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NUNEZ, Manuel, LA,1745-1804

NUNEZ, Manuel, LA,1745-1804

Kevin Pickard (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Ruiz, deBetancourt, Oramas, Perez, Delgado
Interested in sharing information on the descendants of Manuel Nunez of St Bernard, Parish. LA.

Manuel Nunez left the Canary Islands to come to Louisiana on the "S.S. Sacramento" on July 26, 1778 with his wife, Josepha Suarez, and 5 children. Apparently arriving in 1779 (6 months?)* see below:
* ("Canary Islands Migration to Louisiana 1778-1783" by Sidney Louis Villere')

" The first members of the Nunez clan to come to settle in St. Bernard Parish were among the Canary Islanders (Islenos) who came in 1779, recruited by the Spanish Government as colonists. Passenger lists of the several ships that carried the colonists give the names of only one Nunez family, that of Manuel Nunez Villavicencio, accompanied by wife Josepha Suarez and five children, including two sons, Esteben and Ignacio. The few published church records of St. Bernard Parish suggest that Manuel and his sons were probably the progenitors of the Nunez families in that area. Like the other Islenos, Manuel settled along Bayou Terre-aux-Boeufs, one of the few marsh free areas of the Parish, as a small farmer and fisherman. In the mid-nineteenth century most of his descendants were living in the upper part of the Bayou (between Reggio and St. Bernard) where Vincent Nunez (m. Maria Serpas), grandson of Manuel, was a prominent merchant and sugar planter. One of his sons, (This was probably a grandson or great-grandson) Estevan E. Nunez became sheriff of St. Bernard Parish during the 1870's and in turn several of the latter's sons have entered law, one, N.H. Nunez, becoming a district judge. More recent descendants have been State Senators from St. Bernard Parish. By the 1870's several families had moved to New Orleans....."

Above from "An Atlas of Louisiana Surnames of French and Spanish Origen" by Robert C. West, published by Louisiana State University, 1986;

Manuel gave service during the Revolutionary War, as a patriot,
in the Galvez expedition, 1779-1783. He is mentioned in the roll call at Manchac.*
* (See Churchill's, Spanish records, page 64).

Manuel Felix Nunez de Villavicencio

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Nunez, Ruiz, Serigne, Molero, Robin
Reposting a response as previous communication may have gone astray when I switched from AOL to Bellsouth. My husband was born and raised in lower St. Bernard Parish. The researching I have done so far seems to point to your wife and my husband sharing at least one common ancestor in Manuel Nunez. On the Ruiz line, I know that Pierre Ruiz b. abt. 1852, s/o Joseph Leucadius Ruiz(s/o of Simon Ruiz)b. 12/9/1813 and Marie Acosta(d/o Roque Acosta & Marie Marrero), married Corine Nunez, d/o Jean Nunez & Marie Molero, on 6/5/1875. I also know that Pierre Ruiz' sister Marie Virginia Ruiz, b. 10/1844, is the mother of Emile Nunez, my husbands maternal grandfather. I believe her husband's name was John Nunez. So brother and sister, Pierre and Virginia(Marie), were my husbands paternal grandfather and maternal greatgrandmother. My husbands paternal grandparents were Pierre(Peter)and Corine Ruiz,nee Nunez; and his maternal grandparents were Emile and Celina(Chulie'Nunez, nee Serigne. Does any of this tie in with what you have for your wife? Hoping to hear from you soon. Mary MRuiz


B Salassi (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Ruiz, Hernandez
I am also a descendant of Manuel Nunez. In my line I also have a Pedro Hernandez married to Marie Ruiz. I don't have any dates on them. I only know they were married in Forsyth, LA. They had a son Pedro Hernandez who married Marie Estopinal 16 Aug. 1803. Can you help with Marie Ruiz? Most of my family seems to have settled in St. Bernard Parish. My ggggrandmother was Francoise Marcelline Nunez who married Joseph (Pedro) Pierre Martial de St. Germain. Francoise Nunez was the granddaughter of Manuel Nunez.


Trinna Perez Boatman (View posts)
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Surnames: Perez
My name is Trinna Perez. I am researching my Perez line and was wondereing how the perez's tied into the nunez family. I Don't know where my gggranddfather came from. I know he died in Lafourche in 1861. I know he married Marie Armelise Fremin, daughter of Narcisse Fremin around 1850. I know nothing of this man besides that. no Parent, no nothing. My father tells me he thinks we settled origionally in St Bernard Parish,but my dad is from Thibodaux.His dad From chackbay. My gggrandfather's name was Michel or miquel Perez,depending on what docucments you look at. His succession in the Thibodaux courthouse tells us nothing. No heirs were present and he died alone. in 1860 Marie,his wife,was listed in the Thibodaux census as head of household, no mention of him. I am at a dead end,I need to know the names of his parents. If anything is familiar please let me know.

Re: NUNEZ, Manuel, LA,1745-1804

Cherreen Lauga (View posts)
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Surnames: de St. Germain, Campo, Nunez, Morales, Gonzales
I have read your query and all the replies and this Manuel Nunez and others are my relatives also. I have to check my books but we are all connected in this way. I have to check my records which I don't have here with me right now while at a friends house. I just thought this was neat..

check back with you soon..

Re: NUNEZ, Manuel, LA,1745-1804

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Surnames: Nunez
Hi, I am not sure if I am from this family line yet, my G grandmother was Florence Nunez. She was born in St. Bernard Parish in 1858. i have found a family on the 1860 census with the name Father Jean Basile Nunez, Daug. Florestina Nunez. Is Florestina the same as Florence? Can you help me? i have other info if you think that we might be connected, please e-mail me and let me know.

Thanks, Richard

Re: NUNEZ, Manuel, LA,1745-1804

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Classification: Query
Richard, I don't know if anyone has told you this, but will repeat if they have. The chances of your Florence being the Florestina you found, is pretty likely. First, names were spelled or pronounced however the person taking the information wanted to spell them as many of the origional Islanoes could not read or write. Also it depended on the nationality of the person taking down the info, if they were French the name would be given the French spelling, German, English, Spanish would be treated the same. If you can follow that person through suceeding censuses you will see changes in almost all names. When you are doing census researching, try using the soundex of surnames too, as many of them were also altered and can be found that way.

Re: NUNEZ, Manuel, LA,1745-1804

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Nunez de Villasvicencio

I am so happy to hear from you. I am related to Manuel Felix Nunez de Villasvicencio of 1745 who married Josefa Suarez. Please contact me.


Re: NUNEZ, Manuel, LA,1745-1804

Mary E Ruiz (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Nunez, Ruiz Serigne, Robin, Acosta, Molero, etc.
I need a usable email address if you want me to contact you, the one listed with your inquirey bounced my mail back to me. I do have some information that you might be interested in and we can share what we have.I saw your note in Rootsweb about Manuel Nunez being an ancestor of yours . My husband and children are descendants of his also. I have researched quite a lot of their whole family line, and know that most of the family lines came from the Canary Islands. Some of my information I have gotten from other genealogists researching distant cousins, etc. I have gotten a lot of my information from the book, Early Settlers on the Delta, and from researching the US Census . Not all of my work has been documented, I am still working on that.

Re: NUNEZ, Manuel, LA,1745-1804

kdn (View posts)
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There are books on the families from Spain and Portugal who went to the islands in the Atlantic. One is the set of volumes " Archives of Seville" (in spanish) located at New Orleans Public Library , 3rd floor. The Nunez-Romero de Vilavencencio should be easy to find if you look up their family titles and get the name of the auteurs of the oldest lines.
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