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Surnames: Lavoy,Churi,Bunyak
Looking for a link to Elizabeth (Churi)Bunyak who came from Hajse Hungary moved to saskachawan Canada and had chldren named elizabeth Lavoy bunyak,

Re: Geneology

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The Master Index (not online) of the Alberta Genealogical Society list some 5 BUNYAK names among them are;

Elizabeth BUNYAK, 10 Aug 1867 - 10 Jun 1956
burried in the Town cemetery at Coutts and

John BUNYAK, 17 Jul 1890 - 28 Jan 1911 (son of John & Liza)
burried in the Holy Angels Catholic Cemetery at Coutts

For further research please contact the AGS Research Group at the Edmonton Branch.

for the AGS

Re: Levai, Churi, Katrensky families

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Surnames: Levai, Churi, Bunyak, Katrensky
I am the great-grandson of Elizabeth Churi and John Levai, who lived in Hejce, Hungary. When John died in the latter part of the 19th century, Elizabeth took her four children, Elizabeth, Susan, Rose and John to New York and vacinity where they found work as domestics. Elizabeth married John Bunyak and had eight children. Susan married Steve Katrensky in 1889. Rose married Mady and had seven children. John had three.
In 1892 or 93 Elizabeth, the Bunyaks, Katrensky's and other family members emigrated to the Kaposvar Hungarian settlement near present day Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada, where they took up homesteads.
My father, John Katrensky, was one of 16 children of Susan and Stephen. My father married Irene Diemert in 1928. I am one of three children born on the original Katrensky homestead.
The "Levai" spelling is correct, except that in Hungary the e has an acute accent, which I cannot reproduce in this e-mail. My spelling of Hejce is also correct.
The original spelling of Katrensky included a z, Katrenszky. When I was a child, my parents and a few other Katrensky's shortened and "Anglicized" the name to Atrens.
If you are interested, I have additional information on the Bunyak's and the Katrensky's and some photos.
In May of 2002, I did my "roots" visit to the Hungarian villages where my grandparents were born.
The village of Hejce is in a poor region of North-Eastern Hungary, with few signs of modernization. I found there a resident from San Francisco who was able to do some translating for me. There are many Levai grave stones in the Reformed Church (Calvinist) cemetery in Hejce, but there are apparently no living Levai in the area. I was told there was a family with a Churi connection living there, but they were away on holidays. I do have pictures of Hejce that I can e-mail if you wish.

Best wishes

Jerome Atrens
2601 - 1050 Burrard Street
Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V6Z 2S3

Re: Levai, Churi, Katrensky families

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I am so glad to find someone who has information on my mothers side of the family. I have found much on my fathers side. Yes i would love to have any information that you might have and will get information i have together and will send you what ever you like. I have a letter from Elizabeth Churi's I think it is Elizabeth and I can copy that for you to it is not very easy to read. I app what you can let me know. My great grandfather is Michael Maddy or Mike Maddy and I would like any help I can get on him to or where they lived so i can trace him.
thank you in advance

Re: Levai, Churi, Katrensky families

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Just wanted to clairfy that i put wrong surnames that is my dads side on the bottom you will find my mothers side

Re: Levai, Churi, Katrensky families

Carole Bunyak (View posts)
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I'm Carole Bunyak. My father was Sam Bunyak , the son of John Bunyak. Have you attended any of the Bunyak/Hendricks Reunions?? There is one this summer on the old homestead farm in Montana, just south of Sunburst.
Actually I'm sure you must have seeing you have all the familiey names. If you have not , let me know and I will send you all the details.


Re: Levai, Churi, Katrensky families

Jerome Atrens (View posts)
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Surnames: Levai, Churi, Katrensky

Thanks for the message. I remember the name John Bunyak from my childhood on the family homestead, which was about four miles from the Bunyak homestead, where our common ancestor (my great-grandmother) Elizabeth (Churi/Csuri) Levai lived for a while according to the 1901 Canada Census. That makes us second cousins, twice removed, I think.

No, I have never been to a Montana reunion, but I did meet many of that family of second cousins at the Kaposvar Centennial in 1986, where our cousin Frank Dloughy and his wife MIldred had a party for all the clan. They all reminded me of my grandmother Susanna (Levai) Katrensky).

I shall be in Europe on vacation from 14 May to 14 June. It is possible I may be in Saskatchewan in July, close to Montana. Please let me know the details of the reunion, as there is a remote chance I might be able to drop in. Us retired folk have lots of travel time!

Regards and thanks

Jerome Atrens

Re: Levai, Churi, Katrensky families

travis (View posts)
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im travis my father robert my grandma dewer and mylast name is katrensky andi think only people with my last name is my family and tsome chnged to atrens but i llive in winipeg do u know any of my family

Re: Levai, Churi, Katrensky families

Jerome Atrens (View posts)
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Hi Travis,

Thanks for making contact. Your grandfather Adelard Katrensky was my father's younger brother, making your father my first cousin and you my first cousin once removed. I remember meeting uncle Adelard in Saskatoon in the 19 50's when I was in my early teens. At that time he had children, but that was probably before the birth of your father. Your uncles Ken and Ted Katrensky live in Vancouver, as I do. I've met Ken and one of your aunts from Calgary.

My sister and I have collected a lot of Katrensky family history and photos. If you want more information, please contact me by e-mail.

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