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looking 4 George Mcnear jr

looking 4 George Mcnear jr

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Looking for info on George Mcnear jr. is my DAD I know Died 4-1-89 and was trying to find out info on him. I know he has kids from KY to CA. Some carry his name most don't He was a truck driver for North American at one time. any info would be nice
thank you
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Where exactly was your McNear from?
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I think he was born in KY. But he also had family in indinapolis,IN.
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He had a sister named Lorene Underwood,a sister named rosie and cathlene(i think)

George McNear

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Do you know where in Kentucky? My McNear's are in Taylor and Marion Co.


George McNear

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Yes he was from Marion county he had a brother named Paul McNear (I think) He was a brother I Know his mothers maiden name started with a S like spiegal or something like that. Her first name I think was Pearl... My email address is lyldummy at if you would like to futher this. one on one.
When He passed away in 04-01-1989 he was survived by 5 sisters Lorene Underwood Rosie Dinger Dorothy McQuery Monnie Quick and Catherine Settles

Mary Amanda McNear

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Looking for Mary Amanda McNear and husband Phillip Ernest Bowles.They were married in Oakland in 1884....Had 4 children..Amy,Phillip Jr.,George McNear,and Robert Harding.....

Phillip Sr. was a regent of the Univ. of Cal. in Berkeley,Ca. 1911-1922,,,He was a banker in Oakland,CA>

Trying to find both backgrounds as he seems to be missing from my Bowles records..His parents came from Canado to Arcata,Humboldt,Cty,Ca.

There has been a McNear Brick yard in San Rafael,CA> for years...

If you have info,it would be appreciated ...also e-mail to if that is more convenient.




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I had a g-grandmother who was a McNear, and her son(my grandfather) has a cousin Bowles. It could be a small world... I'll search the records I the meantime, if you haven't located the information you need you might begin with this....

**From S.F. call newspaper Vital records 1869-1891

Bowles, Arthur W.-died 1882, age 26,1882D-364
Bowles, Ella -mar.1873 to Hall,J.T.,1873M-288
Bowles, Emma H.-mar.1876 to Sargent,E.O.-1876M-155
Bowles, Harrie Harding-died 1879,age 4,1879D-294
Bowles, Hattie E.-died 1879, age 18,1879D-295
Bowles, John D.-died 1878, age 19, 1878D-348
Bowles, John D.-died 1884, age 68, 1884D-410
Bowles, Josephine E.-mar.1879 to Bennett, Henry M., 1879M-273
Bowles, Louis-mar. 1875 to Casteel, Malinda Jane, 1875M-220
Bowles, Louise Isburg-mar.1881 to Henn, Wm. Otto, 1881M-435
Bowles, Mary E.- died 1880, age 1, 1880D-376
Bowles, Mary Ellen- mar.1874 to Cahill, John Louis, 1874M-259
Bowles, Mary T.-mar.1874 to Stevenson, Jacob, 1874M-260
Bowles, Philip E.-mar.1883 to McNear,Mae A., 1883M-417
Bowles, Richard- died 1877, age 40, 1877D-303
Bowles, Sarah E.- mar.1872 to Dolan, P.C., 1872M-262
Bowles, Theodore S.-died 1881,age18,1881D-338
Bowles, William-mar.1881 to Nonamaker, Emma, 1881M-436
Bowles, son of Daniel- born 1872, 1872B-149


**1872 Foreign Born voters - CA

Bowles, Francis......34 in 1871......born in England......4500


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Thanks for your info. My McNear Bowles connection was not on the dec.list fromthe S>F> paper...Phillip died in 1926..He and Mary Amanda McNear had 4 children..Phillip Jr.(who attended UCBerkeley in 1907),George McNear Bowles,Robert Harding Bowles(Harding was PhillipSr.s;mother's maiden name), and Amy Bowles..
I too am familiar with the McNear name from Cal. but can't find much else. They had a home on the peninsula south of San F.

You can e-mail me at if you havea link. Thanks

Message 60 Christine

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Sorry,I did not look at your marriages fromthe S>F>paper well enough...Yes! Phillip did marry M>A>McNear in1883....

Will keep looking.

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