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African American-Artis

African American-Artis

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Grandparents on my dad side were Artis.They were
from Smithfield, Johnston County NC. Roger Artis
was born in 1901 and Roberta Watson Artis was
born in 1902. Trying to find out who their parents
were. On the census of 1910 they are listed as
MU. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Juanita Andrews Gransby

Artis Relatives-African American

William E Brown Jr (View posts)
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I will be sending you a family list, I'm Great Grandmother was an Artis. I have a list of several relatives that liv ein and around Suffolk. I'm currently at work, I get off in the mourning, But I will be making contact with you again during the week with additional information. I was born in Dreweryville, VA. Southampton County.

just checking in

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hi although I have never heard of your grandparents. My grandfather also lived in the JOHNSTON COUNTY Area! Isn't it interesting that with such a unusual last name like ARTIS, no one can discover a connection, although you live in the same area!
I met a Nadine Artis in Philly (tall over 6ft!)in PA her father Charles(living in New Jersey) was the Johnston area too but no one had ever made a connection! There has to be one! My Gr'father's name is Edgar Artis
his father name was Archibald Artis!My gr'father also mention Warsaw to me as his place of origin! Does anyone have any knowledge of any Artis(s) in Warsaw connected to Archibald Artis!
Edgar, Mark, Wade, and Milton were the 4 sons!And interestingly enough Edgar Artis also married a Powell. Ora Mae Powell Artis(she was from Apex)
By the way, any descendants, close play cousins (almost brothers or sisters of the
of Archibald artis..or for that matter any Artis who wants to strenghten his family ties is invited to Detroit Labor Day weekend!
call Paul D Williams Trucking,in Dunn, North Carolina or William Perry Artis (father)or (daughter)Cynthia Artis in Detroit, Mich for more information all right!Chck the listings for the numbers please!
A lot or people in the Johnston County Area knew Edgar Artis because of he worked in there for a loooooooong time!
let me hear from any of my newly discovered family
Is Technology Great!

Artis relatives/Just checking in

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Dear jm
There is a Nadine Artis on my side also, who is very tall but lived in Lawnside, NJ. She is married now. I have no knowledge of an Edgar Artis but who knows we may be related. I can tell you some of the Artis names that I have. Ruffin Artis is my Great-grandfather whose wife name was Phoebe Everett. Some of their children, John, James, David, Minnie, Ruffin jr., Roger (my grandfather), Lily.
Keep in touch!
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hi Juanita isn't that interesting that as small as Smithfield is no one can connect Edgar Artis to your family.Other family members are(mark, wade, milton..father was archibald)then there is lylabelle, virginia artis, layure artis, william perry artis, (detroit,mich), randy, calvin, anthony!Edgar and his family were heavy in the tobacco barning business as were many in that area. I do remember Nadine's father's name was either Charles or John!
I went to go meet him after meeting her! Nadine modeled in Philly for a while!Shew was a really arettrative girl!
There was also Sheila Artis also tall and very attractive.She use to live in Baltimore she is from the Raleigh area.
Her mother is Hazel and her father was
Norman Artis. Since yoare fomr the smithfield you had to have known the Nixon brothers who were business in the 50's and 60's! Their father was Mark, sons were harold kermit theodore and charles.


Juanita Gransby (View posts)
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I am not from Smithfield, just my grandparents. I hope to take a trip to NC next year to do a little research. My cousin Nadine's father's name was Roger Artis JR. My father was Edward Artis and there is a sister Lorraine.
Talk to you again.

Interested in "Artis" postings

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I do not recognize names posted, but (the proverbial "But")
do recognize the name WARSAW, a community in Duplin County, N.C.
My husband's maternal g-grandmother was Louvicey Artis (1865-1927), daughter of
Frances Hagan Artis Seaberry (1845-1879)of Wayne County, N.C. (found in 1860
Census. Louvicey (called "Vicey") married John William Aldridge of Dudley, N.C. in Dec. 1879.
Of John and Louvicey Aldridge's 18 children only 11 survivied and lived to adulthood.
John and Lovicey lived out their lives in Dudley, N.C. and are buried there.

It is my understanding that the Artis members of the family originated from Southampton, Va.
With other ancesters---surnames Maclin and Ridley, they might have been descendants of slaves of a Thomas
Ridley of Southampton. For info re: Southampton Artis family see Paul Heinegg's book titled FREE AFRICAN AMERICANS of
North Carolina and Virginia (Third Edition, published 1997).

Louise Daniel Hutchinson

Checkin In

William E. Brown Jr (View posts)
Posted: 970489686000
I live in Pemberton, New Jersey, I also met an Artis that lives in Camden, New Jersey, I will see him during the week to
talk with him. would you mind providing me with the phone number of the Artis in Lawnside.

Artis in NJ

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Hi William,
I must get permission to give out a phone #. What is the name of the Artis you met. Ask him if he has relatives in Lawnside, NJ. I'll get back to you.


Artis in NJ.

William E. Brown (View posts)
Posted: 971804733000
John Artis and he lives in Camden.
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