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Neil family from Shettleston Glasgow Scotland

Neil family from Shettleston Glasgow Scotland

Fiona Neil (View posts)
Posted: 946993253000
My grandparents William Neil and Margaret Roy were married in Shettleston in 1888 although they later moved to Bridge of Weir. I would be most grateful for any information regarding either the Neil or the Roy families. Thanks Fiona Neil

Neil Surname

Frank Neil (View posts)
Posted: 948385791000
Dear Fiona,

My Name is Frank Neil christened "Francis David Neil" I was born in England
and my parents were Albert Neil and Agnes formally (Kerr) I was told by my
father years ago the family name began in Scotland and it was then McNeil or Mac Neil
they ventured to the North of England to find work and took the Mc off. I
don't know how true this story is but I have since met a woman with the same
name and story told to her by her family. I now live in the Island of Jersey
in the Channel Islands U.K. If you haven't heard of it before it's the
largest of a group of Islands measuring 9 miles by 5 miles, 14 miles from
the North coast of France and 180 miles from the South coast of Britain.
Although we honour the Crown in the U.K we are independent and have our own
government and bank notes in £ sterling. I know I had relatives in Vancouver
Canada but have only seen them once about 30 years ago so they will be
passed on by now as they were in their 70's then.

I'm am interested how far you have got tracing the name I know it's not that
common in England and is spelled different ways Neal and Neald are the ones
that I come across often.

I'm going on vacation to Cancun in Mexico for two weeks from this Saturday
22nd January,so if you e mail me don't be disillusioned if I don't answer
straight away, I will as soon as I return.

Hope you can help.

Kind Regards

neil surname

Fiona Neil (View posts)
Posted: 948552666000
Dear Frank,
Thanks for the message. I'm afraid I've only just started trying to trace my family tree so I've only got as far as my ggfather Hugh Neil where I've come to a dead stop. While it isn't a very common surname in Scotland it isn't that unusual either although it appears to be more common in Ayrshire and the south-west. I've no idea if there was once a mac on our name. I hope you enjoy your holiday and if I get any more information I'll let you know.
All the best

Neil Family History

Daniel H. Huff (View posts)
Posted: 948608318000
Dear Frank and Fiona,
All Neills are decended from Niall of the Nine Hostages or (Niall Naoighiallach if you prefer the Gaelic form). Nial was high King of Ireland in 379, he also is the progenitor of the O'Neill dynasty. In ~1030 a branch or cadet of the O'Neills name Niall XXI son of Aogh Aonrachan, left Irelaand and ssettled on the isle of Barra in the outer Hebrides of Scotland. This was the beginning or the MacNeills of Scotland. Being a Neill your families are more than likely descendend from one of these groups. There is a Clan MacNeill history written by Robert Lister MacNeill in 1923 that is availible through Barnes and under rare and out of print books. This book chroncles the entire Clan history both O'Neill and MacNeill, it should be invaluable to you in your search. Incidently the MacNeil/O'Neils are the longest unbroken line of descent in European history. Good Luck with your search.
Respectfuul, Daniel H. Huff

Neil family of County Armargh, Ireland

Maureen Neil (View posts)
Posted: 967652493000
I was most interested in you informed posting as this is generally what I have read also re: Niall of the Nine Hostages and the 400 year reign of the Neils in Ireland. I was told My great grandfather dropped the O when arriving in the U.S. so to appear less Irish. I'm sure you are aware of the persecution the Irish immigrants suffered. My question is regarding any relatives in County Armargh. I was told one of my great uncles did not like it in the mid-west and returned to Ireland. Others say he stopped in New England. I believe his name was Joseph Neil. The family nevr heard from him again. I am just stating on this so please excuse my rambling. My Great grandfather was James Neil Sr. an Orange Man who married Elizabeth Brothers and emigrated to the us in 1880. Settled a farm in Tama County Iowa. James Neil Sr farmed this farm and then passed it to his sons David and James sometime later. James the 2nd married Rose Marie Hildebrand in Tama County Iowa and had 5 children. samuel James Neil who went by the his middle name, Ruth Maureen Neil and Richard Neil. Two other children did not survive infancy. So I wonder who is on the other side of the big pond that's my cousin?

Re: Neil Surname

Posted: 1020983375000
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Hi Frank, I'm a granddaughter of the Nial family who were originally from Ireland and came to Britain around the time of the great potato famine. I was brought up , a child of the 50's with the stories of my Irish ancesters. The story, I've always believed, was about two great clans who wanted to retain and claim large amounts of land, the Nials being one. The story goes that a Nial severed his own hand and tossed it onto some distant shore in a desparate attempt to secure it. I'm only just starting out researching this fasinating family tree. Best of luck with your search Denise Grist

Re: neil surname

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I understand that the name Neil is a sept of the clan McNeil or MacNeil; therefore, your ancestors could have very possibly been "Neils" Mc or Mac on the name at all.

My family's surname, as nearly as I can tell, has always been Neil or, possibly, Neill

Re: Neil Surname

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I just restarted my Neil Family History research after an hiatus of a couple of years and found these interesting messages.

My Neils supposedly come from Londonderry, Ireland. My 3 gr grandfather Edward Neil b. 1791, his wife Eliza Wharton b. 1801 and their children James b. 1820 and Dorathea b. 1822 emmigrated to Quebec, Canada in 1823. they settled first in New Paisley Que. Then Mascouche Que. where they were farmers.( Here they had 8 more children and they dispersed throughou Canada and mid west USA.) There they associated with and were married to the Sinlairs, the Robertsons, the Kerrs, the Pattersons, the Reillys, the Chalmers, the Alexanders and many more. While my late granfather used to say that we lost the O' crossing the ocean, I'm beginning to think there is a strong Scottish connection. The other contradiction is that we were told that the family came from County Tyrone. These Neils were Anglican where I thought most Scot protestants were Presbyterian and O'Neils were Catholic. If anyone can shed some light it would be appreciated.

Re: neil surname

Posted: 1377447601000
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Hi. My name is Kyle Baker and I live in Connecticut, USA.
My great grandfather was from Glasgow and his name was Hugh
Neil. My grandmother was Agnes Stewart Neil. My great grandmother was Agnes Stewart Nelson. The family emigrated around 1920 and settled in Rhode Island. My great
grandfather was born Hugh O'Neil but he dropped the 'O' when he moved here , I guess to have a better chance of finding work. I assume this means there is Irish blood mixed in with Scottish. Apparently the neighborhood where
they lived in Glasgow, Bridgeton, was 'mixed'. There was a church called St. Agnes which may or may not have been catholic. It seems like a lot of my female ancesters were named 'Agnes'. Hugh Neil was one of I think 8 siblings. I believe his father was named William O'Neil. My greatgrandparents had 8 children, some of whom later returned to Scotland. I actually by pure chance ran into a relative by marriage at work. I am a physician and he is a drug salesman. I immediately noticed his Scottish lilt and we got to talking and figured out that his great aunt was married to my great uncle. Small world. He is from Glasgow and is quite familiar with the neighborhood where the family lived. Apparently the apartment building has since been razed. We actually have the ship's log from when the family emigrated. I am fascinated by all this. If any of this rings a bell- let me know.

Re: Neil Family History

Posted: 1459818112000
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Thank you for posting. You may be interested in the book I'm writing about King Niall:
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