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Surnames: Lee, Davenport
Davenport/Lee Genealogist -

Claiborne Davenport (Thomas1) was born 1759 in Virginia, and died August 18, 1842 in Wayne County Kentucky -
Children of Claiborne Davenport and Mary Lee are: John Davenport b 1796, Saltville, Virginia d. 1876 Sabinal
Elizabeth Davenport, b. 1798, William Davenport, b. March 13, 1800, Saltville, Washington County, Martha Elizabeth Davenport, b. 1801; m Zachariah Fugate, Stephen Davenport, b. 1803; m Murdock, Rebecca Davenport b. 1806 m. Dorten
Polly Davenport, b. 1808, Claiborne Davenport, b. 1810, Lewis Menefee Davenport, b abt 1811, Washington Co, VA d 1863 Wayne Co., Sarah Jane Jinsey Davenport, b. 1817 , James Davenport.

Martha Elizabeth Davenport & Zachariah Fugate are confirmed by "The Fugate Family of Russell County, Virginia "A Genealogy of the Descendants of Francis, Benjamin, Colbert, Zachariah, Henley & William Fugate, Settlers of Moccasin Valley from 1772 by Dr. David Faris 1986 Gateway Press, INC, Baltimore, Maryland. History Center: Project Fiche # 2liB7-10S #5743 - U.S & CAN 929.273 F953F

( Early Descendant Lines) Adams, Amos, Bacon, Ball, Barger, Bledsoe, Bolling, Brady, Brewer, Buchanan, Buchingham, Cagle, Campbell, Carter, Clinton, Coffey, Crockett, Davenport, Davis, Dorton, Edwards, England, English, Ferguson, Francisco, Fugate, Fulkerson, Galloway, Garrison, Gibson, Godsey, Greear, Greene, Haddix, Hale, Harwood, Higgenbottom, Holladay, Holloway, Horne, Horton, Howell, Jefferson, Johnson, Kissinger, Lawson, Lee, Lemmons, Lewis, Leyva, Little, Litton, Mason, Manning, Massey, McIntosh, McKinney, McPhail, Neace, Noble, Overton, Owens, Parkey, Patton, Pendergrass, Pennington, Phillips, Raleigh, Redwine, Randolph, Reasor, Reed, Rhea, Riley, Ritchie, Robbins, Roberts, Robinson, Roosevelt, Rowe, Rose, Russell, Sizemore, Smith, Southern, Steele, Stevens, Stewart, Stricklin, Swafford, Tate, Thomas, Taylor, Vermillion, Vicars, Virginia, Vitatoe, Walker, Washingon, Wells, White, Williams, Wolfe, Wolfenbarger, Worthington, Young etc;

Publisher & Author: Mary D. Fugate

Probable son of William and Jane. He resided in Rhea Co and Bledsoe Co. TN. Note from WFT V 8: "They came down to Rhea Co., TN from Russell Co., VA on a flatboat in 1834".

The FUGATES of Rhea Co., TN (at least through 1920) were all the descendants of ZACHARIAH FUGATE, b. ca 1800-1810 and his wife MARTHA DAVENPORT. Zachariah was the son of the WILLIAM who died in 1808 in Russell Co,. VA, but who had lived in LEE CO. Virginia and Claiborne County. TN.

Martha was a daughter of Claiborne Davenport, a revolutionary War Pensioner from Washington County, Virginia. In his deposition of 1820, PATSEY, 19 (Patsey is a nickname for Martha); Stephen, 17; Rebecca, 14; Polly, 12; Claiborne, 10; Lewis, 7; Jensy (dau), 3. Claiborne Davenport moved to Wayne Co. Kentucky by 1839 to live with his children, where he died 18 August 1842. This pension application may be the closest we have to a contemporary record of Martha's birth date, as in later census records she gave various ages: in the 1840 census of Rhea Co,. she was "30-40"; in 1850(living in Bledsoe Co. TN) she was "40"; in 1860, Rhea Co., her age has been transcribed as "32" which is obviously wrong; and in 1870 she was "59:. Her oldest son, Claiborne was more consistent, stating in successive census years beginning with 1850 that he was 23, 33, 42, 53, then in 1900 72, and in 1910, 82. Since Julie Ann was probably older than Claiborne, Martha's age of "19" in 1820 was probably correct.

Zachariah Fugate apparently died between 1840 and 1850. Since his youngest son, Elbert S.,. was born in 1840, Zachariah probably died soon after the Rhea Co. census of 1840 listed as family on p. 28:
Author: David Faris - The Fugates Of Russell Co. Virginia 1986

Pg. 64 Zachariah Fugate, son (probably) of William & Jane Fugate, was born say 1801 (aged 20-30 in 1830). After his father's death in 1808 he probably resided with his uncle Zachariah (administrator of his father's estate) and appear to be in that household in the 1820 census. He was married to Martha Elizabeth Davenport, daughter of Claiborne Davenport. She was born about 1810(aged 40 and one daughter under 5.) Their children wre born in Virginia until 1834, and from 1835 in Tennessee. He appears to have died before 1850 when his widow and children appear in the Bledsoe County, Tennessee census. They appear in the Rhea
County censuses from 1860. Three of their children, Claiborne, Lewis and Elbert were buried at Ewing Cemetery, Yellowcreek,near Spring City, Tennessee.

Children of Zachariah & Martha Elizabeth Davenport-Fugate:

Julie Ann Fugate, born about 1825, married Rufus Harwood
Claiborne Fugatre, born 13 Nov 1827, mar Rebecca Brady.
William Fugte, born Nov 1834, married Martha.
Elizabeth Fugate, born 1834, married James Brady.
Lewis Fugate, born 24 Jan 1835, married first B.A. Fry, second Nancy Jane Smith.
Eliza Fugate, born 1837, living 1850.
Elbert S. Fugate, born 6 July 1841, married first Amanda REEDE, second ASA Ann Phillips.

Note: Zachariah Fugates son Elbert S. Fugate's 1st wife was Amanda Reede.

The Davenport Surname Family history is that of the ancient Cheshire family which traces it's ancestry as a family of Norman origin.
Cumberland County History reads as follows: Reference

Some of the earliest settlements in Cumberland County were in Crab Orchard, at Grassy Cove and at the head of the Sequatchie Valley. Some of the earliest settlers included the Ford's, Loden's, Bristow's, DeRossett's, the McClendon's, the Gibson's, the Greenberry Wilson
family, the Tollett's, Harham's, Oxsheer's, DAVENPORT'S, Dawson's, Redwine's, Hinches, Selby's, Ormes', Sherrill's, Burke's, and Webb families.
This line of Davenport's in America are from Pamunkey Davenport locality in Virginia - Pamunkey Neck, King William County, Virginia.

Forwarded to Peggy Leyva-Conley Jan 1999 - from Genealogist John Legg.


A history of the DAVENPORT family as dictated to me (P.J.Davenport) by Miss Rachel H. Davenport, my aunt, who was born on the 4th of november 1809, this April 16, 1891:

My father and mother were both Davenports, first cousins, and were born and raised in Buckingham County, Virginia, near the Court House. They were not married when they came to Washington County, Virginia, but came on a visit with their brother and sister who moved to Davenport's Bend (now occupied by Dave Worley) on the North Fork of Holston River.
Osborne and Mollie Davenport were first cousins and were both Davenports. The way my father and mother happened to come on a visit at the same time was this: Osborne was father's brother and Mollie was mother's sister, and they naturally visited them, and happened to make their
visit at the same time. Their visit was protracted about two years until they were married, having in that time become very much attached to each other, of course, and they settled here.

My father's name was Thomas Davenport
My mother's name was Permelia Davenport
Thomas and Permelia Davenport were married April 28, 1799, by N. Reagen.

WHAT WAS YOUR FATHER'S OCCUPATION? He was a farmer. He was ingenious. He was said in his day, to be the finest violinist of his section. He was industrious. He was liberal and called by all "free hearted" and hospitable. He was a member of the Baptist Church. He was born in the year 1769, and died in the 1848, Dec 21st.

WAS YOUR FATHER A FREE HOLDER? He owned a very good farm. He produced sufficient to keep a large family in the style of that day. He owned the farm where Henry Davenport died.

I don't know.

YOUR PATERNAL GRANDFATHER'S NAME? Thomas Davenport. I don't know anything about his brothers and sisters.

My father's brothers were Clayborne, John, Julius Terry, and Osborne. His sisters were Nancy, Millie and Priscilla.

My grandfather moved to Washington County and bought a farm on North Fork River, which took the name of Davenport's Bend, from him. He died there and was buried there, and grandmother was buried there.

1. Osborne married Mollie Davenport
2. John married first Patsy Cothin and second Sallie Bryant, sister to old man of allon "Hog Thief Creek"
3. Clayborne married Miss Aggy Lee (Mary Agnes)
4. Julius Terry married Mollie Dolan (Tom's sister)
5. Terry Davenport and Polly Doulan were married nov 16,

1809 by Nicholas Reagan, marriage registry 1 page 130)
6. Nancy married Robert Smith in Tennessee
7. Priscilla married a Mr. Lee

1. Osborne moved to Kentucky and had several children, nothing further know of him.

2. John died and was buried on his farm, now owned by
John D. Blackwell. He had six children by his first wife: Tom, John, Peggy, Nancy and Mary. See his tomb there. by his second wife: James, Stephen, Betsy, Gracy and Lucinda. Tom married a Miss Hughes. Edwin married a Polly Clark. Peggy married-forgot. Nancy moved off and was not married then. Mary moved off and was not married then.

James married-don't recall, and lives on Middle Fork of Holston River,Washington Co. Stephen died unmarried, Betsy married a Holly. Gracy married James' wife's brother-forgot name. Lucinda married Charlie Martin (now of Mendota and father of Dr. Jim Martin of Mendota)

3. Clayborne's children were John, William, Stephen, Jim, Patsy, Betsy, Polly, Becky and Jane. John married old man Elisha NcNew's sister. William married a Riggle. Stephen married a Murdock. Jim left home before grown. Patsy married a Fugate of Russell County, VA, Betsy and Polly were never married. Becky married a Dorten. Jane left.

4. Julius Terry, Jim and Mary and others, left this country for the West somewhere. Julius Terry and wife; and Mary and her husband, and Jim and his wife all died of cholera in one month after they left here.

Nancy Smith's children whom I knew were: Booker and Beverly. Booker died from a pain in the jaw.

Millie had but one child and that by her second husband, a Mr. Beckett or Rockett. He went a fishing and fell over a stump at night and died within 24 hours from effects of a snag.

Priscilla had several children. Patsy married a Murdock. Katy married a Farris. My father's mother was Mary Howell or Hoel.

NOW TELL ME OF YOUR MOTHER'S PEOPLE. My mother's father was Henry Davenport. Her mother was Nancy Pemberton.

They, the Pemberton's were rich. My mother had on brother, Wilson, who married Eliza Clayborne. He was educated for a
lawyer and was said to be a fine lawyer.

She had five sisters: Nancy, Mollie, Sallie, Sena and Gracy. Nancy married Elijah Perkins. Mollie married Osborne Davenport. Sallie married Duncan (brother to Gabriel) Nancy Perkins had two children- Mary and Thomas, and lived in Buckingham Co. VA. Gracy married Fuqua (Roberts father). Sena married duncan Gabriel. Mollie married Osborne Davenport, moved to Kentucky and was lost sight of.
Sallie-I don't know anything about them except that they lived in Buckingham Co. VA. Gracie's children were: Martha Fuqua (Martha Smith),Robert Fuqua, William and Stephen Fuqua, lived in Buckingham Co. Bob married a McNew- Martha Smith near Greendale, VA. Sena Duncan's children were: Henry, Joe, John and Mary.

My brothers and sisters names were: Wilson, Peter J., Daniel, Thomas, Julius Terry, Lilburn, Hendricks, Henry, Eliza, Clayborne, Rachel Hendricks (my name) and Nancy Pemberton. Peter J. and Daniel were twins, born at
Davenport's Bend, June 17, 1803. Daniels descendants are in Iowa.

Old Mr. Hendricks of Russell County, VA. named Lilburn after himself, and his good wife claimed the privilege of nalmeing me after herself (Rachel Hendricks). They were good people and friends of our family.

Wilson married Eliza Riggle of West Tennessee. Their children were: Rachel,Maria, Delia, Lottie and Alfred.

Peter Johnston, married Kate Fudge first, and Nancy Evitt last. His children by his first wife were: Elijah Perkins, Alvin Terry, Abel Alderson, Daniel Trigg, Mary J., Margaret and Ann. No children by his last wife. Daniel married Elsira Holt of Tenn. Their children were: Tom, Peter, Henry, john, Julius, Martha, Mary, Lydia, Permelia, Nancy and Maria. they moved to Iowa.

Thomas married Nancy Redwine of Russell County, Va. Their children were: Lilburn H., Solomon R., Evelyne, Ann, Lorena Lennis. Lilburn was never married, was a physician of DeKalb Co., Alabama and died in 1881. He injoyed a fine reputation. Henry married Adeline Whiteaker. Their children were:
Rodolphus, N. Epaninondas, Allenor, Ann Hasseltine and Moses (Randolph).

Eliza married Elisha Tate, Russell County. Their children were: James, Tom, Nancy, Jane, Hannah, Eliza, Darthula and Sarah. Rachel (me) was never married, and I am now more than four score years old. Nancy Pemberton married Stephen McReynolds. Their children were: James, Clementine, and Caroline. My mother was born June 5 1778, and died Dec 11 1848. this is all I recall now. It is as near correct as my memory will permit my making it.


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I am trying to find the first name of Mary J. Davenport's husband, a Mr. Owens. (Mary Jane Davenport b. 1858 Cumberland Co) Would you happen to have any information about him?


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Sorry I don't know the name of the person you are searching for.

Good Luck,
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