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oklahoma crowder

oklahoma crowder

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Am searching for info on g-grandmother Anna Alice Crowder born -18-82. She had a son Thomas Harrall in 1901 in Haileyville Ok. Nothing know about father. She married Bill Morgan in the Choctaw nation 1904. Had two sisters Agnes and Maude and possibly a bro. That is all I know about her other than her mother was Annie Crowder(no info on her)
Any help anyone e-mail me direct. anita

oklahoma Crowder

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Saw your message and was wondering if Crowder was the Choctaw Indian or was Bill Morgan the Choctaw Indian. The reason I'm wondering is because I'm descended from the Crowders and look far too Indian not to be. The Crowders we have been in contact with in our family are saying we are Indian but won't say which tribe. They are a stubborn bunch and not prone to sharing information sometimes. For instance, my mother's uncle Isaac Roy Crowder was mad at the family and only told his brother Bill that my Mom and her brother and sister didn't die in the orphanage fire like the rest of the family thought. The rest of the family didn't find out they were alive until my Mom and I went to Uncle Ike's funeral. My mother happens to look exactly like her grandmother only 2 inches taller which is about 4'8" tall. How's that for stubborn? Look forward to hearing from you. My e-mail address is
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My CROWDERS: W. J. "Jack" Crowder married Miss Looney. The had the following children: Jima, b. abt 1850; Wesley b. abt 1852; Fountain E. b. 4/15/1854, MS d 6/14/1931 OK; Perry Griffith b 1/15/1956 Chickawas Co, MS. d 3/14/1942 Dyer Co. TN; Albert Tucker b 5/17/1858 d 11/14/1930 Hunt Co. TX;5 daughters, nothing known about them except that they were all deceased by the early 1830's. Lunny Crowder is the son of Fountain E. Crowder and Rosie Belle Headden. DOB 6/10/1884 d 9/24/1959 Lunnie married Mattie Gilmore. Their son, Roy, was born 5/16/1905 and died 1/30/1906. However, I have a picture of an older child. Name on back says Roy, my cousin. This was written by my mother Flossie Ann Crowder, daughter of Albert Tucker Crowder. My mother was 4'11" and looked very indian but I haven't found an indian connection. She told me my gg grandfather was a Cherokee indian. She died before I became really interested. I do have a lot of pictures with no names. Anyone thinks we connect, I will be happy to share what I have.

Alice Crowder

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I have found an Alice Crowder, born 1886 to Robert Crowder( b. 1842 Ms.), and wife Louisa Pitchlyn (daughter of William Pitchlyn).Robert emigrated with the Choctaws to I.T. with his parents. Robert served a a deputy sehriff in Kiamichi Co., He also served in the military , under Capt. Sim Folsom, 2nd Choctaw Regiment, for two years. This may be the person you are looking for.

Re: oklahoma Crowder

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We are both Choctaw and Cherokee and probly a little Creek in there too... I was raised to be very proud of being Cherokee.. My father Crowder was a true blood Cherokee.( or we knew.) but it isnt that it all came from 2 full blood parents.. It seems that there is Choctaw that I never knew about until this research. And through his father/Crowder, and his mother/Henderson. and their mothers, Drum, and Hulsey ... There is Cherokee, Choctaw, and a mixing of Black, White, And of course the Creek ,and I believe that you can bet your life on the presents of Chicasaw, and Even a sprinklin of Siminole.. You should research for your own pleasure the 5 Civilized Tribes... a great understanding of a lot of history is in that research... If your heart and spirit are true and Native/or Indian, then you are ......During the removal of the tribes from their of Tears. Cherokee Removal. Etc. It was not popular to be Indian. and as for the families that left the tribe in stead of being hurded to Ok. it was not only unpopular it was dangerous. And leaving the Tribe makes you an outcast with the tribe also. A lot of Natives from all 5 tribes started a new life out of necessity. All our culture and herity was put into a box and hid under our beds so as to fit into the white way of living. It has just recently become the in thing to be American Indian....I have never been any thing other than Cherokee......... PCG

Re: oklahoma Crowder

Patricia Crowder Yaw (View posts)
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To: Crowder American Cousins,
In my early research of the first Crowders in America, I am finding Ulrich, Richard, Nathaniel W., Michael, James, George and etc. Trappers and Fur Traders with the Indian Nations as early as 1750 from the James River Colony in VA. The Crowder Fort was established and made deed in 1769 on the Cawtaba River between NC and SC. Crowdertown and Ulrichburg were formed between 1770 and 1789 when Ulrich Crowder died and his lands were sold in lots for the towns. Crowder Mountain is the legacy of our first Crowders in America.. The Crowder boys worked the ships to and from England arriving between 1668 and 1700 from the same areas in the north of England, (now known as Scotland) and I find they are related through deeds and travels. In the early 1700's they began to establish families and in doing so married into the NC/SC Indian tribes. After the Revolutionary war in 1776 to 1783 they aquired lands from the new Government for the service to this Country, to the west and the movement began into TN AL GA MS..Many of the VA Crowders went north into TN OH IL....Then came the war of 1812 which messed up the whole darn plan.

I love the History of our Crowder Heritage and have connecting genealogies on each family from recorded dated records. Thanks, Patricia

Re: Alice Crowder/Pitchlyn

Janet (Pridgen) Smith (View posts)
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Surnames: Pitchlyn, Pridgen
I know this may be a long shot, but if you're still researching you're history, I wonder if you might be able to help me locate any info on a Sarah Autra Pitchlyn. She's listed in my Pridgen geneology as having been married to one of my great grandfathers, but I cannot find anything else about her. I've been looking for over a year trying to find her mother, who is reported to be a Choctaw Indian, and nothing there either. Anything would be a help. Thanks

Re: oklahoma Crowder

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I am looking for my crowder heritage. My grandfather's name was Luther Wesley Crowder and my father's name was Robert Oliver Crowder. There is not any written records of my father's family and I have been trying for sometime to find all the info on my family. My e-mail is

Re: oklahoma Crowder

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Halito (Hello)

I am a Choctaw Indian descended from Eli White Crowder. I am having a time trying to find information about his line. Thomas "Caprock" "The Tour" Crowder is my 3rd Grandfather, his son Green Crowder married Mary Mullins, they had Thomas Crowder and my father is Clark Green Crowder. If you should have any information I would greatly appreciate it.

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