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Loftin and Thompson Reeves, children mixed up?

Loftin and Thompson Reeves, children mixed up?

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My children descend from Wiley Reeves who moved from Talladega County, AL to Arkansas. He appears to be the son of James Marion Reeves of Talladega County. All of the information I am finding on others trees shows James Marion as the son Thompson Reeves. How-ever, estate information seems to show he was the son of Loftin Reeves, who was probably a brother of Thompson. Loftin's estate records (Clay County, AL 1879)clearly show he had a son James M Reeves of Talladega County. Thompson's estate file is 93 pages long. It lists his 12 children living and deceased and does not mention a James Marion Reeves. Loftin's will names his daughter Louisa Perry, wife of John O Perry, of Walton County, GA. In the 1850 census James Reeves, is just a few names away from John O Perry and family.

Does anyone know of other evidence that Thompson Reeves was the father of James Marion?
Renee Newman

Re: Loftin and Thompson Reeves, children mixed up?

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The below information is copied from The Reeves Project which shows Thompson Reeves as father of James Marion. The same project shows that Loftin Reeves had a son names James M.Reeves born 1824.

Reeves, James Marion


Father: Thompson Reeves
Mother: Lucinda Rilla MNU

Birth: 4 Nov 1823, Georgia
Birth Source: Bible of James Marion Reeves

Death: Before Sep 1885, Alabama
Death Source: Federal Census of 1880 Talladega County Alabama but deceased in probate documents of Thompson Reeves' Estate of 29 Sep 1885

Spouse1: Mary Ann Childers, m. 27 Jul 1846, Gwinnett County, Georgia
Spouse2: Sarah Fannin


Children of James Marion Reeves and Mary Ann Childers:
Littleton Reeves, b. 1848 Gwinnett Co. Georgia
Thomas Lofton Reeves, b. 21 Feb 1849 Georgia
Wiley Reeves, b. 20 May 1851 Georgia
Burgess Ransom Reeves, b. 14 May 1853 Georgia d. 4 Aug 1941 Castor, Bienville Parish, Louisiana
Elijah Wallace Reeves, b. 13 May 1855 Gwinnnett County, Georgia; d. 6 Jun 1915 Mt. Calm, McLennan County, Texas
Louisa Emmerline Reeves b. 16 Apr 1858 d. In Youth Marshall County, Alabama
Martha Jane Reeves, b. c1861 Alabama

Children of James Marion Reeves and Sarah Fannin:
Mary Frances Reeves b. c1868 Alabama
William Henry Reeves b c1869 Alabama
Francis Marion Reeves b. c1870 Alabama
Wyett Simon Reeves b. 15 Nov 1871 Alabama
John Thompson Reeves b. 4 Feb 1874 d. 8 Mar 1949
Harrison Groce Reeves b. c1877 (His name may be Harrison Timothy Reeves - see 1900 census of Talladega, Alabama.)
Trion Fuller Reeves b. 1 Jan 1877 Alabama

Re: Loftin and Thompson Reeves, children mixed up?

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Thank you, I did find their information, how-ever the two James Marion Reeves they show, one for Loftin and one for Thompson, are really one man. I've looked at all the census information and the estate files and I just don't believe that Thompson Reeves had a son named James Marion. If he did, he died early enough that for some reason he wasn't listed as a child of Thompson, even though four of Thompson's other children who had died before him are listed, showing they had heirs. Thanks again,

Re: Loftin and Thompson Reeves, children mixed up?

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I am looking into the Reeves family for my aunt. I have seen where there was a James Wiley Reeves (b 1774 in Granville, North Carolina and died in Somerville, Morgan County, Alabama) married to Rebecca Ransome. It showed James Wiley Reeves as the son of John Deardon Reeves and Sarah Thompson (The name Thompson was used in your message). John Deardon supposedly was the son of William Rives/Reeves (1680-1751) and Margaret Burgess (but I believe Margaret might be a second wife, but that's a different story). Going the other way I saw where James Wiley Reeves married Rebecca Ransome. One of James and Rebecca's sons was George Washington Reeves who married Elizabeth Coffee. They had a son named Joseph William Reeves who married Annie Bell Turner. They had a son Joseph who married Beckie L. McDaniel. Maybe some one out there can straighten me out. I appreciate any thoughts and help!

Re: Loftin and Thompson Reeves, children mixed up?

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Surnames: Reeves, Jeans
Hi! You are further back than I have went. I don't know where the name John "Deardon" Reeves comes from. I am sure that John Reeves who apparently died in Jackson County, GA was the father of of Loftin, Thompson, Frederick and the other Reeves men in that county and that they came from Pendleton, SC. He appears to have a connection back to William Reeves but I haven't even tried to back there, yet.

James Marion Reeves, the son of Loftin Reeves, was in Walton County, GA until 1857, when his father moved to Randolph County, Alabama. James Marion's brother Burgess moved at that time also and his brother Wiley stayed in Walton until after 1870. Thompson Reeves, brother to Loftin had already moved to Randolph County and he had some sons with the same names but James Marion, it appears to me, from tax, census, and estate records belonged to Loftin Reeves and Nancy Jeans. Nancy Jeans is from my Jean family, I believe.

So, does your aunt (and you) descend from James Wiley Reeves? I think I've seen them in records. I've also seen that Sarah's name was Thompson and they were by a Thompson family in Pendleton but I have not researched into that. I've tried to get each generation and have just finished with John Reeves.

Re: Loftin and Thompson Reeves, children mixed up?

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Hello, You folks have obviously done a lot of research and there are some things to find confusing.
Let me just tell you some of the things I can share. My grand father was Elijah Wallace Reeves a brother to your Wiley, Burgess Ransom and Thomas Lofton.
Elijah Wallace Reeves was the father of my father, Thomas Van Buron Reeves.
My father had a very old Bible that listed the birth date of James Marion Reeves as April 4, 1823
It listed the Birth and death date for his first wife Mary Ann Childers.It continued to list all of the children and those who had died as children of Elijah Wallace and Mary Anna Scott.

When the time for the War between the States came James Marion had the three sons who were about 10, 12, and 14 or so and some younger girls. HIs wife was pregnant again and very ill. He did not want to go to war. Someone however burned his farm. He settled his family with familly and joined the war. He returned safely and had a home in roanoke. All of the children from his first marriage were present and he had a new wife named Sarah . She has been found to have the surname Fannin.

Lofton did have a son named James M. Reeves . I have never seen a middle name for him. in some census I believe he is calculated to have been born ca. 1826.They were close but I believe they were different individuals.
A similar thing happened with the name Andrew Jackson Reeves. Thompson had a son with the full name b. ca, 1832 . Lofton had one who was listed as A. J. Reeves. The Reeves Review got this all mixed up giving some of Andrew Jackson's children to Lofton. I have been closely associated with Thompson "s Andrew Jackson Reeves Family. They finally settled around Magnolia Arkansas. I have more to tell you but this is running rather long. Why don't you e-mail me and I will tell you some more. Tommie

Re: Loftin and Thompson Reeves, children mixed up?

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Hi Tommie,
Since I emailed you a week or two ago, I found the Tax Digests for Walton County, GA. The tax lists there name James Marion Reeves, next to Loftin, Burgess and Wiley in Brantley's District. Some years he is J.M.Reeves, some years he is Marion Reeves. The first one that names him is in 1849 (several years missing before that). He is missing from the list in 1850, that is when Marion Reeves is right across the county line in Herbine, Gwinnett County. He is back on the list in 1851, 1852, 1853 and 1857 (the other years are missing, I suppose). In 1859 only Wiley remains on the tax list. Census records for James Marion Reeves in Randolph and Talladega show that all of his children born prior to 1857 were born in GA. These records coupled with the estate records, lead me to conclude James Marion was the son of Loftin, unless there is a written record that shows otherwise, I see no proof that Thompson had a son named James Marion. If someone has that proof, I'd sure like to know where to find it. I will email you those tax lists if you'd like, they are on ancestry, though.

Re: Loftin and Thompson Reeves, children mixed up?

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Renee and Tommie,

I just happened across this thread and seeing Renee's information regarding James M., son of Loftin, I went back to the Family Search estate files, the will of Loftin and census starting in 1850 looking at them again in light of this new or newly discovered information. Tommie, I'm sorry but I believe that Renee is correct that James Marion was Loftin's son. Those tax lists further confirm that there was only one James Marion or James M Reeves in those areas.

It is probably prudent to correct the pages in The Reeves Project and add some extensive research notes to James Marion, Thompson and Loftin Reeves' pages. We try continually to make sure the Reeves Project has truly correct information since there is so much very old flawed Reeves' data all over the internet.

Since it was originally your page Tommie, I'll put strike throughs and lots of notes on the pages.


Re: Loftin and Thompson Reeves, children mixed up?

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Actually, John Durden Reeves is a completely different person and in no way connected to the Reeves' family of Granville County NC (William Reeves (1680-1751). Descendants of John Durden Reeves are in DNA Group 6 of the Reeves DNA Project while the descendants of the Reeves' family of Granville which include descendants of Thompson and Loftin Reeves are DNA Group 3.

John Durden Reeves was born in Halifax NC and married first Sarah "Sally" Locke. His RW pension statement gives quite a bit of biographical information. After living in Cumberland County NC, he moved to Surry County NC where he died.

Hope this helps.

Re: Loftin and Thompson Reeves, children mixed up?

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Beverly, I have every scrap of information I've been able to find on James Marion, Loftin, and Thompson. I'd be happy to email them to you, as well as any documents I have, that you do not.
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