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Help! looking for Szurek's

Help! looking for Szurek's

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I am from the USA and am having a lot of trouble finding my great grandfather Szurek. We think he came to America in the early 1900's. I have little to no information on him. Exceept we beleive his name to be Jan,John or Michael. However we cant be sure. He had two kids Stanley J. and Victoria. Thay were both born in the states. They lived in Ma. My grandfathers mom was Katrazyna Moskal. However I cant evan find a marriage certificate for their mom and Dad. Unfortunetly my grandfather and aunt have both past away. So I thought maybe someone from a Polish site may be able to help. I can not speak polish. Can someone plese help!

Re: Help! looking for Szurek's

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Hi Reagan

Not in Poland but maybe I can help with few sites and information for your (re)search.
This blog is about German research but the basics are the same for any ancestor:
Did you look at this EI manifests?
Szurek, Jan Sielec, Russia 22 1889 1911
Szurek, Jan Bodzechow, Russia 39 1870 1909
Szurek, Jan Kobylanka, Galicia 31 1877 1908
Szurek, Jan Borzechow, Russia 33 1874 1907
Szurek, Jan Kolez... 28 1878 1906
Szurek, Jan Kobylanka 25 1878 1903
Szurek, Jan Glinikdolny 28 1874 1902
Szurek, Jan Fergowa 34 1868 1902
Szurek, Michael Lupina, Austria 21 1888 1909
Szurek, Michael Zerdynka 24 1878 1902
Szurek, Michal Kobylanka 42 1861 1903
A first name site:
Distribution of a surname in Poland:
To hear pronounciation
You will need to locate an US document that has his place of birth.
Moskal, Kataezyna Stratyn 16 1889 1905
Moskal, Katary Kozcuka, Austria 18 1892 1910
Moskal, Kataryna Tryuca 19 1888 1907
Moskal, Katarzyna Godowa, Austria 24 1890 1914
Moskal, Katarzyna Koczyna, Austria 36 1873 1909
Moskal, Katarzyna Dulcza 20 1887 1907
Moskal, Katarzyna Krizcienko 23 1884 1907
Moskal, Katarzyna Ruata, Galicy 19 1887 1906
Moskal, Katarzyna 18 1884 1902
Moskal, Katarzyna Radgoszcz, Galicia 18 1894 1912
Moskal, Katarzyna Wulkagrod 18 1881 1899
Moskal, Katarzyne Grdszoka, Galicy 24 1883 1907
Moskala, Katarzyna Babice, Austria 30 1882 1912

Re: Help! looking for Szurek's

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It sounds like you do not have enough information on Jan.

I think your best bet is contact the county genealogical society for where your grand father and aunt were born.

They might be able to suggest a Polish genealogical society in the area. If you haven't tried these:
The Federal courthouse for naturalization papers . These list everything.
Baptism records at the Polish church in the area. These typically list parents name and their birthplace. Maybe even grandparents.

Re: Help! looking for Szurek's

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Thanks for the suggestion, but both my grandfather and aunt were both born in the united states. Grandpa was born in 1913 in Salem Ma. I was told that all of his info was distroyed in a terible fire in Salem. Which complicates things.

Re: Help! looking for Szurek's

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Were you not notified about my post?


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Your grandfather's SS-5Form should have his place of birth, which you know but also include his parents names. His church baptismal record should contain his parents place of birth.
Take a look on 1930 census to see what it says for his parents as Na-naturalized, Al-alien or Pa-first paper and follow thru. Without a location, you can not proceed further.

Re: Help! looking for Szurek's

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I was referring to your great grandfather with court suggestion. I doubt there is a Federal District Court in Salem. It probably would be in Boston. They should have some paperwork on him if he was anywhere in Mass. If he served during WWI, he would gain citizenship through the military and this would be in Washington Federal Court. This was the easiest way to get naturalized. Your great grandmother would not have applied for citizenship until after sufferage, and only then if she wanted to vote, OR after the 1940's if she applied for Social Security.

If the church in Salem burned, there might be copies in the cathedral for the archdioceses.

If you don't know where your grandfather was baptized, check the church where he was married. The wedding church would have to write to the baptismal church to confirm the baptism. And again, your grandfather's baptismal records should have the parent's place of birth. With this info, you can check the LDS (Church of Latter Day Saints) microfilms of the Polish church for your great grandparents baptisms and marriage. Considering the time frame and depending on where in Poland this took place, you probably do not need Polish as the records were probably recorded in Latin, German or Cyrillic. If they were in the German partition, there would be at least 4 copies, two at the church (one in German and one in Polish, one at the local government office and one in Berlin. If they were in the Russian partition, these are the toughest because it's in Cyrillic and even modern Russians don't read Cyrillic. In the Austrian partition, the records could be in either Latin or Polish.

You mentioned they were separated. After the end of WWI, some Poles went back, so you might also check to see if a Passport was issued to him. His occupation might also give some indication of what happened to him. If he was a fisherman, he could be lost at sea. If he worked on the railroads and died, they just buried those workers along the tracks. If he was in the Penn. coal mines, getting records can be tough because you need the exact spelling of the name he used to get anything, and many poles used a variety of name spellings.


Re: Help! looking for Szurek's

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Lee, Thank you for your previos sugestions on the Szurek family. This is so like a puzzle. And because he died and his children are both gone its harder to put the pieces together but I am working on it Thank you again for your sugestions.

Re: Help! looking for Szurek's

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Lee, Thank you for your previos sugestions on the Szurek family. This is so like a puzzle. And because he died and his children are both gone its harder to put the pieces together but I am working on it Thank you again for your sugestions.
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