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Christine (View posts)
Posted: 961932248000
I'm currently researching my grandfather, Peter Gregor born 10-28-1899. On his social security application it says he was born in Hungary, but the family had been told it was either Czechoslavakia or Yugoslavia. He came through Ellis Island somewhere between 1906-1908 with his brother John, age 11, and his mother, Sussan, no age but maiden name Ferianz.
If anyone has any matches in their tree, I'd love to hear from you.

For Christine

Emily (View posts)
Posted: 963761400000
Hi my name is Emily. Im only 14 so I cant be of much help. My last name is Gregor. My dad says were (my family and I) are hungarian. Im not sure if there is any one he knows named Peter but I think there possibley could be. I have a 2nd cousin named Christine. I hope I was of some help to you. If you do find anthing about him please contact me so I can know . Thanks


Christine (View posts)
Posted: 963766159000
Hi Emily--
Do you know if your family came through Ellis Island? My grandfather and his brother John came from Hungary around 1906 and they lived in New York afterwards. We could be related but I know almost nothing about my grandfather or his family....he left my mother and grandmother when my mother was around 9 (around 1943 or so) and she never heard from him again.


Emily (View posts)
Posted: 963830590000

Well I'm pretty sure some of my famil came threw Ellis Island, I'm not so sure to say who though. Sorry. I also have an Great Uncle John who lives next door to me. When I get a chance I will go over and ask him some of your questions so I can be of more help.I'm sorry you said your Grandfather's name was what again? Well I'll probably talk to him in the week or so and I hope I will be of some to you and myself.Thanks-Emily


Christine (View posts)
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Thanks for offering to check with your great uncle, maybe we'll be able to figure something out. My grandfather's name was Peter Gregor born 10-28-1899, and his brother's name was John. Their parent's were John and Sussan.
If you could let me know what you find out I'd appreciate it. You can email me direct as if you like.

Gregor-Czech ?

joseph (View posts)
Posted: 968184039000
i am notsure if my grandfather is related or not, but he was born in Czechoslavakia in 1893 and came over to the states in 1909. his name was joseph gregorvich and when he came over to the states they changed their name to gregor. i do not know his mothers name or even his fathers name but if you have any info that can help me locate those names, it would be greatly appreciated. My grandfather had a daugheter named ann gregor born in 1926.

hope to hear from you soon.
you can email me at

Gregor family

Joe Gregor (View posts)
Posted: 969176966000
I'm 49 yrs old.My grandmother Susan lived in Easton Pa.She had one daughter also named Susan,a son Michael,a son John,a son Peter,and a son named Joseph,who was my father.

Joe Gregor

Wilma Britt (View posts)
Posted: 969782130000
Hello...I dont know much about my uncle. He was born in Keystone, Pa. Married Mary they lived in Wva. He was killed in mine explosion in 1954. Heard he had a bro. John but John went by last name of Mudry.

Gregor Czechs out in my family

Posted: 970168467000
Edited: 1014617110000

My paternal grandmother was Antonia Gregor. She emigrated from Bohemia (later called Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic) around the turn of the century with an older sister, Kohout. (I am not sure of the spelling).

She later married another Czech-American and was know as Antonia Tresek. She had two children from that Marriage, Blanche and James. Blanche had two children Russell Pesek and Joseph Pesek. Blanche and her sons are still living.

Antonia's first husband died in the Swine Flu Epidemic. She married my grandfather Anton Weber and they lived on a farm near Hale, Iowa, where my father, Theodore Weber, was born in 1923. They relocated to the Chicago area in the late 1920's or early 30's.

She died from an automobile accident in Denver, Colorado in 1968. She spoke almost exclusively in the Czech language. I cannot remember seeing her read anything that wasn't in Czech, so she may have not been able to read English.


norbert j. gregor (View posts)
Posted: 987863504000
hi christine,
maybe i can give you some help concerning the origin of peter gregor. in 1899 these thre coutntries were part os the austro-hungarian empire. this empire was divided in two halves: the austian one (cisleithanien) and the hungarian one (transleithanien). former yugoslavia (except serbia which was an independent state that days) were part of the hungarian half, so was slovakia. the area of present-day czech republic (bohemia and moravia) were part of the austrian half. mayby you came over some abbreviations during your research like KuK, K.k. or K.u.
KuK (kaiserlich und koeniglich) means imperial and royal, referring to all matters concerning the empire. K.k.(kaiserlich koeniglich) means imperial royal, referring to all matters concerning the austrian half of the empire and last but not least K.u.(koeniglich ungarisch) means royal hungarian, referring to all matters concerning the hungarian part of the empire. if you can find one of these abbreviations on an old document it may help you determing the origin.
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