, (or maybe Estrada was my GGrandmothers maiden name)maybe there is a conection with your Leyva'or is it Lera? I don't know the correct name either
but it's one or the other.

ask your daugher in-law if the names Jusus and Manuela sound familiar?

thank you
Orpha Baca Solis


Darrell Gilman (View posts)
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Surnames: Leyba
Orpha Thank You for the response, and yes I will Look into this and talk to my daughter in law and her uncle, about La Acencion, Chihuahua. Please stay in touch and I am Darrell Gilman of Tucson, Arizona . PS Orpha what area are you from. ?


Yvonne McCord (View posts)
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Hi......My daughter-in-law's ancestors were LUZ LEYBA, born 3-1830 Chihuahua, Mex. & MAGDALENA LABA, born 4-1835 Chihuahua, Mex. The parents of Magdalena were: STANISLAUS LABA, born abt. 1814 Borszczow, Borszczow, Poland & ELISABETHA DUCH, born abt. 1818 Borszczow. They went to Chihuahua, Mex. between abt. 1830-1835. Luz Leyba & wife Magdalena had a daughter CAMILA LEYBA, born 1861 or 1866 Santa Rosalio De, Chihuahua, Mex.; died 1946 Grant Co., New Mexico. She married 1) 8-18-1874 Alvino Moreno who died in 1882, buried in Santa Rita Cemetery. A child by this marriage was Cayetano Moreno, born 1879. Camila Leyba married 2) EDWARD JAMES SWARTZ, born 11-8-1855 Cherry Valley, Winnebago, Illinois, died 1918 Swartz, Grant Co., NM (hamlet of Swartz named for him). He was the son of JAMES SWARTZ/SWARTS (probably born Canada, but another person says he was born in Monroe, Michigan 9-20-1826) & CATHARINE KEITH (born Ohio) who were married 5-8-1851 in Boone Co., Illinois. Catharine Keith was the daughter of ADAM KEITH (born PA.) & possibly SARAH BURBRIDGE. A daughter of Edward James Swartz & Camila Leyba was GEORGIA SWARTZ, born 1-7-1890 Swartz, Grant Co., NM. Georgia Swartz married 11-20-1907 JOSE A. DOMINGUEZ, born 10-28-1881 Hillsboro, NM, died 1-29-1964 Deming, NM.
Georgia died 3-6-1972 Deming, NM. For further info contact me at :

Indigenous people

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Surnames: Abalos, Lainas
The Mansos were the indigenous people who greeted Onate and his tribe of people in 1598. The Mansos no longer exist as a group but have been
assimilated into other groups, I understand. I have documents of ancestors who were from the Mansos. Rex Gerald has a book (out of print) which most
libraries carry entitled Aboriginal Usage..?..Tigua,Piro, Tigua, and Manso Indians (in southern New Mexico and northern Mexico). There is a Tribal
Council in Las Cruces, N.M. (Piro,Manso, Tiwa) that I plan to touch base with or visit this summer. An anthropologist, Nicholas Houser, has a lot of
information regarding indigenous people in that area. He can be contacted at P.O. Box 220243, El Paso, Texas 79912


Darrell Gilman (View posts)
Posted: 958046400000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Leyba
Dear Sakina Gerhart,Thank you for the response,Yes our Leybas first appeared in Northern Chihuahua Mexico and then went to N.M. , Our Luz 1830 and his wife were of Indian Descend ,There were a lot of Leyba surnames in Mexico and N.M. and they could have traveled to CA and other areas thank you and I am Darrell Gilman of Tucson, Arizona , Where are you located and if you need to research futher We would need an Group and Pedgriee and futher dates , Mexico is very hard to research in..
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